_stink_i vote yes for everything during the meeting.01:10
cmaloney_stink_: Really?01:37
cmaloneyFirst order of business: _stink_ has agreed to purchase everything on my Amazon, Etsy, and RedBubble wishlists.01:39
* cmaloney makes sure to re-add the 60" gong01:39
cmaloneyand have it delivered to me. :)01:39
_stink_i move to reconsider!  and vote yes for that too.01:40
_stink_you do need a 60" gong.01:41
cmaloneyI can tell time with a 60" gong01:42
cmaloneyI can hit it in the middle of the night and my meighbors will yell "it's three fucking thirty"01:42
nate___Hello! Dunno how long I'll be able to stay/participate.....01:55
cmaloneyHI nate___01:55
nate___Hello, cmaloney.01:56
cmaloneyWe'll get started in a few minutes01:57
nate___Is there an agenda?01:58
cmaloneyHere's the agenda02:01
cmaloneyNot a whole lot scheduled for coverage02:01
nate___Thank you.02:01
cmaloneybut we'll get started and if anyone would like to bring something up we can add it to the agenda02:01
cmaloneyFirst off, happy 201602:01
cmaloneywoo woo!02:01
nate___Here, here!02:02
cmaloney2015 was an interesting year02:02
cmaloneywe only had one release party (Penguicon)02:02
cmaloneyand not a whole lot of participation02:02
cmaloneyHoping to change that a bit02:02
cmaloneyThe first item is Penguicon fast approaches02:03
nate___What's that?02:03
cmaloneyThat's where we've traditionally had our April release parties02:03
cmaloneyand I'm hoping to schedule another release party at Penguiocon02:03
cmaloneyIt's a lot of fun and I hope to see everyone there02:04
cmaloneythough it doesn't have to be the only Michigan release party02:04
cmaloneywe can have several if one wants to organize it. ;)02:04
cmaloneyBut for now the April release party that I'm organizing will be at Penguicon.02:05
cmaloneyMore details as they arrive.02:05
cmaloneyAny questions?02:05
nate___Are there any people *not* in SE Mich?02:05
cmaloneyThere are02:05
cmaloneybrousch is from Grand Rapids02:06
cmaloneyothers are from across the state02:06
cmaloneyand some are no longer in the state.02:06
cmaloneybut a loarge number of folks are in SE MI02:06
nate___Perhaps after Penguiocon we could look into a venue in Grand Rapids / Western Mich.....02:08
cmaloneyIf you'd like to organize it I'll be more than happy to put it on the events list02:08
cmaloneyAgain, there are several folks in Western MI02:08
cmaloneyunfortunately not online at the moment.02:09
nate___So what's up for Penguicon?02:11
cmaloneyJust a friday-night get-together02:11
cmaloneynot a whole lot02:11
cmaloneyusually around 7pm02:11
nate___I think that I'm about to be kicked off the computer, how do I contact you?02:12
cmaloneyor via the ubuntu MI mailing list02:13
cmaloneyHeve fun!02:13
cmaloneyAny other business anyone wants to mention?02:13
=== mike_ is now known as Guest96726
cmaloneyOK, I'm going to call this shut then. If there are any other matters please speak up, otherwise the meeting is adjourned for now.02:35
cmaloneyThanks everyone for coming!02:36
jamebye all02:36
cmaloneyHow's the first day back to work?12:34
rick_h_ugh, slept through my alarm, 8:30am morning meeting with Mark go go go! :)12:46
rick_h_hopefully nice and sleep processing of emails12:47
cmaloneyGot here earlier than I normally do12:58
cmaloneywe got some new pillows for the bed though and I'm not sure I like them12:58
cmaloneyWay too squishy12:59
brouschcmaloney: I'm an extra-firm man13:14
cmaloneyYeah, these were on sale, and I'm thinking I know why.13:15
cmaloneyWill see if they mash up better but I'm thinking they'll be quickly replaced.13:16
_stink_pillows are such a pita to buy14:03
_stink_can't test drive them14:03
cmaloneyyeah, they are14:12
ColonelPanic001I just get extra-firm at meijer or whatever16:38
ColonelPanic001I'm doing something dumb - first rule doesn't work, second one does, not sure why: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mcb36kshjmeoj19/rewrite.txt16:39
ColonelPanic001if anyone doens't mind looking at a dumb thing for mod_rewrite16:39
_stink_ColonelPanic001: don't barge in here talking about extra-firm please16:42
ColonelPanic001it had to be done16:42
jrwrenColonelPanic001: how is your REMOTE_ADDR  consistent? is that you? are you spoofing?16:45
ColonelPanic001it's me16:46
ColonelPanic001I can't be trusted16:46
jrwrenColonelPanic001: and you want it to 403 but its not?16:46
jrwrenColonelPanic001: turn on rewrite logging and paste that :p16:47
cmaloneyThat would be hell for a claustrophobe20:34
_stink_Scary_Guy: that is awesome!21:37
jrwreni wonder how much easier it woul be to pull that camper with a velo21:54
jrwrenand at that point, why not integrate the camper right into the velo.21:54
jrwrenthis guy is an incredible maker21:54
jrwrenthat sincair is WAY cooler than a segawy21:59

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