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dufluWhee, a phone with Mir 0.1806:32
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dholbachgood morning08:06
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* donkey_12 I Love Monday!08:36
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, happy New Year, and happy World Braille Day! 😃09:25
popeyIs it still the case that a device (e.g. OPO) (ping mariogrip) needs to be on Android 4.x before we flash Ubuntu on it?10:34
popeyor can I have an OPO with 5.1 on it and flash ubuntu directly as per https://wiki.ubports.com/w/OnePlus_One10:34
mariogrippopey: android version should not effect Ubuntu at all, so you can flash it directly with 5.111:37
popeyoh hey :)11:37
popeyI get "2016/01/04 10:57:19 Expecting the device to be in the bootloader... waiting"11:38
popeyit just sits there, when I have the phone in TWRP11:38
mariogripWhat does "fastboot devices" say?11:39
popeynothing mariogrip11:39
mariogripIs your device in fastboot mode? (adb reboot bootloader)11:40
popeyno, recovery11:40
mariogripOh, you need to be in fastboot mode11:41
popeyok, rebooted into fastboot11:41
popeyand now it shows up in fastboot devices11:41
mariogripThen it should work11:41
popeywell, it does with sudo11:41
popeyjust says "waiting..."11:41
mariogripDid you start the script again?11:42
popeyinterestingly if I try ubuntu-device-flash with sudo, it reports the device name11:42
popeyahh, i see the issue (maybe)11:42
popeythe -- in my terminal are broken because I copy pasted from your page11:43
popey — vs --11:43
popeyyeah, it's flashing now!11:43
mariogripCool :)11:43
popeythanks dude :)11:43
popey2016/01/04 11:43:21 Flashing version 8 from ubuntu-touch/stable channel and server http://system-image.ubports.com to device bacon11:43
popey\o/ bacon11:43
popeymariogrip, "recovery image not found, cannot continue with bootstrap" :(12:02
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mariogrippopey: sorry for late answer, but I'm not home atm12:53
mariogripBut, try without bootstrap from twrp12:54
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popeymariogrip, okay, thanks for the help! :D13:12
popeymariogrip, it fails in the same way unfortunately. "recovery image not found, cannot continue with bootstrap"13:15
popeygets further if I don't use --bootstrap13:16
popeymariogrip, seems to do the flash but then reboots back into twrp but doesn't install13:20
mariogripAh, you need to flash boot.img13:31
popeymariogrip, I purchased this OPO second-hand from someone else, and I am going through the instructions as if I'm completely new to this :)13:33
popey(which I am)13:33
popeymariogrip, so it sounds like the docs need updating13:34
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beunojdstrand_, happy new years!14:22
beunofound binaries for architecture 'all': share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/checkers.costa.mo, share/locale/it/LC_MESSAGES/checkers.costa.mo lint_control_architecture_valid_contents14:23
beunothose errors, are they valid for .mo's?14:23
beunoI see those more and more often14:23
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n1ckyis a lack of 4.2.2 sources still a preventing factor in porting devices launched with 5.0+?14:36
n1ckyI've got some free time and am looking to work on a Nexus 6 port14:36
dobeyn1cky: the nexus6 is armv8, so unless you can run an armv7 build on it, 64-bit hardware is going to require a lot more work than just building on the android 5.x kernel source14:54
dobeybeuno: that seems like a bug to me.14:55
n1ckydobey: are you sure about that? My googling says that it's a Snapdragon 805, i don't think it is armv815:00
n1ckyI'm talking about Shamu not the 6P.15:00
dobeyoh, ok. i thought the 6 was v8 as well15:02
dobeyi guess it should be plausible then, as long as you can get the necessary features enabled in the kernel15:02
dobeythere has been some work to enable ubuntu based on android 5.x, but i don't know how far along that work is15:03
n1ckycool, thank you15:11
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mariogrippopey: Yeah, I'm working on a new wiki. (Sorry for not answer as so fast, i have been away all day)16:05
mariogrippopey: did you get it working btw?16:06
popeymariogrip, no problem :) - appreciate the help16:06
popeymariogrip, no, I didn't know where to get boot.img from16:06
mariogripthen it should be in the "partition" folder inside the tar ball16:09
mariogripbtw, I'm cooking up a new version based on 5.116:10
mariogripwhere mostly everything seem to work correctly16:11
mariogrippopey: ^16:12
* popey looks16:12
popeymariogrip, not sure what I'm doing wrong. i used fastboot to flash boot.img, and when I try and ubuntu-device-flash it pushes all the files then reboots into twrp. Am I supposed to do something else to make it actually do the flashing?16:32
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mariogripcan you check if system.img is created (in recovery in /data folder)17:01
mariogripand sorry for the delay, i had to wrap my head around some ikea furnitures...17:02
mariogrippopey: ^17:02
popeythere is no /data/recovery folder17:03
mariogripno, look for the /data/system.img17:03
popeyoh, you mean /data/system.img when in recovery mode?17:03
popeyno, not there17:03
mariogripany output when you flash?17:04
popeymariogrip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14401350/17:04
mariogripoh, wait twrp does not use the recovery mode adb....17:05
mariogripokey then, reboot to bootloader17:05
popeyok, done17:05
mariogripfind the recovery.img from the tarball you downloaded17:05
mariogripthen sudo fastboot boot recovery.img17:06
mariogripthen start the flash script17:06
popeydid you mean "sudo fastboot recovery recovery.img"?17:06
popeyor did you really mean "sudo fastboot boot recovery.img" ?17:07
mariogripyeah, boot17:07
mariogripso you can keep twrp17:07
popeyshould it have done something after the sudo fastboot boot recovery.img17:08
popeyit did the "downloading boot.img" thing17:08
mariogripno, it just says on the opo logo17:08
mariogriptry adb devices17:08
popeyi see it in recovery17:08
mariogripthen start the script17:08
popeyso now... sudo ubuntu-device-flash -v --server=http://system-image.ubports.com touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable --device=bacon --bootstrap17:09
mariogripno bootstarp17:09
popeymariogrip, ok. it's rebooted into twrp again17:11
mariogripoh? log?17:11
popeysame http://paste.ubuntu.com/14401431/17:11
mariogripokey, okey, don't stop the script and do the same thing with fastboot boot recovery17:12
popeyI don't know what you mean by "don't stop the script"17:14
mariogripwait, do you use the "ubp" twrp?17:14
mariogripubports twrp version17:15
popeyuh, dunno. I'm just following your guide17:15
popeyI have done nothing but what the steps you've said since I got this device17:15
mariogripI see, i really need to update to the new wiki asap, sorry for the confusion17:16
popeyI just expected to run ubuntu-device-flash and it work :)17:17
mariogripyeah, it should do that17:17
mariogripokey, let's try again, reboot to bootloader can copy this ubuntu-device-flash -v --server=http://system-image.ubports.com touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable --device=bacon --bootstrap17:19
davmor2Saviq: ahayzen points out in bug 1528668 that the launcher is requiring a double tap to close it now it still is with the silo installed so I guess it isn't related to that do you need a new bug for it?17:19
ubot5`bug 1528668 in qtubuntu (Ubuntu) "[regression] Qt.application.active not working correctly" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152866817:19
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popeymariogrip, ok, doing that17:20
popeymariogrip, "recovery image not found, cannot continue with bootstrap"17:21
mariogriptry to add --recovery-image=[recovery.img that you downloaded]17:23
mariogripand, I need to test this for my self, that should not happen17:23
popeymariogrip, just rebooted into recovery again (twrp v2.8.6.0)17:26
mariogripoh, you forgot --bootstrap17:27
popeymariogrip, just sits there after:-17:30
popey2016/01/04 17:28:11 Device is |bacon|17:30
popey2016/01/04 17:28:11 Flashing version 8 from ubuntu-touch/stable channel and server http://system-image.ubports.com to device bacon17:30
mariogriptry to restart it, and are you in bootloader?17:31
popeymariogrip, yeah, restarting it...17:33
popeyhah, now it's moving :)17:33
popeymariogrip, rebooted and now at 1+ screen.17:36
popeywill get a cup of tea and leave it alone ;)17:36
mariogripit now flashes, this takes a little while17:37
popeythanks for your help mariogrip! I really appreciate it!17:39
mariogripnp, im glad to help :D17:39
mariogripto check the progress, you can use adb shell "cat /data/.last_update"17:41
mariogripif it says true, just do adb reboot17:41
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Saviqdavmor2, ahayzen, doubt it's the same issue, can you please file a bug?17:43
davmor2ahayzen: do you want to do the honours?17:44
mariogrippopey: still processing?17:46
mariogripoh, it was if the file exist then it's done.17:47
mariogripthe recovery sometimes dosent want to reboot after it's done.17:48
ahayzendavmor2, yeah no problem, Saviq which project should it be against ?17:51
davmor2ahayzen: unity8 for now Saviq can blame someone else after :D17:52
ahayzenhehe ok :-)17:52
Saviqdavmor2, ahayzen, unlikely to blame someone else I'm afraid :P17:53
ahayzendavmor2, Saviq, bug 153094017:55
ubot5`bug 1530940 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Dismissing the launcher in the dimmed/shadow portion requires two taps" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153094017:55
Saviqahayzen, tx17:55
ahayzenno problem :-)17:55
davmor2ahayzen: thanks dude :)17:58
kaiehello. Is there a key-press combination to reboot a phone that is in "fastboot mode"?18:03
greyback_kaie: usually long press on power key will end that18:03
kaiemy aquaris e5 was off, and I must have accidentally pressed keys that caused it to boot into fastboot mode. now it's stuck and doesn't react to anything.18:04
kaieHmm. Yeah, I have tried long power. Let me try again18:04
kaie20 seconds and it's still on18:05
kaieI'm on the "release candidate" channel. I installed a new OTA update today. I didn't pay attention if it ever came up again since installed. But I think it was fine, and I think I had turned it off, because I wanted to remove a sim card, but then got distracted.18:06
kaieok, connected cable, ran "fastboot reboot", and it did.18:08
kaieNow I'm just worried this could happen me again while I'm not close to a computer.18:08
greyback_kaie: heh good, I was 90% through writing that suggestion18:08
popeymariogrip, still going and that file exists, so time to reboot?18:21
* popey crosses fingers18:21
popeymariogrip, sitting at the 1+ screen18:23
mariogripadb devices18:24
popeynot there18:24
mariogripoh, did you flash boot.img?18:26
mariogripoh, wait you used bootstrap18:26
mariogrippopey: give me a minute so i can test this, i dunno why it's not working as expected...18:28
mariogrippopey: OH! dangit,  i upgraded the system-server the other day and it does not make device part images.......!18:39
popeyheh, oops18:39
mariogripI'm so sorry about that! my head sometimes cannot keep up with everything xP18:40
mariogrippopey: now you can try XP18:59
mariogripnow you can remove --recovery19:00
popeypower + volup ?19:02
mariogripfor bootloader yes19:02
popeynot working19:03
popeywont power on19:03
popeyoh, now it does19:03
popeysilly phone19:03
mariogripshould flash v9 now19:05
mariogripsudo ubuntu-device-flash -v --server=http://system-image.ubports.com touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable --device=bacon --bootstrap19:05
popeyyup, 9 installing19:09
mariogripand if it doesn't reboot after booting into recovery for flash, just reboot it after 10 mins19:10
mariogripthat should be plenty19:11
popeyokay, i think it's done19:16
popey\o/ ubuntu logo19:17
popeywelcome screen!19:17
popeyNice one mariogrip19:17
popeyUbuntu is nice and quick on this!19:19
mariogripYeeey :D \o/19:22
mterrymorphis, hello!  I'm told you are the guy to talk to when making aosp changes?  I've got a gerrit checkout of android_bootable_recovery, but are there instructions for building?  I'm not used to Android.mk19:36
morphismterry: I am one, yes :-)19:39
morphismterry: its a matter of:19:41
morphisrepo init ...19:41
morphisrepo sync -j<n>19:41
morphis. build/envsetup.sh19:41
morphislunch <select machine>19:41
morphismake -j419:41
morphisshould build you everything19:41
mterrymorphis, I need everything?19:41
morphisthere is a short cut to build just the recovery19:41
morphisondra knows it19:42
mterrymorphis, I tried the repo init route, but couldn't figure out how to pass the port to use.  I tried "repo init --repo-url=mterry@code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com:29418" but it timed out on port 22 anyway19:42
mterrySo I went to just straight git19:42
morphisusing simply https://code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com/p/aosp/platform/manifest.git here19:43
morphisand pushing against ssh://morphis@code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com:29418/aosp/platform/manifest19:43
morphismterry: https://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Doc:_Building_Basics is also helpful19:43
mterryOK, repo init -u https://code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com/p/aosp/platform/manifest.git worked.19:45
mterryI'll add that to the wiki...19:45
mterrymorphis, thanks!  This seems to be working.  I'll poke you again when I have something to review  :)  -- I'm working on a redesign of the flashing-new-image recovery animation (from design team specs)19:48
morphismterry: great!19:51
mterrymorphis, hrm.  repo sync -j4 fails due to missing git repos19:59
popeymariogrip, do you know why I have to run "sudo fastboot devices" and not just "fastboot devices"?20:01
popeymariogrip, on your pc do you have an entry in an adb.ini file somewhere for this device?20:01
mariogripdue to udev20:02
popeyah yeah20:02
* popey will add a udev rule20:02
geniipopey: This seems to be the same with *buntu fastboot no matter what the device attached20:02
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popeyadded to 70-android.rules, but it still needs sudo for fastboot, which is annoying20:27
taiebotHi All Happy new year. Has anyone reported that on nexus 4 app cannot go fullscreen anymore on rc-proposed? It is a regression or a new feature?20:31
dobeytaiebot: eh?20:32
mariogriphttps://github.com/M0Rf30/android-udev-rules/blob/master/51-android.rules popey20:33
taiebotdobey app like camera used to go fullscreen (without the top bar) and now the top bar is always there. my webapp https://uappexplorer.com/app/runeaudio.taiebot65 is now always displaying the top bar20:33
dobeytaiebot: ah, probably a regression in mir perhaps20:34
taiebotdobey: Ok i thought there was a design decision to not allow apps to go fullscreen anymore20:35
dobeyi don't know, but i don't think so20:35
dobeythere have been updates to mir and qt recently though, so maybe those caused something to break?20:36
taiebotdobey ok i create a bug report20:36
dobeyyes, please do20:36
taiebotdobey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/153097720:40
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1530977 in Canonical System Image "Regression apps cannot go fullscreen" [Undecided,New]20:40
dobeykgunn: ^^ do you know if maybe mir or qtubuntu is the cause of that?20:41
kgunndobey: not completely sure...but i think i did hear something like this morning in a unity meeting20:42
kgunndobey: lemme ping in #ubuntu-unity20:42
dobeysure, thanks20:43
kgunndobey: and fix is in midst of migrating20:45
dobey"already fixed and moving through the system" is my favorite type of bug reports20:46
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Guest66299hi, Im trying to install ubuntu touch on a brand new nexus 7 and keep getting directory access issues. the only item I can find referencing this suggests the newest nexus devices have a different mmc card. Is there any documented solution to this?21:14
popeyGuest66299, which model of nexus 7?21:16
popey2012 or 2013?21:16
Guest66299sorry, 2013, just bought it21:16
Guest66299manufactured july 201521:17
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popeynot seen that issue, sorry21:19
Guest66299Flashing the device fails with the message that the image didn't copy to /cache/recovery/ because it "Is a directory"21:20
Guest66299just found the specific error21:20
Guest66299http://askubuntu.com/questions/674179/ubuntu-device-flash-fails-on-nexus-7-2013-android-5-0-2-cant-copy-image-to details the only info I can find21:23
Guest66299does anyone have any idea on an alternate solution?21:24
dobeyGuest66299: if you can flash android 4.4 to the device, i would suggest doing that, booting to the android welcome screen, then rebooting to the bootloader and trying ubuntu-device-flash again. if android 4.4 is not instalalble on the latest nexus 7 devices, then it may require waiting until we have builds that are based on android 5.x21:25
Guest66299OK cool, I shall try that thanks21:25
Guest66299signing out now, if it works I shall post my result tomorrow.21:26
taiebotHi all can someone else on rc-proposed confirm this bug. https://bugs.launchpad.net/unav/+bug/1530222 Thanks22:10
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1530222 in uNav "Taping on the back arrow in the main screen leads to a blank screen" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:10
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a10b87a10feea58eGuest66299, dobey, popey: https://askubuntu.com/questions/674179/ubuntu-device-flash-fails-on-nexus-7-2013-android-5-0-2-cant-copy-image-to23:02
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Guest57618Hi, spoke about an hour ago on problems installing Ubuntu on new Nexus 7, july 2015 manufacture. There appears to be an issue with the latest devices using a new MMC card which renders the stock install useless on these machines. Suggestion was to downghrade Android to 4.4. Tried this but it did not work, no version 4.x would install. re-installed version 5.1 image which worked fine. Back to starting point now, new Nexus 7 w23:22

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