Randy_OHello, I've got a click package that is failing to be published, but the error is unclear, it starts with: found binaries for architecture 'all': share/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES and ends with lint_control_architecture_valid_contents. Any ideas?02:54
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dholbachgood morning08:06
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davmor2popey: hey dude calendar app is there any way to stop it ringing, I unchecked my work calendar and hit the sync but which made all the appointments go away in calendar but the alerts for them still went off :(09:13
davmor2I assume this is a known bug09:13
popeydavmor2, i think this goes away once we move to the other indicator09:34
davmor2popey: nice09:35
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popeydbarth, heya happy new year - looking at your merge for calendar.. https://code.launchpad.net/~dbarth/ubuntu-calendar-app/push-helper/+merge/28069714:21
popeydbarth, what are you expecting the outcome of that merge to be if I install that on my device?14:21
dbarthpopey: hey Alan, happy new year too!14:30
dbarthpopey: it should enable or suppress /all/ calendar notifications14:30
dbarthpopey: not just events, but also alarms if you take the corresponding indicator-datetime patch14:31
dbarthi had a silo i think14:31
dbarthpopey: well, blocked, but here you can find the other branch: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/79014:32
dbarthpopey: my i-datetime patch is a bit crude14:32
dbarthpopey: strictly to your question though, the single calendar-app branch should have it just appear in system settings > notifications14:32
dbarththe toggle won't have any effect though; that's what the 2nd branch is about14:33
popeydbarth, excellent, thanks14:43
popeydholbach, https://plus.google.com/u/0/+SzymonWaliczek/posts/P9Pupxb3hEv seen this?15:11
popeyI keep seeing apps in the store with mo files attached15:11
popeyand they get flagged as binary files15:11
dholbachpopey: no, I haven't seen it15:15
beunoI just asked jdstrand_ about it15:16
beunoI guess .mo's are technically binaries15:16
popeypeople re-submit their app as armhf or whatever to pass the tests, which seems flawed for qml based apps15:17
dholbachso the problem (I think is in _list_all_compiled_binaries()), python-magic seems to return 'application/octet-stream; charset=binary' for all .mo files15:21
dholbachis there a bug open for it?15:21
dholbachnm, I filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/click-reviewers-tools/+bug/153089415:22
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1530894 in Canonical Click Reviewers tools ".mo files don't seem to be allowed in packages of arch 'all'" [Undecided,New]15:22
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popeythanks dholbach!15:45
popeyleft a comment on the G+ thread15:45
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balloonshappy new year ahayzen. Would you mind merging my MP's for the manual tests from last year?17:22
balloonshttps://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-weather-app/manual-tests/+merge/280775 https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/music-app/manual-tests/+merge/28077717:22
ahayzenballoons, sure no problem :-)17:22
balloonsProvided, of course, you are happy with them17:22
ahayzenhehe :-)17:22
balloonsDanChapman, btw, I just found your mail on the dekko manual tests. My filtering is busted I see, I was wondering why I still hadn't heard back, lol17:27
DanChapmanballoons, heh, no worries! :-) I assumed you was leaving it until after your xmas break anyway17:32
ahayzenballoons, so for the music one we are just leaving it as links to the images ?18:02
balloonsahayzen, my thought was to merge things as-is in Pilot so things were in sync. Fixing the images so they embed can come next18:03
balloonsI won't be attempting it though :p18:03
ahayzenballoons, coolio, if anything changes in checkbox to allow that let me know :-)18:03
balloonsahayzen, it should be possible, I think we linked to the documentation. But I'm not sure images make sense anyway18:04
ahayzenyeah, as the design morphs anyway18:04
ahayzenmaybe better expected result descriptions :-)18:04
ahayzenballoons, i'll check Victor is cool to land the music one as he hadn't approved that18:06
balloonsahayzen, thanks.18:37
balloonsahayzen, also, while I have you, can you create some more autopilot tasks for needed tests? Some of the students have been asking for them18:37
ahayzenballoons, hehe, ok I'm sure we can come up with some more tests :-) speaking of that we need to finish the test_empty_library one18:38
balloonsahayzen, do we?18:38
ahayzenthink Victor wanted to test that it was working on all devices but then we all went on break18:38
balloonsahayzen, I thought it was all fixed and merged?18:38
ahayzenfixed, not tested by us :-)18:38
balloonsohh, feel free to link. Trying to catch up on these type of loose ends today18:39
ahayzenballoons, this is the MP https://code.launchpad.net/~fazerlicourice/music-app/test-empty-library/+merge/28079418:40
ahayzenballoons, i can try it a bit later, but my phone is in bgplaylist testing mode at the moment :-)18:41
balloonsahayzen, ahh fazer was one of those asking for more18:42
ahayzenballoons, the music-app autopilot test code needs sorting as well, its all in one test_music.py whereas weather is now nicely split by page18:43
balloonsright. That's a choice, which at some point, becomes needed. Once one file is SO big, it gets a bit nuts18:43
ahayzenyup :-) and then the classes make a bit more sense as you can do more in the setUp() etc18:44
ahayzenballoons, FYI your manual test things have landed :-)19:00
* balloons closes out task19:01
mhall119ogra_: ping20:24
ogra_mhall119, yes ?20:43
mhall119ogra_: hey, I heard a rumor that you had an IRC bouncer snap20:48
ogra_i have a bip snap, yes20:48
mhall119can I get a copy of that?20:49
ogra_just branch it and run snapcraft in the toplevel dir20:49
ogra_once installed you can use "snappy config" to configure it20:49
mhall119does it use ZNC?20:50
ogra_i'm still fiddling on the arm64 version, once thats there i'll push all arches to the store20:50
mhall119ah, does bip support multiple networks?20:51
* ogra_ plans to land that stuff (and a bunch of other snaps like a package proxy) befoe end of his holidays :) 20:51
mhall119you're still on holiday?20:51
ogra_til 16th ... i had to burn a lot of vacation days (all)20:52
ogra_so i bruned the leftover ones and try to additionally kill some off for this year already :)20:52
ogra_the package should support multiple networks (untested though)20:53
mhall119having to burn excess vacation days is about as #firstworldproblems as it gets :)20:54
ogra_well, i always only remember that there is that holiday thing around begin of december :)20:54
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ahayzenballoons, i tried the empty_library one via adt and the empty test fails due to there being songs found21:21
balloonsahayzen, it doesn't remove them?21:22
ahayzenballoons, not sure, i can upload the subunit file if that is useful ?21:23
balloonsa pasted log is fine if you've got it21:24
ahayzenballoons, i'm not sure which bit is which, as it joins the app log together as usual lol but here is the subunit https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3XynHVKfrvMUnFqN3BJemlEeUk/view?usp=sharing21:27
balloonsahayzen, it's missing the full output21:31
balloonsdid you run with -v?21:31
ahayzenmaybe not21:32
balloonsanyways you are correct, it's not removing the files21:32
ahayzenballoons, also outside of autopilot those test files are 'seen'21:32
ahayzenso yeah its not deleting them by the looks of it...i'll run that one test on its own21:33
balloonsyou'd have to peer into the code. It must be a simple fix honestly21:33
balloonscopy the files for all tests, except that one. And for that one, clear any files in there21:33
balloonsa full log will tell us what is happening21:36
ahayzenballoons, the -v like this right? ADT_AUTOPILOT_MODULE="-v music_app.tests.test_music.TestEmptyLibrary.test_display_message_when_no_music"21:37
ahayzenor in the adt-run part?21:37
balloonsyep, looks good21:37
ahayzenokies, that's running :-)21:37
balloonspitti might know of something better by now if the syntax has improved21:38
ahayzenhah, i end up with commands like $ ADT_AUTOPILOT_MODULE="-v music_app.tests.test_music.TestEmptyLibrary.test_display_message_when_no_music" adt-run -o /tmp/music-app/empty-3 . com.ubuntu.music_2.3.986_all.click --- ssh -s adb -- -p <passcode>21:38
ahayzenballoons, test log http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14404536/ \o/21:39
ahayzen"21:38:15.571 DEBUG __init__:174 - Music deleted, files ['1.ogg', '2.ogg', '3.mp3']"21:39
balloonsindeed.. But the files are still there?21:40
ahayzenmediascanner thinks so21:41
ahayzenphablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ ls Music/21:41
ahayzen1.ogg  2.ogg  3.mp321:41
ahayzenballoons, in the except OSError: it has a pass ... i wonder if we are silently failing ?21:42
balloonsadd some logging for every possible scenario in there and see21:42
ahayzenballoons, and when running under AP do you inherit the apparmor permissions of the app ?21:42
balloonswell AP has an apparmor exception, but otherwise yes21:43
ahayzenok, well there would be something in syslog then as well i guess, i thought maybe we don't have permission to delete21:43
ahayzenballoons, "FileNotFoundError" :-)21:47
ahayzenballoons, so the path to remove must be wrong21:48
ahayzenballoons, its trying to remove this path ... /tmp/adt-run.XH20gO/tree/tests/autopilot/music_app/content/blank-mediascanner-2.0/songs/1.ogg21:52
ahayzenballoons, got the test to pass \o/21:58
balloonsthanks ahayzen!21:59
ahayzencommenting on the MP :-)21:59
ahayzenzsombi, t1mp, I was trying to move the music-app to use the GridView, but have noticed that the header judders when you scroll (only on the desktop) if it is inside Tabs/PageStack are you able to confirm bug 1531016 ?23:12
ubot5`bug 1531016 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "GridView that is inside tabs or pagestack on desktop judders when the header scrolls in/out" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153101623:12

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