wxltsimonq2: here's something to look at: paravirtualization. it can provide support for virtualization on hardware that otherwise couldn't handle it! http://v.gd/Re8Ugf00:06
tsimonq2wxl: hm00:17
wxltsimonq2: might be something to play with at mum's00:17
tsimonq2wxl: no at dad's where my old computer is00:18
tsimonq2wxl: I am at mom's now :D00:18
wxlwell you got the general idea, tsimonq200:18
wxli can't keep track of all your crap00:19
wxli can barely keep track of my own!!! XD00:19
wxldude why did they have to call it unity?00:22
wxlwrong channel but there you go XD00:22
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butteredpopcornthe lubuntu 16.04 alpha installer still says 15.1018:01
phillwbutteredpopcorn: it usually does until about beta time :)18:45

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