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xnoxcyphermox, happy new year.09:39
xnoxcyphermox, no i have not fixed s390x =) i was off =)09:39
cyphermoxxnox: no worries. fyi I'm off this week.12:57
xnoxcyphermox, cool =) enjoy12:58
cyphermoxas we discussed before I think partman-partitioning is the piece you want to play with to fix it, I saw mention of s390/s390x specifically set as wanting msdos. perhaps that's wrong for your system, assuming they might understand gpt now13:00
ferseitiHello. Please, is the source code for the builder of the Ubuntu server ISO images available?17:45
ferseitiIn case it is, where in the code are the files within install/ (initrd.gz and vmlinux) created (or gathered)?17:45
xnoxthere are three things: (1) debian-installer package, which is built and published17:54
xnox(2) livefs build which is done in launchpad17:54
xnox(3) ubuntu-cdimage that assembles (1), (2), plus packages from the archive into a final iso.17:54
xnoxferseiti, you can look at the cd-build-logs which is the output (3) generates, and follow back to (2) & (1) from there17:55
infinityferseiti: The kernel/initrd for the server images comes from the debian-installer package build.18:03
ferseitixnox: thanks!18:05
ferseitiinfinity: Right, I will look into it then. Thank you. I am trying to see if there is anything we can do here to help on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/140771418:06
infinityferseiti: Oh.  That'll be debian-cd and a bit of JFDI.18:06
infinityferseiti: It's on my TODO for 16.0418:07
infinityferseiti: And maybe 14.04.418:08
ferseitiinfinity: That is so good to hear18:09

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