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* TheMuso -> EOD.05:29
dufluhikiko: Morning.06:27
dufluAnd happy 201606:27
pittiBonjour tout le monde, et bonne année !06:41
didrocksgood morning06:45
pittibonjour didrocks, bonne année !06:50
hikikohappy new year everyone06:50
didrockspitti: hikiko: happy new year to you too! :)06:51
pittihey hikiko!06:51
hikikohi didrocks pitti duflu :)06:59
hikikothank you :)06:59
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larsuhappy new year!08:00
didrockshappy new year larsu!08:00
pittihey larsu, gesundes Neues!08:00
larsuthanks didrocks! How are you?08:00
larsudanke pitti!08:00
didrockslarsu: I'm good, thanks! How were you holidays?08:00
larsupitti: wie gehts?08:01
pittilarsu: supi, danke! hatte ein paar schoene erholsame Ferien08:01
larsudidrocks: awesome! Athens, family, small town in the mountains and some hiking08:01
larsudidrocks: how were yours?08:01
larsupitti: schön :)08:01
didrockslarsu: nothing fancy for those short ones. Stayed in Lyon mostly, having family visiting and such :)08:02
larsudidrocks: makes snese for the holidays08:02
hikikoshaped window shadows work :D08:31
larsuhikiko: nice!08:33
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willcooke*yawn* Morning08:57
willcookehappy new year gang08:57
didrocksgood morning willcooke, happy new year!08:58
dholbachhey hey08:59
dholbachI was just looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vte2.91/+bug/1528728 which looks fine09:00
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1528728 in Gnome Virtual Terminal Emulator "gnome-terminal starts up at 79×23 instead of 80×24" [Medium,Confirmed]09:00
dholbachbut I noticed that http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/vte/ubuntu/view/head:/debian/changelog and http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/vte/ubuntu-vte3/view/head:/debian/changelog both were about vte309:00
pittihey dholbach, hey willcooke -- happy new year!09:00
dholbachhey pitti09:00
dholbachhey willcooke09:00
hikikohappy new year willcooke dholbach larsu :)09:00
dholbachhey larsu, hey hikiko09:00
dholbachall the best to all of you09:00
dholbachI assume it's OK, but I wanted to ask if I can move the vte (not the vte3-ubuntu) branch back to vte2.9109:01
alexarnaudhello all!09:02
didrockshey dholbach, alexarnaud, Laney!09:03
alexarnaudhey didrocks!09:03
dholbachhi alexarnaud, hey Laney, salut didrocks09:03
alexarnauddidrocks: happy new year !09:03
didrockshappy new year to all :)09:04
Laneydholbach: why not make a vte2.91 branch?09:05
Laneyit's annoying when they aren't named after the source package anyway09:05
alexarnauddidrocks: why Compiz package has Ubuntu version specified? Is it because Ubuntu package has modification ?09:05
Laneyalso happy new year09:05
dholbachLaney: do we have 3 vte source packages?09:05
didrocksalexarnaud: no, it's just because we are using our own CI system, which for backports, use a versioning which is similar than the ubuntu ones09:05
dholbachhappy new year to you too :)09:05
Laneyit was the gtk3 version09:06
Laneyand then that had an api break so was again renamed09:06
Laneydidrocks: :)))))))))09:07
Laneydid you have good holidays?09:07
alexarnauddidrocks: what's CI system ?09:07
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didrocksalexarnaud: Continuous Integration09:07
alexarnauddidrocks: can we create branch stable in launchpad ?09:08
alexarnaudIt will be better for us to integrate Compiz in Debian09:08
didrocksalexarnaud: check that directly with the compiz upstream maintainers: hikiko, Trevinho|OFF ^09:08
dholbachLaney: but that would mean we'd have to add a new LP project every time the source package is renamed...?09:10
Laneysame with every other package we have09:11
LaneyI can't imagine it will happen that often09:11
pittihey Laney, how are you? happy new year!09:11
Laneyor just make one called ubuntu-vte2.91 if you want09:11
dholbachbut do we have more than two branches we're tracking right now?09:11
LaneyI can't be arsed to have an argument as the first thing to start a new year09:12
Laneyso do what you want :)09:12
Laneyhey pitti!09:12
Laneyfeeeeeeeeeeeeling slow09:12
Laneyhow are you?09:12
pittiLaney: well-rested after two weeks of vac without IRC and not much work :)09:13
pittiLaney: it was nice to meet folks again, and have some time to read, walk, visit some museums, etc.09:13
Laneydid you do some travelling?09:13
pittiLaney: they have an exhibition about Tutenchamum's grave in Dresden, highly fascinating (one of the very few which have been mostly undisturbed for 3.000 years)09:14
pittiLaney: we went to Dresden, not much else09:14
dholbachLaney: I really didn't want to have an argument - I just saw that the branches were out of date and wanted to fix them09:14
pittiLaney: did you go somewhere?09:14
dholbachand I'm not really one of the main users of these branches but was told to update them in the past09:15
Laneypitti: I went to the seaside for Christmas itself09:15
Laneyhad a swim in the sea for boxing day09:16
Laneythat was c-c-c-c-c-c-c-cold09:16
larsuoh, hi all!09:16
larsuhi dholbach, willcooke, and Laney!09:16
pittiLaney: we had 15 degrees around christmas, but still..09:16
pittinow we have snow, finally :)09:16
Laneyoh nice09:16
LaneyI think the sea there would probably be freezing even in the middle of summer :P09:16
Laneyhey larsu!09:17
larsuLaney!!! How are you?09:17
Laneylarsu: blug09:17
Laneyfeeling not quite here really09:17
Laneyit's been too long!09:17
Laneybut in general good and rested09:18
didrocksLaney: upload something, then you will feel back at work :)09:18
larsuLaney: it'll get better quickly ;) Start with the bug list!09:19
Laneydholbach: OK, so at the package level it was a fork and the old one wasn't simply dropped so I would make a new branch for it and if you don't want to make a new project then put something in the branch name IMHO09:19
Laneylarsu: did you have good hols?09:20
Laneyyou went away right?09:20
dholbachLaney: ok, will do - thanks09:20
Laneydholbach: you can branch from the old one and then update that of course09:21
Laneyto keep the old history09:21
Laneyif you care09:21
dholbachyep, ok09:21
larsuLaney: yes, awesome. Spent time in Athens, then Berlin for family, then some hiking in central Germany over New Year's09:22
* larsu <- very relaxed09:22
larsuit was09:23
LaneyI am terminating the windows partition on my desktop09:30
Laneyscrabbling around for the odd 100 meg every other day is a waste of time09:30
Laneycan't even remember the last time I booted it anyway09:33
pittiLaney: time for baobab? :-)09:35
Laneyfirst zsync09:35
Laneythen that :)09:35
pittiLaney: there are certainly a lot of potential hogs, like ~/.cache/ubuntuimages and such like09:35
Laneypitti: I moved all the big stuff onto rust09:36
Laneynow it's things like **/build-area getting big over time09:36
xnox_2016Laney, hehe =) i've been trying to switch off RAID on my laptop =) it's a pain, because windows doesn't include AHCI drivers into it's "initrd" by default, and ends up failing to boot.09:36
Laneysometimes the journal gets large09:36
xnox_2016and obviously there is no powershell command for update-initramfs....09:36
pittiLaney: ah, all of these live on /tmp/ (i. e. tmpfs) here09:36
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pittihey xnox, happy new year!09:36
xnoxpitti, happy new year! =)09:36
hikikoin hr.canonical.com the national holiday option disappeared! :s09:44
Laneysupposed to be automatic now09:44
hikikoso no need to notify anybody?09:45
hikikocool :)09:45
willcookehikiko, if you could drop me a line that would be appreciated09:46
willcookeI've been adding them to the main holiday calendar as I've come across them, but there are bound to be loads missing09:46
Laneyhikiko: they are pre filled for me09:46
Laneygo to "View" on "all other absences" and see if you have some pink days there09:47
Laneyand hey, happy new year ;-)09:47
hikikoI can only see them in my calendar not in hr.canonical.com, thanks Laney :) happy new year to you too!09:47
didrockshum, grub2 is in sync and stuck in propose, /me prepares a debdiff for colin then09:50
xnoxpitti, i see a few things started to depend on higher debhelper, than what we have. Will you have time to re-merge debhelper please? =)10:01
pittixnox: yes, no problem10:01
xnoxdanke =)10:01
* Laney is moving partition now10:03
pittixnox: this auto-enables building -dbgsym packages now; I wonder if that will make Launchpad explode completely10:04
pittixnox: I figure I'll disable that for the time being10:04
* xnox pictures Laney carrying a byobu screen across the house.10:04
xnoxpitti, well, inside launchpad we do have dbgsyms enabled by default. but i guess pkgmangler will need adjustment.10:06
pittixnox: ish -- debian calls them ".deb", not ".ddeb"10:06
dpmhappy new year desktoppers :)10:06
pittihey dpm, happy new year!10:07
xnoxpitti, i wonder if pkgmangler should support the same variable to prevent producing them.10:07
dpmhey pitti :)10:07
didrockshappy new year dpm!10:08
pittixnox: $DH_BUILD_DDEBS? yeah, we can teach it to check this for an empty value10:08
pittixnox: but actually, no -- https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debhelper/debhelper.git/commit/?id=f1a8034 removed this, so it was just an internal variable for testing10:09
pittixnox: ah, but it should check DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noddebs indeed10:10
xnoxyeah, that.10:10
pittixnox: uploaded10:21
Laneygparted is the tool of kings10:28
Laney/dev/sda5       235G  113G  111G  51% /10:28
xnoxLaney, how did it go? all good? =) what did you do? remove partition, move partition, resize partition?10:28
Laneychroot, update-grub10:28
xnoxLaney, i still need to shrink my windows 10 install and do dual boot. I like windows 10 for like iplayer and things.10:29
xnoxbut now I have to decide what the split should be between the two =(10:29
Laneyyeah I had windows pretty big because of games10:30
* Laney hopes that half life 3 is linux from the start10:31
Laneybecause if not then it'll be announced now that I've removed windows :)10:31
alexarnaudHas anyone know how to find gnome-settings-daemon-schema deb source ? I've tried to copy from launchpad but in control file I only found gnome-settings-deamon and -dev10:38
alexarnaudI've finnally find it.10:42
andyrockmorning all :D11:24
alexarnauddidrocks: do you know how work gnome-settings-daemon-schema package ? I don't understand how to find source code and how to find debian meta-information. It's not really clear on launchpad for me. I've found here : https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-settings-daemon/ubuntu and here : https://launchpad.net/gnome-settings-daemon. In the first I've found meta-information for packaging but in the package but in the second I11:51
alexarnauddon't find where is the code related to the schema, maybe I missunderstand something.11:51
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didrocksalexarnaud: there is no real code, it's just files shipped. You should have a .install file matching the name in gnome-settings-daemon12:16
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qengho'sup, y'all?13:57
didrockshey qengho! Happy new year13:57
willcookehey qengho, andyrock13:57
qenghoThanks, didrocks, will. Happy new year.13:58
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attentehappy new year!14:18
didrockshey attente! happy new year to you too! :)14:28
willcookehey attente, HNY14:29
attentedidrocks, willcooke, thanks!14:29
desrthappy new years, desktop folks14:31
didrockssame to you desrt :)14:37
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mpt“Are you sure that you wish to remove this Ubuntu Web Account?”16:44
mptEverywhere else it’s called an “Online Account”, except that dialog16:47
* didrocks waves good evening and good night!16:53
didrockssee you tomorrow guys :)16:53
willcookesee ya Laney18:13

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