xixiAnyone around here? I am having troubles from going from 5.3 to >5.400:17
Ben645.3 what to 5.4 what00:18
k1l_version of what?00:18
Bashing-omxixi: In what ?00:18
k1l_which ubuntu exactly?00:18
xixiive done: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ondrej/php5-oldstable and sudo apt-get upgrade00:18
xixii mean00:18
xixiThe following packages have unmet dependencies:00:18
xixi libapache2-mod-php5 : Depends: apache2-api-2012021100:18
xixi                       Depends: apache2 (>= 2.4)00:18
xixi                       Depends: php5-common (= 5.5.30+dfsg-1+deb.sury.org~precise+1) but 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.21 is installed00:18
xixiE: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.00:18
daftykinsdon't paste in here.00:19
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:19
Ben64xixi: if you actually need a newer version of php, it's time to upgrade to ubuntu 14.0400:19
[Mew2]hey can anyone help me with a fail2ban question?00:19
[Mew2]2016-01-04 00:03:15,670 fail2ban.actions: WARNING [openvpn] Ban
xixiI don't want to go to 14.04 though00:20
[Mew2]2016-01-04 00:03:22,682 fail2ban.actions: INFO   [openvpn] already banned00:20
[Mew2]how can fail2ban see the connecting attempt after an ip has already been banned? doesnt it use the system firewall to ban, which is outside it?00:20
xixiIs there any way I can get to php 5.4 or greater00:20
xixion 12.04?00:20
Ben64xixi: why don't you want to go to 14.0400:21
xixiI did and I felt lazy because there were some features that had changed00:22
xhearthi everyone.00:22
[Mew2]Ben64 hi00:22
Ben64xixi: doesn't make any sense00:22
k1l_xixi: there is no php5-common (= 5.5.30+dfsg-1+deb.sury.org~precise+1)    in that ppa00:22
xixiI used ppa00:22
xheartcan i create a usb stick with ubuntu 15.10 using my ubuntu 14.04lts?00:22
xixik1l_: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ondrej/php5-oldstable00:23
k1l_xixi: no00:23
xixik1l_: What do I do?00:23
Ben64xixi: upgrade to 14.0400:23
Flannelxixi: You could always compile it (but this isn't a good alternative).00:23
anabainxheart, yes, you need to download the 15.10 iso image00:23
k1l_xixi: please pastebin a "grep ^ /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*" in a pastebin please00:23
Flannelxixi: Those are really your options.  Upgrade to 14.04 or compile.  It's unlikely that someone has packaged php5.4+ for 12.0400:23
[Mew2]k1l_ can you tell me please? ^^00:24
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:24
xixik1l_: One moment.00:25
xhearti downloaded the 15.10, how do i create the usb with 15.10?00:25
xixik1l_: http://pastebin.ca/331607800:26
Ben64xheart: you can use dd to write the image directly to the device, which will delete anything on the usb00:26
xhearti am not using windows00:26
k1l_xixi: you got several ppas there. that are mixing the packages now00:26
xhearti just copy/paste the file to the usb?00:26
xixiHow do I remove them?00:26
Ben64xheart: no that won't work. you can use a usb creator thing, the name of which escapes me currently00:26
xheartis that "dd" on the ubuntu softwrae center?00:27
xixik1l_: Or just clean the list up?00:27
k1l_xixi: you got the php5 and php5-oldstable00:27
daftykinsxheart: it's already installed00:27
k1l_xixi: choose one.00:27
k1l_xixi: then use ppa-purge to get rid of that oldstable ppa again00:28
k1l_!ppapurge | xixi00:28
ubottuxixi: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html00:28
anabainxheart, if you're using 14.04 you only have to create a bootable usb stick using 15.10 iso image. there's an app designed to do so: startup disk creator (at least this is the name on kubuntu 15.10)00:30
xixik1l_: Can I pm you?00:31
k1l_you can ask in here. so others can help too00:31
xhearti have 14.04 ok so i need startup disk creator00:31
xixiI've followed that00:31
xixiit wont let me install00:31
xixisudo apt-get install ppa-purge00:31
Ben64xheart: you could use dd, but startup disk creator should work too00:31
anabainxheart, try writing "usb" on your pc search engine00:32
k1l_ah right, you are on that old ubuntu that doesnt ship ppa-purge00:32
xhearti see the disk creator00:32
xhearti have also an empty 8 gb usb stick00:33
=== nya is now known as Guest23113
anabainxheart, good, run it and follow the instructions.00:33
Flannelk1l_: 12.04 has ppa-purge00:33
Guy1524hey guys, is there a way to disable optimus so that I can use multiple monitors?00:33
k1l_Flannel: oh, right00:33
anabainxheart, then create the usb stick by selecting the iso image and the right storage device (be careful about that)00:34
xheartcool, it started00:34
xheartok i will00:34
xheartit is kind of slow00:35
xixik1l_: I've update my source list00:35
xixihold on00:35
anabainxheart, you'll have to wait a minute or so, and perhaps you'll be prompted to enter your password in order to be able to install the boot loader.00:35
k1l_xixi: you dont need a ppa for ppa-purge00:35
anabainxheart, yeahm be patient00:35
xheartyes. you are correct00:35
xixik1l_: http://pastebin.ca/331609200:36
xixiCheck that now00:36
xixiWhat do I do next?00:36
xixiWhat are those .save files?00:36
xixiI don't get why it is still doing that even thouh ppa is gone00:38
k1l_xixi: please stop00:38
k1l_xixi: you used the wrong page (not the one the bot linked) to install ppa-purge. then you have your package system messed up using multiple PPAs that refer to same packages but in differen states.00:39
xixiU removed all the PPAs00:39
xixiI'll be on later thx guys!00:40
k1l_ok, bye00:40
=== Guest21984 is now known as HappyHippie
AriesClanhttp://www.filedropper.com/ariesstresstester Free ddos tool00:47
xheartfailed to install the bootloader on the usb00:52
xhearti see it did install a few folders on the usb00:54
[Mew2]guys can someone help me pleasE?00:54
[Mew2]have a couple different questions00:54
xheartit installed folder boot, casper, dists, install, isolinux, pics,pool, preseed, .disk, md5sum.txt and readmediskdefines. will that be enough to install 15.10 on another pc?00:55
anabainxheart, most probably not00:57
daftykinsxheart: are you trying to extract an ISO's contents onto a FAT formatted flash drive?00:57
xhearti did not format the usb00:57
daftykinsthen what are you using?00:57
anabainxheart, it's very strange. Startup disk creator is quite safe00:58
daftykins'install' sounds like the wrong word00:58
xhearti erased the usb and started the disk creator,00:58
xheartiif i format the usb what format should i use?00:58
OerHekswhat makes you think it did not install the bootloader?00:58
xhearti got a window saying so00:59
anabainxheart, did you enter your passwd when prompted to do so, in the middle of the process?01:00
xhearti see it is fat32 on gparted01:00
anabainxheart, you could try formating again using gparted, just in case01:02
anabainxheart, then repeat the process01:02
xhearti do not see where i can format it01:03
anabainxheart, you have to right-click the partition info line and then select "format"01:06
anabainxheart, btw, I assume your 14.04 system is updated01:07
xheartit is not letting me, it is grey01:07
xheartyes i am using 14.04lts01:07
anabainxheart, first you have to unmount it01:08
anabainxheart, but 14.04 has also updates, you should perform this at the terminal: sudo apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade01:09
xheartthe pc i want to install 15.10 had windows but i only want ubuntu01:09
xheartthis pc runs great with 14.04lts01:10
xheartok it did format!01:11
anabainxheart, good01:11
anabainnow you can wipe W$ and install 15.1001:11
xheartok i started the process again. it is a 8gb but it only shows 7.5gb01:13
anabainxheart, anyway, it's advisable to perform updates on your 14.04 system. Many of them are security/bug related.01:13
xheartthis pc says the system is up to date01:13
anabainxheart, good01:13
xheartor should i check throught the terminal?01:14
anabainxheart, don't worry about the 7.5gb01:14
anabainxheart, it's normal. Formatted drives show less space.01:14
=== luis_ is now known as QuestionMark
anabainxheart, if your system says it's up to date, then you should trust it.01:15
=== nya is now known as Guest96869
anabainxheart, but you can always check it at the terminal01:15
anabainxheart, anyway, now you can try again the startup disk creator01:16
xheartnow it says Could not read from /tmp/tmp0oa9pe1k01:17
QuestionMarki'm install brother hl 1112 laser printer, i can see the printer in the print manager, but the printer make only white paper01:17
Bashing-omxheart: anabain md5sum the .iso ?01:17
xheartAn uncaught exception was raised:01:18
xheart[Errno 30] Read-only file system: '/media/xheart/799A-EA12/casper'01:18
anabainBashing-om, you're suggesting the image is corrupted or not properly downloaded01:18
Bashing-omanabain: Possible, never hurts to check .01:19
xhearti started the install again on the usb stick 20% completed01:24
anabainBashing-om, and where's the md5sum to check against?01:24
ubottuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of all downloadable Ubuntu releases01:25
daftykinsit's not an install01:25
Bashing-omanabain: All of them from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes .01:26
anabainBashing-om, s/he'll need to check this: http://releases.ubuntu.com/wily/MD5SUMS  right?01:27
blahdeblahAny charm authors here?  What's the name of the API that charms.reactive uses to send data between layers?  Is it charms.reactive.bus?01:28
Dylan____Hey guys01:28
zacckthemenaceHello  people01:29
zacckthemenacemy screen flickers after a 15.10 install01:29
zacckthemenacecan anyone help01:29
Bashing-omanabain: "md5sum </path/file.iso> "01:30
daftykinszacckthemenace: fully updated? what graphics hardware?01:30
anabainxheart, let's check if you've downloaded a proper iso image for 15.10. Open this link on your browser:  http://releases.ubuntu.com/wily/MD5SUMS01:31
Bashing-omanabain: The result of the command as compared to your link http://releases.ubuntu.com/wily/MD5SUMS .01:31
anabainBashing-om, yeah, thanx01:31
xheartit just said system policy .... i entered the password and cancelled the installation01:32
anabainxheart, you mean the process has been aborted when entering your password?01:32
Lihow to make vivid beep when battery charge rich 10%01:35
anabainwell, in that case you could burn the iso image to a dvd, or use the dd command at the terminal. Perhaps you're having trouble because of a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usb-creator/+bug/144664601:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1446646 in usb-creator (Ubuntu Vivid) "usb-creator fails to run syslinux due to architecture mismatch" [High,Triaged]01:35
anabainxheart, I'm not sure, but you'll save time if you try another method01:36
=== kiki_ is now known as Guest71842
xhearttrue, i do not have a dvd burner01:37
xheartonly cd burner01:37
anabainxheart, in that case you can try what is said in comment #11 in the link about the bug01:38
MooseGutsHi I am having some trouble getting sound to work on my toshiba chromebook 2.01:38
xheartok. thank you for help, we tried.01:38
MooseGutsLike the files play but no sound come out.01:39
MooseGutsI plug in headphones and I get static/garble.01:39
daftykinsis it actually ubuntu on the chromebook or something like chrubuntu / chroot methods?01:39
MooseGutsThis is native not chroot01:39
MooseGutsPure regular ubuntu. Not chrubuntu.01:40
Tojilnice, I'm back01:40
MooseGutsI followed. A tutorial for getting sound to work and it still doesn't work.01:40
MooseGutsWhich included grabbing some intel firmware and an asound.state file.01:40
anabainxheart, be *extremely* careful about determining the /dev/sdX . Make sure that you choose the one that matches your actual USB stick. If you get it wrong, you'll ruin all data on the mistaken device. You've been warned.01:41
MooseGutsI think the asound.state file must be for a different model of toshiba chromebook 2. Mine is cb35-b3333001:41
=== Agent|Isailand is now known as Agent_Isai
MooseGutsxheart: on the commandline run lsblk without the usb stick, insert the stick and run lsblk again. The change will reflect what your stick is called.01:42
anabainMooseGuts, he has left!01:43
MooseGutsaww. Well anyone want to help me get sound working?01:43
MooseGutsI can play cmus all day long and watch the song play but hear silence.01:43
MooseGutsAnd no its not muted.01:43
anabainanabain, sorry, no idea.01:44
anabainMooseGuts, sorry, no idea.01:44
MooseGutsAnyone else have any idea?01:46
Bashing-om!sound | MooseGuts01:47
ubottuMooseGuts: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.01:47
=== step21 is now known as step21_
MooseGutsI have done that so far. Verified nothing is muted in alsamixer and pavucontrol. I can see that the file is playing just fine but not a peep comes out.01:48
daftykinsaplay used to have a speakertest prog to test your outputs01:49
MooseGutsI am on a baytrail chipped intel chromebook made by toshiba..01:49
MooseGutsSilence on the aplay test.01:49
daftykinsyou have to select a given output01:50
daftykinslisted via aplay -L or -l01:50
daftykinsaudio isn't really my thing...01:50
MooseGutsIt detects the card.01:51
MooseGutsand the hdmi card.01:51
MooseGutsbut no sound plays.01:52
MooseGutsHave tried alsa force-unload force-reload etc01:52
Lihow to make vivid beep when battery charge reaches 10%?01:55
daftykinssomething acpi related (:01:56
Eirikrhello all :) I just now changed the driver from the open-source ati driver to fglrx (in an attempt of speeding up things a bit) and then realizing it wa a bit slower i changed back to the open source graphics driver and now everything is suuuuuuper slow! what can i do?02:10
daftykinsconfirm your method of switching - also what is your test for defining speed?02:10
Eirikr@daftykins method of switching was with the additional drivers application that follows and the test was to check if the slowness (and jaggyness) of firefox had something to do with the graphics driver02:12
Eirikrrebotted twice02:12
daftykinsok so desktop effects and so on02:14
daftykinswell, you can double check with "sudo apt-get purge fglrx* " but i doubt any change will occur02:14
Eirikrno .. .not installed so not removes02:15
uchihaMoshi Moshi02:17
Eirikrany further clue?02:17
Eirikron 15.10 btw02:18
daftykins/var/log/Xorg.0.log might help02:19
Eirikrnot so crafty i can figure out that one, can you have a look at it?02:20
daftykinsthrow it on paste.ubuntu.com02:21
Eirikrthanks http://paste.ubuntu.com/14396335/02:22
daftykinsoh wow yeah, FBDEV is in use because radeon isn't working02:24
rodarmorHow can I install python2 on Ubuntu 15.10?02:26
Eirikrso physical error?02:28
daftykinsEirikr: do you have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?02:29
daftykinsEirikr: anyway something has disabled modesetting so fglrx's damage has not been undone02:32
daftykinsi'm struggling to find an answer however02:32
Dylan____Excuse me02:34
Dylan____Can someone help me02:34
Eirikrok.. im also reading about it as we speak02:35
Eirikrabout modestting i mean02:35
Dylan____I keep getting annoying cut outs on my driver i believe i think its because of my nvidia drivers my firefox always lags and its never responds causing me to shut down my laptop02:35
daftykinsEirikr: you definitely ran my earlier purge command with the * after fglrx right?02:36
daftykinssudo apt-get purge fglrx*02:36
Eirikrno.. did not see the * but doing it now.. sorry02:37
daftykinsno problemo02:38
Eirikrdone deleting stuff will reboot and come back02:39
Eirikrthat did it!02:41
Dylan____Hey daftykins are you free atm?02:41
Borg__hello darlings.02:42
Eirikrwish I could give you something for the help daftykins02:43
=== Avocado_ is now known as Guest13925
somsip!cookie | daftykins02:43
ubottudaftykins: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!02:43
daftykinsEirikr: feel free to donate to an open source project ;) my fave is Kodi02:43
Dylan____Quick question guys can android be mounted innubuntu02:44
Eirikri will02:44
=== imrekt-away is now known as imrekt
agrippazDylan____, what do you mean02:47
Dylan____ Like usb storage02:48
Eirikri have done it many times02:48
Eirikr@Dylan____ just plug and play02:49
Eirikrfor me at least (unless there is something i don't se02:49
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=== CrazyH_ is now known as CrazyH
jvava不知道怎麼回事兒,我的輸入法總是顯示繁體字,請問怎麼能改回簡體字呢,我的系統時debian jessie, fcitx03:08
OerHeksjvava, english only please, you find jessie support in #debian03:08
jvavaok, OerHeks, but i cant describe my question in english, and i know they who know chinese like stay here, #ubuntu03:11
OerHekstry #ubuntu-cn for chinese03:12
jvavaok, thanks you03:12
jvavaand i resolve it by press ctrl+shift, just because i use an improper im before.03:14
regeditdo any of you have /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/MokManager.efi ? if not, why do i? is it safe to delete?03:23
regediti used to not have this option in my Grub menu, but a boot-repair threw it in there03:24
[Mew2]how do i view all processes that are running with root/sudo privelidges?03:41
piedcipher[Mew2] ps -U root03:42
[Mew2]thanks piedcipher03:43
piedcipher[Mew2] might be ps -u root, I think "U" is for user ID while u is for username03:44
EriC^^[Mew2]: according to the man page, ps -U root -u root u03:45
EriC^^shows it for both real and effective user id03:45
piedcipherThan EriC^^03:46
[Mew2]thanks EriC^^03:46
EriC^^no problem03:46
regeditEriC^^: would you mind checking real quick?03:49
regeditfor (default) existence of /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/MokManager.efi ? if you dont have it, why do i? is it safe to delete?03:49
regediti suspect it might be boot-repair's unwanted contribution03:50
EriC^^no that's standard03:50
regeditoh its always there? hm03:50
regeditso what did boot-repair do to stick it my grub menu, and how can i undo that?03:51
EriC^^what's the problem anyways?03:51
EriC^^that'd be the xx_custom file it added to /etc/grub.d03:51
regeditit did so twice actually, with different capitalizations03:51
EriC^^i've seen it lately add like 10 efi entries and whatnot sometimes03:51
regeditEriC^^: just annoying grub clutter...03:51
regeditah see exactly03:51
regeditso its a known issue then03:51
[Mew2]hmm i have like 40 processes running as root on a fresh install03:52
EriC^^well i saw it with a user or 2 i think recently03:52
OneM_IndustriesHey, anyone know of a program that I can use to stress/test my GPU?03:52
OneM_IndustriesI am beginning to suspect that it may be wobbling on the edge.03:52
EriC^^[Mew2]: ps -U root ... | wc -l gives me 15603:52
[Mew2]ok so its normal then, thanks03:53
piedcipherOneM_Industries try this: yes > /dev/null &03:53
OneM_IndustriesGPU, not CPU.03:54
piedcipherwhoops, sorry03:54
regeditEriC^^: ok what is there by default in this xx_custom? i have 4 (2x duplicates) in there now03:55
OneM_IndustriesI actually kind of hope it is a bit wobbly, as I have been wanting a new one for a while.03:55
piedcipherOneM_Industries try GpuTest: http://www.geeks3d.com/20121113/gputest-0-2-0-cross-platform-opengl-benchmark-furmark-lands-on-linux-and-os-x/03:55
regeditEriC^^: is it safe to remove those menuentries from that file?03:59
yukenSo, going about making my own distribution of Ubuntu; not sure if I can discuss this here. How would I do so?04:00
lotuspsychje!info remastersys | yuken04:00
ubottuyuken: Package remastersys does not exist in wily04:00
Ivoah2I've just installed Ubuntu 15.10 on my MacBook Pro, and the screen backlight keys don't do anything.04:00
OneM_IndustriesWell, that was highly informative and sad.04:02
OneM_IndustriesSo, my GPU has the power of a pile of wet noodles.04:02
regedityou should have stayed with the expensive company Ivoah204:02
EriC^^regedit: it depends what it's doing04:02
* regedit not being helpful04:02
EriC^^regedit: upload /boot/grub/grub.cfg and /etc/grub.d/*_custom04:02
EriC^^*_custom files aren't there by default04:03
regeditEriC^^: what might be a command to output all that (to pastebinit) in one go?04:03
regeditsome magic cat command must exist..04:03
EriC^^cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg /etc/grub.d/*_custom04:03
EriC^^cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg /etc/grub.d/*_custom | pastebinit04:03
regeditnice, leme try that04:04
regeditEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14396943/ i believe line 323, 345, and 350 are the custom concats04:06
EriC^^regedit: what do you use to boot ubuntu right now?04:08
regeditEriC^^: the regular Ubuntu option all the way on top, sometimes i enter the 2nd option menu for fun or recovery. i even used the memtest a fw times. i'm just annoyed at these other ones that appeared04:09
EriC^^ok, type sudo chmod -x /etc/grub.d/25_custom04:09
EriC^^then update-grub04:09
regeditEriC^^: is it terrible if i move it out of that folder altogether? i've been trying to (backup, but) remove all the trash remining from removing windows and repairing ubuntu04:10
EriC^^it's ok04:11
=== yuken is now known as Yuken
lotuspsychjeYuken: there are few packages to make own ubuntu distribution, remastersys and i forgot the other one04:15
Ivoah2so, does anyone have any idea why I can't change my backlight?04:15
malimbarIvoah2, driver issue is my first guess. Well, my second, the first is that you have a wierd setting somewhere04:16
[Mew2]why is it better to use ports below 1024?04:22
lotuspsychje[Mew2]: ask the ##networking guys whats reccomended mate04:22
[Mew2]ok thanks04:22
xixiIm running 12.04 ubuntu, and im trying to do a sudo apt-get upgrae04:26
xixiCan anyone help me with that, please?04:27
Ivoah2xixi: do what it says04:27
lotuspsychjexixi: you added ppa's yourself?04:27
Ivoah2sudo apt-get install -f04:27
xixiOkay, I did that, I want to get from php 5.3 to 5.404:28
uchihaYou game GTA Samp?04:28
xixiHow do I do that?04:28
lotuspsychjexixi: its not reccomended to install package versions that dont belong to your ubuntu version04:29
lotuspsychjexixi: uninstall all ppa's from system first04:29
xixiHow do I do that?04:29
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | xixi04:29
ubottuxixi: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html04:29
xixiSorry, so many noob questions I typically don't work with servers, so I appreciate it.04:29
xixiWhere do I find all my PPAs?04:29
uchihaBig Xixi '-'04:30
xixiI just installed ppa-purge04:31
uchihaWhats game your have in the Ubuntu?04:31
xixiI don't understand uchiha04:31
lotuspsychje!sources | xixi04:32
ubottuxixi: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.04:32
lotuspsychje!behelpful | uchiha04:33
ubottuuchiha: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.04:33
=== venkat_331 is now known as venkat_330
uchihaBut are genial. '0'04:38
xixiDo I need to update apache as well?04:38
xixiokay :)04:38
lotuspsychje!info php5 precise04:38
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.21 (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 21 kB04:38
lotuspsychjexixi: this si the version you need04:38
xixiphp -v04:39
xixiPHP 5.4.45-2+deb.sury.org~precise+2 (cli) (built: Oct  4 2015 16:12:54)04:39
xixiI got a new version now :)04:39
lotuspsychjexixi: again...thats not reccomended to do04:39
uchihaWho is my friendzinhu? :(04:39
regeditdid Eric^^ leave?04:39
xixiWhy is it not recommended to do?04:40
xixihttp://www.ivankrizsan.se/2014/07/17/upgrading-apache-http-server-2-2-to-2-4-on-ubuntu-12-04/ << is that a bad idea?04:41
lotuspsychje!latest | xixi this is why04:42
ubottuxixi this is why: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.04:42
xixiSo how do I backtrack what I did, and go back to 5.3?04:43
xixiSince I may have screwed things up?04:43
lotuspsychjexixi: you added a ppa or installed manual, so you need to remove that or purge ppa's04:45
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge04:47
xixigot it to work04:47
xixithanks :)04:47
xixiI got it back to 5.3 for the time being04:47
xixiSo what your saying is change mydist?04:47
x23how to download several mega links from ubuntu?04:51
lotuspsychjexixi: yes, higher versions of packages==> newer ubuntu version04:52
MagicWizardwhat is the best irc client for *buntu?05:12
MagicWizard HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.3-3.dmz.2-liquorix-amd64 x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "wily" 15.10 ** CPU: 8 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU         950  @ 3.07GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1,60GHz ** RAM: Physical: 7,8GiB, 56,8% free ** Disk: Total: 229,1GiB, 5,3% free ** VGA: NVIDIA Corporation GK106 [GeForce GTX 660] ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel1: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia ** Ethernet: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. CIe05:12
MagicWizardGigabit Ethernet ** Uptime: 6h 59m 22s **05:12
MagicWizardok which is ur fav?05:14
MagicWizardhello :)05:14
MyrttiMagicWizard: there usually are no "best" applications, only applications that suit someone's use case05:14
MagicWizardthats obvious05:15
Myrttimine isn't yours, etc05:15
jay_hello how to find PPA username and ppa name05:15
uibertizYeah Myrtti MagicWizard05:15
jay_i went here05:15
jay_hi people05:16
jay_hello how to find PPA username and ppa name05:16
uibertizMyrtti: excuse u.05:16
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jay_hi magicwizard05:17
MagicWizardhi :)05:17
xixiCAn anyone help with this: http://pastebin.com/P8aYvdqi05:18
jay_magicwizard : im trying to add PPA in ubuntu05:18
jay_magicwizard : im trying to add from here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise05:18
jay_how do i get the username and ppa name05:18
q0_0pi installed ubuntu on an SDcard how to get it to boot?  on a macbook pro05:18
q0_0pnot sure if anyone has tried05:19
MagicWizardsudo add-apt-repository ppa05:19
jay_yes but05:19
Dylan____We got someone thst needs help on ubuntu ops05:19
MagicWizardit depends05:19
jay_how do i get the ppa user name and ppa to add via add-apt-repository05:19
MagicWizardwhich program do you want to install?05:19
jay_i want to g++ 4.705:19
MagicWizardit usually says on launchpad somewhere05:20
jay_or g++ 4.605:20
MagicWizardok gimme sec05:20
jay_ok , i searched i.m unable to find05:20
MagicWizardput: sudo apt-get install g++-4.705:21
MagicWizardits in default repos05:21
jay_im using ubuntu precise 12.04.505:21
jay_in repos its g++4.605:22
jay_but im unable to get from repos05:22
nchambersoh man thats old05:22
MagicWizardnewest its like 5.2 sth isnt it?05:22
xixiPlease help: ng ubuntu precise 12.04.505:22
nchambersjust built it the other day :D05:22
xixiI mean: http://pastebin.com/vRdf2Xdp05:23
jay_i dont know exactly but its around 5 sries only05:23
MagicWizardsudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test05:23
MagicWizardsudo apt-get update05:23
MagicWizardsudo apt-get install gcc-4.705:23
MagicWizardi think?05:23
MagicWizardsource: https://askubuntu.com/questions/113291/how-do-i-install-gcc-4-705:23
jay_hmm i will give a try now05:24
MagicWizardsudo apt-get install g++-4.7 **05:24
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jay_ok, can u help me find, where to get offical PPA usernames and PPA names05:24
jay_so that i can add according to my need05:24
MagicWizardive just googled that05:25
MagicWizardusually if you want to find some package it comes with somebody's ppa05:25
jay_yes you are right05:25
jay_but in launchpad05:25
jay_i cant get a the username:ppa name05:26
MagicWizardi dont get it05:26
MagicWizarddo you want to create your own ppa?05:27
jay_no no05:27
MagicWizardmaybe somebody else can help you05:27
jay_hmm ok05:27
=== Guest39319 is now known as billypilgrim
MagicWizardelementary is user05:28
MagicWizardand stable is ppa name05:28
jay_yes yes i want like this05:29
=== billypilgrim is now known as mrpoopiebutthole
jay_the page has clearly given username and ppa05:29
jay_im unable to find other usernames and ppa05:29
ForSparePartsI installed the fglrx drivers (using the Additional Drivers menu) and then reverted to radeon — now my display is locked at a low resolution, and it’s identified by Ubuntu as a “built-in display.” Anybody know how to fix this?05:30
jay_its ok05:30
jay_may be im seeing wrong or searching wrong05:30
jay_i will check again05:30
MagicWizardwhat program do you want to use?05:30
jay_thank you MagicWizard05:30
jay_that one only g++ 4.605:31
jay_gcc 4.6 is there but g++ in default precise ubuntu05:31
MagicWizard@ForSpareParts sudo apt-get install --reinstall libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libgl1-mesa-glx:amd64 libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 libgl1-mesa-dri:amd64 xserver-xorg-core05:31
MagicWizardtry this05:31
MagicWizardmaybe you are missing something05:32
jay_ok trying05:32
jay_actually im not able to compile im getting make errors05:32
jay_make [1] gcc command not found05:32
jay_but when i check dpkg -l | grep gcc its showing gcc-4.6-base is there05:32
MagicWizardgcc --version05:33
jay_its not working05:33
ForSparePartsMagicWizard: OK, I did that. Should I just reboot? Or is there another way to get it to take effect?05:33
jay_it says gcc can be found in following packages05:33
jay_gcc and pentium builder05:33
MagicWizardjust reboot it05:33
jay_when i do apt-cache policy gcc-4.6-base it says it is installed05:34
MagicWizardhope it will work05:34
jay_i will try now05:34
jay_you know i even cant go apt-get install build-essential05:35
jay_but gcc4.6-base comes default with ubuntu precise right ?05:35
ForSparePartsMagicWizard: Sweet, it’s back to normal. Thanks for your help!05:35
MagicWizardno problem :)05:36
MagicWizardi dont know jay its very old05:36
jay_ok ok05:36
MagicWizardwhat is wrong with the newest gcc?05:36
jay_i even dont know gcc at all05:37
jay_to go in depth05:37
jay_i was trying to compile openssl05:37
MagicWizardso use the newest one05:37
jay_so im getting make error05:38
jay_Ben64 and RWW told not to compile in ubuntu05:38
MagicWizardsudo !!05:38
jay_they said in ubuntu we dont generally compile sofware05:38
jay_im just trying in test machine05:39
jay_for compiling05:39
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.05:39
MagicWizardubottu you are right BUT05:39
ubottuMagicWizard: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:39
lotuspsychjeuse package versions for your ubuntu version05:39
MagicWizarddefault g++ is 5.x05:39
jay_yes ubottu you are right05:40
MagicWizardnot older one05:40
jay_even RWW and Ben64  told the same thing05:40
jay_but i generally want to know    how to compile a particular package in ubuntu05:40
lotuspsychje!compile | jay_05:40
ubottujay_: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall05:40
MagicWizardi have no idea what ypu are trying to do why do you want to use older vesrion of g++05:40
jay_im not trying to use the latest one im using ubuntu precise so it has inbuilt fcc4.605:41
MagicWizardso if its builtin why do you want to install it?05:41
MagicWizardwhile it is installed05:41
MagicWizardhi there!05:41
MagicWizardi need to go05:42
jay_im trying to do this now05:43
jay_apt-get install build-essential05:43
jay_its saying you dont have gcc and g++05:43
jay_Magicwizard u there05:44
anujWifi is droping on ubuntu 14.04 LTS. No solution on net is filling out the purpose05:47
lotuspsychjeanuj: wifi chipset please?05:50
=== din0 is now known as dino82
anujsical wireless05:55
anuj                configuration: broadcast=yes driver=rtl8723be driverversion=3.19.0-25-generic firmware=N/A ip= latency=0 link=yes multicast=yes wireless=IEEE 802.11bgn05:55
lotuspsychjeanuj: are you up to date to 14.04.3 please?05:55
anuji downloaded it from ubuntu day before yesterday05:56
anujdo i still have to update?05:56
lotuspsychjeanuj: try a sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade to make sure05:58
sam_yanHi ,I use ubuntu15.04 and when I do like this "systemctl status plymouth-halt.service.It tell me "Failed to get D-bus connection ""06:01
sam_yanHow is this ?06:01
sam_yanIs anyone ?06:06
elkythere are people here. if someone who knows the answer sees your question, they'll respond06:07
sam_yanthank you06:07
=== brayden_ is now known as Blaster
cfhowlettjay greetings. ask your ubuntu questions06:13
=== m1dnight1 is now known as m1dnight_
azuri5is there a particular reason why ubuntu 14.04.3 shows 15.04 (and not 15.10) as the latest normal upgradable version?06:33
lotuspsychjeazuri5: its not reccomended to upgrade LTS to non-lts06:33
lotuspsychjeazuri5: clean install if you want to switch06:34
cfhowlettazuri5, direct answer: 15.40 is the next upgradeable version from 14.04.  if you want 15.10 from upgrade you must do 15.04 first.06:34
azuri5@lotuspsychje okay06:34
fatemeHi every one, what is at-spi at linux mint and what is usage?06:37
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:38
Flannelcfhowlett, azuri5: No, that's not correct.  One must go through 14.10 to get to 15.04.  You can't just go 14.04 to 15.04.  (But you will be able to go 14.04 directly to 16.04 when it's released in April)06:39
cfhowlettFlannel, doh!  right.  sorry for misinformation.06:39
fatemei have process: usr/lib/at-spi2-core/at-spi-bus-launcher06:39
cfhowlettazuri5, and as has been suggested: LTS only is the way to go for most people.06:40
rwwfateme: ask Mint's support channel. they are not us.06:40
Flannelcfhowlett, azuri5: and 14.10 is EOL, so there's some minor manual tweaking required there to get onto/off of it.06:40
azuri5LTS has *really* old versions for some packages, but i understand that is by design06:41
lotuspsychje!latest | azuri506:41
ubottuazuri5: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.06:41
cfhowlettazuri5, bleeding edge = bloody edge.  Absent a very specific need for the latest, greatest shiny package, stick with LTS for far fewer headaches.06:42
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Dylan____How can i copy rom files to ubuntu07:04
Dylan____From the net07:04
Dylan____Cause when i try to download a zip07:04
Dylan____With a rom inside07:04
Dylan____It just says 0 of ...07:04
vivek_hello all, is there a way to setup default quota limits for each new user that gets created in the system on ubuntu server?07:04
Dylan____Trying to get a rom for gba07:04
Dylan____And i cant download one:/07:05
Ben64Dylan____: stop using enter so often07:05
cfhowlett!server | vivek_ ask the server channel07:05
ubottuvivek_ ask the server channel: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server07:05
somsipDylan____: gba is?07:05
Ben64somsip: piracy07:05
somsipBen64: that's where I was going...07:05
Dylan____Well if its piracy then07:05
Ben64oh i thought you were actually asking07:05
Dylan____Why is it in the software center07:05
somsipDylan____: often, with emulators, distributing the emulator is fine, but distributing copyrighted ROMs is illegal07:06
Dylan____Hmm ok07:06
somsip!illegal | Dylan____ (so this applies)07:06
ubottuDylan____ (so this applies): piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o07:06
Dylan____Ah ok07:06
Dylan____Right :(07:06
Dylan____Sorry for wasting valueable time07:06
repozitoris there any idea why my firewall doesn't work?07:15
repozitori installed firewall-cmd and now it's status is running, rules are fine07:15
repozitorbut some denied port are open from outside of server07:15
xixiHi I recently went from apache 2.2 to apache 2.4 (in the ubuntu 12.04 -> 14.04 upgrade). Now the Allow Overrides (cutting off .php) are no longer working. Does anyone know how to change it to make it work in your website.com.conf in the sites-enabled?07:16
repozitorfor example nmap show me 587 is open, but i expect firewall-cmd should deny it07:16
xixiI use to be able to do www.website.com/test (instead of www.website.com/test.php)07:18
xixiAnyone have any idea or dealt with this?07:19
somsipxixi: paste the conf - use pastebin07:20
xixisomsip: http://pastebin.com/hNdXNUPW07:23
xixiIt worked on 12.04 (apache 2.2) but doesn't work on 2.407:23
somsipxixi: you need "Require all granted" in your Directory tag, and better to explicitly use <Directory /var/www/website.com> in your VM conf and leave the higher level directives in apache2.conf07:25
xixiokay and this will allow it to be /page not /page.php07:25
somsipxixi: no, that will allow your .htaccess file to work. That should redirect from *.php to $107:26
xixiokay :D07:26
xixilemme try07:26
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=== Guest52580 is now known as moot
ankitkulkarniHey guys, pretty new here . Let me know if this is the wrong window. I have to create myown distributable ubuntu iso so that I can install it again on my own pc using a pendrive . I have tried distroshare, pinguy builder , remastersys(although not available now for 14.04)  . Iso are created but no luck in installing them . I created 14.04 iso , it was of 2.2 gb around but takes lot of time to install . Normal ubuntu would take only few minutes whi07:38
ankitkulkarnile the distroshare one takes hours to install . Any good way to create small distributable iso from my current installation .07:38
jwtiyarboot repair cant fix my booting07:39
cfhowlett!uck  ankitkulkarni07:40
cfhowlett!uck | ankitkulkarni07:40
ubottuankitkulkarni: uck is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/07:40
cfhowlettankitkulkarni, also: use the torrents not direct download07:41
ankitkulkarnithanks a lot . But would i be able to put my own config files to in it using uck ? Say i want nginx + ROR pre installed and configured with my app running on it ?07:42
cfhowlettankitkulkarni, Never used UCK but I understand that you can indeed do that type of customization.  are you deploying to multiple devices??07:42
cfhowlettankitkulkarni, alternatives: set up your own local mirror, also look into pxe installation07:43
ankitkulkarniI have a device on which i have to install it with lot of network and app settings07:43
=== lenovo is now known as Guest87786
cfhowlettankitkulkarni, suggestion you ask your scenario in #ubuntu-server.  I suspect they would have more experience with this07:44
ankitkulkarnithanks a lot @cfhowlett07:45
cfhowletthappy2help! ankitkulkarni07:45
julianpegood morning everyone07:45
annom11010010hello there07:51
annom11010010i've installed lubuntu from iso image disk07:51
annom11010010but now i want to switch to gnome desktop07:51
annom11010010is 'sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop' is enough?07:52
xixiWhat dist of lubuntu?07:53
xixisudo apt-get install gnome-shell07:53
xixisudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop07:53
annom11010010my download for 'sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop' is going on07:54
annom11010010will i cancel it?07:54
xixiIt should be enough07:54
=== Flutterb1t is now known as Flutterbat
xixiYou did a update/upgrade before right?07:55
xixiYou should be ok07:55
annom11010010ok then...thanks07:55
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Guest33636Hello there. I am on a computer which is connected to router through ethernet cable. To use internet on this computer, i have to type "sudo dhclient eth0" command in terminal. Otherwise internet won't work. The network manager that can be seen in upper left corner of screen is not there. How do i get it back so that my computer automatically connects to internet and i don't have to type the command on every restart ?08:14
Guest33636I think in the past i disabled this network manager from startup by some method. How do i get it back?08:15
llldinoTyping "nm-applet" should get the icon back in your panel...I think08:17
llldinoI know for me going into Settings Manager > Session Startup .. or something like that, and then enabling Network in the Application Autostart might get your network icon back on reboot permanently08:18
llldinoI wish I could help more, I haven't used Ubuntu in ages!08:19
lotuspsychjeGuest33636: maybe start from the beginning, ubuntu version? network card chipset? and what did you do to disable network before?08:19
=== auronandace4 is now known as auronandace
rodney77hello, I'm on normal ubuntu 14.04 but I want to install the realtime kernel. Can someone point me to a PPA or deb?08:23
cfhowlettrodney77, why?08:23
somsip!mainline | rodney7708:23
ubotturodney77: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds08:23
rodney77cfhowlett, because i'm running reaper over wine and I want to try to get my latency down without getting xruns in jack08:23
cfhowlettrodney77, makes sense then.08:24
rodney77cfhowlett, but i don't want to run a dedicated distro. anyway i can't find a repo anywhere for realtime08:24
cfhowlettrodney77, fwiw: ubuntustudio has RT kernel by default.08:25
rodney77cfhowlett, maybe i can add ubuntustudio's kernel? I thought about adding ubuntustudio repos but then it would try to upgrade a bunch of other stuff08:26
cfhowlettrodney77, and you do NOT want the upgrade?!  :)  but yes.  wait one08:26
cfhowlettyou can sudo apt install the low-latency kernel of your choice without changing repos  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14397990/08:28
rodney77thanks cfhowlett, but that's the lowlatency kernel, not the realtime kernel08:29
pashahi ev08:30
=== pasha is now known as Guest39820
cfhowlettrodney77, see the ubuntstudio link I sent you for -rt kernel08:30
=== nik0 is now known as niko
rodney77thanks cfhowlett, but on that link, under 'kernel repositories', it shows only a bitbucket link: https://bitbucket.org/thismaechler/ubuntustudio-14.04-realtimeaudio/08:32
rodney77now, the optimization script there looks excellent and i would love to use it08:32
rodney77but that assumes you already have the realtime kernel installed08:32
cfhowlettrodney77, that's the only one I know of.  might ask in #ubuntustudio or #opensourcemusicians08:32
rodney77actually, cfhowlett, it says here that there's a pre-compiled kernel available in this repo08:33
gcfhvjbkntrying to load into grub on 14.0408:33
cfhowlettrodney77, I'm looking08:33
gcfhvjbkni hold shift all the time before ubuntu starts loading08:33
gcfhvjbkndoesnt work for me08:33
cfhowlett!grub | gcfhvjbkn08:34
ubottugcfhvjbkn: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:34
rodney77ok cfhowlett, i downloaded the repo and the kernel is definitely in here as a deb08:34
rodney77so this is great! thanks so much!08:35
cfhowlettrodney77, happy2help!08:35
gcfhvjbkncfhowlett: ok so grub won't give me a chance to "invoke" it unless i configure it to appear for a given number of seconds?08:37
cfhowlettgcfhvjbkn, by default, grub goes to zero display.  you can edit that if you choose08:38
gcfhvjbknthis page says you can "force" load grub by pressing shift at a point08:38
cfhowlett"time out" = 0 is the technical term IIRC08:38
cfhowlettgcfhvjbkn, grub IS loading, it is just doing so invisibly08:38
gcfhvjbknok, this is uncomfortable because i lost access to my system so i cannot edit grub settings08:38
gcfhvjbknonly if i boot with livecd (maybe)08:39
gcfhvjbknyou sure there's no other option?08:39
cfhowlettgcfhvjbkn, only what I've read in the wiki08:39
stangelandHi, i have 2 disks mounted via the ubuntu auto-mounting system, but when i try to list files on the disks i just get permission denied. How do i change permission such that files are available to read and write for all users?08:41
llldinoDo you have access to another os? If so all you gotta do is edit the grub configuration file fount at /etc/default/grub08:41
gcfhvjbknwell i can read too..08:41
llldino* @gcfvibkn08:42
Newbie101_Hello I tried installing Unbound DNS and now I can't access the internet. How can I revert back to the default DNS configuration ?08:43
llldinostrangeland: What do you get when you type "ls -al /path/to/mouned/drives"?08:43
cfhowlettNewbie101_, purge unbounddns?08:43
Ben64Newbie101_: undo what you did08:43
gcfhvjbkn* @gcfvhjbkn08:44
gcfhvjbknllldino: i read that there is a way to make grub show itself by pressing shift; i might have misunderstood this maybe?08:45
gcfhvjbknif so i'll stop trying and go find livecd08:45
Newbie101_Ben64, I tried but its not working...the reason I am here...08:45
Ben64Newbie101_: well what exactly did you do08:46
llldinogcfhvjbkn: I've read that somewhere too, honestly I've never been patient enough to figure out why it won't work for me, instead I just set an option to have GRUB always show08:46
gcfhvjbknok, thanks08:47
Newbie101_Ben64, I installed Unbound DNS following the instructions on their website not working. I deleted the Unbound files and still not working after a reboot08:47
Newbie101_Ben64, what command line I can use to see the status of my DNS config ?08:49
cfhowlettNewbie101_, #ubuntu-server might just know more.  https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/dns.html08:49
Newbie101_cfhowlett, thank you08:50
cfhowlettNewbie101_, best of luck08:50
Ben64Newbie101_: installed how08:51
Newbie101_Ben64, Using the terminal apt-get install unbound after getting from the repo...08:52
Ben64Newbie101_: you know, this would be way easier if you would tell me EXACTLY what you did08:53
Newbie101_Ben64, I am sorry, I installed a few months ago and I don't remember exactly how I did it. That is the problem. I am trying to learn so its hard to actually rember what I do because I have no clue...08:55
Newbie101_Ben64, I get this : dig google.com  ; <<>> DiG 9.9.5-3ubuntu0.5-Ubuntu <<>> google.com ;; global options: +cmd ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached08:55
cfhowlettn2it01, greetings.  ask ubuntu questions.08:57
Newbie101_Ben64, I uaed this : http://ubuntuserverguide.com/2012/10/how-to-installing-and-configure-unbound-on-ubuntu-server-12-04.html09:06
ikoniawho writes these urls ???09:06
ikoniaif you're going to write documentaiton why would you not put it on the official wiki rather than these dubious 3rd party sites09:06
guestare you really that naive ikonia? :P09:07
guestA click to the Ubuntu wiki isn't a click to joe's blogg09:08
Ben64Newbie101_: sudo apt-get purge unbound; sudo service dnsmasq restart09:09
=== step21_ is now known as step21
Newbie101_Ben64, thank you for your help. For the second command line : bob@bob-machine ~ $ sudo service dnsmasq restart dnsmasq: unrecognized service09:11
Ben64Newbie101_: eh thats what i figured09:13
Newbie101_Ben64, Ok, I did get this mesage forthe first command line : Removing unbound (1.4.22-1ubuntu4.14.04.2) ...  * Stopping recursive DNS server unbound                                 [ OK ]  Purging configuration files for unbound (1.4.22-1ubuntu4.14.04.2) ... dpkg: warning: while removing unbound, directory '/etc/unbound' not empty so not removed Processing triggers for man-db ( ...09:14
Ben64Newbie101_: looks good09:17
=== panos is now known as Guest6886
cfhowlettddustudent, greetings.  ask ubuntu questions09:20
ddustudentwill i be able to install Ubuntu on mac without any issues?09:21
ddustudenti know it is possible but just wanted to confirm09:22
lotuspsychje!mac | ddustudent09:22
ubottuddustudent: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages09:22
lotuspsychjeddustudent: i think it depends with ubuntu version/mac version/hardware09:22
ddustudentthank you | ubottu09:22
cfhowlettddustudent, or you *could* torrent the ubuntu .iso, make a bootable USB and test it for yourself?09:23
lotuspsychjehmm nice, seems like that mac guide has been updated09:25
cfhowlettbout damn time ...09:26
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TomiiiHello, why isnt "intel-microcode" included by default?09:28
Tomiiiit seems helpful!09:29
Newbie101_Ben64, what should be my next action ? apt-get install dnsmasq ?09:33
cfhowlett!debian | Tomiii,09:33
ubottuTomiii,: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!09:33
Ben64Newbie101_: no, it might work now09:34
Newbie101_ok, you mean the DNS should resolve ?09:35
Tomiiicfhowlett: do you update ur microcode?09:35
cfhowlettTomiii, never seen the need09:35
Newbie101_Ben64, ok, you mean the DNS should resolve ?09:35
llldinoTomiii, After reading up on it, it seems as though it's something that shouldn't be messed with unless you're having stability issues09:35
Newbie101_Ben64, dig google.com  ; <<>> DiG 9.9.5-3ubuntu0.5-Ubuntu <<>> google.com ;; global options: +cmd ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached09:35
cfhowlettTomiii, for that matter, I can wait for such fixes to be rolled into the bios updates09:36
Tomiiicfhowlett: yes, but BIOS updates stop for computers after a few years09:37
Ben64Newbie101_: should maybe restart networking or your computer or both09:37
Newbie101_Ben64, ok thank you let me try to reboot...brb09:38
orf_God damn guys, what the hell is wrong with Linux and multiple monitors09:43
orf_every time I upgrade my kernel some new issue crops up. This time one of my 3 identical displays is an "Unknown display"09:44
orf_And has a really small resolution.09:44
cfhowlettorf_, drop the profanity immediately if you expect support09:44
cfhowlett!english | orf_09:44
ubottuorf_: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList09:44
orf_Sorry, it's just a bit frustrating.09:44
orf_Is there a way to just remove the display entirely, so that when I re-plug it it's a fresh screen?09:45
cfhowlettorf_, did it work properly under the previous kernel??09:45
Newbie101_Ben64, I rebooted and still not internet access : bob@bob-machine ~ $ ping -c3 google.com ping: unknown host google.com09:45
orf_I tried running xrandr --delmode but I get "BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied)"09:45
orf_yes cfhowlett, but the display config seems to get messed up every kernel update09:46
Ben64Newbie101_: open the network configuration thingy and set static dns servers09:46
Ben64orf_: what video card09:46
orf_inbuilt intel one, I can get the exact version number if you like09:46
jophishhi, I upgraded my kernel to 4.0 to fix my wifi connection speed, however after doing this I can't use any external usb devices or connect to wifi09:46
Ben64orf_: sorry, idk much about intel graphics09:47
orf_do you know how to just reset the entire display config?09:47
Ben64jophish: how did you do the upgrade, and what version of ubuntu are you on09:47
orf_I can then reconfigure each monitor, but starting fresh seems like a good way to go09:47
jophishBen64: 14.04, I installed linux-image-4.2.0-22-generic. I'm installing image-extra now to see if that helps09:48
llldinoorf_, Did you run the xrandr command as root?09:50
Ben64jophish: that package isn't meant to be installed by itself09:50
jophishBen64: ah, what should I have installed instead?09:50
Ben64jophish: something like this...  sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-wily09:52
Tomiiijophish: what is the easiest way to update to linux 4.2?09:52
jophishBen64: I'll give that a go, thanks09:52
jophishTomiii: pretty much, yeah09:53
Tomiiijophish: can you do it in synaptic?09:53
jophishI was told that it could fix the problems I've been having with my wifi connection09:53
jophishTomiii: I've not used synaptic in about 10 years, I don't know if I've even got it installed09:53
cfhowlettjophish, first try normal channels.  apt-get -s update && apt-get -s full-upgrade               will show what's possible but will not execute anything09:54
jophishcfhowlett: will that upgrade the whole system? I'd rather just upgrade the kernel09:54
Newbie101_Ben64, I reboot and works. Thank you for your help. Is there some links you could send me so that I can learn more about what you helped me repair? I want to learn...09:55
cfhowlettjophish, *will not execute* ...09:55
Ben64Newbie101_: well if you set static dns, then its using that09:55
jophishcfhowlett: sorry, I meant to ask: "will that do a dry run of upgrading the whole system? I'd rather just have a dry run of upgrading the kernel"09:56
Newbie101_Ben64, ok well thank you for your time.Have a good day.09:56
jophishback in a flash, rebooting09:56
cfhowlettjophish, yes it will dry run.   see the output and if (as hoped) a new kernel is there, you can specify upgrading the kernel only09:57
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Error404NotFoundWhat is the idea of [Desktop Action something] in .desktop files? For example, chromium-browser's desktop file has an incognito action. How does that work?10:03
jay_anybody https://launchpad.net/ubuntu    how to get ppa username and ppa name from here10:03
jay_i cant find username and ppa name10:04
jay_hi greyback10:05
jay_hi ssingamchetti10:05
Ben64jay_: what are you trying to do10:06
jay_im trying to add ppa in ubuntu server 1210:06
Ben64to what end10:06
jay_to get packages of build-essential10:07
HackerIIluv them ridiculous long nicks10:07
Ben64jay_: its already in the repositories, sudo apt-get install build-essential10:07
jay_its not working10:08
jay_im tried many times10:08
Ben64jay_: do it, and pastebin the output10:08
ssingamchettihi jay10:08
jay_http://picpaste.com/Capture-TOk5731G.PNG    here is the link10:11
Ben64why picture of text10:11
jay_im using virtualmachine i cant copy and paste text10:11
jay_picpaste is like pastebin but for images10:12
jay_im suing virtualbox10:12
Ben64oh wait i remember you, you already have a bunch of ppas and you're trying to break your system by upgrading gcc, right?10:12
jay_gcc is not installed in my system10:12
jay_when i type gcc --version10:13
jay_it says to install gcc and pentium builder10:13
jay_now im installing lftp10:13
Ben64jay_: cat /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | nc termbin.com 999910:14
jay_i want to get ppa for this10:15
=== step21 is now known as step21_
Ben64jay_: lftp is in the repositories too, stop trying to use ppas all the time10:16
jay_in ubuntu precise there is curlftps10:17
jay_ok i wil check10:17
Ben64jay_: run this, tell me the output ------------------> "cat /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | nc termbin.com 9999"10:17
jay_ok see this http://picpaste.com/Capture-3pUGtIVh.PNG10:18
jay_i have the run the output10:18
jay_its in the picture10:18
jay_its not working10:18
ssingamchettijay_: hi10:18
Ben64jay_: you typed it wrong10:18
jay_ok i will type it again10:19
jay_ok it came now10:20
GabrielSOEHello, Trying to mount RDM already full of data (Oracle DB) to Ubuntu server 14.04. RDM NTFS GPT 5TB. cant seem to mount even with ro... Please help (:10:20
Ben64jay_: your sources.list file is cut off, you're missing sections10:21
jay_where im missing kindly tell me10:22
Ben64jay_: should look more like this https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/sample/sources.list10:23
jay_i guess three  repositories are important    main    updates and backports10:23
jay_ok i will see10:23
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
jay_Ben64  yes im missing something10:26
jay_ii will add some sources from precise ubuntu packeges link10:27
Ben64jay_: just replace your sources.list with the one i linked to you10:27
Ben64jay_: and stop messing with PPAs10:27
jay_yes yes sir Ben6410:27
jay_termbin is very good10:30
jay_its good for exporting text to internet10:30
jay_is there anyway to import text10:31
jay_from termbin10:31
jay_Ben64 : thank you10:38
jay_Ben64 : r u there10:40
jay_lftp is working10:41
jay_can we get text from termbin10:41
Ben64jay_: for what purpose10:42
jay_suppose you are sending text termbin10:43
jay_so i can use that link directly in virtualmachine10:43
jay_so that input text to my virtualmachine10:43
Ben64there are ways to do that10:44
GabrielSOEHello, Trying to mount RDM already full of data (Oracle DB) to Ubuntu server 14.04. RDM NTFS GPT 5TB. cant seem to mount even with ro... Please help (:10:45
mihael_k33hlI'm having problems resolving hostnames. It seems to be intermittent, checked that network-manager is using the correct NameServer via nmcli command. Anyone experienced this problem?10:52
michaelfulcinitiAnyone awake?10:55
panos_Hello, I am having a problem with an internal 2TB HDD, it seems to be very slow in browsing (not in r/w). Is there something wrong with my configuration maybe?10:56
michaelfulcinitinick emptySHELL10:56
=== michaelfulciniti is now known as emptySHELL
llldinomichael_imac, I'm half awake10:57
=== pedro is now known as Guest32882
emptySHELLI thought a chat room with 1784 people would be a little busier than this.10:59
llldinopanos_, What do you get if you do as root "hdparm -Tt /dev/sdx" sdx being the device of said hard drive10:59
Ben64emptySHELL: its a support channel, not a chat room10:59
llldinoemptySHELL, You should sit in #debian :x10:59
emptySHELLGood chatroom channel??10:59
llldinoemptySHELL, I was being sarcastic lol, it's dead in there11:00
k1l_emptySHELL: #ubuntu-offtopic for chat. here we focus on support only11:00
panos_ Timing cached reads:   26056 MB in  2.00 seconds = 13040.85 MB/sec11:01
panos_ Timing buffered disk reads: 434 MB in  3.01 seconds = 144.32 MB/sec11:01
panos_it seems ok, but the problem is in browsing, not in r/w11:01
llldinopanos_, What do you mean exactly when you say "browsing"11:01
panos_when I open this HDD with a file browser (thunar or sth else), it takes about 40 seconds to open t11:02
llldinoIt's not your root drive? You can try "lsof /location/of/mount/point" and see if anything is hogging I/O11:04
llldinoAlso the package 'iotop' is great for diagnosing I/O problems, it's on the main repo I think, when you get it run it as root and see whats happening11:04
panos_no process seems to be using /dev/sdd1 according to lsof11:06
llldinoYou'd have to check the mount point11:06
llldinoNot the device node11:06
panos_nothing again11:07
llldinopanos_, Maybe try as root "fsck.ext2 -fn /dev/sdXY"11:09
Mixxittrying to overwrite shared '/etc/sane.d/v4l.conf', which is different from other instances of package libsane:amd6411:09
Mixxithow can i fix this?11:09
panos_Warning!  /dev/sdd1 is mounted.11:11
panos_ext2fs_open2: Bad magic number in super-block11:11
panos_fsck.ext2: Superblock invalid, trying backup blocks...11:11
panos_fsck.ext2: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sdd111:11
panos_The superblock could not be read or does not describe a valid ext2/ext3/ext411:11
panos_filesystem.  If the device is valid and it really contains an ext2/ext3/ext411:11
k1l_panos_: dont fsck mounted partitions11:11
Mixxitand -f log is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14398738/11:12
llldinok1l_, the -n flag on fsck tells fsck not to touch the drive, I'm only checking contingency11:13
k1l_Mixxit: sudo apt update && sudo apt-get install libsane11:14
llldinopanos_, What filesystem do you have on your drive?11:14
k1l_Mixxit: put it into a pastebin11:14
panos_it's vfat11:14
k1l_Mixxit: ah wait, didnt see the install -f log11:15
llldinopanos_, Is this a recent problem you've been having? VFAT is slow on a good day11:15
panos_no, I have it since I bought this hdd11:16
llldinoand it's only recently been causing issues?11:16
panos_no no11:16
panos_the issues happen from the first time11:17
panos_the strange thing is that this hdd works ok in my windows partition11:17
k1l_Mixxit: "sudo rm /etc/sane.d/v4l.conf"11:17
llldinopanos_,  Oh, so I'd hazard a guess and blame the fact it's a VFAT filesystem11:17
k1l_Mixxit: then again install -f11:17
annon100101i installed lubuntu 15.10 from iso disk image. then i updated and upgraded. and installed a few programs(sublime text,ruby etc). then i installed gnome using using 'sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop'. then pc restarted. login screen was gnome but the desktop is lubuntu still. i then uninstalled lubuntu-desktop. but its not working11:18
annon100101any idea?11:18
panos_llldino, it appears so. Is there any way I can change the filesystem without formatting it?11:18
DamBedEiI once saw how someone got information about an object file like on which system it was built and so on but I forgot the commad ... someone has an idea? can't find it on google :(11:18
llldinopanos_, Not without destroying your files11:18
k1l_annon100101: did you choose gnome on the login screen?11:18
panos_llldino: pitty :(11:19
panos_llldino thanks for your help, I appreciate this11:19
llldinopanos_, You would have to rip everything you wanted to keep off of it into a .tar or something and then format your drive11:19
annon100101no option was on login . it was gnome by default11:19
llldinopanos_, No problem man, sorry for the bad news11:19
annon100101but pc started with lubuntu logo after grub11:20
panos_llldino: It's a little bit difficult to backup 2TB of data ... :)11:20
annon100101grub>lubuntu logo>gnome login panel>lubuntu deszktop11:20
k1l_annon100101: you need to choose gnome on login.11:20
=== nya is now known as Guest31063
llldinopanos_, Yeah no kidding, especially if it's coming off VFAT11:21
k1l_click on the icon and then choose gnome-desktop there11:21
panos_llldino: :)11:21
iresfhi everyone11:22
panos_llldino: Should I change it to NTFS? (I also want it windows compatible)11:22
iresfanyone know free proxy for ubuntu and debian  ?11:22
llldinopanos_, Yeah11:22
mistralolIn ubuntu how can i stop the mouse cursor going invisable in gnome-terminal?11:23
Mathisendoes ubuntu use identical kernels in ubuntu and lubuntu ...11:23
k1l_iresf: better ask in ##chat11:23
k1l_Mathisen: yes11:23
Mathisenare they compiled diffrent ?11:23
llldinoMathisen, I believe so11:23
Mathisenthqat what i thought11:23
Kiwiirc_TestingHelo folks. I am testing out Kiwiirc from a website and not an IRC client.11:29
Kiwiirc_TestingIt looks pretty good so far.11:29
Kiwiirc_TestingIs there an Ubuntu version of this that can be custom programmed for a private IRC server?11:30
wiiguyKiwiirc_Testing try the ubuntu server edition ?11:31
Mixxitk1l_: thanks11:32
Mixxitk1l_: there was a ton of files changing them worked! cheers buddy11:32
Kiwiirc_TestingI didn't know one existed. Thanks for that thought.11:32
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butterfly_Need help!  upgraded Ubuntu Trusty via update and when restarted, got initramfs error. Anyway to fix this error?11:52
llldinobutterfly_, Boot again into single user mode, and try running "update-initramfs -u"11:53
butterfly_Thanks, llldino. I should've visit this forum earlier. Googling is a pain, been surfing around for weeks. Thanks a lot.11:58
llldinobutterfly_, No problem buddy11:58
joinSelam herkese.12:16
ubottuTurk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.12:30
BluesKajHi folks12:33
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thekingi need help12:53
llldinotheking, What was the question?12:53
annon100101hello there!12:55
annon100101i installed lubuntu 15.10 in my pc first12:55
annon100101then installed gnome desktop12:55
annon100101now im using gnome12:56
annon100101but when pc starts, it shows lubuntu logo12:56
annon100101how can i change that12:56
solariesHow can I reconfigure graphics driver? I am running Ubuntu in HyperV and have modprobe'd  hyperv_fb. Now, how to use it?12:56
annon100101solaries: HyperV..that means windows 10?12:57
annon100101solaries: Use Device Manager in the guest operating system to enable the Microsoft Virtual Machine Bus Video Device.13:00
solariesI'm actually using Mint, which is Ubuntu based. There I don't find device manager.13:01
solariesOnly driver manager. And that doesn't show any drivers to select.13:01
Sven9797Running Ubuntu 14.04 on a Dell 15 and lovin it!13:01
annon100101solaries: even u cannot access any legacy video adapter from there?13:04
solariesannon100101: lspci gives me "00:08.0 VGA compatible controller: Microsoft Corporation Device 02c1 (rev 01)"13:05
solariesI assume after modprobing hyperv_fb, I need to go through bare X configuration... :-/13:06
PaulePanterHi. The father of a friend bought a HP desktop system with Ubuntu preinstalled.13:06
PaulePanterNow my friend, a Mac zealot, reported from the experience of his father.13:07
PaulePanterUpdates fail after quite a short time, because the size of partition /boot is just 128 MB and therefore Linux kernel upgrades fail because of no space left.13:07
PaulePanterWho is to contact to fix this really bad user experience?13:08
mcphailPaulePanter: this is a pet peeve of mine. There are bugs filed about it13:09
mcphailPaulePanter: see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1479344 for an example13:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1479344 in Ubuntu "Ubuntu Installer makes /boot partition too small on encrypted lvm setup" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:09
annon100101solaries: if having trouble, u may try this.. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/287882113:10
mcphailPaulePanter: for most users, having a separate /boot is only a hindrance. Ask the user to run "apt-get autoremove" to see if it can clear some space on /boot. Otherwise, it will require manual clearing13:11
PaulePantermcphail: Thanks.13:13
PaulePantermcphail: Do you work at Ubuntu and are able to fix this together with HP?13:13
mcphailPaulePanter: no - I don't have any connections to Ubuntu/Canonical or HP13:14
mcphailPaulePanter: simply a longtime user13:14
annon100101solaries: if not than check this.. . https://wiki.debian.org/WindowsServerHyperV13:14
PaulePantermcphail: Thank you for caring about it then. As written, the father is a normal user and bought the system from HP with Ubuntu preinstalled. I hoped, HP and Canonical would have a better QA to give a better user experience.13:15
mcphailPaulePanter: It is an easy one to miss, only becoming apparent after several kernel upgrade. But, i fully agree with you, it is a bad bug. I wish they would add big warnings to the Ubuntu installer13:16
solariesthanks, annon100101! Will check out those guides!13:16
solariesannon100101: Are you also running Ubuntu under Win10 HyperV?13:17
Fohlenhey guys. I've got a computer with 2 line-in sound output devices, that I configured using alsamixer to be in non auto-mute mode. But now suddenly it outputs my input (microfon) on both headset and speakers13:17
mcphailPaulePanter: it would be worth reporting to HP as well13:17
Fohlenany idea how I could fix that13:17
FohlenI disabled the mic for now because its annoying as fuck13:17
NoCodeHi, I've just encrypted a USB dongle with LUKS with gnome-disks, When I input the passphrase of the key, I get: "You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of disk". Do I need to be root to view the content on the USB if I've format the USB dongle as root?13:19
llldinoNoCode,  Yes13:20
NoCodellldino: So formating it without being root will allow me to use the passphase(LUKS) and continue using it via user?13:21
llldinoYou can just use "chown -R yourusername /location/of/usb" and that should work, but i'm not too familiar with LUKS and i'm not sure if LUKS intends the dongle to be root only13:23
NoCodellldino: Hopefully it works since when inserting the dongle, it asks for a passphase right off the bat. As I don't run in root always, it would be kind of useless to not be able to.13:26
NoCodeUbuntu should perhaps ask for the computer password, then ask for the LUKS password if so.13:26
NoCodeBut even then would be more of a pain because then what I am doing, it'll ask for a 3rd password right after that. :D13:27
NoCodeholy crapola.13:27
llldinoIf you formatted it while logged in as the root user, it will set the owner of the directory as root, but if it intended for you to format it as user, then it should work fine13:28
llldinoI mean it should work fine if you format it as user, but you can just switch owners of directories using chown13:28
llldinoOh, and you'd have to run "chown -R yourusername /location/of/usb" as root13:28
NoCodeYes, am about the chown13:29
NoCodealso used username:username13:30
k1lPaulePanter: report to hp. the manufacturers tend to modify the setups for preinstallation.13:37
NoCodellldino: That worked, but what I don't get is why Nautilus wouldn't ask for the passphrase again after closing the window. hrm13:40
k1lPaulePanter: and a "sudo apt-get autoremove" should remove some of the old kernels13:40
C_minus14.04 problem - didn't successfully boot a couple of times (hanging on 5 dots). so selectde "recovery mode" but didn't understand options, so chose "resume normal boot". This time, 5 dots are gone, I'm at the login window, can hear the ubuntu drums. But when I type in my password, the screen sort of jerks/flashes, and sends me back to login screen.13:43
C_minusSame if I choose "guest session"13:44
k1lC_minus: what did you do before the first not-booting13:44
C_minusI had used ubuntu this morning, shut down and restarted in windows 7 to check on something windows-related, then shut down win7 and tried to boot ubuntu. which brings me to present moment!13:45
C_minusJust rebooted again, and I'm back at the 5 dots. This is very bad :(13:46
C_minusIs there something like a "safe mode" i can use?13:47
k1lC_minus: i would go and try to find the cause and repair that13:49
k1lC_minus: it sounds like there is an issue with the video driver or the hard disk at all.13:49
k1lC_minus: so again: what did you do (on ubuntu) before that happend.13:49
C_minuswell i used it happily this morning. was just browsing the web really, nothing fancy.13:49
k1llike installing updates, installing other kernels, installing video drivers from some websites,....13:50
C_minusk1l nope nothing like that.13:50
k1lC_minus: can you press ctrl+alt+f1 and log in there?13:52
C_minusAt what point should I do that? On the 5 dots splash screen?13:53
C_minus!!! OK so weird - I tried failsafe mode - it just had a window saying "the system is running in low graphics mode" and didn't respond to keyboard or trackpad. So switched off, switched back on, and it booted/logged in perfectly fine13:54
ubottuC_minus: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:54
C_minusSo strange! I have loved using ubuntu and learning about linux recently, but sometimes it scares the hell out of me!13:55
C_minusIt must have failed to boot about 8 or 10 times before working :/13:55
C_minusDoes this type of thing ever happen to you?13:57
k1lC_minus: no. you can look into the old syslogs in /var/log/ to see what was going on13:57
=== paulbx is now known as pbx
C_minusk1l. thanks. It's a bit over my head to understand the meaning of these logs. I do notice a large chunk highlighted in red, is that normal?14:01
k1lput it into a pastebin14:01
C_minusI'll go back to when it first started messing up, but it might be quite large...14:02
C_minus_k1l Hi I'm now logged in on my ubuntu laptop. Thanks for looking at this syslog paste for me, sorry if it's too large, or I didn't get the relevant pieces http://pastebin.com/0HhZZ4Fh14:06
annon100101solaries: welcome..14:08
annon100101solaries: is ur problem solved?14:10
ratbuddy__mornin.. 12.04 is redirecting both stdout and stderr to the file, even though I'm just using a single > to redirect output.. systemwide or profile setting I should look for to stop this?14:10
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MonkeyDustratbuddy__  share the script with the channel, in a pastebin, so we know what we're dealing with ... and there's also #bash14:19
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StratI have 2 monitors. Everytime i start up ubuntu, i need to open certain programs, and set their location to each monitor (ex.: program 1 and 2 on monitor 1 and evenly distribute the space by using ubuntu's "snap to edge" feature). I already setup my startup applications, but how do i allocate the corresponding space and monitor to each application?14:21
C_minus_I'm not sure if k1l is already helping me out with this. But does anybody have the enthusiasm to check through this syslog and perhaps work out why my laptop was hanging on splash screen/failing to log in? http://pastebin.com/0HhZZ4Fh14:23
pbxStrat, i know this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but a tiling window manager would let you do this sort of thing. e.g. xmonad14:26
bgardnerC_minus_: Does your user own .ICEauthority and .Xauthority?14:29
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OerHeksjust found out how to remember placement of program window, http://askubuntu.com/a/70898414:30
C_minus_bgardner I'm not 100% sure on that (dont know what they are) but I am the only laptop user, and they reside in my home folder14:31
C_minus_bgardner yes, stat /path/to/those/files reveals that I am the owner14:33
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valtripjust installed 15.10 ,, ifconfig is showing wlp9s0  at the place of wlan0 ,, can i change it ,, how??14:37
MonkeyDustvaltrip  is this useful http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=228272114:39
Stratpbx, thanks for the reply. I was aware of tiling window managers (used awesomewm in the past, it was great!), and thought maybe i could do something similar within ubuntu without addition software packages to be installed. Anyway, i think i have to get back to a tiling window manager. Thnx for the reply ;)14:40
bgardnerC_minus_: I was trying to take a run at this but honestly I don't see anything worrisome in your log.  I thought checking those two files was worth a shot but now I'm out of ideas.  Perhaps someone else can assist.14:41
C_minus_bgardner thanks. what does it mean if you see a bunch of stuff highlighted in red in the syslog? i that bad?14:41
bgardnerC_minus_: Depends on what you use to look at it.  If you're grepping, it's just highlighting what matched the grep.14:42
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C_minus_no this is just the way it looked when i opened it in gedit. \00\00\00\00\00... all in red. sorry i have no idea what most of the logs are about.14:43
C_minus_this worries me, i have no idea when it's going to fail to boot next. i'm scared to switch off the computer.14:44
MonkeyDustC_minus_  when did this start? is this your first experience with ubuntu?14:45
C_minus_MonkeyDust. Not quite first, but im relatively new to ubuntu/computing. This morning was using ubuntu a-ok. Then rebooted into win7 for a while. when i came back to boot into ubuntu it failed about 8-10 times - hanging on splash screen,14:47
C_minus_then i tried recovery mode, but didn't understand the options, so just selected "resume normal boot". This allowed me to get to login screen, but after entering password, screen just sort of flashed/jerked and sent me back to login screen.14:48
C_minus_Sounds like this problem http://askubuntu.com/questions/223501/ubuntu-gets-stuck-in-a-login-loop but as i say, I could only get this far after recovery-mode > resume normal boot. Otherwise just 5 dot splash screen.14:49
MonkeyDustC_minus_  similar to this?  http://askubuntu.com/questions/462272/cant-login-to-ubuntu-14-0414:50
C_minus_MonkeyDust quite similar, although I COULDN'T log in with the guest account either.14:50
akiki think it's a really weird decision to hide the bootup messages14:50
cfhowlettakik, others disagree.  if you wish, can watch the verbose feedback14:51
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akiknow users come to ask help with "the 5 dots"14:51
C_minus_i wish i could be more specific akik14:52
MonkeyDustC_minus_  during the 'graphical boot', hit F12... the text messages should show now ... found this myself by accident, some time ago14:53
akikyes, for now i can enable the messages but for how long?14:53
C_minus_MonkeyDust the other weird part is that I didn't *do* anything, I just kept on trying to reboot and eventually it worked.14:54
solariesannon100101: unfortunately, my problem isn't solved yet.14:54
solarieswhat would be the "raw" way of configuring X?14:54
solariesI mean in the ancient past there was a possibility to probe the graphics card.14:54
akiksolaries: you can still use /etc/X11/xorg.conf to configure it14:55
C_minus_On an unrelated note, does anybody know what tool I might use to make a complete clone/image of my hard drive - including BOTH ubuntu and win7 partition? To back up to an external hard drive?14:56
solariesatik: sure, but I don't know how to set up this hyperv_fb14:56
cfhowlett!cloning | C_minus14:57
ubottuC_minus: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate14:57
solariesbetter would be some tool that figures that out14:57
OerHeksctrl alt F1 ;  sudo service lightdm stop ; sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  and switch back to the gui with ctrl alt f714:57
OerHekssolaries ^^14:57
solariescool, thx14:58
C_minus_cfhowlett so you recommnd clonezilla to make a clone of every partition on my laptop, all at once? Ideally I'd like to be able to restore the machine to its earlier state all in 1 step after a failure (i.e. put Win7 and Ubuntu back on)15:00
akiksolaries: you can see if "X -configure" or "Xorg -configure" creates a working xorg.conf.new file15:00
cfhowlettC_minus, yeah you could do that ...15:00
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C_minus_Some people seem to think the problem is related to nvidia drivers15:06
C_minus_In the additional drivers dialogue, it says I am "Using NVIDIA binary driver - v352.68 from nvidia-352 (proprietary)"15:07
C_minus_I chose this a while ago because I wanted to install CUDA, but lost interest in that.15:07
C_minus_However it has been working fine since then (that was ages ago), i.e. no boot problems15:08
C_minus_Could it still be related?15:08
mcphailC_minus_: are you 100% sure you don't have failing hardware or a corrupt filesystem? Have you switched off all "fast boot" or "special windows boot" options in the BIOS? Have you tried booting with an earlier kernel?15:10
DvginkelGoodday Everyone15:12
C_minus_mcphail - hardware should be good - laptop is only a couple months old. how can i check filesystem? i remember running "fsck" while in "recovery mode" and it reported like 0.3% non contiguous files or something like that but can't remember exactly.15:12
C_minus_i haven't made any changes to the bios, at least not recently but i can check... it could be in some kind of "legacy mode"15:13
mcphailC_minus_: new hardware doesn't mean working hardware. Check your memory and disks (from a live USB, if you can't boot). Worrying that you needed to run fsck at some point. Did you have an unclean shutdown?15:14
C_minus_mcphail - i didn't *need* to run fsck. i just couldn't boot and i was at a loss as to what to do.15:14
mcphailC_minus_: also, try booting with the previous kernel from the GRUB menu. Perhaps the nvidia drivers did not get rebuilt with the latest kernel upgrade15:15
C_minus_several unclean shutdowns AFTER my laptop started failing to boot - because all i had at my disposal was a purple screen with 5 dots and the power off button. but i always shut down before powering off otherwise15:15
mcphailC_minus_: if you are struggling to shutdown, try holding "Alt" and "SysRq/PrntScrn" and press "REISUO" slowly15:16
valtripMonkeyDust :  no file in /etc/udev/rules.d   ,, after searching find this   http://askubuntu.com/questions/228673/change-ra0-to-wlan0-in-ubuntu-10-10    still 75-file not found in /lib/15:16
C_minus_mcphail - ok if i recall in the grub menu i have a couple of options under "advanced options" but they're both the same version. if i recall correctly.15:16
mcphailC_minus_: or "REISUB" if you want to reboot15:16
mcphailC_minus_: that would be unusual. Is this a very new install?15:17
MonkeyDustvaltrip  instead of struggling, accept the new naming convention15:17
C_minus_mcphail, yeah pretty new i guess. installed ubuntu on xmas day.15:18
mcphailC_minus_: aah. OK, shouldn't be an issue with dkms building, then. Did you install the nvidia drivers from default repos?15:18
C_minus_mcphail: i just went to "additional drivers" and chose one of the nvidia proprietary ones.15:19
mcphailC_minus_: OK. Good. Can you still boot into Windows?15:19
C_minus_mcphail 352.68 if that means anything to you. yes win7 works fine as far as i can tell.15:20
mcphailC_minus_: and any "fast boot" options switched off in BIOS?15:20
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C_minus_mcphail, i'm pretty sure i don't have any fast-boot options enabled, but since i'm talking to you i don't want to shut down and find out! and potentially not be able to come back!15:21
mcphailC_minus_: Ha! do you have any important files on your Ubuntu install?15:21
daftykinsyou can't run like that forever :P15:21
C_minus_mcphail, i guess i could reboot and come back to IRC on a different computer. I have a few things that will be annoying to install again. But I guess it wouldn't be the end of the world if I need to reinstall.15:22
mcphailC_minus_: OK, then I suggest you boot into a live USB and mount your Ubuntu partition. Have a look around in your home directory and see if anything is missing/corrupted. Report back. If you do have vital files on the partition, make a clone first15:23
C_minus_I was just discussing that with someone else. I am considering clonezilla to make a perfect image of EVERYTHING - including my Win7 partition.15:23
mcphailC_minus_: To be honest, a clone with "dd" would be easier and more useful. But whatever you ant to use is fine15:24
daftykinsno it's not easier or more useful :P15:24
daftykinsclonezilla would be ace as you won't need to store all the empty space15:24
C_minus_There are some things on Win7 that I really don't want to have to reinstall (huge downloads).15:25
mcphaildaftykins: it is if you want to mount the image. And you can pipe dd through bzip215:25
C_minus_Does dd have the ability to clone the other partitions too?15:25
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daftykinsmcphail: so you're claiming you can't mount clonezilla's output? how odd.15:25
mcphailC_minus_: yes - it just gives a byte-for-byte image15:25
mcphaildaftykins: I may be confused. I never claim not to be confused ;)15:26
daftykinsjust seems like you're promoting one over the other without knowing one to compare directly15:26
mcphaildaftykins: dd is intrinsically easier because it is already installed15:27
daftykinstotal rubbish15:27
daftykinssingle package install from a live environment15:27
OerHeksdd needs sync afterwards, do not forget that.15:28
mcphaildaftykins: This is going to degenerate into a matter of opinion15:28
daftykinsit is if you're going to keep claiming something is easier in your opinion :)15:28
C_minus_so to get clonezilla, I boot up using my ubuntu LiveUSB, and then something like apt-get install clonezilla?15:28
daftykinsas long as there's a working internet connection there, wouldn't hurt to chain together "sudo apt update && sudo apt install clonezilla"15:29
daftykinsthen you'll obviously need to plug in whatever additional storage you have, to image this disk to15:30
C_minus_ok i really need to do that before it's too late.15:30
BraybautC_minus, Clonezilla is Distro, not installed from apt15:30
mcphaildaftykins: "Due to the image format limitation, the image can not be explored or mounted." That may have changed, but that's what I had read and it is still on the main page15:30
Charly41why ubuntu has not it installed and active by default a good firewall? I want to install one that run autimatically when I start the system, which one do you advice to install?15:30
daftykinsBraybaut: wrong. it is available in package form as well as freestanding bootable ISOs15:30
cfhowlett!ufw | Charly4115:30
ubottuCharly41: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo15:30
daftykins!info clonezilla15:30
ubottuclonezilla (source: clonezilla): bare metal backup and recovery of disk drives. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.10.11-1 (wily), package size 678 kB, installed size 2624 kB15:31
daftykinsproof ^15:31
cfhowlettdaftykins, would it not be advisable to clone from a liveCD rather than a login session?15:32
Braybautdaftykins, yes, installable from apt, Sorry15:32
llldinoJust my two cents here, I find dd far easier to use over clonezilla for cloning disks or partitions, less software in the way of getting the job done imo15:32
Charly41cfhowlett, I have checked with iptables and it is not active, ufw is installed but incoming and outgoing traffic is all allowed15:32
daftykinscfhowlett: we were told that's what's being done ( a live session booted)15:32
cfhowlettCharly41, you have to activate ufw ...15:32
daftykinsCharly41: are you not behind a NAT router already?15:33
Charly41cfhowlett, I have a modem ad home, with my isp brand on it15:34
cfhowlettdaftykins, believe this is for you ^^^^15:34
C_minus_So just to clarify once more, I get a fresh external hard drive, larger than my laptop's hard drive, boot LiveUSB, install clonezilla, and ask it to make a perfect image of the hard drive?15:34
daftykinsCharly41: so your computer receives your internet facing IP directly on the wired interface?15:34
C_minus_Then if something goes wrong, I can recover my old setup from a similar LiveUSb environment?15:35
Charly41daftykins, seems so yes15:35
daftykinsC_minus_: yes disk to image copy - its' menus are pretty self explanatory, you'd format the external disk as anything you can store the image on15:35
daftykinsCharly41: mmm yep time to play with ufw then - but this really depends on whether you're running any open externally facing services or not - grc.com has a handy little port scanner15:35
daftykinsCharly41: i'd prefer to get a proper router myself ;)15:36
C_minus_Lovely, I'm going to go buy a new 1TB external drive. Hopefully I don't get any boot trouble in the interim.15:36
CardiumHello i just started using linux by installing ubuntu on my desktop what should i expect?15:38
cfhowlettCardium, fun.15:38
CardiumI already configured it some by using google15:38
daftykinsCardium: you need to ask actual support questions in here really, that was very vague.15:39
cfhowlettCardium, www.fullcirclemagazine.org/downloads15:39
compdocCardium, expect to win the lottery15:39
Charly41daftykins, yes, well I just want the incoming traffic blocked, I can do it with gufw but I am not sure if I have to repeat the setting everytime I open the pc. Linux mint has one installed and active by defauld and I liked it. I would like to install the same but I am not sure how to do15:39
CardiumTy cfhow15:39
C_minus_Dumb question, but just so I don't waste my money on something stupd, will any external HDD work?15:39
daftykinsCharly41: likely not a good idea to put anything Mint on unless it's available in the repos, but i think you're worried over nothing15:40
daftykinsC_minus_: depends what your system has available, i got a £16 (GBP) USB 3.0 with UASP enclosure recently and put a 2.5" laptop HDD inside it15:40
cfhowlettCharly41, check your ufw: sudo ufw status              *should* report "enabled"15:41
daftykinsUSB 3.0 with UASP is excellent for speed.15:41
cfhowlettCardium, happy2help!15:41
CardiumAlso any good sources to learn python offline?15:42
C_minus_Thanks guys later!15:42
cfhowlettCardium, python.org has lots of downloadable content15:42
Charly41cfhowlett, status: inactive15:42
daftykinsCardium: i'd bet they have a good channel also15:42
llldinoCardium, I've been using this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4mEzFDjqtA  He goes quick but I like his style of teaching15:42
cfhowlettCharly41, sudo ufw enable        will turn it on15:42
CardiumTyvm everyone =)15:43
llldinoCardium, Oh sorry, you clearly said offline >.(15:43
cfhowlettCardium, enjoy ubuntu!15:43
CardiumI will enjoy it and llldino i will download it so it wont be a problem =)15:43
Charly41daftykins, yes there is not so much to worry but at least a damned firewall should be working on every os for the very basic protection :)15:44
designbybeckUbuntu 14.04.3, I don't have my Date/Time on my bar at the top anymore. And when I go to Date/Time in SystemSettings and Click on Date/Time The options are greyed out15:44
designbybeckanyway to restart that process, without having to reboot?15:44
daftykinsCharly41: no that's utter rubbish15:45
mcphaildaftykins: I'm searching through the Clonezilla website. I can't see anything to suggest the image files can be directly mounted. Can you give me a link to a howto, and I'll be happy to recommend in the future?15:46
cfhowlettCharly41, there are good reasons why it is off.  and it is caveman easy to turn it on.15:46
daftykinsmcphail: no it's not my responsibility to persuade you over to one thing versus another15:47
designbybecknevermind, I found a fix15:48
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mcphaildaftykins: OK, then please be helpful and don't interrupt with bad advice. Thanks15:53
daftykinsmcphail: i was being helpful and provided a far easier program to use than your suggestion of dd, don't ruin this channels purpose by taking things so personally.15:54
mcphaildaftykins: If you read the advice in context, I was advising a clone of the partitiion to faciliate file recovery if his disk was failing. But, you are correct, this does not belong on-channel15:56
daftykinssounds like checking the SMART data from the live session should've been #1 - not stressing it with a full disk clone15:57
daftykinsanyway, i tire of this15:58
* mcphail agrees and offers handshake15:58
mcphailahh well.15:58
cfhowlett!behelpful | compdoc15:59
ubottucompdoc: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.15:59
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johnnCan I use Ubuntu Snappy Core for the Pi Zero?16:08
mcphailjohnn: not sure if there is an ARMv6 build. Best ask on #snappy16:09
BraybautPiZero is ARMV6, Ubuntu Snappy found with Armv716:10
[Saint]Hey, tfc_, cut that shit out.16:10
cfhowlett[Saint], no profanity in channel16:11
rww[Saint]: hrm?16:11
rwwah, PM spam I guess?16:11
[Saint]rww: ~200 lines of PM spam about Islam.16:11
rwwthanks, i'll get that fixed16:12
cfhowlett[Saint], report abuse to #ubuntu-ops16:12
zykotick9rww: i also got the Islam PM spam from tfc_16:12
[Saint]cfhowlett: sorry, honestly I thought I checked what channel this was, but apparently I failed.16:12
[Saint]Anger fueled.16:12
* Uptime looks in16:13
cfhowlett[Saint], chillax  :)16:13
[Saint]oh, yeah, lots of 'em.16:13
ikoniauptime warrents some invesigation16:14
rwwpsh ikonia, i was going straight for the k-line :P16:14
ikoniarww: I should have left it16:14
[Saint]banning is just going to start a fight you cant win unless you take out the entire telco.16:14
[Saint]which is ugly.16:14
rww[Saint]: yeah, they keep popping in from random IP addresses. network staff know about them, so we bounce it over to them and they get kicked off freenode16:15
rwwanyways, back to our regularly scheduled support discussion :)16:15
[Saint]awesome. as an admin of a MUCH smaller channel, love what you guys do.16:15
fooobarrrI got the islam spam from rpx_16:16
[Saint]I feel special, I got it like 8 times.16:16
rwwfooobarrr: looks like they got nuked already :)16:16
fooobarrryeah that was a while ago16:17
[Saint]imagine my surprise when quassel is backgrounded and I'm watching a movie and my notification tone fires...200 times.16:17
cfhowlett[Saint], doesn't quassel have /ignore functionality?16:18
bgardner[Saint]: I found setting usermode +R helped cut that down a lot.16:19
[Saint]cfhowlett: it does, and I was doing so, but it stopped just as I got around to it.16:19
[Saint]It took me a while to even figure out what that noise even was.16:20
Charly41daftykins, cfhowlett  thanks guys16:23
cfhowlettCharly41, happy2help!16:24
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pizzaguyWhat is the root password in recovery mode?16:35
pizzaguyDoesnt ubuntu not have a root account by default? so does that mean I cant "drop to root shell prompt"?16:35
akikpizzaguy: it's unknown unless you change it16:36
llldinopizzaguy, You should be the root user in recovery mode16:36
tgm4883no password16:36
llldinopizzaguy, The root password is null by default in Ubuntu16:36
akikrecovery mode asks for the root password16:36
tgm4883akik: then you probably changed it at some point16:36
llldinorather, diabled16:36
pizzaguyakik yes when I select 'drop to root shell prompt'16:36
akiktgm4883: yes i did16:37
pizzaguyBut i never set up a root password16:37
tro74nhey there16:37
MonkeyDustpizzaguy  that's because there is no root passwor16:37
pizzaguyThe problem I have is that my filesystem has errors and wont mount. Any suggestions?16:37
tgm4883by default it should just bring up the prompt16:37
llldinopizzaguy, What errors do you get when it won't mount?16:38
tro74nhow to use ubuntu for beginer16:38
cfhowlett!manual | tro74n16:38
ubottutro74n: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/16:38
pizzaguyfsck says /dev/sdd1: Group descriptor 1457 checksum invalid; /dev/sdd1: UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY.16:39
cfhowletttro74n, you might also enjoy www.fullcirclemagazine.org/downloads16:39
tro74nok ...16:39
llldinopizzaguy, Did you run fsck manually? q:16:39
pizzaguyIm unable to run it manually if I dont have a root prompt I can access16:39
tro74nchhowlett thanks for information..16:39
cfhowletttro74n, happy2help!16:40
llldinopizzaguy, You'll have to use a live CD to run fsck on the filesystem16:40
pizzaguyOkay Ill try a live cd16:40
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llldinopizzaguy, That would be your easiest option, failing that you can use single user mode but using a live CD is safer16:41
llldinoDrop a shell on the Live CD and run as root "fsck -fy /location/of/filesystem"16:42
akiktgm4883: do you mean that if i hadn't changed the root password, the recovery mode wouldn't ask for it?16:43
tgm4883akik: correct16:43
pizzaguyllldino: honestly, I dont know the location of the filesystem16:43
pizzaguywell i guess each partition has its own16:44
llldinopizzaguy, I believe you can run fsck on the device node but i've never done it, so that would be /dev/sdXY, make sure you double check it's not mounted16:44
pizzaguyugh live cd shows "Disk has many bad sectors" I think this is the result of a system crash possibly in addition to it trying to fix itself16:47
llldinopizzaguy, Is the drive old? What did you do?!16:47
MonkeyDustpizzaguy  havent followed ... what got your system in this situation? what brings you here?16:48
linuxuserwannabewhat's the easiest way to install the latest version of nmcli (part of network-manager package) in Kubuntu 14.04?16:49
pizzaguylldino: yes the drive is kinda old16:49
pizzaguyMonkeyDust, lldino: So I think the cpu fan is messed up and the computer just turned off after getting too hot, and thats when this started16:50
OerHekslinuxuserwannabe, better ask in #kubuntu, not sure why you think you need a newer version16:50
pizzaguyMonkeyDust: The filesystem wont mount due too errors16:50
linuxuserwannabethere are some parameters that are only supported in the latest version16:50
MonkeyDustlinuxuserwannabe  if it's in the repos: use apt-get install ... if it's not in the repos: find a .deb or ppa or so, but that's not supported here16:50
llldinopizzaguy, Yeah if it won't mount and fsck won't run you might be done.16:50
OerHekslinuxuserwannabe, and what version is that? url?16:50
llldinopizzaguy, What is the exact output of "fsck"16:51
pizzaguyllldino: What are the chances that "Disk has many bad sectors" is fixable?16:51
pizzaguylet me check16:51
linuxuserwannabeOerHeks: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/wily/man1/nmcli.1.html16:51
llldinoDon't run while it's mounted!16:51
pizzaguyhow do i make sure its not mounted16:52
llldinoJust type "mount" to get a list of whats mounted16:52
linuxuserwannabeOerHeks: I need to use "con mod" param16:52
llldinoIs your root filesystem on this hard drive?"16:52
OerHekslinuxuserwannabe, upgrade to 15.0 or build it yourself?16:53
OerHeks* 15.1016:53
pizzaguyfsck yields "One or more group descriptor checksums are invalid Fix<y>?"16:54
pizzaguytry to fix it yes?16:54
linuxuserwannabeOerHeks: build the whole package (network-manager)? I only need nmcli16:54
llldinopizzaguy, Yeah16:54
OerHekslinuxuserwannabe, yes, else you might run into issues, likely16:55
frostschutzpizzaguy, don't run fsck on bad drives.16:55
pizzaguyfrostschutz: ummm oops16:55
pizzaguyWhat do you mean by bad?16:55
pizzaguyI believe it isnt as bad as my machine thinks it is16:56
sudomarizeI'm getting a permission denied error when trying to fwrite to a file in /var/www/html on my apache server (php). How can i resolve this?16:57
pizzaguylldino: Error reading block X (Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read) while getting next inode from scan. Ignore error<y>?16:58
linuxuserwannabeOerHeks: yeah, I suppose I might run into issues either way (building the whole package and cherry pick the nmcli). Thanks anyway.16:58
llldinopizzaguy, Yeah keep going16:58
OerHekssudomarize, learn the basics, add your user to www-data >> http://askubuntu.com/questions/19898/whats-the-simplest-way-to-edit-and-add-files-to-var-www16:59
pizzaguyWhat does force rewrite mean, llldino17:00
llldinopizzaguy, It means there's a discrepancy between what the filesystem is reporting and what the disk thinks the filesystem has17:02
=== DirtyCajn2 is now known as DirtyCajun
llldinopizzaguy, As long as it's unmounted it's safe to say yes to that17:04
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=== kyle_ is now known as Guest54081
pizzaguyokay, just cleared a bunch of unused/deleted inodes17:07
llldinopizzaguy, cool, do a restart and hopefully you're gold17:07
MonkeyDustpizzaguy  i foud this in a book:   sudo badblocks -v /dev/...17:09
pizzaguyllldino should i try it again to make sure its good to go?17:09
MonkeyDustpizzaguy  or even   sudo fsck -TV /dev/...17:09
llldinopizzaguy, Yeah, try mounting it again if thats what you mean17:10
pizzaguyboom mountable17:10
llldinopizzaguy, Cool I feel super smart haha17:11
MonkeyDust!cookie | llldino17:11
ubottullldino: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!17:11
guestIs there some software firewall that can filter based on the reverse DNS record of an IP?17:11
guestI want to filter all traffic not from a CDN17:11
guestand the IPs are enormous and ever-changing, but the reverse DNS matches a pattern always17:11
MonkeyDustguest  try fwbuilder17:12
pizzaguyTrying to boot, theres a blinking underscore in top left17:12
MonkeyDustpizzaguy  that can be fix with nomodeset (no mode set)17:13
llldinopizzaguy, It will mount but not boot? Maybe use the Live CD and reinstall grub onto that drive17:13
pizzaguygrub loaded17:13
pizzaguyohh, waiting a bit longer worker :)17:14
llldinopizzaguy, Do you have backups? If you can read off of it, now's a great time to make a backup17:15
pizzaguyI was going to buy a qnap nas in a month or two17:16
pizzaguyI have six drives in my computer and dont even know whats on most of them17:17
=== karen is now known as Guest38453
llldinopizzaguy, It's always important to have a good backup, even if it's on an external hdd. You never know when a drive is going to fail!17:17
pizzaguyIf I pull out all 6 drives put it in another computer and make sure the boot sequence is the same, then should it just work flawlessly as it is now?17:18
cfhowlett... *should* ....17:18
pizzaguycfhowlett: What might be problematic?17:19
dimitarodohridHey guys, I have a .tar file that when i extract all the files have .gz extension. There are a lot of files, how do i unpack this archive?17:21
MonkeyDust!gz | dimitarodohrid17:23
ubottudimitarodohrid: Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression17:23
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zykotick9dimitarodohrid: using something like this _might_ work?!: for f in *.gz ; do gunzip $f ; done17:23
dimitarodohridzykotick9: thank you will try that. I'm very confused why the archive would be done that way though17:24
llldinopizzaguy, If you're booting Linux that should be fine but Windows doesn't like it when you do stuff like that17:24
zykotick9dimitarodohrid: it's _strange_ packaging for sure.17:25
goddardwwhat should I use to get a visual look at the path to a destination IP?17:26
=== Guest54081 is now known as kyle__
llldinogoddard, traceroute17:27
naccgoddard: how visual? traceroute, e.g.?17:27
LifipHi I've Installed 14.04 on a 8gb sd card, however I need more space and want to transfere to a 32gb sd card. is there a way to do tthis or would it be easier to just new install on the new 32gb card?17:27
xebrahi, what's responsible for the message like "The program 'whatever' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing...", in bash? Is it part of bash, a feature? It's not available everywhere17:27
llldinoxebra, I found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/309178/ask-to-install-program-after-the-program-x-is-currently-not-installed17:28
llldinoI knew it was a package and not a bash feature, just didn't know which one17:29
xebrallldino, oh, thanks17:30
goddardllldino: thanks17:32
pizzaguyOkay, I just want a simple backup via copy/paste. What folders should I backup other than /home?17:32
rickardo1I can't perform apt-get -f install because lack of space on /boot  Is there a way I can expand this volume?17:32
llldinopizzaguy, What kind of data do you consider "essential"? I personally take everything but I could just as easily take /home myself17:33
cfhowlettrickardo1, df  -H | nc termbin.com 9999           paste the url here17:34
rickardo1cfhowlett: http://termbin.com/n1he17:35
pizzaguyllldino, any files i create/download, and application data such as bookmarks is all i can think of17:35
cfhowlettrickardo1, yep.   full boot drive.17:35
cfhowlettrickardo1, /boot partition that is.17:35
Cristian_Does anyone know which version of intel graphics driver is included in ubuntu 14.04.3?17:35
rickardo1cfhowlett: How could that happend?17:35
rickardo1cfhowlett: Shouldn't that be handled by the system?17:36
cfhowlettrickardo1, happens cause you never cleaned out your old kernels.17:36
llldinopizzaguy, Well, most files you create and download probably end up in /home. Also, if you use firefox all your settings/bookmarks .etc are stored in /home.mozilla17:36
rickardo1cfhowlett: Any solution?17:36
llldinopizzaguy, So you're probably safe with just taking /home17:36
BluesKajrickardo1:  in the future consider using a 15G / partition rather than a boot plus a /home partition of course17:36
cfhowlettrickardo1, try sudo apt-get autoremove17:36
BluesKajand autoclean17:37
pizzaguyllldino, where are appropriate locations for other browsers to save bookmarks and other apps to save application data like settings and stuff?17:38
pizzaguyeven though /home might be all i need i wouldnt mind overestimating a little17:39
smartany one know how to edit the panel in ZorinOS 10?17:39
OerHeks!info xserver-xorg-video-intel trusty17:39
ubottuxserver-xorg-video-intel (source: xserver-xorg-video-intel): X.Org X server -- Intel i8xx, i9xx display driver. In component main, is optional. Version 2:2.99.910-0ubuntu1.6 (trusty), package size 583 kB, installed size 2823 kB (Only available for amd64; i386; kfreebsd-amd64; kfreebsd-i386)17:39
cfhowlettsmart, zorin is not supported here.  this is ubuntu.17:39
cfhowlett!zorin | smart17:39
OerHekssmart, zorin-os is not supported here17:39
OerHeksthey have their own issues17:39
smartwhere can I go then?17:39
llldinopizzaguy, I'd expect applications to save all user controlled setting in the /home directory of that user17:39
cfhowlettsmart, errr, look in the help menu??17:39
OerHekssmart, check their wiki?17:40
strkbuild-essential is installed but both autoconf and libtool are missing, what's the deal ? ubuntu-12.0417:40
llldinopizzaguy, Global settings for programs sometimes end up in /etc however17:40
TJ-strk: probably you need to match specific versions17:40
Cristian_Does anyone know which version of intel graphics stack is included in ubuntu 14.04.3? is it 2014Q4?17:41
pizzaguyIs there a way i can open File Browser with sudo privledges?17:41
cfhowlettpizzaguy, yes, but you really shouldn't need to do that17:41
legionCyberIs anyone else having issues getting booted out of Ubuntu back to the login screen?17:41
TJ-strk: build-essential doesn't depend on autoconf/automake/libtool though17:41
BluesKajCristian_:  think it's the i915 driver for most intel gpus on 14.10417:41
legionCyberI'll be working away, then all of the sudden, xorg crashes and I get booted to the login screen, losing all my work in the process.17:42
OerHeksCristian_, ubottu says  2:2.99.910-0ubuntu1.6 (trusty)17:42
cfhowlettlegionCyber, "anyone else" questions are a huge waste of bandwidth.  rephrase your question:  YOUR issues and YOUR details.17:42
pizzaguythe folder X cannot be handled because you dont have permessions to read it17:42
cfhowlettrickardo1, did we lose you?17:42
llldinopizzaguy, What are you trying to do?17:43
strkTJ-: TJ- got it, thanks17:43
pizzaguycopy /home to another drive17:43
TJ-legionCyber: check the log files; start with /var/log/Xorg.0.log, but also the per-user $HOME/.xsession-errors17:43
bbthello world, where are they from?17:43
=== bbt is now known as Guest55694
BluesKajcfhowlett:  rickardo1 is still in the nicklist, maybe afk17:44
llldinopizzaguy, A very dirty way to do what you want would be "sudo cp -ar /home /location/of/where/you/want/it17:44
cfhowlettBluesKaj, I'll hang a bit.  we were trying to spring clean his overfilled /boot17:45
Cristian_BluesKaj: thanks, I'm trying to figure out to which graphics stack version according to intel numeration that driver belongs to17:45
llldinopizzaguy, But I would consider compressing /home with tar first and then maybe look at using rsync and cron to run a scheduled backup to a dedicated location, maybe something to look into when you get your NAS?17:46
Cristian_it seems there are  2014Q2 and 2014Q4 versions, the last one has h.265 hardware decode which I am trying to get running17:46
pizzaguyhow much would 400gb tar compressions yield17:46
BluesKajCristian_:  my laptop uses it for the 4000 series17:47
BluesKajCristian_:  I'm not familiar with those numbers17:48
pizzaguyohh god 10hrs eta17:49
llldinopizzaguy, 400 GB in /home? Geez.. I'm not sure, with gzip maybe like 150-300.. I'm not sure. With bzip maybe more compression17:49
llldinoMaybe consider clearing some stuff you don't need17:50
pizzaguyI really dont know what there is. i had the computer off for a few years. i probably have a few vm's17:50
pizzaguyllldino: Is it going to be a problem, If i am copying to an ntfs drive?17:50
TJ-pizzaguy: it's likely with that amount of data much if it is in files that are already heavily compressed, so being selective might speed things up a lot17:51
dromar56pizzaguy: you can check very fast with "ncdu" what exactly are those 400gb17:51
llldinopizzaguy, Not at all. You can also do "du -h --max-depth=1 /home" to see what sub directories are taking up space17:51
llldinoRather change the 1 to a 217:52
dromar56or use ncdu, it's really great for this kind of things17:52
dromar56I use it for this exact situation, finding out what do I need to backup17:52
jjjasperntfs shouldn't be an issue, just make sure you cleanly unmount it17:53
llldino^ Yeah windows gets pissed when you don't do that17:54
brontosaurusrexllldino: or a script like: du -hca --max-depth=1 "$@" | sort -h17:55
pizzaguyIs copy/paste via File Browser ordered in any way, such as BFS?17:56
lshslightly OT, don't know where to ask else: I'm about to publish my first paper, need some help and possible a review of it first. is there a channel to help me?17:56
llldinobrontosaurusrex, Yes, that's a much cleaner way of doing that17:57
cfhowlettlsh, "slightly"?17:57
cfhowlettlsh, see ##english17:57
llldinopizzaguy, I could be wrong, but I think in File Browser it's just evoking cp in the background17:58
mika_join #ubuntu-fr17:58
pizzaguyis that dfs then?17:58
mika_how to join ubuntu-fr17:58
cfhowlettmika_, correct command:   /join #ubuntu-fr17:59
fartfaceIf I wanted to rename all files with a filetype of *.foo to *.foo_bar recursively inside of a folder, what's the easiest way to go about that18:01
fartfaceI wanna say it's using `find`, but I can't remember how to just append something to the filename18:01
pizzaguyaha, I have a folder called 3TB-Backup that is almost 300gb lol18:02
OerHeksmv *.foo *.foo_bar18:04
lshcfhowlett thx :)18:05
cfhowlettlsh, happy2help!18:05
lshdo you by chance also know if there is a http channel18:05
lshfor the http protocol18:05
cfhowlett!alis | lsh18:06
ubottulsh: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http18:06
MonkeyDustlsh  type   /msg alis list http18:06
lshnice! thx for your help18:06
TJ-lsh: for the protocol itself? possibly ##networking, or for apache httpd server #httpd18:06
rickardo1cfhowlett: Sry, was interrupted.. autoremove solved it (y) ty v much..18:11
cfhowlettrickardo1, nice.18:11
fartfaceOerHeks: but recursively18:11
OerHeksmv -R *.foo *.foo_bar18:12
OerHekstime to read some basic manual18:12
fartfaceOerHeks: mv is not ls, -R is not a valid flag18:13
legionCyberTJ-: There are a handful of these entries in my $HOME/.xsession-errors log.  upstart: upstart-event-bridge main process (18869) terminated with status 1 upstart: upstart-event-bridge respawning too fast, stopped18:14
fartfaceYou were saying about reading a basic manual?18:14
fartfacerm* not ls18:15
MonkeyDustfartface  if you don't get an answer here, try in #bash18:15
OerHekshmm indeed, -R is invalid18:16
TJ-legionCyber: does the log end with those? if it doesn't I'd suspect they're incidental - unfortunately a lot of the GUI programs generate warnings/errors which are captured in that log-file but the devs seem to ignore fixing them18:16
Algebr`Why oh why does ubuntu's apt-get or aptitude always want to remove unrelated stuff that will destroy my system?? http://pastebin.com/dCxdmjS718:17
TJ-fartface: how about "find /path/to/base/dir -type d -execdir rename 's/\.foo$/\.foo_bar/' *.foo \;" - not sure when the "*" will be exanded by the shell though - might need to be quoted to protect it from the interactive shell18:19
fartfaceTJ- that's basically what I was planning, -exec 'mv {} {}_backup' but I can only include one pair of braces to spit out the filename, and I couldn't remember how to capture the result18:20
llldinofartface, There's probably a fancy way to do it using a for statement, but my bash isn't that great18:21
TJ-Algebr`: it's not unrelated - apt is following the dependency graph. libimobiledevice4 is depended on by other packages. If you remove it, they have to be removed too (to prevent breakages). If other packages depend on those, then the removal cascades18:21
fartfacellldino: makes two of us lol18:21
TJ-fartface: use -execdir rather tha -exec its more targeted, and safer18:21
Algebr`TJ-: there is no logical connection between the gnome-session-manager and libimobiledevice418:22
MonkeyDustAlgebr`  maybe indirectly, through another package - a removal cascade, as TJ- says18:23
=== bizukifu is now known as Guest11735
TJ-Algebr`: incorrect: gnome-session-bin depends on upower, which is a reverse-depends of libimobiledevice418:23
TJ-Algebr`: I'd reconsider the reason for wanting to remove the library, and if there is an alternative to doing that18:24
Algebr`TJ-: I see, then what can I do in these situations, how can I safely remove libimobiledevice wihtout damning the rest of the system18:24
Algebr`but this is silly, I installed it via aptitude and now want to remove it but can't cause it will destory other stuff18:24
bithoni have a problem with my home server (it's ubuntu 14.04 64-bit) and its high memory usage18:24
bithoni run my server inside of a vbox18:25
TJ-Algebr`: other packages that may have been installed since then depend on it18:25
bithonand basically ssh to it. but, looking at free -h it says that 4 gb are allocated even though i don't really have anything running18:25
Algebr`all software is broken18:25
bithonAlgebr`: all your base are belong to us? that sort of thing : p18:26
TJ-bithon: are you sure about that? 'free' reports include the buffers and cache18:26
bithonoh i see now TJ-18:26
bithonyou're right. there is 2.6Gb of cached data18:27
bithonbut still it's kind of odd18:27
TJ-!atemyram | bithon if you're interested18:27
ubottubithon if you're interested: If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/18:27
TJ-bithon: You're seeing a symptom of the Linux kernel being ultra-efficient18:27
bithonTJ-: Should I be worried?18:28
TJ-bithon: no, you should be pleased ... more cache/buffers means less real I/O reads18:28
fartfaceFor those who were curious, this is what worked: find . -name '*.foo' -exec sh -c 'mv "{}" "{}bar"' ';'18:29
bithonah i see. well thank you for the clarification TJ-. Have a good one ;)18:29
huehuemorning guys18:34
huehuehelp with UCK18:34
Giant81-inplace upgrading to 15.1018:34
Giant81-we'll see how that goes18:34
huehueunknow uid 1000. how are you?18:34
Braybauthuehue, unknow uid 1000 ???18:35
huehueBraybaut: i use uck to make an ubuntu 12.04 upgrade and some aplications... i'm lost my internet conection, i try restart service but no go.18:37
huehueBraybaut: sudo uknown uid 1000: how are you?18:37
Braybauthuehue, UCK, Ubuntu Customization Kit ?18:38
huehueBraybaut: yes man18:39
=== owner_ is now known as Guest16757
Braybautshow result id in console, huehue18:39
TJ-huehue: well, what have you added that expects to find the default user account by its UID (1000 is the first UID allocatred)18:39
huehueTJ-: only use " sudo apt-get upgrade -y" to install last updates!!18:39
Braybautfind the user as UID 1000 huehue18:40
huehueBraybaut: my user!18:40
TJ-huehue: without the complete context - the command(s) you're using and more background - we can't really help18:41
blip-hi all, I have an old version of eclipse installed and I don't remember how I uninstalled it.  I don't have the main eclipse package from the repos (but I do have eclipse-cdt).     Removing those packages doesn't remove eclipse18:41
mekhamii'm having a problem with apt-get update hanging on 'waiting for headers'18:42
blip-i also dont have a the standalone eclipse installer in my Downloads, how did i install this thing18:42
TJ-blip-: if you don't know, how would we!? :D18:42
=== guest is now known as gaben
huehueTJ-: UCk bug? Change any on my system, chroot etc :/18:42
=== gaben is now known as Guest61036
TJ-blip-:  if the files came from the archives then "dpkg -S /some/path/to/existing/file" will tell you which package installed the file18:43
=== Guest61036 is now known as rory
huehueBraybaut: http://pastebin.com/fUikFkUn18:43
huehueTJ-: http://pastebin.com/fUikFkUn18:43
blip-TJ, yeah its odd.  the standalone installer wouldnt have me install select packages from the ubuntu repos18:44
blip-TJ-, either way, i dont know how to uninstall it now18:44
chow_net /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER chow_net lqyhlxbebvrr18:44
MonkeyDustchow_net  change your password18:45
valtripout of topic -- but anybody a way to hide bookmarks bar on webpage load in mozilla like it does in chrome and reappear on new tab ,,18:45
TJ-blip-: well, if 'dpkg -S' doesn't show it installed by the package manager you should be safe to delete the dirs/files directly18:45
huehueBraybaut: rene:x:1000:1000:Carlos Rene,,,:/home/rene:/bin/bash18:45
chow_netMonkeyDust, yeah,thx18:45
* HackerII steal lqyhlxbebvrr18:46
blip-TJ-, thank you18:46
TJ-huehue: that pastebin doesn't show any "unknown uid 1000" but it does show a DNS resolver failure18:46
I-am-GrootHello, I just installed VS Code and the installation only required that i extracted the files from a zip i downloaded. Which i have done and it runs perfectly. I even created an icon for it. My problem now is that, i need it to show up when i right click on a text file just like gedit and the rest does.18:47
I-am-GrootHow do i accomplish this?18:47
huehueTJ-: Upgrade chroot package  in some way this change my system and lost conection.18:48
huehueTJ-: Braybaut i'll try again and get logs18:49
TJ-huehue: that's great; without the evidence and clues we can't be much help18:50
LPH24Hello all. :)18:50
I-am-GrootHello! Anyone to help me with my problem?18:51
LPH24What's the problem?18:52
I-am-GrootHello, I just installed VS Code and the installation only required that i extracted the files from a zip i downloaded. Which i have done and it runs perfectly. I even created an icon for it. My problem now is that, i need it to show up when i right click on a text file just like gedit and the rest does.18:52
I-am-GrootHow do i accomplish this?18:52
OerHeksI-am-Groot, what is "VS Code" ??18:52
MonkeyDustI-am-Groot  repeat your question every 15 minutes, not every 5 minutes18:53
I-am-GrootIts a text editor and IDE. Like Sublime text and Brackets18:53
LPH24So you can't right click it then choose 'other application'?18:53
I-am-GrootNo, it doesnt show up in the list18:53
huehueTJ-: Braybaut: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30344638/Captura%20de%20tela%20de%202016-01-04%2015%3A50%3A41.png18:53
valtripI-am_Groot : make it default application18:54
OerHeksI-am-Groot, i think you want nautilus-extentions and write a script for the menu>>  http://askubuntu.com/questions/21953/how-do-i-customize-the-context-menu-in-nautilus18:54
I-am-GrootBut it doesnt even show up in the list18:54
chow_netPlease,where can I ask for a cloak?18:54
MonkeyDustchow_net  in ##freenode18:54
OerHekschow_net, join #freenode ans ask a helper18:54
chow_netok,thanx again18:55
MonkeyDustvs code is visual studio code, is what i read here18:56
I-am-GrootYes it is18:56
I-am-GrootIt can also be used as a text editor18:56
=== qqqqqs is now known as xalias
maid3can somebody help me with proFTPd under unbuntu18:59
lotuspsychjemaid3: maybe the #proftpd guys can?19:01
frostythesnowmanhi, every time i try to install a package on my ubuntu machine with apt-get, it tries to install nautilus-dropbox first, and freezes.  does anyone know how to remove nautilus-dropbox from apt-get's auto-install config so it stops trying automatically?19:02
huehueTJ-: Braybaut: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30344638/Captura%20de%20tela%20de%202016-01-04%2016%3A01%3A32.png19:02
huehuei try only this!19:02
lotuspsychje!info bonnie++ | MonkeyDust19:03
ubottuMonkeyDust: bonnie++ (source: bonnie++): Hard drive benchmark suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1.97.1 (wily), package size 64 kB, installed size 188 kB19:03
legionCyberTJ-:  Yes, the log file ends in those.  It's a bummer these are not fixed asap because getting booted out causes loss of work/data in some cases.19:05
I-am-GrootOerHeks, Thanks for ur input, i read through that page, But it doesnt really work as i want it. I want VS Code to show up in this list http://imgur.com/qbIFZpf19:05
frostythesnowmananyone? :\19:06
BluesKajfrostythesnowman:  did you add a ppa for instaling nautilus-dropbox?19:08
TJ-legionCyber: it doesn't help us that those log entries aren't timestamped so we don't know if they are related to the session crash. You might find something else/more useful in the logs under /var/log/lightdm/ (maybe an error code when the user session dies). Also, when it does crash DO NOT log back in via the GUI (otherwise you'll erase the $HOME/.xsession-errors file. Instead, switch to a TTY console with19:08
TJ-Alt+Ctrl+F1, log-in, and check the $HOME/.xsession-errors file before it gets truncated. Maybe copy it to another file to save it, then you can return to the GUI with Alt+F7 and log-in the GUI19:08
frostythesnowmanBluesKaj: i think i may have.  i don't remember how i got into this state unfortunately.19:09
frostythesnowmanBluesKaj: I was originally trying to install dropbox, and having trouble, and eventaully gave up.  i don't think i reset the changes i amde.19:09
frostythesnowmanIf I did add the PPA, how would i remove it?19:09
TJ-I-am-Groot: the backdrop to that is using the XDG mime-types  registration to add your program registered as a handler for text/plain ... but as to how you do that via Unity/Gnome - no idea!19:10
MonkeyDustfrostythesnowman  sudo aptitude purge ~c   <-- that's a tilde19:10
MonkeyDustfrostythesnowman  that's for dropbox, not for the ppa19:11
BluesKajfrostythesnowman:  open your /etc/apt/sources.list with root permissions and remove the dropbox ppa, save the file, then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade19:11
MonkeyDustoh, dropbox with a ppa?19:11
Apachezany hints regarding powersaving/tweaking when using ubuntu 15.10 on a hp pavilion 15 laptop? is laptop-mode-tools still valid today or not (seems to exist contradicting answers to that)?19:11
BluesKajMonkeyDust:  not sure if it is a ppa19:11
lotuspsychje!info laptop-mode-tools | Apachez yes19:12
ubottuApachez yes: laptop-mode-tools (source: laptop-mode-tools): Tools for Power Savings based on battery/AC status. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.66-2ubuntu1 (wily), package size 76 kB, installed size 415 kB19:12
frostythesnowmanhmm, i don't see a dropbox ppa in my sources.list file19:12
frostythesnowmanand when i rune sudo aptitude purge ~c, it tries to install dropbox again and then it freezes19:12
ph88how can i get nautilus to display the image width height in the status popup at the bottom ?19:12
I-am-GrootTJ, Thanks19:12
I-am-GrootI guess i will have to do more research on it19:13
TJ-I-am-Groot: I think it can be as simple as a mime-type line in the .desktop file you create for the application19:14
BluesKajfrostythesnowman:  run sudo dpkg --configure -a then sudo apt-get -f install then it might install dropbox since it seems it's installation was inr=terrupted19:17
frostythesnowmanBluesKaj: i tried that too, but dpkg --configure -a tries to restart the installation of nautilus-dropbox which freezes19:17
frostythesnowmanthat was actually the original problem i was trying to fix, to no avail19:18
TJ-I-am-Groot: aha! read the sub-section "Shared MIME database package" for background, and then go to the end of the page and follow the link for "Desktop entry specification" and in the 'specs' page see the "Registering MIME Types" section19:18
posix4eGot this weird bug. Calling apt-get upgrade in a vagrant now and when we get to the grub menu, it mangles the terminal19:19
posix4eany ideas19:19
TJ-I-am-Groot the page is at http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/shared-mime-info-spec/19:19
stefan_X1apt-get update? instead of upgrade?19:20
posix4ei do an update19:20
posix4eand then an upgrade19:20
posix4ealas i need it19:20
posix4emaybe there's a way to exclude a package from upgrade19:21
anabainI'm on the ubuntu installer. How can I upgrade my installer before going on?19:21
=== nya is now known as Guest76167
BluesKajfrostythesnowman:  dunno if this will work, but...... sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a19:21
huehueTJ-: Braybaut: start upgrade chroot!19:22
MonkeyDustanabain  upgrade your installer?19:22
MonkeyDustanabain  meaning?19:22
Braybauthuehue, from chroot the upgrade ?19:22
huehueBraybaut: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30344638/Captura%20de%20tela%20de%202016-01-04%2016%3A01%3A32.png19:23
Braybauthuehue, your speaks spanish ?19:24
anabainthat's what a windows says when trying to install, MonkeyDust : "read version notes" and the upgrade option, but it's suddenly disappeared (kubuntu 15.10 installer)19:24
anabainweird, MonkeyDust19:24
huehueBraybaut: No, Portuguese brasilian :-)19:24
Braybauthuehue, ok19:24
MonkeyDustanabain  windows has nothing to do with ubuntu19:24
Braybauthuehue, what not use upgrade from dist-upgrade ??19:25
TJ-posix4e: how does the output get mangled? the connection is over SSH yes? so any change in the locales between the host and the VM could cause issues, or more likely the console terminal encoding e.g: UTF-8 vs ISO-885919:25
frostythesnowmanBluesKaj: hmm, same result as sudo dpkg --configure -a.  it freezes midway, and then i have to forcefully exit the process19:25
huehueBraybaut: i'm not upgrade kernel19:25
posix4eTJ-: *nod19:25
anabainMonkeyDust, what lead to you that I was talking about W$?19:25
MonkeyDustanabain  "that's what a windows says when trying to install, MonkeyDust "19:26
anabainmy fault -> window, singular, not plural, sorry19:27
anabainMonkeyDust, ^19:27
BluesKajfrostythesnowman:  exp-alin freezes , what freezes?19:27
dupingpingHi, popey19:27
dupingpingHappy New Year!19:27
frostythesnowmanBluesKaj: it freezes here no matter how long i leave it up: https://gist.github.com/boxbeatsy/14ddc4f94afeccf63c3b19:28
Braybauthuehue, upgrate Os system and not kernel ?19:28
BluesKajfrostythesnowman:  sudo dpkg -r nautilus-dropbox19:30
maid3hey on ubuntu lamp there is not phpmyadmin installed right19:30
Braybauthi k19:31
Braybauthi keli19:31
TJ-frostythesnowman: try "sudo dpkg --audit nautilus-dropbox"19:32
maid3is on ubuntu LAMP also phpmyadmin19:32
frostythesnowmanBluesKaj: yesss, that worked. thanks!19:32
MonkeyDustBluesKaj  +119:33
frostythesnowmanmaid3: maybe not by default.  if it's not installed, you just do sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin, and then if you're running apache go to /var/www and create a symbolic link to the installation location of phpmyadmin19:35
cordycepshow come when I type vim in a terminal it says "not installed" but when I enter vi, vim starts?19:35
BluesKajfrostythesnowman: doh, it was the first command I thought of , but sometimes things aren't as complicated as we thinl :-)19:37
TJ-cordyceps: because '/usr/bin/vi' is satisfied by vim.tiny or vim.basic, see "update-alternatives --display vi"19:41
anabaincan anybody tell me why I'm not getting the primary/logical option when partitioning at kubuntu 15.10 install?19:43
cordycepshow come when I type vim in a terminal it says "not installed" but when I enter vi, vim starts?19:43
TJ-anabain: it's using GPT not MsDOS partitioning19:44
jarvinCan my computer run ubuntu http://postimg.org/image/jklrw9hx3/full/19:45
TJ-cordyceps: check the update-alternatives as I suggested. for 'vim' it is only satisfied by vim.basic (which is 'vim-tiny' vs 'vim' packages)19:46
anabainTJ-, ok thanks19:46
TJ-anabain: if it is using GPT the default is space for 128 partitions19:46
cordycepsTJ-: thanks didn't notice the first time ;(19:47
huehueBraybaut: no go19:51
mrsam__hi...How can creat a new partitiation in linux?19:51
lilwizmrsam___ gparted usually does the job19:51
mrsam__lilwiz : i cant do this with gpart19:52
lilwizmrsam__, why not?19:52
mrsam__<lilwiz>i dont know why19:53
anabainTj-, ok, mystery solved19:53
lilwizmrsam__, are you running it in terminal or on a live-usb?19:53
anabainTJ ^19:53
cycliamHello. I'm trying to build a mainline kernel. I'm getting this error: http://pastebin.com/hk3uF9e0 . The only hit for the term in Google is that very pastebin, posted by someone else 6 days ago.19:53
mrsam__<lilwiz>im install ubuntu19:53
lilwizmrsam__, create a live usb-stick with gparted live, it will definitely be able to create partitions if you can't accomplish it through terminal on ubuntu19:54
ztaneis there an applet for controlling the bluetooth (power on / off)19:55
anabainTJ-, ok, mystery solved: when installing, at first, you get the option "upgrade your installer" next to the "read version notes". If you click it you activate the GPT method. If you don't, then you do msdos partitioning.19:55
mrsam__<lilwiz>hum tnx...can i do this with windows cd?19:55
ztaneI'd want to have bluetooth be killed by default... but having "rfkill" in rc.local does sound a bit 70s to me...19:55
anabainTJ-, when installing kubuntu 15.1019:56
lilwizmrsam__, you can create gparted live usb with ubuntu, scroll down and read instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto19:56
mrsam__so tnx :)19:56
MonkeyDustmrsam__  how are you installing ubuntu?19:56
=== misa_ is now known as Guest89495
mrsam__<MonkeyDust>with ISO19:57
ztanethere is gparted in the default live iirc19:57
ztanebecause I did do lvm besides windows and remember using gparted to do stuff19:58
anabainmrsam__, why don't you use the startup disk creator? If you are using an ubuntu right now, you can try this utility.19:59
MonkeyDustmrsam__  the iso, from a live dvd or usb?19:59
mrsam__<MonkeyDust> USB19:59
mrsam__<anabain> i dont have any iso file from ubuntu now19:59
MonkeyDustmrsam__  boot from the live usb, select 'try ubuntu', then find gparted20:00
mrsam__<MonkeyDust> So cant i do this in my ubuntu noW?20:00
MonkeyDustmrsam__  no, do it in the live session20:01
mrsam__tnx my friend :)20:01
MonkeyDustmrsam__  backup first, before you start modifying partitions20:01
anabainmrsam__, if you want to install ubuntu you need an iso image. Apart from that, if you have a USB stick and you're running ubuntu, you can do as I said.20:01
TJ-anabain: that GPT/MsDOS switch sounds really opaque - I'd never have associated "upgrade installer" with "change partitioning scheme"20:03
anabainTJ-, exactly, that was driving me mad20:03
TJ-anabain: I think that must be unique to the kubuntu installer20:03
anabainTJ-, yeah20:04
* D4RK3D hello20:06
* D4RK3D says hello20:06
cristi_silly question ...is this chat related in any way with IRC?20:07
keliim runnng ubuntu along windows 7 i kinda deleted my windows bootmgr20:07
AshtasuCristi, the chat is built off of IRC, so... yes. :D20:07
bithonhey. rocking 8gb on my ubuntu, do I need swap ?20:07
compdoccristi_, thats what Ive heard20:07
j108i did "chmod -R 644 ./" in /, now server is down and I cannot ssh back in. what can I do?20:08
cristi_ok...felt like a thousand years ago IRC20:08
compdocj108, ouch20:08
cristi_where is X?20:09
SonikkuAmerica((^ 2 lines up. We found X. End all algebra. XD))20:10
bgardnercristi_: Between w and y?  What do you mean?20:10
cristi_IRC channels had an "X" bot20:10
cristi_managing stuff20:10
bgardnercristi_: Here, his name is ubottu20:11
cristi_<---feels stupid20:11
j108compdoc: i just dont understand why cannot even ssh in20:11
bgardnercristi_: Not at all, that's why support channels exist.20:12
TJ-j108: access it via the remote console/ipmi/net-kvm, or if it is a virtual machine, it may be possible to boot it using a recovery image and then mount the root file-system and fix it20:12
bgardnerj108: Because your command made really dramatic changes to your system.20:12
compdoc j108, some programs wont run with the wrong permissions20:12
cristi_thank you Brant20:13
SonikkuAmerica!gender bgardner20:13
SonikkuAmerica!gender | bgardner20:13
ubottubgardner: yes, I can confirm I am a female bot :)20:13
SonikkuAmerica(it's a she)20:13
bgardnerSonikkuAmerica: My humblest apologies to ubottu20:13
TJ-j108: because you've changed the permissions to 644 which is rw-rw-r-- (no exectuables)20:13
compdocthere are so many permissions in so many directories. I wouldnt know how to fix it. I wonder if some site has listings of that stuff20:13
SchrodingersScatI need something that moves files and deletes source as it goes along, drive is too full to move directory otherwise.20:15
TJ-compdoc: I find the easiest fix is to run up a live env and clone the permissions from it to the broken target20:15
TJ-SchrodingersScat: 'rsync'20:15
compdocSchrodingersScat, rsync?20:15
compdocTJ-, how would you clone permissions, with a script or something?20:16
j108TJ-: thanks for explanation20:16
SchrodingersScatcompdoc / TJ- : did a test, and rsync --remove-source-files -rav seems to wait until the end to delete, like end of full run.  When I ctrl-c the rsync process it deletes.20:17
MonkeyDustSchrodingersScat  there's --delete-before and --delete-after20:18
cristi_@ SchrodingersScat  : Schrödinger's cat walks into a bar and doesn't. :P20:18
SchrodingersScatMonkeyDust: doesn't that delete destination files?20:19
j108TJ-: there is a console access but says target system doesn't have /sbin/init. what should I google to find advice to fix this?20:19
cristi_Heisenberg and Shrodinger is driving down the highway when pulled over by a traffic cop. He walks up to the car and asks Heisenberg, do you know how fast you were going? He answers no, but I can tell you exactly where we were. The cop doesn't like the answer and thinks that it warrants a search of the car. He opens the trunk and immediately yells, do you know that there is a dead cat in here? On which Shrodinger replies, well now we do.20:20
MonkeyDustis the glass half empty or half full? ... optimist: half full; pessimist: half empty; SchrodingersScat : both, until i see the glass20:20
SchrodingersScatmoving from an unencrypted dir to an encrypted dir, trying to keep it on the same drive.  mv -vn seemed to make a copy and wait til end to try to delete :|  rsync seems the same20:23
zykotick9MonkeyDust: if we consider the air, the glass is never empty ;)20:23
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.20:27
cristi_"Knock knock."20:28
cristi_"Who's there?"20:28
cristi_"It's the RSPCA, Mr Schrodinger. We would like to ask you a few questions.20:28
bazhangwrong channel cristi_20:28
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic cristi_20:29
SchrodingersScat"it looks like that when specifying directories and the recursive option, files in a are not deleted immediately " , but I'll see how it does, mv really messed up :(20:29
cristi_the guy's nick it's a joke magnet :(20:30
Cryp71cI installed an application that - by all accounts that I can find - should have created a service but didn't. Its running directly out of /usr/sbin. How can I fix this?20:33
int-mainI need help. My RT3290 card says wireless disabled by hardware switch on HP laptop20:33
int-mainI tried http://askubuntu.com/questions/253632/how-do-i-get-a-ralink-rt3290-wireless-card-working but the driver doesn't compile20:34
Cryp71cint-main, do you have a hardware switch somewhere on your laptop?20:34
Cryp71cor a softkey combination which functions as a hardware switch?20:34
int-mainCryp71c : Nope. Only F12 which doesn't seem to work20:34
geniiint-main: So have you tried using the key combination on your laptop which normally toggles it on/off ?20:34
int-maingenii : yes. Doesn't help.20:34
TJ-int-main: HP? "lsmod | grep hp-wmi"20:35
int-mainTJ- : Isn't that hp_wmi? If yes, I tried disabling it.20:35
TJ-int-main: is it currently loaded though?20:36
int-mainTJ- : yes20:36
TJ-int-main: does 'lsmod' show a dependency count above 0 for it? if not, unload it20:36
int-mainTJ- : It says hp_wmi 16384 020:37
int-mainI think yes, dependency count is 020:37
TJ-int-main: there are 2 known ways to fix that; in some it requires hp-wmi to be blacklisted to prevent it intercepting the platform hot-key events; in others it requires using acpi_osi= to tell the kernel to pretend to be a version of Windows that is recognised by the PC's ACPI DSDT firmware20:38
TJ-int-main: "sudo rmmod hp-wmi"20:38
int-mainTJ- : Is rmmod same as modprobe -r?20:38
SchrodingersScatMonkeyDust / TJ- / compdoc :oook, it took rsync a second to delete some of them, but it IS eventually removing them as it goes along, thanks.20:39
TJ-int-main: effectively yes, although it succeeds where modprobe -r can sometimes fail20:39
int-mainTJ- : I tried that, still says disabled by hardware switch20:39
int-mainI think the other way is needed20:40
=== step21 is now known as step21_
TJ-int-main: as well as unloading hp-wmi, I seem to recall it requires one of the other drivers to be reloaded; can't recall which right now, though20:42
TJ-int-main: to try method 2 do "pastebinit <(sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i windows) "  so we can see what OSI strings are present in the DSDT20:43
int-mainTJ- : any idea where to find it? This is my last shot. I'll return to windows if everything fails.20:43
snguyeni'm trying to get my rails app to load with upstart but i run into problems with upstart being unable to find any gem dependencies (app does work when i run rails s and bundle exec puma). any ideas on what could be wrong?? http://pastie.org/private/yurjhpl4i1gantqbzwja20:43
TJ-snguyen: the shell environment is very minimal for service start; you probably need to add additional paths to PATH or additional env-vars20:44
int-mainTJ- : there you go -> http://pastebin.com/J3ThEMhD20:44
snguyenTJ- that makes... a lot of sense actually. derp... thanks ^__^;;20:47
TJ-int-main: generally the most recent version of Windows found enables the most functionality on the platform, so having Linux report itself as "Windows 2013" is the best option.20:49
TJ-int-main: so this will add that to the GRUB config:  "   sudo sed -i '/^GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=/ { s/"$/ \\"acpi_osi=Windows 2013\\""/}' /etc/default/grub    "20:50
TJ-int-main: then do "update-grub" and reboot to test it.20:50
TJ-int-main: this may also need hp-wmi to be blacklisted; so if you haven't already done that, do it before you reboot20:51
int-mainTJ- : where do i add it? I mean any specific line?20:51
=== ejm is now known as fungy
TJ-int-main: run the command as I gave it to you and it'll do the addition automatically20:51
TJ-int-main: that 'sed' command updates /etc/default/grub, adding the setting to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX variable20:52
int-mainTJ- : rebooting now. BRB20:53
ohffshi sangnk20:55
ohffsand peter with wings20:55
dovahwith wings :')20:56
int-mainTJ- : Didn't work :(20:56
TJ-int-main: is hp-wmi blacklisted and definitely not loaded?20:56
int-mainTJ- : Yep. hp_wireless is loaded though20:57
TJ-int-main: I recall that might also be a problem because it has the alias "acpi*:HPQ6001:*" and the HPQ6001 is a known problem causer. try blacklisting that module too20:59
int-mainTJ- : Alright.21:01
int-mainTJ- : still not working21:03
TJ-int-main: when you press the hot-key does the LED state change ?21:04
int-mainTJ- No21:04
int-mainBut it never used to change. But the thing is it used to work before.21:04
int-mainNow the very same ISO that used to work doesn't work.21:04
int-mainNo distro of linux works.21:04
int-mainArch, Fedora, tried it all21:04
TJ-int-main: have you dual-booted into Windows and operated the wifi toggle at any point? sometimes that can cause the issue, and also fix it. which reminds me of another issue. it sometimes needs a complete power-off and battery removal or else the system can maintain some firmware state.21:06
int-mainTJ- : I don't dual boot. Its single boot.21:07
int-mainShould I try battery removal now?21:07
TJ-int-main: before you do lets check that acpi_osi has taken effect. show us "cat /proc/cmdline" please21:08
int-mainTJ- : BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.2.0-22-generic.efi.signed root=UUID=2d54e327-b4d6-48ad-82ad-6c97969cf224 ro "acpi_osi=Windows 2013" quiet splash vt.handoff=721:09
int-mainI think it has.21:09
k1l!rootirc > root___21:09
ubotturoot___, please see my private message21:09
TJ-int-main: yes, that's good :) ... Yes, do a shutdown, then battery removal, then press the power button to cause it to drain any capacitors holding charge. give it 20 seconds, then replace battery and try again21:12
int-mainTJ- : Didn't work either21:18
TJ-int-main: that's a pain! can you "pastebinit <( dmesg )"21:18
=== riley is now known as Guest7367
Guest7367hey guys I had a problem when upgrading from 14.04 to 15.0421:19
RYDeNwhich problem?21:19
Guest7367at first it wouldn't let me log in, now i can't even get into the login page. Only grub21:20
int-mainTJ- : http://pastebin.com/Jg8d4s8M21:20
k1lGuest7367: what did you do?21:21
Guest7367I just used the upgrade program to update to the new version.21:21
RYDeNsometimes, when upgrading....21:22
RYDeNthere are some problems21:22
Guest7367Automatic logout continued to happen, i'd log back in to check progress regularly. Then it wouldn't let me login, just kept reloading login page21:23
RYDeNi always recommend a clean install21:23
Guest7367ok is there a way to save my files?21:23
daftykinsnah, boot a live session, chroot your install and upgrade to 15.10 - you won't lose anything but time and it might sort itself out :)21:24
k1lGuest7367: so you did upgrade to 14.,10 then 15.04?21:24
Guest7367k1: well I dont know exactly, I turned on notifications for new versions and i just installed the first to come up21:25
Guest7367daftykins: live session as in from a disk or usb?21:25
daftykinsGuest7367: USB preferable to DVD for sure21:26
Guest7367daftykins: go straight to 15.10? which version should i live boot?21:29
k1lwell, 15.04 is end-of.live at the end of january anyway.21:30
daftykins^ part of my angle on going further21:30
k1lGuest7367: please support only in here21:32
Guest7367ok I just can'y figure out what that last symbol in your name is21:32
k1lGuest7367: no, the updater should not offer 15.04 when you are on 14.04. except you did launch that updater in some other modes. like developer mode21:32
k1lits a lower L21:33
Guest7367k1: i dont think i was in a dev mode21:33
Guest7367K1l: font is wierd21:33
Guest7367ok so my plan is to live boot any version of ubuntu, chmod the install, and hope that works?21:34
cycliamHello. I'm trying to build a mainline kernel. I'm getting this error: http://pastebin.com/hk3uF9e0 . The only hit for the term in Google is that very pastebin, posted by someone else 6 days ago.21:35
k1l"chroot" into that install21:35
EriC^^whatever you do, don't chmod the install, or chown for that matter21:35
Guest7367chroot into the install? havent used that command much21:36
daftykinsfirst you have to mount your partitions, so your / one goes to /mnt for example - then /home if separate would go onto /mnt/home/21:36
daftykinsGuest7367: have a glance at - http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/2010/06/02/how-to-chroot-to-ubuntu-using-live-cd-to-fix-grub-rescue-prompt/21:37
bithonhello. can anyone help me with ssh lag?21:37
Guest7367Aanother question before i try, Do ineed to update to 14.10 first ? or 15.10 like daftykins said? I'm moving from 14.4...or 15.04 i guess i dont really know21:37
daftykinsGuest7367: once you chroot we can check what your install thinks it is21:38
k1lGuest7367: chroot into that install and lets seee what that system really is21:38
Guest7367daftykins: sounds promising i will check it out. Thank you21:38
notalentgeekHello guys, I have a problem with JDK8. How can I downgrade into JDK6 in Ubuntu?21:38
Guest7367i'm trying to find the disk i used for my original install... will that work? or do i need to download a new one?21:38
daftykinswhat's wrong with JDK 8?21:39
notalentgeekdaftykins, Annotation processing got disabled in JDK8.21:39
notalentgeekI cannot compile my code anymore.21:39
int-mainTJ- : still there? I am waiting for your response.21:39
TJ-int-main: I see several firmware related problems there (bugs in the firmware) but not got to the end of the log yet :)21:39
daftykinsnotalentgeek: i take it we're talking oracle, how about 7?21:40
notalentgeekdaftykins, The compiler says that I need JVM1.6 I believe it was in JDK6.21:40
int-mainTJ- : Just one thing, is there a chance to solve it? Or should I start with Windows installation?21:40
notalentgeekI need JVM1.6. Was it in JDK7 or 6?21:40
daftykinsnotalentgeek: would it be worth enquiring on their site docs first to confirm when it was killed?21:40
daftykinsor ask in a java channel21:40
notalentgeekdaftykins, https://github.com/processing/processing/issues/226021:41
notalentgeekHmm, can you tell me how to downgrade my Java version?21:41
daftykinsnotalentgeek: get the answer at the source before messing around with reinstallation.21:42
OerHeksTJ-, int-main maybe it is windows 2012 for this machine?21:42
notalentgeekWhat is wrong with re installation? I am new to Linux.21:42
TJ-int-main: well, that laptop was definitely intended to be targeted at Windows; We have solved this issue for several HP users in the last few months but it can take a lot of trying to get there, and there's no guarantee where the solution is.21:44
daftykinsreading the above link now21:44
TJ-int-main: as an aside I noticed the BIOS has disabled the virtualisation extensions "kvm: disabled by bios"21:44
f4d3Hello, it's me21:44
TJ-OerHeks: I doubt it; there's no sign of ACPI functions defined by the DSDT that the Linux ACPI core doesn't understand.21:45
int-mainTJ- : Yeah. I don't see any specific option to enable that. Just tell me what do I do?21:45
int-mainHas been months since I have been trying. It used to work on Linux, one day out of blue it stops working and then it never worked on any distro21:45
TJ-int-main: OerHeks but, it's worth trying. edit /etc/default/grub and where you see "Windows 2013" try instead "Windows 2012" - after altering and saving the file do "sudo update-grub" of course, and a reboot21:45
daftykinsnotalentgeek: you're definitely using the oracle one right?21:46
int-mainTJ- : Okay. On it21:46
VapezHello i have a question, it's safe to autoremove these? http://pastebin.com/t3kh9H4d21:46
TJ-int-main: there *may* be an option in the PC's firmware Setup menus to influence the Wifi, but not sure what to look for in this case. Also, the enabling VT-d and such will be there too21:46
notalentgeekYES! Before it was OpenJDK and it was fine.21:47
notalentgeekdaftykins, YES! Before it was OpenJDK and it was fine.21:47
threeminutemontanotalentgeek: Disclaimer. I do not use java. It seems you might be better off using multiple copies of Java instead of downgrading. see http://www.confluxtechnologies.com/blog/on-ubuntu-install-multiple-version-of-java21:47
daftykinsnotalentgeek: confirm "javac -version" ?21:47
notalentgeekjavac 1.8.0_6621:47
daftykinsok good stuff21:48
helpwithxbindCould anyone point me to a channel to get assistance with xbindkeys?21:48
int-mainTJ- : there is nothing for Wifi. I have searched everything.21:48
notalentgeekthreeminutemonta, I will look into it.21:48
daftykinsnotalentgeek: so where did you get it? a lot of people install the webupd8 repo to get oracle java.21:48
Guest7367daftykins: just booted up live mode, i need to do this through the terminal right?21:49
TJ-int-main: could be something totally unrelated to 'wifi' and be something like 'platform services' or 'hotkey' or something else wierd; but as I recall the other users with that issue didn't report seeing such. We know why it happens - the code in the ACPI DSDT is broken and specific to Windows and the HP drivers they provide for that21:49
notalentgeekdaftykins, I forgot :( I think it was from ppa because I do not remember that I have knowledge to install Java from .tar.gz.21:50
daftykinsGuest7367: yep21:50
daftykinsnotalentgeek: "dpkg -l | grep java" -> look for 8 -> "apt-cache policy <that_package_name>" -> look at the URL21:50
notalentgeekthreeminutemonta, I only have one Java from sudo update-alternatives --config java.21:50
notalentgeekdaftykins, I will try!21:51
TJ-!info openjdk-8-jre | notalentgeek daftykins "javac -version"  gives "javac 1.8.0_66-internal"21:51
ubottunotalentgeek daftykins "javac -version" gives "javac 1.8.0_66-internal": openjdk-8-jre (source: openjdk-8): OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT. In component universe, is optional. Version 8u66-b17-1 (wily), package size 57 kB, installed size 223 kB21:51
daftykinsTJ-: ooh that's good to know :>21:51
int-mainTJ- : Nope. Not that either21:51
daftykinsnotalentgeek: sounds like you never switched from open to oracle, you need to play with the "update-alternatives" command i think21:52
TJ-int-main: *sigh* ... HP, and Acer, have become really bad recently at causing problems for Linux due to Windows-specific extensions in their firmware, this is 1 of the more annoying issues it causes21:52
VapezHello i have a question, it's safe to autoremove these? http://pastebin.com/t3kh9H4d21:52
VapezHello i have a question, it's safe to autoremove these? http://pastebin.com/t3kh9H4d21:52
notalentgeekdaftykins, 500 http://ppa.launchpad.net/webupd8team/java/ubuntu/ wily/main amd64 Packages.21:52
Guest7367daftykins: sorry , this site you linked me to just had me confused21:52
daftykinsyep webupd8 :)21:52
daftykinsGuest7367: np, yeah it's not the best written guide :S21:53
notalentgeekdaftykins, If I never was then what was the default Java installed in UbuntuMate?21:53
k1lVapez: if they are marked as not used anymore: yes21:53
daftykinsnotalentgeek: OpenJDK/JRE21:53
daftykinsnotalentgeek: try "which javac" and note the path21:54
crisedWhich GVIM version should I download for ubuntu 15?21:54
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
daftykins15.04 and 15.10 exist21:54
MonkeyDust!find gvim21:54
ubottuFound: vim-gnome, vim-athena, vim-gtk21:54
notalentgeekdaftykins,  /usr/bin/javac21:55
crisedWhich one of those 3 packages should I install?21:55
TJ-int-main: hey! does "lsmod | grep acer" show acer-wmi loaded?21:55
daftykinsnotalentgeek: ok so that's not helpful - run and share this via http://paste.ubuntu.com - "sudo update-alternatives --config java"21:55
k1lcrised: dont load stuff from other websites. use the official ubuntu packages. yes: vim-gnome21:55
Guest7367daftykins: i'm just lost as to what its asking me to look for. I'm trying to find my partition21:55
crisedk1l: thanks21:55
int-mainTJ- : No. There is no acer hardware here.21:55
daftykinsGuest7367: run "sudo parted -l" and you should be able to identify which partitions are which on your install - if you're unsure, throw that commands output into a http://paste.ubuntu.com and link me here21:56
Guest7367daftykins: ok awesome21:56
MonkeyDustdaftykins  are lsblk21:56
notalentgeekdaftykins, It says I only have one option... Nothing to configure.21:56
MonkeyDustdaftykins  or lsblk*21:57
TJ-int-main: OK, because some HPs are known to use it, and that HPQ6001 device was added to acer-wmi's norfkill_ids structure specifically to ensure rkfill works21:57
daftykinsnotalentgeek: and which is that?21:57
OerHeksTJ-, you asked this before, > <TJ-> int-main: is hp-wmi blacklisted21:57
daftykinsMonkeyDust: true, that :>21:57
notalentgeekdaftykins, There is only one alternative in link group java (providing /usr/bin/java): /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/bin/java Nothing to configure.21:57
int-mainTJ- : I don't think there is anything possibly left.21:57
Guest7367daftykins: output says invalid option -- '1'21:57
daftykinsGuest7367: it's a lowercase L21:58
TJ-int-main: there's one thing. remove the blacklist for hp-wmi and ensure it loads at boot-time, with the acpi_osi=... still in place21:58
Guest7367daftykins: my bad21:58
Guest7367daftykins: the font in this chat through me off21:58
TJ-int-main: ensure you haven't blacklisted hp-wireless too!21:59
TJ-int-main: the effect we're trying to achieve by doing that is to have the Linux drivers that key off those devices active, AND do this when the ACPI DSDT is providing the services they expect to find (due to the acpi_osi=Windows 2012/3 option)21:59
daftykinsnotalentgeek: ok looks like webupd8 don't have 6 and actually just script the install anyway; see https://askubuntu.com/questions/67909/how-do-i-install-oracle-jdk-6 for install, then run the update-alternatives command as earlier to switch from 8 to 622:00
TJ-int-main: doing "modinfo -F alias hp-wireless" shows you that module is 'wired' to managed that device, if found.22:00
notalentgeekdaftykins, So that method will make me have two version of Java right?22:01
daftykinsnotalentgeek: oh i should've said to run "sudo update-alternatives --config javac" since we need to check the compiler, not sure if i did or said java on the end. yep two versions, but as long as you switch between them with update-alternatives all will be gravy.22:02
VapezI have a big problem, when i go for apt-get upgrade it ask me to autoremove, it's safe to remove these: http://pastebin.com/s9bHgrC2 ?22:02
notalentgeekdaftykins, Will do as you told mate! I will report back soon enough.22:02
daftykinsVapez: it's a suggestion, so not a problem to ignore really - do you need PHP?22:03
VapezI recently upgrade php7 from php 522:03
VapezIt's freaks me out, i want to don't show me that22:03
daftykinslooks like it's trying to remove some 7, so you might want to check those package names22:03
VapezWhat if autoremove?22:03
Vapezit's will break the kernel?22:04
Vapezit will*22:04
daftykinswell you can do it, reboot - and see if everything works :) you'll only be a package install away from getting it back on.22:04
notalentgeekdaftykins, Since when Oracle required me to Sign In to download Java lol...22:04
Vapezit's safe?22:04
daftykinsVapez: it's likely suggesting to remove old versions, check you have multiple with "dpkg -l | grep linux-"22:04
Guest7367daftykins: ok I have a list of three, do you want me to link you to them? i dont know what they mean22:04
daftykinsclicking now22:05
Guest7367daftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14404788/22:05
k1lVapez: autoremove removes packages that got marked as "not used anymore" so if there is a new kernel x.xx-30 the old x.xx-29 kernel get marked as "not used anymore"22:05
Vapezdaftykins: k1l : http://pastebin.com/ufU1WN7Q22:06
k1lVapez: run "sudo apt full-upgrade" first22:07
k1lVapez: and look what happens. read the messages22:07
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int-mainTJ- : As usual, nope. Its getting late for me. I should probably just go and forget Linux22:07
Vapezk1l: done, no errors22:08
Guest7367daftykins: did you get my link22:08
daftykinsGuest7367: wow finally loaded, ok so you can run "sudo mount -t ext4 /dev/sda2 /mnt" to start with22:08
k1lVapez: and what got installed?22:09
TJ-int-main: tell HP to get their act together :)22:09
Vapezk1l: here: http://pastebin.com/9feNjE1T22:09
int-mainTJ- : wouldn't help me.22:09
Guest7367daftykins: ok I ran it. No output22:09
int-mainI am stuck with this one for years22:09
daftykinsGuest7367: now "sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot"22:10
k1lVapez: see, got a new kernel22:10
k1lVapez: now you need autoremove to get rid of the old ones22:10
int-mainTJ- : thanks for your time anyway. I am sorry it didn't work out.22:10
OerHeksint-main, odd thing is, you told us it has worked :-(22:10
Guest7367daftykins: sorry but is there a space between sda1 and /mnt22:10
daftykinsGuest7367: yep22:10
daftykinsGuest7367: now follow step 5 from my earlier link, which has you mount dev proc and sys, but put them at /mnt/dev ; /mnt/proc etc.22:10
Guest7367daftykins ok but there was a space in the first command you told me to run too huh? i didn't put it in there do i need to re run it?22:11
TJ-int-main: last-ditch but... have you tried resetting to the firmware's factory default settings (taking care not to erase the Ubuntu entry in the EFI boot menu)22:12
int-mainOerHeks : it used to work out of box. I was on Arch, then one day it kept auto toggling between disabled and enabled. I thought it was arch problem so I installed ubuntu and set it up fine with working wifi, little later it stopped working. Had to move to W10 to make it work later.22:12
int-mainTJ- : thats the first thing I did, restore factory settings in BIOS22:12
Vapezk1l: it worked flawless, i reboot it, no suggestion shows, thank you very much !!!22:12
Vapezthank you k1l and daftykins, have a nice day !22:13
Guest7367daftykins: ok but there was a space in the first command too huh? I didn't put it in there do i need to re run that one first?22:13
link0802 Hello. I have big notification on gnome-shell. How I can expand they in notification center? img example https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cq31z9wll8fqmnz/AAAkGF1m_z8KPEnAO879aU0wa?dl=022:13
TJ-int-main: oooooooooo! hang on a mo! I missed something22:14
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notalentgeekdaftykins, Hello, I have installed .bin file. However as the link you gave me, I need to put the JDK6 into usr/lib/jvm. The thing is that I do not know where is JDK6 located.22:14
TJ-int-main: In your dmesg output there is no PCI wifi device reported at all22:14
int-mainTJ- : okay. Im here.22:14
int-mainTJ- : what does that mean? faulty hardware?22:15
TJ-int-main: ahhh, scratch that, I didn't look hard enough, it is there! "rt2800pci 0000:07:00.0 wlo1: renamed from wlan0"22:15
daftykinsGuest7367: check the output of "mount" - it should show sda2 at /mnt .22:15
notalentgeekdaftykins, Never mind I am dumb. I get the JDK6 folder but I cannot copy it into usr/lib/jvm should I change the permission in usr/lib/jvm folder? How to do so?22:15
int-mainfor a moment there, i was really happy22:15
TJ-int-main: same here... then I noticed the browser window was incorrectly showing no scrollbar on the dmesg page and it was off the bottom!22:16
daftykinsnotalentgeek: it doesn't matter where it is, just test the javac binary to start with by running it where it is now against your code.22:16
TJ-int-main: what if "rfkill list" reporting right now?22:16
notalentgeekdaftykins, The javac -version is still 1.8.22:17
int-mainTJ- : phy0 : Wireless LAN Soft blocked: No Hard Blocked : yes22:17
notalentgeekdaftykins, My program still not working.22:18
TJ-int-main: does it change if you press the wifi hot-key *once* ?22:18
daftykinsnotalentgeek: you have to give it the FULL path to run javac from where it is in the java 6 path right now, OBVIOUSLY tying "javac..."is going to use the v8.22:18
TJ-int-main: there was one issue we had where it was altering the soft-block not the hard-block, and I built a fixed driver for that user22:18
int-mainTJ- : soft blocked does22:18
TJ-int-main: oooo... you might have the same issue then22:19
int-mainTJ- : was that driver for RT3290 too?22:19
TJ-int-main: it was the hp-wireless/ HPQ6001 device I seem to recall. I'd have to trawl my records for what I did precisely22:20
Guest7367daftykins: do i need to be in a certain directory to run those?22:21
daftykinsGuest7367: nope22:21
TJ-int-main: it was way back in August; just found the IRC log of it. I'll dig deeper22:22
Guest7367daftykins: mount: cant find "path" in etc/fstab or etc/mtab22:22
daftykinsGuest7367: nevermind, just run "sudo umount /dev/sda2" then go back to the beginning putting the appropriate spaces in ;)22:23
Guest7367ran command as "sudo mount --bind mnt/dev/media/xx.xx/dev22:23
daftykinsno that's totally miles away22:24
daftykins"sudo mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev" would've been right, assuming the previous are resolved22:24
Pinkamena_DNot sure the right channel to ask this, but maybe someone can help. I have been using cisco anyconnect to access a VPN which has been working great on ubuntu for about a year. Now the company had changed their certificate and it does not work. The tech set up a new certificate on windows 7 using the internet explorer thing to import the cert, but they would not help setting it up on ubuntu. How can I transfer the cert they22:24
Pinkamena_Dinstalled to ubuntu?22:24
int-mainTJ- : alright. hanging around for a while. thanks.22:25
daftykinsPinkamena_D: what extension does it have?22:25
Pinkamena_DThe old certs working in ubuntu had .pem If I go to windows internet explorer and choose "export" on the new cert, I get a .pfx22:26
TJ-int-main: I'm reading the convo from 18th August. There's some workaround attempts but then I referred to this known kernel bug with a possible fix, but I don't know (yet) if it got into mainline. https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6913122:26
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 69131 in Platform_x86 "hp_wmi cannot hard-unblock wifi on HP nx6325" [High,Assigned]22:26
daftykinsPinkamena_D: read https://superuser.com/questions/770717/how-to-properly-install-certificate-issued-to-me and maybe http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=197348622:27
Pinkamena_DI have tried to convert the pfx to pem using openSSL but it asks for a password. I only have one password which is asked for when logging on in windows, and it does not work when converting with openssl22:27
Pinkamena_Dok, thank you for the links, I will read them and let you know how it goes.22:27
hanshenrikwhat is the correct way to alias a binary in /usr/local/bin? and how can I make 1? softlink? hardlink? something else? for example, when I apt-get install vim; Aptitude will alias /usr/local/bin/vi as /usr/local/bin/vim (if I recall correctly)22:27
TJ-int-main: update: I've found that I do have a patched hp-wmi kernel patch I created; checking further on that22:28
Guest7367daftykins: this is really lame but I have to leave for work, what times are you on here?22:28
daftykinsGuest7367: just explain the broken upgrade situation and that you want to chroot your install, any active volunteer can help.22:29
Guest7367daftykins: ok thanks so much for your help22:29
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TJ-int-main: ha! and the patch has been on my web-site since! https://iam.tj/projects/misc/hp-wmi.dkms.tar.gz22:29
notalentgeekdaftykins, I tried to add alternatives to Java by running this command "sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/lib/jvm java /usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.6.0_45/bin 2".22:31
notalentgeekdaftykins, This is the error "update-alternatives: warning: forcing reinstallation of alternative /usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.6.0_45/bin because link group java is broken update-alternatives: warning: not replacing /usr/lib/jvm with a link".22:32
daftykinsnever used it personally so no idea what those errors are22:33
daftykinsnotalentgeek: you don't need to permanently install it yet though, did you try just compiling with the v6 javac directly to see if it worked?22:33
notalentgeekdaftykins, I have no clue on how to let Processing to set active Java directory.22:35
Odesitи что тут как?22:36
TJ-notalentgeek: usually; per-program its done by setting JAVA_HOME to the path to the JRE in a shell script that starts the java VM22:36
k1l!ru | Odesit22:37
daftykinsnotalentgeek: ok i think you're overthinking this. find the JDK 6 path, go into it, find the /bin, find the javac, then run *that* javac with its' full path, i.e. /path/to/JDK6/bin/javac <my code>22:37
ubottuOdesit: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.22:37
TJ-notalentgeek: it is usually set to one of the JREs under "/usr/lib/jvm/"22:38
TJ-daftykins: notalentgeek: does it definitely want the Java Compiler (javac), rather than the Java VM (java) ?22:39
notalentgeekdaftykins, Wait looks like in my Processing IDE it comes with its own Java folder.22:39
daftykinsTJ-: notalentgeek is compiling code apparently.22:39
TJ-daftykins: ahhh, OK :)22:39
notalentgeekMy code is not in .java but in .pde. The compilation is first done within Processing IDE then goes to normal Java compiling method.22:40
TJ-notalentgeek: most IDEs let you configure the location of multiple JDKs22:40
Demon_Jesterhey guys, I am doing HDD recovery, and i have the internal HDD hooked up via usb (with device idk how to describe) anyways, this HDD didn't have OS on it, ans was used to store files on a windows machine, in /dev it just shows sdb (not sdb1, sdb2 etc..) am I still able to mount it, and attempt to recover the files?22:40
daftykinsand so the truth comes out, later than wouldn't helped ;)22:40
daftykinsDemon_Jester: "sudo parted -l" or "sudo bsblk" would be a good starting spot22:41
daftykinsoops lsblk on that second one22:41
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TJ-Demon_Jester: sounds like it could have been a Dyanmic Disk or part of a RAID array ?22:42
Demon_Jesterdaftykins, on lsblk, it shows sdb 8:16 0 257G22:42
notalentgeekI have found this https://forum.processing.org/two/discussion/11580/annotation-disabled-requires-1-6-jvm-with-linux-32-and-processing-3-0a5 . But the dude also did not find the solution.22:43
Demon_JesterTJ-, It wasn't used for RAID, it was just second hdd to put files on, no OS on it. idk if that helps.22:43
TJ-Demon_Jester: did the disk fail?22:44
Demon_JesterTJ-, its an old HDD, im just hoping I can recover the files, and put the files on a newer HDD22:44
int-mainTJ- : how to apply that patch?22:44
daftykinsDemon_Jester: show the output of the mentioned commands in http://paste.ubuntu.com22:44
lost1nfoundhey guys, not sure if this is the right place to ask, but ive had a pretty serious production problem since upgrading from 15.04 to 15.10 on my EC2 m4.xlarge/c4.xlarge high-traffic web instances. the instances just become unreachable and fail status checks. seen ifquery segfaults in the logs as well. nothing logs once they go into this state, so this is a bit tricky to debug. ive been working with aws22:45
lost1nfoundsupport for 3 weeks with no luck. has anyone else had similar issues?22:45
sim590anyone familiar with lxc ?22:45
k1lDemon_Jester: so the hdd was working fine. then you put it into the other pc. than suddenly all is gone?22:45
sim590so I have this log http://ix.io/nab (if it can help...) when using lxc-console. lxc-console just behaves weird clearing the screen over and over and bringing me back to login even after successful login...22:45
lost1nfoundall my other instances are fine (20+) but these 10 machines crash 2-3x a day. i have an askubuntu post about it but it hasn't gotten any response, and im not sure where to go from here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/710747/after-upgrading-to-15-10-from-15-04-ec2-webservers-have-become-very-unstable22:46
Demon_Jesterk1l, no exactly the main pc it was in, just turns on but bios doesn't even show up, so im just trying to recover the files, that is what the client mainly wants.22:46
TJ-int-main: aha, you're awake!  "wget https://iam.tj/projects/misc/hp-wmi.dkms.tar.gz" then "sudo tar -C / -xzf hp-wmi.dkms.tar.gz" then "sudo dkms install -m HP-wmi -v 1.01"22:46
daftykinslost1nfound: using non-LTS in production? that was your first mistake22:47
TJ-int-main:  see this for what to expect, and the *check* at the end to confirm the module was installed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12121139/22:47
daftykinsDemon_Jester: still waiting (:22:47
jesuslovesyouthiI'm trying to upgrade firefox to ff 43.0.3 and got it to where she'll start to launch (the new version) - but then I'm asked for prifile information. I don't want to loase any of the stuff from my old version (cookies, history, bookmarks, and even prifile). What can I do at this point?22:47
Demon_Jesterk1l, and for some reason I have this 3 way adapter to usb, it doesn't work on my pc anymore (was working yesterday when I was using another HDD) so I am using linux OS22:47
Demon_Jesterdaftykins, sorry, uhh parted is not on my pc, so lsblk is all I have is that ok?22:48
lost1nfounddaftykins: yeah, but i needed systemd, and needed a recent boost library. im not blaming ubuntu or anything as i realize its not an lts release, but ive got to fix it somehow, and hopefully fixing this can help 16.04 avoid the issue :)22:48
lost1nfound15.04 was extremely stable however22:48
daftykinsDemon_Jester: no. what are you ACTUALLY running?22:48
daftykins'cause it doesn't sound like ubuntu.22:49
Demon_Jesterdaftykins, .... LOL I am on arch.. oh god.. im sorry I thought I booted into ubuntu.22:49
k1lDemon_Jester: so please ask the support from the OS you are running how to get that working22:49
Demon_Jesterdaftykins, I will head over to arch channel.22:49
daftykinsDemon_Jester: very funny.22:49
lost1nfoundI also don't feel like i have the proper level of detail required to file a bug report, as I don't have evidence of what exactly is crashing... cant tell if its a kernel panic or if the network driver is just hanging/crashing, etc. i know the aws support guys have been working with canonical on it a bit, but im not sure where that discussion is taking place. should we purchase commercial support perhap22:52
lost1nfounds, or would they only support 14.04LTS?22:52
daftykinslost1nfound: LTS is best22:53
daftykinstalk to amazon about whether it's better running LTS on their gear, if that's ec222:53
lost1nfounddaftykins: yes ec2, but, im stuck with 15.04 at minimum unless i want to get systemd working on 14.04 but that sounds a bit messy. ill switch to and stay on LTS when 16.04 is released. do you know if canonical's commercial support will cover 15.x?22:54
daftykinsnot a clue, but having it work on a given technology is what you look at support for, not someone to pick up the pieces afterwards :>22:55
int-mainTJ- : what is that that tar command supposed to do? It doesn't do anything when entered what you told to22:55
TJ-int-main: 'tar' extracts the downloaded file to /usr/src/hp-wmi-1.01/22:56
int-mainTJ- : Okay, that I did.22:56
int-maindkms says command not found22:56
Seppozhow cna i get ri of this error http://pastebin.com/UnEg9UTH22:56
Seppozhow can i cancle installation of a package22:57
TJ-int-main: check the dir/files have been extracted: "ls -l /usr/src/"22:57
lost1nfounddaftykins: yeah, makes sense. nonetheless, we definitely have  a bug on our hands, and if this isnt already somehow fixed in 16.04, it will surely be affected also. i just don't really know what to do from here besides spin up new 15.04 machines and not do anything to report a bug/etc...22:57
TJ-int-main: if so, do "sudo dkms install -m hp-wmi -v 1.01"22:57
int-mainTJ- : where do I run sudo dkms install -m HP-wmi -v 1.01 ? At what path?22:57
TJ-int-main: any22:57
lost1nfoundwould contacting the mailing lists be a good idea perhaps? and if so which i wonder?22:58
TJ-int-main: DKMS expects all source to be at /usr/src/<module-name>-<version>/22:58
TJ-lost1nfound: i'd suggest bringing it to the #ubuntu-server channel22:58
lost1nfoundTJ-: ah, okay, wasn't aware of its existance, thanks! :)22:59
int-mainTJ- : mine is in downloads/usr/src22:59
jesuslovesyouthiDoes anyone know ...  is there a proper way to upgrade firefox? Preferable from a repo / the command line.22:59
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jesuslovesyouthiUbuntu 14.04 default version is ff 42 but the newest is ff 43.*23:00
k1ljesuslovesyouthi: ubuntu ships updates. you only need to run the system updates. on terminal use "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"23:00
TJ-int-main: that means the tar command wasn't run correctly. From the Downloads directory where the tar.z is: "sudo tar -C / -xzf hp-wmi.dkms.tar.gz"23:00
TJ-int-main: that "-C /" makes tar change to the / directory to run the command23:01
jesuslovesyouthik1l: So there's no way outside of ubuntu repos or a lot of work to get the lastest version?23:01
k1ljesuslovesyouthi: you are free to use other .deb packages or compile it yourself. but then you are on duty for keeping up to date and fix bugs and security issues.23:02
k1ljesuslovesyouthi: btw: there is ff43 in 14.04 in the repo23:02
k1l!info firefox trusty23:02
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 43.0+build1-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 (trusty), package size 43530 kB, installed size 98549 kB23:02
k1lsee ^23:03
jesuslovesyouthik1l: I guess I just assumed what I had was the latest in the repo. My bad. Thx23:03
SonikkuAmericak1l: Is [ apt $COMMAND ] now preferred over apt-get?23:03
k1ljesuslovesyouthi: run the updates23:03
jesuslovesyouthik1l: So doesn't the "full-upgrade" flag upgrade the os too?23:04
k1lSonikkuAmerica: its the new apt-get and the upgrade naming is less confusing to distribution upgrades23:04
SonikkuAmericak1l: Nice. I'll remember that.23:04
k1ljesuslovesyouthi: no23:05
k1ljesuslovesyouthi: ubuntu doesnt use apt to upgrade to the next release.23:05
int-mainTJ- : the hp was hp not HP. Found it.23:05
TJ-int-main: OK :)23:06
int-mainTJ- : module installed.23:06
int-mainNow what?23:06
TJ-int-main: right, so we now ensure the current module is unloaded with "sudo modprobe -r hp-wmi" then load the new one with "sudo modprobe hp-wmi" ... press the WiFi hot-key and check what "rfkill list" reports. Do that several times: press key, check rfkill, repeat... and see if the hard kill switch reports a change rather than the soft23:07
int-mainTJ- : no, it only toggles soft block23:10
int-mainTJ- : wait, your module is named hp-wmi and the default one is hp_wmi and sudo modprobe hp-wmi doesn't load hp-wmi23:11
TJ-int-main: lets check the correct module was used: does "modinfo -F filename hp-wmi" end in "updates/dkms/hp-wmi.ko" ?23:12
TJ-int-main: modules can interchangeably use the - and _23:12
jesuslovesyouthik1l: Right on. Looks like ff got pulled in with the full-upgrade flag23:12
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int-mainTJ- : yes, it does end with that23:13
JahmI have downloaded Ubuntu 14.04 mini.iso. When I try to burn it to my pen drive on GPT partition scheme for UEFI using Rufus, I get an error23:13
TJ-int-main: "find /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/ -type f -name hp-wmi.ko" will show you the modules. The module in the updates/..." path will take precedence23:13
someone42Hello all. I'm using Windows 10. Looking to install Ubuntu to my USB HDD (not thumbdrive) from Windows. How do I do that?23:13
k1lsomeone42: make a install-usb-thumbdrive/dvd and then choose the usb hdd as install target when you boot that usb/dvd23:14
TJ-int-main: that patch when used by the user in August made the hard kill switch work, but their HP model was a slightly different number to yours, so it is possible there's something different in your model's firmware.23:14
JahmI get this error: http://i.imgur.com/rFwqf1C.png23:14
someone42k1l: yeah, I'm trying to do that but for some reason my methods aren't working. Is there a step by step resource list?23:15
JahmHow do I dual boot Ubuntu 14.04 with Windows 1023:15
int-mainTJ- : first one is find /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/ -type f -name hp-wmi.ko23:15
int-mainFirst path is /lib/modules/4.2.0-22-generic/kernel/drivers/platform/x86/hp-wmi.ko23:16
k1lsomeone42: what is not working?23:16
int-mainI think this is whats wrong23:16
int-mainSecond is /lib/modules/4.2.0-22-generic/updates/dkms/hp-wmi.ko which should be first23:16
TJ-int-main: no, those are just the files being listed. The modprobe routines will load from updates/dkms/ first23:17
spyrossh: 1: inxi: not found23:17
spyrossh: 1: inxi: not found23:17
someone42k1l: Not step by step resource list, I mean step by step guide. All of the stuff I've downloaded only sees thumbdrives formatted with FAT32 and I'm neither.23:17
int-mainTJ- : Okay. I've wasted your hours and no result.23:17
TJ-int-main: so, unfortunately, it doesn't look as if that fix -as it stands - is sufficient for your system's issue23:17
int-mainso sorry23:17
TJ-int-main: not your fault - this is down to HP23:17
int-mainBut I don't understand23:17
int-mainIf this worked before, whats changed?23:18
int-mainEven the same ISO doesn't work.23:18
TJ-int-main: because some state that is saved in non-volatile RAM has changed, and we have no way of changing it (because we don't know what has changed). This is the problem with these opaque proprietary bits23:18
TJ-int-main: there used to be silly tricks like... pressing the hot-key rapidly at POST time, before the OS started, would toggle its state... it depends on model, on firmware version, hardware chipset... who knows!?23:19
int-mainI have tried that thing.23:19
int-mainLets just peacefully move to windows 1023:20
TJ-int-main: I noticed in the August issue we found an option in the firmware Setup menus something like "Network boot enable" and that seemed to have some kind of effect on enabling the wifi!23:20
int-mainTJ- : I fiddled with that too. Didn't help23:20
TJ-int-main: where you'd expect it only to affect the wired interface, for PXE boot services, it affected the Wifi too, when disabled23:20
int-mainI have tried literally everything I can.23:20
int-mainAsked on reddit, stackoverflow and other places too, no help23:21
TJ-int-main: with these new changes in place (acpi_osi= and the patche hp-wmi) it's worth ensuring that option for entwork boot is enabled again, and doing a complete reboot23:21
int-mainon it23:21
TJ-HP make customers work hard for their deals!23:22
k1lJahm: install both OS (best is windows first), then choose on boot menu what to boot23:25
JahmShould Windows be on UEFI or Legacy mode?23:25
bekksJahm: It should be on the same as Ubuntu.23:26
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI23:26
bithonbekks: why would that matter?23:26
daftykinsbithon: for multi-boot23:26
bekksbithon: Because one of them will not work ;)23:26
someone42I just wanted to clarify if someone is able to support me re my USB HD installation issue.23:27
k1lor you need to switch the setting in bios all the time.23:27
bithonnever tried it but that seems odd23:27
daftykinssomeone42: ask away with detail on one line23:27
bithoncan't you have grub23:27
Jahmbithon: Yep. I installed Ubuntu 14.04 on UEFI23:27
bithonload uefi and23:27
loveheartjoylovesounds like uefi presents some security problems. that so?23:27
bekksbithon: No.23:27
daftykinsbithon: don't spam the channel like that please23:27
bithonoh didn't know that23:27
JahmWhen I try to install Windows, it has an error about GPT format23:27
JahmWhen I tried* to install Windows, it has an error about GPT format23:27
daftykinsJahm: is the disk currently blank?23:28
OerHeksloveheartjoylove, that is a rumour23:28
k1lsomeone42: make a ubuntu-usb-pendrive/dvd. that is the first task.23:28
Jahmdaftykins: No. I installed Ubuntu first23:28
daftykinsJahm: that was a mistake23:28
JahmMy last dual boot was decades ago. I always install Ubuntu first and works fine23:29
daftykinsnot worth fighting, life is always easier with Windows on first23:29
someone42k1l: I've tried, but the installation tools I've downloaded only support FAT32 formatted USB thumbdrives. I don't have that.23:29
Jahmdaftykins: so Windows 10 on UEFI?23:29
k1lsomeone42: it will wipe that usb pendrive anyway23:29
JahmUEFI and GPT the same right?23:29
k1lsomeone42: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows23:30
someone42k1l: I don't have a pendrive, only a USB HD23:30
k1lsomeone42: than you cant install23:30
JahmHow do I burn Ubuntu to pen drive using UEFI by the way?23:31
JahmI get this error with Rufus on Windows http://i.imgur.com/rFwqf1C.png23:31
k1lsomeone42: you need to run a installation device. like a dvd or a usb-pendrive. from that installation-system you will have to install onto that usb-hdd.23:31
daftykinsJahm: dd the ISO onto the drive, /dev/sdx23:31
daftykinswith Windows, format the drive as FAT32 then copy the ISO contents on23:32
k1lsomeone42: you could setup other installation methods like pxe boot etc. but that is far more advanced knowledge needed. so easiest one is to grab some 2GB usb-pendrive23:32
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daftykinsEFI boot does not require any boot sector tricks23:32
Jahmdaftykins: dd?23:32
someone42k1l: Gotcha, thanks for guidance23:32
daftykinsJahm: yeah dd was for if the host OS was Linux23:32
Jahmdaftykins: I'll format the pen drive to fat32 and dd the iso image?23:33
loveheartjoyloveis Linux technically just a kernel?23:34
daftykinsJahm: which OS are you preparing this flash drive from?23:34
TJ-loveheartjoylove: Linux is the kernel; GNU/Linux is the combination with the GNU-tools based userspace23:35
k1lloveheartjoylove: yes23:35
bithonloveheartjoylove: yes. https://www.kernel.org/category/faq.html23:35
Jahmdaftykins: I have installed Ubuntu VM here on my work machine so I'll use Ubuntu23:35
loveheartjoyloveokay thanks, just making sure23:36
daftykinsJahm: no, using a VM to prepare a physical boot device is pointless23:36
daftykinsuse a host OS.23:36
JahmMy host OS is Mac23:36
daftykinsyep good luck with that then :>23:36
loveheartjoyloveI'm getting my hair some reight now, isn't that hardcore ircing23:37
JahmBut why23:37
daftykinsloveheartjoylove: support only chat in here, hair care advice in #ubuntu-offtopic23:37
rwwit's funny because it's true23:37
Jahmdaftykins: how about a Windows 10?23:38
JahmAs host os23:38
daftykinsJahm: i already answered the method for both OSs, so i don't really see the need for me to keep repeating myself23:38
daftykinsas fun as it is23:38
JahmOh sorry I wasn't able to read the method for Windows23:41
JahmMy bad23:41
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notalentgeekdaftykins, Hey mate thanks for helping me I solved the problem by re - installing the whole operating system.23:41
daftykinshaha, that's not an answer23:43
smarthello guys23:46
smarthow to disable keyring?23:46
kelianyone know how to start tor from the terminal for the first time23:48
Jahmdaftykins: last thing. I have copied the ISO content to a FAT32 pen drive. Can I automatically boot to this right?23:49
kelireturn some errors23:49
daftykinsJahm: if it was the only partition, yeah it should boot, depending on what the ISO was.23:50
ozbrkhey guys need to get a solution how can I use one drive on my new born ubuntu ?23:50
k1l!tor | keli23:50
ubottukeli: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl23:50
ozbrk(using ubuntu for lessons accutaly doens't inclued any games on windows so dual boot is just fine for me no distructions on ubuntu yaaay )23:50
FuZi0NThoughts on xfce vs lxde vs lxqt vs mate? Which do you prefer and why?23:51
FuZi0Nout of the ones i listed though :P23:51
FuZi0Nopenbox is tooo simple23:51
Jahmlxde then23:52
JahmI think lxde is based on Openbox too23:52
k1lFuZi0N: that "opinion poll" is best suited into #ubuntu-offtopic23:52
keliguess i will have to use their package23:55
fxhhi I get the following error: mono-sgen requires to install plugins to play media files of the following type: Sphere NIST decoder23:59
fxhI've tried downloading Sphere and installing it but it didn't solve the proble23:59

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