pleia2tsimonq2: are you able to work on any summaries this evening?02:02
pleia2still have 6 outstanding02:03
tsimonq2whoops lol02:03
tsimonq2sorry pleia202:03
tsimonq2completely forgot02:03
tsimonq2on it within 15 minutes02:03
tsimonq2I will do 2-3, maybe more02:03
pleia2thanks :)02:05
tsimonq2wxl: ? ^02:08
wxli can probably toss a couple in. someone give me the doc link?02:08
pleia2(it's in the channel topic for future reference)02:08
tsimonq2wxl: it's in the topic :P02:08
pleia2thanks guys02:09
tsimonq2(that's how I get it every week, or if I am at Mom's I have it bookmarked in Chrome)02:09
* tsimonq2 waits a bit as his new kernel is compiling :P02:10
* tsimonq2 corrects himself by trying with his Dad's tablet02:10
tsimonq2woah that is absolute crap02:12
tsimonq2Android Google Document editing02:13
tsimonq2with the keyboard...02:13
* tsimonq2 shudders02:13
tsimonq2ooh the one I claimed is by a member of our LoCo02:14
tsimonq2wxl: hm? :D02:17
wxlthe topic02:18
tsimonq2oh :D02:18
tsimonq2woah I completely forgot...I will finish this up then I have some last minute homework to finish, and some stuff to organize for the terrible day that is tomorrow - the Monday after break...02:21
tsimonq2"this" being the current summary that I am on02:22
wxlugh and just when i was going to ask you to help me with release notes02:22
* tsimonq2 throws his hands up02:22
tsimonq2I asked *yesterday* if you needed help with that :P02:22
tsimonq2well I will be back in a couple hours probably02:22
wxlall i need to do is make sure all the bugs are listed02:23
tsimonq2gosh darnit wxl, and I would have helped too02:23
wxlbasically we need to compare a list of bugs reported with bugs on the last release notes02:23
wxlsorry man i've been busy with family stuff :(02:23
tsimonq2fine :P02:23
tsimonq2I will help for Alpha 202:23
tsimonq2after all this is ust Alpha 1 :)02:23
wxlit's ok02:23
wxlwe should probably keep this conversation out of #ubuntu-news anyways02:24
wxlHOWEVER we could have a really cool article on how you totally screwed up alpha 102:24
pleia2I'm amused02:26
pleia2wxl: are you working on Julian's article?02:28
* pleia2 sees an anonymous hippo cursor02:28
pleia2working on adding stats and moving other things over in the meantime02:29
wxlyes i put reading-wxl there02:29
pleia2k :)02:30
pleia2wxl: no need for a summary on his second article02:59
pleia2wxl: all done with the first?02:59
wxlpleia2: yeah i keep getting distracted02:59
wxlpleia2: i can do the 2nd one in the next 5 mins02:59
pleia2wxl: no no, I'm just going to link it in there as more of the same topic02:59
pleia2so no need for a summary :)03:00
pleia2I'm going to copy this over to the wiki now, thanks!03:00
wxlpleia2: k sorry i wasn't of much help03:00
pleia2it's one less summary I have to write, so I still appreciate it :)03:01
wxlnp :)03:01
pleia2ah! an article from PaulW2U we should include popped up on planet03:02
wxlyou need me to do that?03:02
pleia2nah, I can take care of it03:03
pleia2Unit193: link check? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue44803:08
pleia2sent off to the editors03:10
pleia2wxl: monday release WEIRDING ME OUT19:26
pleia2also, nice email :)19:26
pleia2adding to fridge19:26
wxlpleia2: ikr :)19:27
wxli thought i would include a more witty quote than what the release team would normally include XD19:27
pleia2I hadn't actually read it yet, haha! Poor xerus :)19:35
wxlpleia2: hey it was mark's idea XD19:35
pleia2"that's what you get for naming the release after a squirrel"19:37
wxlpleia2: do you know if infinity is on twitter? i'd love to troll him in a tweet reply :)19:52
pleia2wxl: I don't think so20:00
tsimonq2anybody need help?22:57
holsteintsimonq2: you are asking for assistance?22:57
tsimonq2holstein: no, I am asking if wxl and/or pleia2 need help with newsletter stuff, but thank you :)22:58

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