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Unit193I'm likely bailing on the CC meeting.20:37
ochosievening all22:21
knomehello ochosi 22:22
ochosihey knome 22:22
ochosiin case anybody here is going to fosdem this year, i'll be there and happy to meet up! :)22:22
knomei think kalikiana is going22:23
knomeso i could probably give the stuff i'm going to send you to him22:24
ochosiyou're meeting kalikiana?22:32
ochosi(and yeah, i saw he has a talk)22:32
knomei met him once already, should meet again before he leaves helsinki22:34
pleia2no fosdem for me this year22:41
knomewhen's the xubuntu summit, oh might leader ochosi 22:43
* knome bows in front of the mighty leader22:43
knomeok, staging site is almost ready for development now22:44
Unit193Secret virii and all?22:45
ochosipleia2: oh, had hoped you might make it again22:46
ochosiknome: xubuntu summit - yeah, maybe we should try that for real at some point ;)22:47
knomeochosi, i'm not kidding22:48
knomeexcept in the mighty leader aspect22:48
ochosiknome: anyway, time to sleep, feel free to slip your proposal underneath my door23:01
* bluesabre looks forward to the xubuntu summit23:03
knomethere it is23:04
Unit193bluesabre: I'd skip that one too. :P23:04
* bluesabre looks too late23:04

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