eipi10anyone ever personally seen sensors-detect cause problems?00:50
eipi10any idea why lm-sensors comes with Ubuntu and not Lubuntu?01:14
wxldeemed unnecessary like a clipboard manager?01:15
wxli can't say i know that to be the reason, but that would be my suspicion01:16
wxlthere's plenty of things most lubuntu users make sure to install as soon as they're up and running01:17
eipi10and that's not one for you?01:17
wxlsimilarly, *I* have a clipboard manager01:17
wxlthere are others that would scoff at such things01:17
* wxl shrugs01:18
eipi10I just notice that the computer seems to run hotter with Linux than windows.01:18
wxli've heard people argue for getting rid of bluetooth support01:18
eipi10..it came with windows and i just kept it on with a small partition.01:19
wxlwell that would certainly be a reason to want to have the likes of lm-sensors01:19
dex1983hi guzs15:01
dex1983how I can solve it to write on a usb hard disk when booting lubuntu with usb stick in live mode_15:10
dex1983I cannot write on it I can only read the usb hard disk15:10
aedigitalmaybe with command mount and option remount15:11
aedigitalfor this15:11
aedigitalmount -o  remount,rw /dev/sdaX15:11
dex1983ok thanks15:20
dex1983I will try that15:20
jilocasin0afternoon all.17:02
jilocasin0does anyone know how to get lubuntu to stop displaying critical dialogs on the external monitor?17:10
leszekjilocasin0: I don't know of an easy solution but I think openbox (the window manager) allows you to set a rule for specific windows to appear on a certain display. Take a look in the settings of that window (right clicking the window border) or in obconf directly17:12
jilocasin0leszek: Yes, it says it will use the primary monitor, but doesn't tell me which is which?17:13
leszekjilocasin0: you can setup the primary monitor in the lxrandr tool or use arandr which is the tool I recommend for multimonitor configuration17:14
jilocasin0leszek: And it doesn't matter which (1 or 2) I choose anyway, it still goes to the somewhat unreliable external monitor.17:14
leszekjilocasin0: hmm... can you make a screenshot of what dialog (just an example) you actually mean ? If it is a normal app dialog it might need to be configured app wise17:15
jilocasin0leszek: The most obvious one is the one when you click the power button (Logout Lubuntu 15.10 session? (shutdown, reboot, etc.)17:16
leszekah ok thats some kind of special dialog. I guess the resolution and Xorg decides on which monitor it gets shown. I am not sure how to configure that though. I don't think you can right click there to reveal the openbox configuration (Maybe alt+f3 works to bring the window dialog up as the decoration is set to none)17:18
jilocasin0leszek: alt-f3 does nothing.17:19
jilocasin0leszek: any idea that that dialog is called?17:22
leszekjilocasin0: it is called by lxpanel as far as I know17:22
leszekjilocasin0: lxsession-logout should be the name of the binary17:23
jilocasin0leszek: lol, no, what is the window (the one with the shudown, reboot, etc.) called? [if you know]17:23
leszekjilocasin0: like I said lxsession-logout . If you are asking for the hidden window title. I don't know17:25
jilocasin0leszek: that's O.K.  It would just be easier to google it, if I knew what it was called.  Thanks, anyway.17:25
jilocasin0leszek: It's apparently bug# 149188417:42
trtei have hp dv800019:17
trtei need to install wifi fonction19:18
bioterrorthat could help you, trte19:20
trtelet you know19:20
trtehello again didn't display any information about wifi19:29
trtelspci -vvnn | grep -A 9 NETWORK19:30
bioterrorcase sensitive19:30
trteok thx i'll try again19:31
trtemy chip id is BCM431819:39
bioterrordo you have this installed bcmwl-kernel-source?19:42
bioterrordpkg -l |grep grep bcmwl19:43
trteok i'll try19:44
trteno such file or directory19:45
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx19:45
geniiBroadcoms are very problemmatic under Linux, unfortunately19:46
trteok thx there is a package and driver for i'll try them19:47
geniitrte: If you visit the link provided by ubottu, it has directions there19:51
trteok i've downloaded the driver from ubuntu19:56
Guest91375how do you get an onscreen keyboard working onlubuntu20:04
SonikkuAmericaGuest91375: You can install one. Onboard and GOK are viable options.20:18
Guest91375i triad install florence but the touchscreen wont work20:21
SonikkuAmericaLXDE (and Openbox) do not have good touchscreen support at all.20:32
jilocasin0afternoon all.21:12
jilocasin0odd question regarding dns in ubuntu; short names get resolved but full ones don't.  nslookup finds it just fine, but ping, ssh, etc. don't.  ex: here =>, here.company.local => ???  nslookup here.company.local =>
jilocasin0any ideas?21:14
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