flexiondotorgphillw, wxl Lubuntu Desktop 16.04 Alpha 1 Desktop Live session is a pass.00:03
flexiondotorgStarted the install and going to bed.00:04
wxlflexiondotorg: are these just spot checks or did you complete an official testcast?00:04
flexiondotorgI'll update the tracker with that last test in the morning.00:04
flexiondotorgwxl In Live I made sure all applications luanched.00:04
wxlexcellent, flexiondotorg, thanks!00:04
wxlhave a great night00:05
flexiondotorgwxl, phillw Lubuntu 16.04 Alpha 1 desktop on PPC installed and works. Didn't reboot after the install. See the tracker for details.00:38
wxlflexiondotorg: night and thank you00:38
wxlmy first 15.10.1 pi image resulted in a kernel image00:38
wxlwhich is strange00:38
wxlmahhybe i should format first00:39
* wxl is happy to report he's installing lubuntu on his pi2 with his hdmi to vga adpater!01:03
tsimonq2wxl: ooh! are you gonna use that with Photoshop and Windows, or to develop an iPhone app with Mac OS X? XD01:52
tsimonq2wxl: bugs 1370707, 1497604, 1516454, 1530601, 1527900, 1530548, 1447038, 1480711, 1530735, and 1530383 have been reported on the tracker but not on the wiki page, I wanted to pass these to you because you seem to have it organized well02:48
tsimonq2can anyone confirm?02:48
wxlthen get them on there tsimonq2 :)02:49
tsimonq2wxl: ok :)02:49
wxl!info apt xenial03:07
wxl!info apt trusty03:07
ubot93apt (source: apt): commandline package manager. In component main, is important. Version 1.1.10 (xenial), package size 957 kB, installed size 3161 kB03:07
ubot93apt (source: apt): commandline package manager. In component main, is important. Version 1.0.1ubuntu2.10 (trusty), package size 930 kB, installed size 3493 kB03:07
wxlif you can take care of the other cases with powerpc, that would be fab. 1 alternate, 2 desktop. thanks a ton in advance!03:58
wxlcan anyone support or refute this strange claim that there's no sound in xenial? https://bugs.launchpad.net/lubuntu-artwork/+bug/153060106:05
ubot93Launchpad bug 1530601 in Lubuntu Artwork "No sound on lubuntu daily 3/1/2016" [Undecided,New]06:06
flexiondotorgwxl, phillw You might want to test this one on Lubuntu - http://launchpad.net/bugs/153032307:55
ubot93Launchpad bug 1530323 in Ubuntu Kylin "The input box for IP doesn't appear correctly in the edit window of Wired connection" [Undecided,New]07:55
flexiondotorgKylin spotted it, also affects Ubuntu MATE.07:56
phillwwxl tsimonq2 I *think* that is all the bugs listed, in their correct place, on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/Alpha1/Lubuntu if some one can check for typos :D16:19
phillwflexiondotorg: you may want to have a quick scout to make sure our teams haven't forgotten any!16:20
flexiondotorgphillw, Looks consistent.16:22
ubot93Launchpad bug 1359689 in linux (Ubuntu Vivid) "cryptsetup password prompt not shown" [Critical,Triaged]16:22
ubot93Launchpad bug 1530548 in plymouth (Ubuntu) "passphrase input-box for encrypted disk is not shown" [Critical,Confirmed]16:22
flexiondotorgFor cryptsetup ^^^^ in my notes.16:23
phillwflexiondotorg: both bugs still there in xenial?16:24
flexiondotorgI think 1530548 is a dupe of 135968916:24
phillwSo https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1359689 needs it's description amended to show affecting xenial ?16:25
ubot93Launchpad bug 1359689 in linux (Ubuntu Vivid) "cryptsetup password prompt not shown" [Critical,Triaged]16:25
flexiondotorgI saw the comments towards the end got a bit, ermm.16:26
flexiondotorgSo, decided to dodge it because it was late.16:26
flexiondotorgphillw, Based on my Lubuntu PPC testing do you think wxl will be OK will releasing the PowerPC images for Lubuntu?16:28
flexiondotorgThe release team are asking after their status.16:28
phillwyeah, the boot :)16:28
phillweverything else is a non-critical bug :P16:29
phillwflexiondotorg: he has a habit of over sleeping when it comes the day to mark things a ready!!!!16:35
phillw*as ready*16:35
flexiondotorgI'm talking with release team.16:36
phillwwe're good to go on all candidates, the release notes are now also good to go.16:39
phillwflexiondotorg: I've pinged Julien, to see if he is available.16:45
flexiondotorgOK, But I think the images are been released.16:46
phillwokies :)16:52
wxlwe're officially released everyone!19:19
phillwwxl: good to see you awake!! :D19:20
wxlphillw: well i've been awake but it's been kind of nuts over here19:20
wxlwhole town is covered in ice19:20
wxlwhich made the whole morning go up in flames, to put it figuratively19:20
wxlwhen i wasn't dealing with trying not to die while getting to work, i was trying to get the release announcement out19:21
wxli'm about ready to go to the mailing lists19:21
wxlphillw: you know why that ubiquity bug is under ppc in our release notes?19:23
phillwwxl: because it is flagged a bug with PPC :)19:25
wxlwell it's a general ubiquity bug from what i gathered19:25
wxlwhich is why i had it up there19:25
wxlit affects everything, including ppc19:25
phillwppc people don't read intel / amd bugs :P19:26
phillwand vice-versa19:26
wxlso it should be in both places then19:26
wxland for that matter most of those bugs that are in the general section should be in ppc :)19:26
phillwfeel free to add it :)19:26
phillwShared is just that, lxde stuff is also across all three... If you'd like a re-jig of the release notres, now's a good time to say so that we take the template forward. PPC has been missing for a while :D19:27
wxli have a solution to this19:28
phillwI like solutiuons :). I'll go and start the announces  until the wolf comes on line.19:28
wxlare you going to do the mailing list?19:29
phillwno, social media and add in the "get me from" to the release notes.19:29
wxldo you want me to do the mailing list first so you can link to that?19:30
phillwwxl: the link was already there, just would have reported a 404 :P19:30
wxlno i meant a link to the post on lubuntu-devel and/or lubuntu-users phillw19:31
phillwif you do mML's, I'll do Fb and G+19:31
wxlphillw: i just added a more general section to ppc that we can keep in the template. it explains only lts is supported, that the bugs before likely affect ppc, and a reference to the ppc faq19:31
phillwwxl: sounds like  plan :)19:32
wxlphillw: added comments to clarify my idea19:33
phillwwxl: redwolf has done the other media channels :)19:46
redwolfyes, Blog, Twitter and Reddit19:47
wxli got distracted by a rather enlightening ppc conversation19:47
wxlbut i'm almost done with the mailing list mail19:47
* wxl notes that his official announcement to ubuntu-devel-announce is funny19:48
phillwwxl: KISS...19:48
phillwHi folks, the 1st milestone release of what will be our 16.04 LTS is now out in the wild. I'm only posting the release notes link, as it is important you know of issues (none are computer critical) so that you don't waste your time reporting an issue we already know of. If you find new issues, please follow the reporting section at the bottom of the notes. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/Alpha1/Lubuntu19:48
redwolfpinned in FB, phillw19:49
phillwThat's what I've posted. At least they HAVE to go to the page to get the d/l link :P19:49
redwolfyup, me too. linked there.19:50
phillwThis "here's the d/l page... please read............. "and, they're gone!19:50
wxl"You can't be friends with a squirrel! A squirrel is just a rat with a19:51
wxlcuter outfit."19:51
wxl- Sarah Jessica Parker19:51
wxlOur own squirrel, Xenial Xerus (to become 16.04 LTS), should be much better19:51
wxlthan your average rat. You can see for yourself, as Alpha 1 has now been19:51
redwolfSarah Jessica Parker is a horse19:52
redwolfeverybody knows that. she too, when she buys tones porridge.19:52
phillwThe invasive family of Xerus, is indeed vermin in the countries it was introduced to. Much like the American Gray squirrel here in the UK19:53
redwolfbut you can pet squirrels, they're like dogs!19:53
phillwManuel had a pet 'desert hampster' and I knew the albino lab rats from at school... Tame as anything.19:54
phillwwxl: I'm really excited that the alt ppc image is installable. So, you know where your next pay check is going... Shipping out the PPC's to testers!19:56
wxlyes, dear!19:56
phillwWith the fesitivites out of the way. I'll get the forms scanned for Julien that i can email, and the set I need to post to you sorted out this week. Then Rafael can start work on the donate page.19:57
wxli still haven't seen mine19:57
wxlif i'm supposed to19:57
wxldoes it go to julien first?19:57
phillwwxl: no, his will be emailed after the French PS lost them and I had to order replacements. Yours has to be posted as it already has the wolf's and my signatures on it.19:58
wxlphillw: okie dokie. i await patiently19:59
phillwit will be arriving par avion20:00
wxlredwolf: can you make me admin at ~lubuntu-desktop please?20:01
wxlredwolf: among other things, i'd like to kill the lubuntu-desktop mailing list!20:01
wxli'm not sure how that's even still there20:02
wxltime for more coffee20:03
redwolfif I remember how to do that, wxl XD20:04
phillwlubuntu-desktop was discontinued for lubuntu-users20:05
phillwI recall seeing the memo!!!20:06
redwolfanyway, done20:07
redwolfkill it with fire!20:07
phillwmy kingdom, my kingdom for a CD-RW !!!!20:33
phillwWhere on earth have I put them? :(20:33
* tsimonq2 yawns22:50
tsimonq2is Alpha 1 already good to go?22:50
=== MrBIOS_ is now known as MrBIOS
phillwtsimonq2: you missed the boat :P23:39
phillwwxl: and I dutifully attend to an admin email and the wolf has done it! As you are now an admin, please announce its cessation23:40
tsimonq2well there's always Alpha 2! :D23:40
wxlphillw: i am going to get the full archive of the lp mailing lists, find a place to host them, and then deactivate23:40
phillwtsimonq2: all spins where asccepted, with some help from our friends on MATE23:41
tsimonq2yay :D23:44
tsimonq2congrats guys for pulling this off23:44

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