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balloonsflocculant, wxl, et la. Merging the qatracker enhancements today and doing a deploy18:46
balloonsI hope that will help with alpha 1 (and not break anything!)18:47
wxlballoons: oooh just in time for alpha 1! oh wait, no it won't XD18:47
wxlwe're releasing today18:47
wxlimages already marked ready18:47
wxlmaybe wait until release jic18:47
balloonsyes, it will be after release that it deploys, heh18:48
balloonsbut hopefully reviewing the buglist from alpha1 will be easier18:48
wxlthat'd be nice18:49
flocculantballoons: thanks - be good to get those all landed :)18:49
wxli was thinking about coding something to help with that18:49
wxli was up all night reviewing bugs18:49
wxland then this morning i wake up to the entire city being covered in ice so got to work late which makes me late for any ubuntu stuff, blah blah blah18:50
* wxl plays the tiniest violin18:50
* balloons listens closely to hear it18:50
* flocculant mutes all sound18:50
balloonswe're out of qatracker tasks also, which I'm sure you already knew19:12
balloonswxl, flocculant, fyi, I found an issue and I won't be pushing the update just yet21:14
wxlballoons: what issue?21:45
balloonsthe bug report changes don't seem to work for me22:00
balloonsOr I'm crazy.. Might be the latter22:01
balloonsI'm asking for the other changes to go in for now22:05
mhall119balloons: I sent an email to ubuntu-quality that's stuck in moderation, can you let that through?22:33
balloonsmhall119, lol, I hit reject on accident. But I did add you to the senders lists. Can you send it again?22:33
mhall119:( rejecting my invites22:34

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