stokachumarcoceppi, ok cool01:17
jamespagegnuoy, thanks for those +1's and merges09:55
jamespagepoking those test failures for swift-*, glance and keystone now09:55
jamespagegnuoy, beisner, https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charm-helpers/systemd-support/+merge/28174213:02
jamespageI'll raise a temp merge for glance with that branch synced13:02
jamespageto test it out13:02
jamespageno I won't - I just did that locally and its good13:02
jamespagegnuoy, beisner: and https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charm-helpers/haproxy-stats-1.6/+merge/28174713:06
jamespagefor mitaka support13:07
Geetha@mbruzek: Hi, I got a comment for was base to include a reverse proxy to exercise the website relationship. But was base does not support clustering and it is a standalone. Does it make sense to include reverse proxy for stand alone was base?15:02
lazyPowerGeetha: even if it doesn't support clustering, you  may still want to expose the endpoint elsewhere in your environments15:05
mbruzekHello Geetha.  Are you certain it does not support clustering?  I thought all Webpshere products could cluster?15:06
lazyPowerespecially when we land cross environment relationships. I can see having a DMZ environment to expose load balancers, and running the apps in another environment. This isn't as distant future as you might think :)15:06
GeethaWebsphere ND does support clustering. And I confirmed with product team that Websphere base product does not support clustering.15:08
mbruzekGeetha: If that is true (and I believe you) I would look for other opportunities for relations, such as a relation to DB2 or _something_ to relate to.  A charm that does not relate to anything is not very useful all by itself.15:10
mbruzekGeetha: So my comment was meant to say that a charm with zero relations is not very useful, but if you could find any other relations (I listed a few without knowing that information) then we should implement those15:11
Geethaok, I will try to find other possible relations that could implement with websphere base product.15:17
iceyhow do I configure juju to bootstrap an environment through a socks proxy15:47
jamespagecoreycb, hey - just looking at your aodh changes for ceilometer charm20:34
jamespagecoreycb, do we need to start generating some aodh config files?20:34
coreycbjamespage, yeah it looks like at least aodh.conf20:37
coreycbjamespage, tests are failing on that mp btw and I've not looked into them yet20:37
jamespageif there is anyone around with the right memberships, I need a review on:21:05
beisnercoreycb, re-triggered your ceilo amulet test (looked like an undercloud instance issue).  looks like a lil lint cleanup to do on the unit tests while that cooks ;-)21:32
coreycbbeisner, ah thanks!21:32
coreycbjamespage, there's a patch in python-keystoneauth1 that's not yet been uploaded to debian (we have it in ubuntu), so that should fix it if you wouldn't mind uploading python-keystoneauth1 first21:48
coreycbwrong channel21:50

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