cubNice, running my work laptop on Linux (cheating with Fedora though). Windows show 1.5 hours remaining battery, Linux show 3:17 hours.....20:22
cubReading back on the logs. No I do not have an @ubuntustudio.org email adress. Was sort of considering requesting one when I was contributing more regularly...and that has not really happened yet.20:31
cubAbout the tutorial videos, me and Zak made some templates for the intro and outro, and as zequence wrote it would be to keep the same look'n'feel for the tutorials even if the main part (in the middle) was done by several people20:42
cubI have the templates somewhere on my other laptop, I will try to locate them but can't promise exactly when. As it was in the design and planning phase we have not yet uploaded them anywhere20:43
cubThe plan was that anyone would be able to create a tutorial, but someone in the art (or other team) would do the final edit, add intro and outro and upload to youtube20:43
cubas we were not expecting loads of tutorials magically being sent to us it seemed like a fine process20:44
cubthe ratio and such are important to keep though as it will otherwise mess up the videos when uploading to youtube.20:45
cubThen again, if we use another service than youtube there might be differences20:45

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