diddledantime for some pillocks methinks03:18
diddledanyey for medications03:18
* diddledan medicates and meditates03:35
mappsgrmpf pc restarted06:51
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diploMorning all09:05
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davmor2Morning all09:07
* popey notes all ubuntu channels suddenly have people in again :)09:09
diploheh, I rebooted my VPS a few days ago and forgot to restart irssi :P09:10
diplowillcooke: Are you about ?09:21
willcookehi diplo, I am09:22
diploaha, I recognised the name, funnily enough I found your blog last night09:23
diploLooking into Home automation and after reading your blog in October it said you were following up with more :)09:23
diploVery interested if you do :D09:23
willcookeoh cool!09:23
willcookeYeah, I have loads of hacked up bits and bobs09:24
diploExactly the things I fancy doing is what you've already achieved09:24
diploI'm going to start ordering some stuff this week to start learning/playing09:24
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, happy New Year, and happy World Braille Day! 😃09:24
willcookeMost recently I got it hooked up to Siri with homebridge https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge09:24
willcookeif you have an evil iPhone09:24
diploNope, but again I want all sorts of integration09:25
diploI think you were in the Mycroft channel at one point ?09:25
willcookediplo, so as a start I would recommend going for remote controlled power sockets - they are the cheapest, most reliable, easiest and most flexible way to enable things09:25
willcookeSomething like:  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Maplin-5-Pack-Standby-Saving-Wireless-Sockets-Remote-Control-N38HN-/141848320386?hash=item2106d19982:g:pmsAAOSwNSxVa2EP09:26
foobarrydoes sony charge for ability to play mutliplayer games?09:26
foobarryon the PS4?09:26
diploSounds good, and a url - you are a star :D09:26
willcookeand then you can use the rcswitch library on both Arduino and RaspPi to control them,.09:26
willcookeI'd suggest writing a script to let you switch on and off sockets, then web-enable that with a simple REST API09:26
willcookediplo, let me know if you have questions, happy to help09:27
diploYeah, defo will try that, little flask app or something sounds good, just installed https://home-assistant.io/09:27
willcookeooh - I haven't see that project before, I will check it out09:28
diploWill do thanks, do you use any of the Zigbee/Z-Wave kit? Didn't see anything on your site so far, seems you're using RF freq's instead09:28
willcookeI found them to be quite expensive09:29
willcookefor what they are09:29
diployeah, after my initial investigation I was the same, I guess that's why I was interested in your ideas :)09:30
willcookebut if you want to transmit data between two home-brew devices check out the NRF24 modules09:30
diploAlso looked at making some of my own kit, rather than buying pre bought stuff09:30
* diplo opens a google doc for all this great info :)09:30
diploNice and cheap!09:31
willcookeIf you're planning on building some sensors I'd suggest the Pro Mini Arduino clones.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pro-Mini-atmega328-Board-5V-16M-Arduino-Compatible-Nano-NEW-/181894982202?hash=item2a59c92a3a:g:nc4AAOSw3ydVvjim09:31
diploI think I'm going to order a few bits in and experiment first09:31
diploMy ultimate goal for this was to make a thermostat and control my boiler remotely09:32
diploBut I want to start small and build up09:32
diploandylockran has been doing something similar09:32
willcookeTypical UK boiler-thermostat set ups are pretty easy really.  It's just a couple of mains voltage switches09:32
willcookeso relays are ideal09:33
willcookeand can be easily controlled from a pi/arduino09:33
diployeah that's the part I'm totally lost in, was reading a few sites last night that gave me some ideas though09:33
diploIf I put together some info and how I expect to do it and stick it in a doc or something would you mind having a look over, want to work it out myself but would like an appraising eye if at all possible :) don't want to break things :P09:34
willcookesure thing, no problem.  Just remember, mains voltage, dangerous, etc etc09:34
willcookeso, I dunno, you might want to wear some welly boots or something09:35
diploheheh work for an Electrical Wholesaler, I get that a lot here :D09:35
willcookeahhh, perfect09:35
diploUnfortunately no electronics stuff, so ebay/amazon et all for me :/09:35
willcookeI think if I were to implement my heating controller again I wouldn't use a Pi.  It's overkill.  An ESP8266 and a dual-relay board would be sufficient.09:36
willcookeand then do all the smarts somewhere else09:36
willcooke(maybe a Pi)09:36
diploI was asking here a week or so ago, going to get a soldering iron, any recommendations, they seem to be all over the place in price09:36
willcookeand keep the controller as a simple on/off device09:36
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diploAh I was looking at those yesterday09:36
willcooke@ soldering iron - you can't go wrong with Antex09:37
davmor2just a heads up aldi are doing 2 32gb micro sd card for 12.99 :)09:37
diploOK great thank you, a wealth of knowledge!09:37
diplota davmor209:37
willcookeactually, no, that iron has a *massive* tip09:38
willcookemaybe this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Antex-M12-12W-Soldering-Iron-230V-Silicone-Cable-British-Plug-S17J470-/380957780265?hash=item58b2da6929:g:NJEAAOSwv0tVJ37N09:38
diplohah that was one of my questions to someone else, not knowing which to buy09:38
willcooke12W will be enough for home-hacking09:39
willcookethat M12 one is the one I've got09:39
willcookeI sometimes wish I had a smaller tip, but not enough to go and buy one.09:39
willcookethey're easy enough to replace09:39
diploOK great thanks again, think I'm going to order some bits, maybe some little leds and a bread board etc, start small, little web app to test and work my up09:40
willcookeBe warned though....09:40
willcookeonce you start, it's really hard to stop :)09:40
diploWanted a project for a long time, get bored when my kids are with their mum09:40
willcookesuddenly everything needs to be an IoT device ;)09:41
diplohah, well it's the mycroft that made my decision as I wanted to integrate all this stuff09:41
diploAlso the NEST stuff as well, so yeah I believe my house will turn the same way :)09:41
willcookeoh yes!  I can't wait to get my hands on Mycroft09:41
willcookeNest looks nice, and is probably a similar cost to my homebrew one, after I factor in the time I spent on it09:42
diploYeah, but the time doesn't count as you're enjoying yourself ?09:42
willcookeha, good point09:42
diploAnd you're totally in control as well09:43
willcookeyeah, thats the main win for me09:43
diploI'm no tinfoil hat person, but I also rather keep my data/connections internal or self hosted if I can09:43
willcooketotally agree09:43
diploTo that point I'm moving contacts etc away from google, will still use their services just not be dependant on them09:44
willcookeoh, if you do get a 433 MHz radio receiver (note: don't buy the really cheap ones, they are garbage)09:44
willcookethen a really simple project is getting a smoke alarm hooked up09:44
diploOK, anything else use that spectrum ( not sure if that's the right word ) IE for interference ?09:44
willcookeyou can buy off the shelf (ebay - China) alarm that will hook right in09:44
* diplo is ashamed, I actually don't have *ANY* in my house currently09:44
diploWell I have two in boxes that have never been setup09:45
willcookeit's a free for all spectrum, so it's very noisy, but the signals don't propagate a very long way09:45
willcookeso you'll be ok09:45
diploah ok, like that zigbee etc09:45
willcookemore or less09:45
diploI think I'll do the LED's first, set up a controller receiver and turn on and off in different parts of the house09:46
diploYou've been a wealth of information, thanks willcooke ! Now I suppose after 2 weeks off I better actually do some work and then order all this stuff at lunchtime :)09:47
willcookediplo, drop me an email will@whizzy.org and I'll send you some more links09:48
diploWill do, thank you!09:48
DJonesHeh, I like this, shows the police have a sense of humour http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-3522068209:48
diploSent, did it now as I'll probably forget later09:49
willcookecool, give me a few days to collate everything and I'll reply09:50
diploSure no rush, you've given me loads to start with, thanks again09:55
davmor2JamesTait: a cheeky one here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYluMAO1b7Y10:26
JamesTaitdavmor2, your record player is on the wrong speed. 😉10:36
JamesTaitAlso not sure what it has to do with Braille, but wotevs. 😝10:36
davmor2JamesTait: the line "feel your way" :)10:37
davmor2JamesTait: told you it was cheeky :)10:38
JamesTaitdavmor2, tenuous at best....10:38
JamesTaitBut it's the first day back after two weeks off, so I'll cut you some slack. 😉10:38
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:45
diploWhilst I'm asking questions today, anyone recommend a cheap / half decent UPS for a small business, only going to need to run a small nas / router / switch and be able to alert me in some way11:12
davmor2JamesTait: I guess there is Sam Fox and Touch me or aha and the sun always shines on tv (lots of touchy's in that ;) )11:31
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)12:54
bigcalmGlad I bought an Ubuntu phone way back when, even if I didn't use it afterwards. Managed to brick my android phone last night. Ubuntu phone to the rescue!12:56
bigcalmpopey: is there a way to turn off all haptic feedback? As much as I've managed to disable, there are still instances where some apps use it12:59
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zmoylan-piyou always need a backup phone13:07
ahayzenbigcalm, have you toggled the "Other vibrations" switch in System Settings->Sound then right at the bottom?13:12
bigcalmahayzen: yes, which killed off a lot of vibrations. But some apps are still buzzing at me13:15
ahayzenugh, i seem to remember reading a bug somewhere about that :-/13:16
ahayzenbigcalm, which particular places continue vibrating?13:18
ahayzenbigcalm, seems it might be bug 143359013:20
lubotu3bug 1433590 in usensord (Ubuntu) "apparmor dbus denial for org.freedesktop.Accounts and make Other vibrations work" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143359013:20
bigcalmahayzen: Sudoku (by Ubuntu Core App Developers), the menu icon causes a buzz13:21
ahayzenbigcalm, OK, yeah i suspect it is that bug as there was a similar bug in clock (bug 1482282) which was then marked as a duplicate to the one above13:22
lubotu3bug 1433590 in usensord (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1482282 apparmor dbus denial for org.freedesktop.Accounts and make Other vibrations work" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143359013:22
bigcalmahayzen: ah, good. Glad that it's an known issue then13:23
ahayzenno problem, looks like that is targeted for OTA10 :-)13:26
bigcalmIs it possible to have longer than 4 digit unlock codes? :)13:34
bigcalmAmusing that the current OTA is 8.513:35
popeyyes, you can set a passphrase13:37
popeyof a longer length13:37
popeyI would have preferred if the OTA was called 8½13:38
davmor2bigcalm: you can cut each digit into quarter if you tape x's to your glasses then you have 16 bits of numbers, otherwise use a password as popey says :)13:52
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diddledangooooood moooorning vietnam!14:24
diddledanI haven't seen that in agea14:24
zmoylan-pirobin williams classic...14:25
diddledanso I may have some work around the corner for the new year (after the nice xmas present of losing my last job :-)14:28
zmoylan-pithe commute will suit so...14:29
bigcalmWakka wakka14:29
diddledannot what I meant :-p14:29
* zmoylan-pi pictures diddledan turning up for work in pjs, slippers clutching half finished bowl of cornflakes...14:29
zmoylan-pipenguin slippers...14:30
diddledan"around the corner" == coming soon14:30
diddledanTUX SLIPPERS?!14:30
zmoylan-pifeck it, do the commute dressed that way... guaranteed to get a seat to yourself... :-)14:37
diddledanlol. well this new job will be remote (new boss is currently in Japan, and has been travelling the past 5 years)14:42
diddledanmeans I can sit in my dressing-gown :-p14:43
diddledano_O perfect.org14:44
diddledanello daftykins14:45
daftykinshi sir14:46
daftykinsHNY to thee14:46
daftykinsmmm more phone surgery calls today, got a blackberry screen to go swap14:47
daftykinsit amuses me that the ebay sellers sell the screens with the official logo but have to cover it with some gunk to avoid getting in trouble14:48
popeyneed to get a new screen for my mx414:57
popeyannoyingly hard to get the screen off the current device14:57
popeymight take it to local phone shoppe and ask them to do it14:58
zmoylan-piget a coffee in neighbouring shop while you wait...15:02
daftykinsi've heard of 3+ people that want iPhone 6 models sorted now, so careless these folk ;)15:04
diddledandaftykins, fix my shoot15:05
zmoylan-piif you sit on public transport and look around you see a lot of smartphones in use with cracked screens15:05
diddledanzmoylan-pi, yeah, I cringe15:05
daftykinsdiddledan: i was unaware your shoot was broken sir15:05
diddledandaftykins, fix everyone's shoot15:06
davmor2popey: what did you do to it15:06
davmor2popey: I'm not sure how you manage to destroy so many phones ;)15:06
popeyI don't really15:07
diddledandavmor2, he doesn't destroy any higher percentage, it's just that he has so many more phones15:07
popeyExpressed as a proportion of how many phones I have15:07
popeyI cracked my 4s, cracked my nexus 4, and cracked my mx415:07
diddledan4's must be easily breakable15:07
davmor2popey: so no more 4's they're unlucky for you :)15:08
popeyall just cracks, no catastrophes15:08
diddledancat's ass trophy?15:08
zmoylan-pisome people are just careless... :-) https://www.facebook.com/1644487285840108/videos/1653632858258884/15:09
daftykinssee i just find that guy stupid15:13
daftykinseven though it's clearly staged :P15:13
zmoylan-pii'm ok with that when there's pain involved... :-)15:13
daftykinsstill can't believe this blackberry screen was £8.50 o015:14
zmoylan-pisome of the parts for phones are peanuts, especially if they ordered millions and the sales never happened :-)15:15
daftykinsmust have come from the two Ronnies grocery store15:15
zmoylan-pifork handles?15:15
daftykinsthe very same15:15
zmoylan-pii still meet people who have never seen that...15:15
diddledanthat guy is a mormon15:16
zmoylan-pithey're replaced stimulating beverages with raw leccy :-)15:16
* diddledan stimulates15:18
diddledanooh, I just remembered silent witness is on tonight15:19
daftykinsthat's an old one right o015:19
* diddledan like that show15:19
diddledandaftykins, new episodes15:19
daftykinswhat a gloomy day15:20
* diddledan glooms15:20
diddledanis that a verb?15:20
SuperMattgoogle suggests yes15:25
zmoylan-piyeah... but an american site checking your english...15:27
SuperMattI kind that google tends to be quite good at finding definitions because it sources them from multiple locations15:43
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diddledanwow, mains voltage just popped over 251V18:09
diddledanmy UPS had to switch into voltage-regulation mode18:09
zmoylan-pias if everyone had switched off the christmas tree at once... :-)18:14
diddledanand millions of voices all cried out18:15
diddledanand then disappeared18:16
diddledanwere silenced**18:16
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MooDooevening all20:09
brobostigonevening MooDoo20:13
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diddledanGuest84409, you broke it20:32
daftykinsone disassembled blackberry20:33
daftykinsodd, client texts to say he lost his broadband and dial tone... now it's mystically come back minutes later :D20:46
andylockrandiplo - just seen your reference to me in your earlier conversation with willcooke20:50
andylockranat the moment going to work off running the third-party stuff via mqtt20:51
andylockranevening all20:51
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MooDoodiddledan: bloody internet, virgin are being a bit pants lately21:03
diddledanyeah, my virgin box keeps disconnecting itself very regularly (sometimes every hour, but not predictable)21:04
daftykinsif it's come in with the weather, wouldn't hurt to check your connections21:04
andylockransky have been a bit dodgy on the ol' broadband over Xmas21:05
andylockrandown about 5 hours between 24th and 3rd21:05
MooDooit's been unbeleivable over the last few weeks, I'm hoping it's to do with all their upgrades21:06
daftykinscould be21:07
diddledanno-one be sick on tuesday next week22:27
diddledandoctors are taking the day off22:27
daftykinsbut they can't!22:28
dogmatic69Damn, I already booked that day off sick.22:28
diddledanreminds of "Carry on at your convenience"22:28
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mappsdoctors always whining..but they know it long hours23:03
mappsand when they complain about pay...its just at the start the pay sucks?23:05
mappsi dislike striking.where does it end..give in then down the line..strike again23:07
mappsin any industry23:07
zmoylan-pistriking is the workers way of been listened to23:08
mappsi get that, but if people give in whats to stop them doing it again23:09
mappsi get its about being litened to and dont have an alternative ..but still23:09
zmoylan-pithe only reason we have workers rights is because workers fought for them23:09
zmoylan-pithere can and are strikes that seem selfish.  that's when the strikers lose public support.  makes the strike less successful if public are prepared to go elsewhere23:10
zmoylan-piexcept of course in industries that are monopolies or closed systems like medicine23:11
zmoylan-pibut doctors and nurses are treated terribly for the most part.  until they get to the later stages of their career when they have more options23:12
daftykinsi have a fair few mates that are docs23:12
zmoylan-pii've seen doctors and nurses essentially hallucinating from lack of sleep. and having to have their less tired colleagues help them out23:13
daftykinsmmm i wouldn't even want to conduct surgery on a smartphone whilst sleep deprived ;)23:15
zmoylan-piunless it was winphone.... :-P23:16
daftykinsthat's true!23:16
daftykinsthat'd be put down ;)23:16
zmoylan-pithe red headed step child of the phone industry...23:16
zmoylan-pimaybe a better way would be that industries like medicine or monopolies should have a non striking clause like the police but be allowed a work to rule or other partial strike methods23:17
zmoylan-pii.t. is a weird industry as it is nearly totally ununionised.  and that is why bosses can get away with treating staff like crap.23:18
mappswork time;[23:25
daftykinsyay work23:25
NET||abuseoh boy, trying to fix a 15.10 nvidia/optimus laptop which i tried using bumblebee on a while ago, i've just tried moving to the nvidia-355 and primus setup in the wiki. but it's not working :(23:55
NET||abuseI get into unity but i get a no decorations session23:55
daftykinsseen lots of issues with that combo23:55
daftykinstry purging all bumble* nvidia* and trying nvidia-346 with nvidia-prime23:55
daftykinswhich it should pull in auto due to deps23:55
daftykinsalways double check with the guest session to rule out user config quirks too23:56
NET||abusehmm, will try that.23:56
NET||abuseok, guest session worked23:58
NET||abusehow can i test what drivers etc are running?23:58
daftykins/var/log/Xorg.0.log would state what was fired up on boot23:59
daftykinsno idea how to run something and work out what it's using though :(23:59

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