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mupBug # changed: 1451856, 1456865, 1457293, 145866204:23
oskarroaksoax: Assumed folk would be but thought it was worth a try.04:49
JoeyMHow many NIC's do I need on the MAAS dedicated server?08:19
blahdeblahJoeyM: I run a test instance in a VM with 1 NIC08:20
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caturdayis there any way to see from debugging output which curtin preseed files are being used during an installation?18:10
oskar_I have a question to run past a knowledgeable person. Any brainiacs awake?21:30
roadmroskar_: just ask, brainiacs are attracted by questions :)21:36
oskar_During commisionning, are the nodes supposed to be in maas DNS? Is the controller supposed to be in maas dns under anything other than .maas (or whatever the domain name is)?22:01
na_can i make virtual env. using maas?23:53

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