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luissssssshello everyone i installed several days ago Xubuntu 15.10, everything was fine until now, i power on my pc and i do not have the network manager applet on panel is gone. Can some one help me to get that back please?01:26
DrCooldid you already try to right click and go to "Add New Items"01:27
DrCoolmaybe that will not work01:27
DrtroI'm having trouble installing Xubuntu. When I start my PC, it doesn't recognize Ubuntu and in Windows disk manage, it still shows Windows as having the entire disk. However when I boot the Xubuntu live disk, it shows the 100GB partition of Xubuntu I installed.07:48
ducasseDrtro: does the PC have UEFI?07:53
DrtroYes it does07:53
ducasseThen Xubuntu needs to be installed while the PC is booted in UEFI mode - at least it used to, but it think it still does. Otherwise you can't easily dual-boot.07:54
ducasseWindows will see GPT disk labels, while Xubuntu most likely sees MBR.07:54
ducasseI think. :)07:54
DrtroI did. I installed from USB (UEFI).07:54
ducasseWhat do you see the partitions with from Xubuntu - gparted?07:55
DrtroI was running Linux Mint before today. Then I wiped my drive and installed 8.1. Now I'm installing Xubuntu and it doesn't show up when I hit esc after power and choose what to boot from07:55
Drtroand the partition doesn't even show up in Windows disk manager07:55
Drtrostill shows Windows as having the entire 500GB partition07:55
ducasseThat's really odd. Maybe you should run a chkdsk or something from Windows to see if the filesystem is still intact.07:56
ducasseThere are more people in #ubuntu, maybe someone there can help you. My only guess would be that one OS uses GPT and the other MBR on the same disk.07:58
choifor the last 3 month i cant use ununtu and  xubuntu in my pc08:26
choii dont kwno the problem08:26
wizzy___Hey. Anyone knows if it's possible to disable the alt+tab window on the secondary monitor?14:37
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DrtroWhen creating a USB drive with Rufus, should I select "GPT Partition Scheme for UEFI" or "MBR Partition Scheme for UEFI"18:16
qwertz_hi there. what could regenerate /etc/X11/xorg.conf in between boots? that file configures an NVIDIA card in my laptop which i currently have disabled. thus, booting on the onboard Intel device fails.18:21
RFleming... /usr/share/icons and /usr/share/themes are the default global directories for xfce4 icons and themes.  What are the user specific directories?18:54
RFlemingis it ~/.local/share/thems and ~/.local/share/icons ?18:55
GeekDudeMy mouse theme doesn't seem to stick very well after a reboot. It will say it's still set to my theme in the settings, but it doesn't look like it until I deselect then reselect the theme.19:29
GeekDudeThe cursors are saved in ~/.icons19:30
SonikkuAmericaGeekDude: You can make them stick by looking at dconf-editor (in the dconf-tools package) or by using GSettings20:04
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Rxtonhi !23:02
RxtonI'm a noob with xubuntu and i try to connect this pc on a microsoft network23:04
Rxtoni've installed system config samba23:05
Rxtonbut when i try to open it nothing happens23:06
Rxtonif someone know a solution...23:06
knomeopen what?23:07
Rxtonthe config of samba23:08
knomewhat exactly did you install then?23:09
Rxtoni try to install samba but it fails23:10
Rxtonon doc.unbuntu i have followed a link that explain to install system config samba (for xubuntu)23:11
Rxtonthe install is ok23:11
Rxtonbut i can't run it23:12
Rxtonmaybe there's another solution to join the network ?23:13
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ozbrkhey guys have you ever seen brainwash here lately ?23:47
ozbrkguess no one see the brainwash here lately hmmm gues he left?23:53
Unit193ozbrk: /ns info brainwash23:54

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