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fgreinushey there12:35
fgreinusi'm planning to use ubuntu gnome as my new development environment within my work as a web developer12:36
fgreinusdo you guys have any advices on what to respect? lts or not?12:36
jjjasperjust go and use it :)12:43
fgreinusyeah.. but i'm asking myself whether to use lts or not.. are there any advices on stability regarding the current stable 15.10?12:50
bgardnerfgreinus: I use Ubuntu professionally and I restrict myself to the LTS versions for maximum stability and reliability.  You may be comfortable with more risk, each person makes their own determination.12:52
mgedminI use 15.10 for my work (backend web dev); seems stable enough12:53
mgedminI prefer the newer gnome version I get in 15.1012:53
fgreinusmgedmin: yeah.. same thought here12:53
fgreinusokay fine... was just a bit worried about stability.. my first impression of ubuntu gnome was not the best.. the website is ... improvable :D12:58
mgedminafaiu there's a new website design that's about to be released13:07
jjjasperwebsite honestly doesn't say anything about the distro itself :)13:14
jjjasperdistro itself is rock solid13:14
jjjasper15.10 here, no complaints whatsoever13:14
mgedminas much as any linux distro can ever be called "rock solid", *sigh*13:14
jjjasperwell, you get the point13:19
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mhall119darkxst: ping, I sent an Community Council invite message to the ubuntu-gnome ML, but it's stuck in moderation, can you approve it?22:37
craysiiihey everyone, i'm having this weird intermittent issue where sometimes terminal will start with a black background instead of my user-defined transparent one, and then when i bring the window out of focus it finally goes transparent. anyone experience something similar?23:31

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