Kiloshelloooo africa07:37
Kiloszipper when you bringing more kenyan geeks here15:31
* Kilos waves to elacheche15:32
* elacheche waves back to Kilos :D 15:32
Kilosand where are the rest of the tunisians15:33
elachecheNo idea.. Am always alone :)15:33
Kilosyou their leader, you gotta nag them15:34
elachecheAm trying to lead myself.. I can't be a leader to others if I'm not leading myself to the right path.. :/15:34
Kilosthink of an agenda for a meeting here on the 27th15:34
Kilosdid you even notice i changed the topic15:35
elachecheKilos, Am 24/7 here.. I can't notice it with all that people connect/disconnect notifications :)15:36
Kilosturn the part join thing off15:37
Kilosand set highlights to alert you15:37
elachecheK :D15:37
zipperKilos: haha good question16:05
zipperI have to leave the house and look for them first though.16:05
zipperI'll talk to some on Saturday.16:06
Kilosand think of what you can add to the agend16:06
Kilossome ideas on spreading ubuntu and linux16:07
Kilosor even just getting more guys active16:07
zipperKilos: It's cool. I got it.16:16
Kilosill get a link put up for the agenda with the basic format done16:17
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