k1l_<[Mew2]> hey can anyone help me with a fail2ban question?        i have a dejavu00:20
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html00:34
k1l_i dont think we need the webupd8 link anymore since from 12.04 on ppa-purge is in the repos already00:34
FlannelIt's still accurate information.  Your problem in #u is the guy is trying to find the most difficult way to do everything (not maliciously, I imagine)00:35
k1l_well, that website makes suggest to use their ppa00:36
k1l_which is bad, imho00:36
Flannelthe link in that factoid is a different link (same site) of the link he linked about their special build of ppa-purge00:38
k1l_oh wait. that user used http://www.webupd8.org/2012/11/install-ppa-purge-with-multi-arch.html  that page which is a different one.00:38
k1l_oh well00:38
FlannelYeah.  Like I said, most difficult methods possible ;)00:38
chubazhang: lol00:54
Voyage I am using kubuntu and I changed its color theme. It looks like that web pages in firefox has adopted that color theme. e.g the form fields etc. But chrome has not. Is there anything I can do to revers it?04:43
rwwHi Voyage. You've been banned from #ubuntu since December 24th, and will need to get that sorted out before you'll get Ubuntu support in #ubuntu-*05:22
Voyagerww,  why?05:23
Voyagewho banned me?05:24
rwwVoyage: ikonia. The kick message sent to your client was "your attitude is unaccaptable"05:24
Voyagerww,  I recall that I was unbanned by someone else. (You can check this channel's logs) and I also stated that I want no part for ikonia and putting him on my ignore list. (after asking other ops that was it acceptable). ikonia  is taking things personally.05:26
rwwhrm. there's a few different bans affecting you. one sec while i do more research05:26
rwwah, I see. You were unbanned on the 25th at 15:13. A banforward was set from #ubuntu to here at 21:33 because of\05:29
rww< Voyage>       Someday I am going to meet this MattDarcy personally. Sooner or later. That will be a hard day.05:29
rwwi gather we weren't hugely impressed by that05:29
Voyagerww,  as I said, he had been harrasing me in many channels (since my ban was lifted up by the other op).05:29
rwwelaborate on "many channels"?05:30
Voyagewell, I was hugely depressed05:30
Voyageho. #mysql, #sendmail #postfix #linux05:30
VoyageI dont know what else. ikonia  has all day "winning on irc"05:30
VoyageI put him on ignore, I stated that on many channels (when someone related me and him (thats how I came to know that he was in that channel talking about me )).05:31
VoyageLook, I dont have time for all this. Iam here to talk about tech.05:31
VoyageI mean, no offence on you. I was talking about him05:32
Myrttiyes, I unbanned you, but you decided to continue on your equally personal vendetta against him. had you actually stuck on the support issue rather than trying to make things worse for yourself by pointing out you've got an issue with him you might have gotten somewhere05:32
Myrttiit's common sense, really05:32
VoyageMyrtti,  how can i be personall if I have him in ignore list05:32
rwwone sec, poking a ##linux op to go check on the harassment thing there05:33
Unit193Voyage: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/12/25/%23ubuntu-ops.html#t15:02 "You can, but you're in for a bad time" isn't exactly a glowing recommendation that you can ignore him.05:33
Myrttirww just pointed out about four minutes ago how you managed that05:33
VoyageMyrtti,  rww  Unit193  do what you guys need to do and inform me the bottom line please. Thanks.  Unit193  Iam never with a bad time.05:34
Myrttione would think that ending up here instead of a support channel you expected to be in, is in fact, "bad time"05:35
Voyagebottom line?05:36
rwwodd, ##linux op doesn't remember ikonia harassing people in there05:36
rwwsince it seems like you and he have been through a few channels now, i guess he's probably the one with the most complete picture of the behavior he finds objectionable05:37
Voyageknome,  doesnt remember me getting unbanned here. rww  (whats the point?)05:37
rwwso i would prefer you talk to him about it. please come back when he's around, he's on UK time.05:37
VoyageI choose NOT to talk to ikonia05:37
rwwYou do not have that option, unless you would like to talk to our IRC Council instead.05:38
rwwwhich will be far more drawn out and annoying of a process05:38
VoyageI do have my own options.05:38
Voyagefor now. /parting05:38
rww@mark #ubuntu-ops Voyage attempted ban resolution, user refuses to talk to ikonia, apparently there's stuff going on elsewhere on freenode i don't have in my logs. told him to talk to ikonia or IRCC, user refused and parted (possible ban-evasion implied? not sure)05:39
ubottuThe operation succeeded.05:39
Unit193Yeah I don't think ikonia talked to him once in ##linux.05:40
rwwoh, I was in there on the 24th onwards, thought i wasn't05:41
rwwyeah, i don't see it either05:41
rwwi assumed i was missing it because i wasn't in there, but i was. yay users.05:41
Myrttifor those following at  home, uibertiz sent a quite rude pm after I tried to engage with MagicWizard at #ubuntu, and the message seemed somewhat automated. so I removed (but not banned) it/them from there05:41
rwwhe has some altnicks, could be that05:41
rwwMyrtti: ah, was wondering about that05:42
rwwweird day today, i think the lunatics got confused and think it's a full moon05:42
Myrttiaw, I don't have pom installed on my vm05:43
Unit193The Moon is Waning Crescent (31% of Full)05:44
elkyFlannel: i swear he's gotten worse06:12
rwwyou need to start using my method for dealing with this06:16
rwwjust reply with "that's nice"06:16
valoriesimilar to my favorite art teacher's stock answer: pink06:22
valoriemost especially in answer to the question: what color should I make __________?06:22
rwwyour art teacher was pleia2?06:25
valorieperhaps she learned it from Bernie, my art teacher@06:30
tonyyarussoMoon face is 24% illuminated. || Moon phase: Waning crescent || Next full moon is on Saturday 23 January07:43
tonyyarussoUnit193: I like my script better :)07:43
Unit193Ah, warning date too!  Mine is just bsd. :P07:46
FlannelGo outside and look for the meteor shower08:01
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ubottuOneM_Industries called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()09:39
DJonestonyyarusso: kenken_ has been trolling a number of channels, #freenode and some others mentioned there09:43
tonyyarussoNot surprising.09:44
ubottuIn ubottu, tfc_ said:  🌻  Say, "He is Allah, [who is] One,16:12
ubottuIn ubottu, tfc_ said:  🌻  He neither begets nor is born,16:12
ubottuIn ubottu, tfc_ said:  🌻  Nor is there to Him any equivalent."16:12
DJonesHeh, thats funny, sending pm spam to a bot16:13
ikonianice trick16:13
Unit193Seen it do that one already.16:17
ikoniathe video's it spams are nuts16:17
rwwyeah, I got that PM spam once. it was quite something16:18
ikoniathank you for cleaning up rww16:18
rwwgot into work and all my stuff's working, so my morning is rather empty16:18
rww(first day back after holidays)16:18
rww(no, i'm not secretly a canonical)16:18
ikoniawell, no, as your stuff is working16:18
ikoniaI'm just kidding16:19
geniinolsen could definitely use a better exit message19:56
rwwi suspect that was a custom one for the occasion19:57
geniiConsidering the conversation up to that point, you're probably right19:58
rwwyeah, their usual one is just "Leaving"19:59
rww@comment 70545 problematic behavior elsewhere on freenode too, does not respond well to being banned at all21:02
ubottuComment added.21:02
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