edve98wxl: are workspaces are called desktops in Lubuntu? I'm trying to file a bug report and I'm not sure how to call them00:57
wxledve98: yeah it kind of alternates between the two different forms of parlance01:02
edve98wxl: another thing. I am required to complete all test cases for "Complete a Lubuntu Desktop i386 test suite (Ubuntu)" task, right?01:24
wxledve98: yes. there's a similar set of tasks that have to do with completing test*cases*, but this is about doing the whole test*suite*, i.e. the entire set of test cases for that particular combination of image/architecture01:25
edve98ok, just making sure I understand everything correctly :P01:26
joseedve98: btw, bugs can be marked as 'wishlist' on their importance level01:57
fazerballoons, hey you here?01:59
fazerballoons, Are there going to be any more autopilot test writing tasks?01:59
edve98jose: so feature requests should be marked as such and also marked as "wishlist" on importance level?02:02
joseedve98: yep!02:02
edve98joe: good to know I guess :P02:03
wxledve98: i should mention you must be part of Bug Control to change the importance tho https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Importance02:03
joseoh, yes, depending on the team you have to have certain access level02:04
wxlbut i'm on Bug Control if you need help, edve98. you can ping me and others on #ubuntu-bugs02:04
edve98I see02:05
edve98wxl: Is it bad if I forgot to set "in progress" for all of the test cases that I did? (and why I am at all required to do so?)02:13
wxledve98: it's good to do it, but not a requirement02:17
edve98wxl: can you please explain what does that give? I don't really understand that02:19
wxledve98: let's say we were doing some last minute testing and we needed to run a quick test on every image. this way every tester could see if someone's already working on the image they selected.02:21
edve98oh I see. That could actually be very useful then02:23
wxlit's a rare circumstance but it happens02:23
edve98wxl: btw, task want's me to give a link to my report. Is this the one? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/351/builds/109726/testcases (I mean, you can definitely see my work from there, but there might be something else/more convienient)02:29
wxledve98: yes02:30
edve98wxl: I hope I am not bugging you too much with all these questions :P02:31
wxledve98: nope that's what i'm here for :)02:31
wxlfor that matter you're totally welcome to continue your contributions to ubuntu after gci edve98 XD02:32
edve98oh yeah, I'm definitely going to do that :D. I just want to get used to all this stuff and learn it as it is... well... very new to me :D02:34
wxledve98: i'd be more than happy to answer any question you have, whether it relate to irc or not. do not hesitate to ping me02:34
wxledve98: and if you want to continue helping out lubuntu qa, come join us at #lubuntu-devel!02:35
wxledve98: we also have #lubuntu-offtopic if you just want to chat :)02:35
edve98wxl: well, I think it's enough for me for today, but I'll definitely have to come there tomorrow! :P (just to clear this up first: is #lubuntu-devel only for qa? "devel" sounds a bit more vague :D )02:37
wxledve98: mostly qa, but also development, both programmatic and within the project02:38
edve98ok, I'm going off to get some sleep. See ya (hopefully) tomorrow wxl!02:40
wxlta edve98. thanks for all your help!02:41
MatthewAllenCan I mentor please tell me how many tasks 1st and second have completed?04:47
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balloonsMatthewAllen2, not sure we know offhand15:15
balloonsMatthewAllen, are you keen to know where you stand? :-)15:45
MatthewAllenballoons, yes please :)15:45
balloonsjose, ping15:45
balloonsMatthewAllen, let me see what I can do15:47
balloonsMatthewAllen, I'll give you one guess as to who is first15:49
xcubMatthewAllen, https://github.com/nemesiscodex/codein-chrome-leaderboard can give you your position, but you must ask a mentor to do it :)15:49
balloonsxcub, I just did it.. You are number 7 :-)15:49
balloonsand MatthewAllen is #115:50
MatthewAllenballoons, I know as of 3 days ago I was first15:50
balloonsI think I could probably publish this; even though it won't be realtime15:50
MatthewAllenI was curious to know if second was overtaking me because I was inactive for a few days15:50
balloonsmalevasquez is #2.15:50
* balloons formats and posts15:52
kenvandineballoons, is that based just on the number of tasks?  or does it account for the duration of tasks some how?16:09
balloonskenvandine, it's based solely on the number of tasks16:10
kenvandinethought so16:10
joseballoons: pong, sorry, just woke up17:35
malevasquezI just wanted to know what would you consider to be 'high quality' work?18:30
malevasquezAs in the Code-In FAQ is says that it the quality of the work is important18:31
balloonsmalevasquez, hey :-) Speaking personally, going above and beyond the task is a good way to stand out.18:39
balloonsAsking for more tasks, hanging out on IRC, helping other students are also things I would look at18:40
balloonsQuality is hard to quantify, but in general a mentor can tell when a student is doing more than the bare minimum of the task. I guess it's hard to give an example. Impressing your mentor is a sure sign you've done amazing work18:42
malevasquezThank you for answering balloons18:43
balloonsMatthewAllen, I'm trying to merge your branches for the qatracker and then we'll do a prod push so everything will be live18:45
MatthewAllenballoons, awesome!18:46
MatthewAllenI'm hopping off shortly, gotta go to bed - it's 5:20AM atm :/18:48
wxlMatthewAllen: you need anything before hitting the sack?18:48
MatthewAllenwxl, I'm all good - submitted what I'm doing for today18:48
wxlMatthewAllen: i've got some other fires to put out but i'll review that before you wake up XD18:48
MatthewAllenwxl, hahaha - too easy, I won't need it done for like 24 hours, I'm busy tommorow night - so take your time18:49
wxlMatthewAllen: okie dokie. thanks again for your help!!18:49
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mcintireevanWow, mad respect to those who have done all those tasks, I admit I could have done a few more by now but school is pretty brutal as a senior :')21:15
mcintireevanBTW, balloons, this is super early to ask, but are you all probably going to do GCI again next year? I'd love to come back as a mentor21:16
balloonsmcintireevan, we'd love to have you. As of now, I would love to do it agian21:16
knomei guess it really depends on the community involvement *cough*21:16
mcintireevanAwesome! This is the first time I've really liked contributing in open source stuff, aside from open sourcing my old code, and I'd love to help more people get into it21:17
knomefortunately there are ways to let people know about contributing even between contests like this :)21:18
balloonsindeed, no reason you'll have to stop afterwards. And yes knome, I can only speak for myself in wanting to do it again21:19
knomeballoons, fwiw, in this case i, and many more, likely wouldn't count you as "community", sorry >:)21:19
josemcintireevan: are you in the US?21:47
mcintireevanjose: Yup, east coast21:48
josemcintireevan: oh :( we're having a summit on the west coast21:48
mcintireevanjose: Ah darn, makes sense though, Silicon Valley and all21:50
josewell, we're hosting it alongside with the southern california linux expo21:50
mcintireevanVery cool! What are the summits like? I've never been to anything of the sort before21:53
joseubucon.org has more information21:54
josethough it's mostly discussion about what's coming up and some talks about what's happening21:54
mcintireevanSo it's kinda like a big conference type thing, like how google has io and such?21:57
knomethe number one thing i'd mention about summits and stuff like that is that they are a great opportunity to meet people21:57
knomeand in the best situation, increase productivity by miles21:57
knome...at least during the summit21:57
mcintireevanYeah I can imagine, I have high hopes for college in the same regard, I know the place I want to go has a very large and good CS program, and I know there are multiple hackathons a year, in contrast at my school where there is sadly very little interest in programming21:59
ahayzenmcintireevan, for the fastscroll label stuff... try doing anchors { left: parent.left; leftMargin: units.gu(1); right: parent.right; verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter }22:22
* ahayzen notes how hard it is to write center not centre :')22:24
mcintireevanahayzen: Okay, I'll try it out!22:27
mcintireevanAnd haha yeah I get thrown off when libraries use colour instead of color22:27
mcintireevanahayzen: It looks great now, I'll commit the change!22:29
ahayzenmcintireevan, sweet :-)22:30
mcintireevanThough I just noticed a bug with this, if you long press something the catagory headers are also selectable22:31
ahayzenmcintireevan, haha uhoh22:31
wxlballoons popey jose i have an instance that ran out of time but i'd like to give the user more time. is there any way to bring ti back?22:32
ahayzenthat should probably be commented in the MP, incase we decide to use this22:32
balloonswxl, they just have to reclaim22:32
josewxl: have a link?22:32
mcintireevanI can roughly figure why, if I have time Ill look into it, but I'll leave a comment and a screenshot on the MP22:32
ahayzenmcintireevan, thanks :-)22:32
mcintireevanahayzen, my pleasure :)22:33
wxli wish we got a warning that time was running out22:33
ahayzenmcintireevan, hopefully we'll have the SDK scrollbars to play about with soon, then we'll be able to figure out whether to use them or fastscroll or a bit of both :-)22:34
mcintireevanahayzen: Awesome!22:41

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