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denza242my touchpad's buttons refuse to work03:48
denza242sometimes the left button acts as both the left and the middle03:49
denza242and the right button does nothing03:49
denza242anyone here atm?05:25
soee!ask denza24205:30
soeedenza242: !ask05:30
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:30
denza242soee: would you happen to know how to reset all synaptic settings05:31
soeeoh i never used synaptic settings, but you coudl take a lok in .config/ folder05:31
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soeehi Guest2866506:33
Guest28665hi soee06:34
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jubo2Hiya and thanks for the best out-of-box GNU/Linukka OS09:45
jubo2'sudo apt update' is stuck at09:45
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jubo2connecting to security.ubuntu.com09:46
ikoniaLinukka isn't ubuntu09:47
jubo2It just a term of endearment for GNU/Linux09:48
jubo2Unikka and Linukka09:48
ikoniait means nothing09:48
ikoniawhat's you're actual problem09:49
jubo2'sudo apt update' hangs09:49
ikoniaremove the cache and tell it to refersh09:49
jubo2ikonia: how do I remove the cache?09:50
ikoniaman apt-get09:50
jubo2man pages are crap medium. they are not hypertext09:50
jubo2but ok09:50
valoriethey come out all nicely styled in good old konqueror09:51
ovidiu-florinikonia: you would tell a developer to check the manual, but a user is not expected to know how to check a manual09:51
ikoniawhat ?09:51
ovidiu-florinI mean a man09:52
ikoniasorry, what ?09:52
jubo2bro is better09:52
ikoniabro ?09:52
ikoniawhat are you talking about09:52
ovidiu-florinikonia: do you know the command on how to clear the cache?09:52
jubo2but bro doesn't come installed on fresh clean fresh clean09:52
ovidiu-florinthen why not tell it?09:52
ikoniajubo2: bro ?09:52
ikoniawhat are you talking about09:53
ovidiu-florinand point the asker to the man for more info09:53
jubo2bro is a companion to man09:53
jubo2and no glitter gender, just common sense09:53
jubo2Anyone can add an entry to a bro page09:53
ikonialooks like it sucks09:53
ikoniait just has some common used syntax09:54
ikoniabut that has nothing to do with this really09:54
jubo2ikonia: some people are just looking for common used syntax (example)09:54
jubo2Not all the bells, whistles and knobs of the  thing09:54
ikoniajubo2: you're not, you're looking for a specific argument09:54
ikoniawhich is why I said look in the man page09:54
jubo2I looked at all of the man page09:56
jubo2didn't find it09:56
jubo2I need more coffee. Didn't drink enough at the church09:56
jubo2'k cofi coming up09:59
ovidiu-florinikonia: one of the biggest problems with the Linux community is the arrogance of it's members. https://www.reddit.com/r/freebsd/comments/31mgze/bsd_community_vs_linux_community/09:59
jubo2ovidiu-florin: it's really nice that you care but could someone just tell me how to trash the cache so it can load fresh?10:00
ikoniaovidiu-florin: thats nothing to do with this channel10:00
ovidiu-florinif a person asks for how to do something and somebody knows the answer, instead of givin the answer they reply with: Why do you want that? Don't do that! and possibly some curses10:00
ovidiu-florin<jubo2> ikonia: how do I remove the cache?10:00
ovidiu-florin<ikonia> man apt-get10:00
jubo2ikonia: I think he is offering you critizism which is helpful in the sense that it helps your personal development10:01
ovidiu-florinjubo2: you are right10:01
ikoniaovidiu-florin: you're right, I shouldn't have offered to help someone who has been a problem user repeatedly10:02
jubo2that went into the log10:02
ikoniayes ?10:02
ovidiu-florinas a paralel: in general in the BSD community if you ask for help, (even a stupid question), they will tell you the answer, and the offer some guidance as to why that might be a bad idea10:02
ikoniaovidiu-florin: I will put in all the effort to help people in need of help, I will check if somone is genuine in their help request when they are a known problem user who has wasted time in the past10:02
jubo2offensive to call someone a "problem user"10:03
ovidiu-florinif thay are trolls we can ban them10:03
ikoniaovidiu-florin: give someone a chance to get help10:03
jubo2I friggen purvey http://Palestinetunne.li etc.10:03
ikoniajubo2: not interested in your urls10:03
ikoniaplease don't be offtopic here10:04
ikoniamake your support request as you have done and wait/work with people for support10:04
ovidiu-florinjubo2: you're not helping my case here10:05
jubo2I also purvey grepping for "problem user" if and whenevs I get the feeling to find that particular offense10:05
jubo2ovidiu-florin: I don't even know what your case is10:06
jubo2my case is 'sudo apt update' hangs10:06
jubo2and when I try to ask on #kubuntu irc "How do I remove the apt-get cache?" I get told to RTFM10:07
jubo2instead of someone who knows it from the top of the head giving me the answer10:07
jubo2peda.. something..10:07
ovidiu-florintry `sudo apt-get clean` (http://askubuntu.com/questions/285691/is-it-possible-to-clean-the-apt-cache-from-the-command-line)10:07
jubo2run. now running 'sudo apt update'10:08
aldricHello. I have a general issue with kf5 (kubuntu 15.10). I tried to google it with various keywords, but no success. Here is the problem: for many settings I may set in systemsettings (such as icon theme, color theme, singleclick, ...), it seems they are completely ignored by kf5 applications (but surprisingly not by kde4 ones). For instance, kf5 apps insist on using double click to open and using gnome icon theme everywhere. Any idea what10:09
aldricis going on? (maybe kf5 apps cannot find kdeglobals file?) Is there somewhere I can check the paths that kf5 apps look for?  Or could anybody redirect me to the right forum/channel? Thank you!10:09
ovidiu-florinaldric: at a point in history, Kubuntu had 2 systems settings, one for KDE4 and one for KF5 (unless I'm mixing things)10:10
jubo2'sudo apt update' still hangs10:11
Fritigernaldric: You have installed appmenu-qt5. Remove it and put appmenu-qt back. That fixes it 100%10:11
jubo2run that 'sudo apt-get clean'10:11
jubo2I ctrl-c it and use apt-get instead of apt10:11
aldricI think it's the kf5 one I am using.10:11
aldricok I may have appmenu-qt things... I try removing them10:12
FritigernNo, it's appmenu-qt510:12
ovidiu-florinjubo2: it should do the same10:12
ovidiu-florinjubo2: please pastebin your command and output10:12
jubo2so I think too10:12
FritigernI have had the exzact same issue and only because someone else had the same issue and manage to trak it down to that did I learn about this issue10:12
aldricis there a working macosx-like appmenu working nowadays in kf5?10:12
aldricI used to use that in kde410:13
ovidiu-florinaldric: in muon there's a section plasma widgets. See if you find something usefull there.10:13
ovidiu-florinmost of them have been tested with plasma 510:14
aldricoh removing appmenu-qt5 did the trick. Many thanks!10:14
Fritigernaldric: Spread the word.10:14
aldricit's a wonder there is nothing about this in any forum...10:15
aldricmaybe there were not that many users of appmenu10:15
ovidiu-florinaldric or Fritigern if you are willing, make a blog post about this issue, and we'll pull it in Kubuntu Wire10:16
jubo2sudo apt upgrade hangs on "0% [Connecting to fi.archive.ubuntu.com (2001:708:310:54::102)]"10:16
jubo2I cannot update nor upgrade10:17
yofelfor more than ~2 minutes?10:17
ovidiu-florinchange your servers to use ones from a different country10:17
yofelI've seen apt hang for a while on ipv6 connections in the past10:17
jubo2I gonna let it hang for 4-5 min just to find out10:18
Fritigernjubo2: sudo kate /etc/sudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list and change the sources from fi.archive.ubuntu.com to archive.ubuntu.com10:19
Odurjubo2: Change to main server instead10:19
OdurAs Fritigern said :)10:19
ovidiu-florinFritigern: or use kdesudo kate ;-P10:19
jubo2but unecolo10:20
jubo2the main is prlly in USia10:20
jubo2hey. now it runs10:20
jubo2yofel: it runs10:20
Fritigernovidiu-florin: Or sudo software-properties-kde10:21
jubo24.2.0-23 kernel and lowlatency kernel :D :D10:21
ovidiu-florinwith the fi server?10:21
jubo2It just hung on the IPv6 so I assumed it's not going to proceed like the update didn't10:21
yofeljubo2: http://askubuntu.com/questions/574569/apt-get-stuck-at-0-connecting-to-us-archive-ubuntu-com10:21
yofelthe answer is rally just a workaround as it changes the connection preference to ipv4, but it works10:22
jubo2really.. rally is silly "motorsport" where you drive insanely fast on normal roads10:23
jubo2so had little trouble parsing that one at start ;)10:23
yofeloops, lol10:24
jubo2yofel: I immediatelly thought of "race condition"10:24
jubo2which confused me more lol10:24
aldricNow, while I am here, a couple of other issues, with kmail icons. 1 - the icon in the task bar is not kmail's icon (when I was using gnome icons, but also now that I switched to breeze). 2 - the tray icon is blank (invisible) and won't go away even if I disable it. How can I fix this?10:26
ovidiu-florinaldric: you see a blank space where the icon should be?10:28
aldric(ah wait, maybe my kmail tray icon behavior is back to normal... )10:28
aldricyes that's what (was) happening10:28
aldricit only remains the task bar issue (the task bar icon is different from the window icon in kwin decoration)10:29
aldric(the latter is right while the former is wrong)10:29
ovidiu-florinaldric: are you showing the number of unread mails?10:30
BluesKajHI folks10:31
aldricovidiu-florin: yes it's working10:32
ovidiu-florinisn't the windows icon with orange?10:34
aldricno orange. It's a grey mailbox containing a white enveloppe.10:36
aldricwhile the icon in task bar is a hollow green rectangle with a "play" pictogram (green right facing triangle). Nothing to do with a mail client.10:37
ovidiu-florinaldric: not this one: https://github.com/NitruxSA/breeze-icon-theme/blob/master/Breeze/apps/48/kontact.svg ?10:43
aldricah no, not this one (but it would be fine if it was)... so maybe kwin is not displaying the breeze icon either?10:43
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aldricyour icon is kontact's icon but I am using kmail directly, so this is actually expected10:45
aldrichttps://github.com/NitruxSA/breeze-icon-theme/blob/master/Breeze/apps/48/kmail.svg <- this does not display anything in my web browser... maybe there is something wrong with kmail's icon in breeze?10:46
aldric(the green rectangle with play button: it seems this is the default icon for iconless windows in the task bar with breeze theme)10:48
aldric(ah and when I pin the icon in the task bar and close kmail, the icon becomes the right one)10:50
aldric(so it's wrong only when kmail is running)10:50
ovidiu-florinaldric: have you logged out and in since the change?10:54
aldricno, but when I relog I'll check again (I cannot do that now)10:55
aldric(btw this bug was already there before the change, only with different icons: those from the gnome theme)10:56
soeethe link you pasted does not show icon because it is symlink10:58
aldricI see. Besides kmail.svg exists on my installation... and is yet another icon! (white open envelope with blue sheet of paper inside)10:59
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aldricOkay, I am on my way now. Thanks for the help!!! Happy new year and so on :).11:07
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linuxuserwannabeHow can I set an application window to be pinned/showed to all desktops based on *exact* command path?12:18
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BuddyButterflyhi, happy new year 2u all13:44
BuddyButterflylast year I reported that I was very frustrated that the upgrade from utopic to 15.10 made the syste not boot etc.13:45
BuddyButterflyNow I have found the reason.13:45
BuddyButterflyI ccould only boot in secure mode ....13:45
BuddyButterflythe reason was, that there obviously was a change in display manager to sddm (or the like).13:46
BuddyButterflythe update did not remove lightdm. After removing lightdm all the problems went away. No hang at boot anymore.13:47
BuddyButterflyso I am happy again an enjoy kubuntu!13:47
Smurphyburiedalive: nice.14:01
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denza242I'm on the brink of re-installing and I really don't want to do that, because that's a PITA.16:18
denza242i'm having problems with my synaptics touchpad16:19
* genii pats denza242 comfortingly on the back and slides over a fresh coffee16:21
denza242genii: you wouldn't happen to know how to reset xinput stuff16:21
denza242would you?16:21
geniiNot offhand :(16:22
denza242ah well16:22
denza242in any case my problem is as such, ever since yesterdays kernel upgrade, my synaptics touchpad's mouse buttons have been acting up to the point of system unusability16:23
geniiApparently they are supposed to be stored in the .xsessionrc file16:24
denza242I have to disable and float both "TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint                         id=14" and "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad                    id=13" before anything else16:25
denza242because otherwise it spams crap everywhere16:25
denza242genii: I'll check it out16:25
denza242genii: it seems to be missing16:26
denza242oh also16:27
denza242wait I just realized16:27
denza242usually TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint  never appears when I punch in "xinput"16:27
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denza242genii: I tried purging the xinput driver for synaptics16:33
denza242but that only makes the spam worse16:34
denza242I should mention that I _did_ clean my laptop with a bit of rubbing alcohol yesterday16:34
denza242but I've done that a lot of times before, without any problems16:34
denza242o/ BluesKaj16:36
BluesKajhi denza24216:36
denza242BluesKaj: could you help me with an xinput problem16:36
geniidenza242: Could you pastebin the stuff it's spamming into the terminal?16:37
denza242genii: it spams whatever's in the clipboard (this time it was a phoronix url) somtimes16:38
denza242other times it spams tildes/FXX keys16:38
geniiYeah so looks like hardware issue or so16:38
denza242FXX = F1, F2, et al16:38
denza242I should mention16:39
denza242even though I have the aforementioned things disabled/floated, if I press the left mouse key it still does things16:39
denza242even though I have the aforementioned things disabled/floated, if I press the left mouse key it still does thingsi'16:39
denza242it's also triggering the alt-key now16:40
denza242USB mouse works fine, both wired and wireless16:41
geniiI wonder if passing options to the synaptics driver in /etc/modules instead of xinput16:42
denza242cd /etc/modules bash: cd: /etc/modules: Not a directory16:43
geniiit's a file :)16:43
denza242oh :x16:44
denza242genii: it's empty16:44
denza242other than some commented stuff16:44
denza242genii: left-clicked into a terminal and it appended "i;3~"16:45
denza242whatever that is16:45
geniidenza242: Yes. This is the file you use to put special options to modules, or load modules which are not loaded by default. So you can do something like add a line: synaptics LeftEdge 999 irq 7    ...or so on16:47
geniidenza242: The driver options can be found at http://www.x.org/archive/X11R7.5/doc/man/man4/synaptics.4.html16:47
geniiActually, on closer look those are for inclusion in xorg.conf16:48
denza242genii: what options should I pass?16:50
denza242the KDEConnect mouse is giving me less problems than the hardware mouse16:57
geniidenza242: In this case, the options need to be passed in /etc/X11/xorg.conf and not /etc/modules because the synaptics driver is only loaded when X starts16:59
denza242genii: right I get that16:59
geniiAlthough at this point I'm not sure what options should be passed, there are a lot of them. You might try decreasing it's sensitivity or such17:00
denza242genii: I should also mention, the trackpad itself works fine17:00
denza242or well17:00
denza242it works as a trackpad should17:00
denza242it's the mouse buttons17:00
geniiLike maybe the FingerLow FingerHigh FingerPress values17:00
geniiSo if the buttons, perhaps the ClickTime or FastTaps options17:01
denza242genii: I don't have an xorg.conf but I do have /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf17:03
denza242genii: I'm going to see if the trackpad is broken in windows too17:06
denza242hopefully it isnt...17:06
geniiYes, it's normal not to have an xorg.conf17:08
geniidelian66: ^17:08
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denza242genii: it's a hardware issue17:18
denza242at least though, I could enable the trackpad without having it spam crap everywhere17:18
geniidenza242: Well, at least now we know17:19
geniidenza242: Was it working properly before the cleaning, or did you clean it because it was acting up?17:19
denza242genii: perhaps I used too much rubbing alcohol...17:19
denza242working properly before cleaning17:20
geniiAh, yes. so that is immediately the suspect17:20
denza242well, other than the occasional error where it didn't work for some reason at all17:20
denza242but that was easily fixed with an xinput enable 1417:20
denza242well I could always just use the simulated button events with the trackpad17:21
geniiMaybe order a new trackpad ;)17:21
neredsenvyIs plasma desktop possible on ubuntu ? Anyone here using both k/u-buntu that could help out.18:30
marco-parilloYou can certainly install kubuntu-desktop or kubuntu-full over Ubuntu (unity). Afterwards, you will find two programs performing the same function, one KDE and one Gnome.18:53
neredsenvyAnyone know if its possible to install Plasma Desktop on Ubuntu ?19:09
neredsenvyPlasma 519:09
neredsenvyanyone ?19:12
BluesKajneredsenvy:  only if you install kubuntu-desktop19:16
neredsenvyBluesKaj: So install kubuntu-desktop first and then plasma or ?19:17
BluesKajneredsenvy:  plasma desktop is part of kubuntu-desktop19:18
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ovidiu-florinKubuntu podcast is live now: http://youtu.be/lYiEQd2QZcs20:05
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wayneh07Is anybody else having problems with 15.10 freezing?20:35
QuantosNope, when is it freezing?20:37
QuantosIs it a clean install or an upgrade path?20:38
QuantosTry a LiveCD and see if that freezes as well20:38
wayneh07Sorry I was off making a coffee20:44
wayneh07It is a clean install20:45
wayneh07I haven't seen anything to indicate it's coming it just suddenly freezes occasionally20:45
wayneh07I've also found that I can clean boot using the magic sysreq keys20:46
ShiroeHello, i need to now sth about kubuntu. Is in kubuntu a lot of critical bugs ?? Can use this system everyday witout crashes and fatal bugs??21:08
FritigernShiroe: KI am using it every day without problems (and no crashes) and I am not technical at all.21:12
mparilloovidiu-florin: Rick_Timmis: ahoneybun_ Thanks for giving us something to promote. If you have a link to a transcript, I would be happy to add it to the wire (http://wire.kubuntu.org/?p=930) which feeds the KDE and Ubuntu Planets21:38
Rick_TimmisOh yes one second, I get you link to Show notes21:38
ovidiu-florinmparillo: please use this link: https://goo.gl/DY6CBr21:45
mparilloChanged, thank you.21:48
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