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cristian_cjsalisbury: hi21:57
wxli have been contacted by someone who's coming out with some new ppc64 hardware and needs to get support for it in Ubuntu because it's Book-E and not Book-S, thus it requires an alternative kernel. is there anyone readily familiar with ppc64 that i can send to him as a contact?22:00
apwwxl, don't we have a book-e flavour already?  but do feel free to put them in touch with me and we can find someone to help22:06
wxlapw: sounds good. irc or email preferable for you22:06
cycliamHi, I have this: http://pastebin.com/uQu95qSd. The only hit for the error message on Google is a link to another pastebin made 6 days ago. Any pointers?22:08
cristian_cjsalisbury: hi22:09

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