randy_OI'm having trouble getting an app to compile for armhf with the Ubuntu SDK. I'm getting the error: Could not find compiled binaries for architecture 'armhf'. Any ideas for what I should check?00:14
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dholbachgood morning07:49
dholbachpopey: do you have an example package for bug 1530894?08:22
ubot5`bug 1530894 in Canonical Click Reviewers tools ".mo files don't seem to be allowed in packages of arch 'all'" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153089408:22
popeydholbach, yeah, grab one of the older unav packages from the store?09:02
dholbachpopey: I'm already set09:02
popeysorry, missed your ping09:02
dholbachjdstrand, beuno (or anyone else really): ^09:03
dholbachpopey: I wonder why this recently turned into a problem though09:03
dholbachthe check has been like that for ages09:03
popeymaybe click is building it differently?09:04
popeysdk changes?09:04
dholbachthat'd surprise me09:04
popeydo mo files always look like that?09:05
popeyare they always included?09:05
popeymaybe look in an older working unav?09:05
dholbachwe're using python-magic which unfortunately is not as clever as file(1)09:05
dholbachso I added a check which checks if the filename ends with '.mo' and I attempt to open it using gettext and see if that works09:06
dholbachI hope that's good enough09:06
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popeydholbach, what are we doing with apps currently in the queue with the .mo files issue?12:00
dholbachpopey: I don't know12:00
dholbachMartin and Jamie should be up soon - let's discuss with them12:00
ahayzenfaenil, o/ I'm playing about with the ListItemLayout stuff, and i was wondering if there is a way to vertically centre the labels, as some of the listitems in music have different heights so then the subtitle is touching the bottom of the listitem14:05
faenilahayzen: they're autoamtically centered14:06
ahayzendo i need to anchors { fill: parent } or something ?14:06
faenilahayzen: blind guess, are you setting ListItem's height to layout.height+listitem.divider?14:06
* ahayzen tried setting a height14:06
ahayzenoh its layout.height ?14:06
faenilahayzen: check out the docs :)14:06
ahayzenbut we do it the other way around... like we set the ListItem to be X high then expect the stuff inside to fit14:07
faenilahayzen: yeah, but you don't set Column's height, do you ;)14:08
ahayzenthe column was in a loader that was verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter14:08
faenilahayzen: no I didn't mean your Column :)14:08
faenilit was a general statement14:09
faenilso, the issue is14:09
faenilListItemLayout has to follow visual rules14:09
faenillike 1 or 2gu top/bottom padding depending on some conidtions and stuff14:09
faenil+ it has to fit the labels14:09
ahayzenyeah that's what we expect... maybe i just need to change things around :-)14:10
faenilso you can't really restrict its height, because there would be no way to enforce that otherwise14:10
ahayzenjust one of our listviews has the listitems set to 6GU in height14:10
faenilso ListItemLayout computes how much space it needs, and ListItem has to resize to show all of it14:10
DS-McGuirepmcgowan, Any chance we can see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telephony-service/+bug/1477838 but onto a OTA milestone, the bug has been around far too long.14:10
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1477838 in Canonical System Image "[MX4] Crackling sound after playing audio and suspended" [Medium,Confirmed]14:10
ahayzenand another to 714:11
* ahayzen removes all the height stuff :-)14:11
faenil:) it has to follow layout's height14:11
faenilahayzen: also remember to consider divider's height14:11
faenil(look at the doc, there's a whole section about height :) )14:11
ahayzenwe hide the divider :-)14:11
pmcgowanDS-McGuire, I will check but I have not seen any progress either14:11
DS-McGuirepmcgowan, Thanks14:12
faenilahayzen: I understand that this change of way of looking at things is confusing, but I couldn't find anything that worked better...if you have any idea on how to improve that just let me know ;)14:12
ahayzenfaenil, no i like it, its awesome, i've hardly had to change anything for the listitems....the cards could be more interesting though :-)14:13
faenil:) cool14:13
faenilit would be even better if I find a way to remove that confusion.. :/14:13
ahayzenwe are moving the cards from a custom ColumnFlow to GridView as well, so everything could be super smooth once it all lands :-)14:13
faenillet's hope so :D14:14
faenil+ there are more ListItemLayout optimizations to make (use QQuickItemListener), but I won't have time to work on that anytime soon O/14:14
ahayzenhehe, ok it does look a bit different as the listitems are bigger, but it works14:14
faenilso it will get even a bit better :)14:14
ahayzenfaenil, you can't do alias's to the title/subtitle properties right ?14:15
faenilyeah, please notice the paddings are all customizable, so if you *really* have to change it you can, once visual design acks it. So have a chat with them if their designs don't follow the rules they defined :D14:15
faenilahayzen: me thinks14:15
ahayzenooo, ok well our design was based of the design which got approved sooooo :-)14:16
faenilahayzen: yeah, I mean, if the visual design you received needs customization to the listitemlayout properties, please make sure the designers know that14:16
faenilmaybe the visual rules for layouts were not final when they made the music app designs14:17
faenilor something like that14:17
ahayzeni think we just had a smaller vertical spacing/padding between them, but this design is super old :-)14:17
faenilahayzen: so you don't have a new visual design for the app?14:17
ahayzendefine 'new' ;-)14:17
faenilnewer than 6mo14:18
ahayzen<3 months... don't think so, i've seen screenshots sometimes14:18
ahayzenprobably not14:18
faenilmm ok14:18
* ahayzen tries to remember14:18
* ahayzen has been focussed on bgplaylists :-)14:18
faenilthen just let designers have a look at it once you're done :)14:18
ahayzeni'll leave it as default for now, and see what other think :-)14:19
faenilyep ;)14:19
ahayzenfaenil, but for the aliasing that didn't work... like property alias primaryText: listItemLayout.title.text; or something14:19
faenilahayzen: I vaguely remember something, did you check the docs?14:20
ahayzenso i'm having to have a middle property string at the moment, unless i assume it'll always be model.title and model.author14:20
ahayzeni'm scanning through the docs :-)14:20
faenilme checks system settings, I think they did the same14:21
faenilahayzen: try having a look at this https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/ubuntu-system-settings/settings-listitems/+merge/27832214:22
ahayzenfaenil, ok thanks :-)14:22
faenilahayzen: so, you say the alias doesn't work at all? what's the issue14:23
ahayzenit says that isn't a valid location14:23
faenilsounds familiar...14:23
ahayzeni assume because the property doesn't exist until you query it or something ?14:23
* faenil digs in his memory14:23
ahayzenfaenil, they have done basically the same http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/ubuntu-system-settings/settings-listitems/view/head:/src/SystemSettings/ListItems/Standard.qml#L3814:25
faenilyeah I was just about to point at that14:25
ahayzenhave a property string in the ListItem14:25
ahayzenwould be cool if you could alias :-)14:26
ahayzeneven less memory \o/14:26
faenilheh :)14:26
faenilI remember investigating that for sure14:26
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faenilahayzen: what if you alias title instead of title.text?14:29
ahayzencould work14:29
* ahayzen tries14:29
faenil(can't find anything in my dev diary)14:29
ahayzenfaenil, seems to possibly work :-) if it does it means i don't need separate properties for the colour/objectName as well \o/14:31
ahayzenthanks :-)14:32
faenilahayzen: thanks for reminding me about that :)14:32
faenilahayzen: I definitely have to add it to the docs14:32
ahayzenmaybe that should be noted in the docs14:32
faenilahayzen: the alternative of course is to use slotslayout and your own labels, which is however not recommended, unless you just have 1 label and don't need a Column14:36
ahayzenyeah :-) i may need to use Slots for our Cards14:36
faenilcould be, I don't remember what they look like, but sounds like a usecase for SlotsLayout, yeah14:37
faenilor some hammering work on ListITemLayout :D14:37
ahayzenwell they are square/rectangular and go into the ColumnFlow or eventually GridView14:38
faenilkenvandine: how is the listitemlayout move coming along? any help needed to complete that?14:39
faenilor jgdx ^14:39
kenvandinenothing blocking it14:40
kenvandinejust working on other stuff too14:40
faenilokay, cool14:40
kenvandinewe're doing it along with refreshing the visuals throughout14:40
ahayzenfaenil, the blocks in this that have album art then text below :-) https://plus.google.com/photos/photo/100887841569748798697/622964930055066337814:40
faenilahayzen: I see...well, definitely not a listitem :D14:45
ahayzenyah :-)14:45
faenilahayzen: you could still use ListItemLayout for the lower part :DF14:45
ahayzentime to find out if it breaks autopilot :-)14:46
ahayzenballoons, jenkins is failing everything for music today, even though it says 'success' at the end? https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/job/music-app-ci/48/console https://code.launchpad.net/~ahayzen/music-app/fix-1526274-use-layouts/+merge/28175715:13
balloonsahayzen, ohh boy.15:20
balloonsahayzen, I was playing with music yesterday a bit15:20
ahayzenfaenil, so there are leading/trailing for left/right of the main, but nothing for above/below? so i'm probably going to have to just put my Column into the mainSlot...but then what advantage does that gain? From just being a Column to then being a SlotLayout with the mainSlot as the Column ?15:20
ahayzenballoons, hehe :-)15:21
faenilahayzen: not much, aside from consistency with visual rules15:21
faenil(and it's not necessarily true that visual design wants that consistency, that's to be decided I guess)15:21
faenilif you have top/bottom stuff, you're probably creating something which is not a list item :D15:22
ahayzenbut like would any rules be enforced lol what would it do differently to my column ? put padding around it? which i don't want it todo15:22
ahayzenyeah we call it a 'Card' and it goes (or will go) into a GridView15:23
faenilwell, that's what listitemlayout does, handles a layout, padding/positioning15:23
ahayzenyeah :-/15:23
faenilplus is cheaper than Column + 2 labels iirc15:23
faenil(but please benchmark that if you want to go for it)15:23
ahayzeni wonder if eventually there should be a GridItemLayout or something15:23
ahayzenif design decide to use GridViews elsewhere15:23
faenilwho knows :)15:23
ahayzenlike parts of the scopes are similar ish15:24
ahayzenan Image at the top with a label below15:24
faenilthough if it's just that you can use and Image + ListItemLayout, and use anchors, should be cheap that way15:24
ahayzenso have a Columm { Image {} ListItemLayout {} } you mean ?15:26
faenilwithout column, just anchors, it's cheaper15:28
faenillistitemlayout.anchors.top: img.bottom15:28
ahayzenok i'll have a play15:29
ahayzenas we have some fun wrapping settings on the labels as well :-)15:29
faeniland Qt doesn't really do an awesome job with elideright + wrapping..15:30
faenilsometimes it wraps too early :/15:30
faenil(no wrapping, just elide sorry, it elides too early)15:31
ahayzenoh i saw it was doing that and just changed the setting...15:31
ahayzenfaenil, try title.wrapMode: Text.WrapAnywhere15:31
ahayzenthat then allows it to elide closer to the edge i found15:31
faenilahayzen: yeah...15:32
faenilok, so my vague memory was actually correct, it has to be default wrap setting + elide15:32
t1mpahayzen: hello15:33
t1mpahayzen: I think I have a fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/153101615:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 1531016 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "GridView that is inside tabs or pagestack on desktop judders when the header scrolls in/out" [High,In progress]15:33
ahayzent1mp, o/15:33
t1mpyou can try the attached MR15:33
ahayzeni applied your height idea and that worked for music as a workaround :-) http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ahayzen/music-app/cards-use-gridview/revision/95815:33
faeniland that's what we have on listitemlayout by default...it probably makes sense to change the default value, at this point...15:34
ahayzent1mp, awesome thanks, i'll try it :-)15:34
t1mpahayzen: maybe it is also time to try out the new PageHeader :)15:35
* ahayzen needs to get back to working on the convergence stuff15:35
t1mpah, that reminds me to write a blog post about that15:35
dholbachjdstrand, beuno: I don't know why this became important recently, but I think it'd be good if we could land https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/click-reviewers-tools/1530894/+merge/281730 or something like it15:59
dholbachpopey has been getting quite a bit of feedback about blocked uploads15:59
dholbach(not sure if Martin or Jamie are still on hols?)15:59
beunodholbach, heya16:01
beunoyeah, I have the tab opened with some comments I haven't submitted  :)16:01
balloonsahayzen, you are going to see a few more weird things I'm guessing16:03
dholbachI should've said "I don't know why this became a problem recently" earlier16:03
ahayzenballoons, ok lol :-) are you able to fix it?16:03
balloonsahayzen, the weirdness with zero byte artifacts has FIANLLY been solved. So yes, everything should be able to come online16:04
ahayzen\o/ thanks balloons16:04
balloonsI'll be at it this afternoon; I disabled it again16:04
ahayzencool :-)16:05
balloonsbut notice https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/job/adt-krillin/63/ actually ran again16:05
balloonsand one more of yours that snuck in: https://core-apps-jenkins.ubuntu.com/job/adt-krillin/64/console16:06
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beunodholbach, my neither, I'd like jdstrand's input on it16:07
beunomaybe we should flat out ignore .mo's without even probing it16:07
dholbachbeuno: popey asked what we do with blocked apps16:07
beunowhat are blocked apps?16:08
dholbachbecause of this issue a bunch of apps are not let through right now16:08
dholbachthey're blocked in the queue right now16:08
dholbachbasically all arch=all apps with translations16:09
balloonsohh ahayzen, can you paste your adt line for running tests btw?16:11
ahayzenballoons, its in the readme.... but $ adt-run -o /tmp/music-app/output-folder . com.ubuntu.music_*_all.click --- ssh -s adb -- -p <passcode>16:11
ahayzen$ ADT_AUTOPILOT_MODULE="-v music_app.tests.test_music.TestEmptyLibrary.test_some_specific_test" adt-run -o /tmp/music-app/output-folder . com.ubuntu.music_*_all.click --- ssh -s adb -- -p <passcode>16:12
balloonsahayzen, I was curious about your subunit output16:13
ahayzenballoons, oh if your asking about the output, as you are in the other channel... it comes from -o16:13
ahayzenthen in that folder it creates an artifacts folder16:13
ahayzenand then a subunit file16:13
balloonsahayzen, ohh, using -o will give a subunit file then eh?16:13
balloonsand yea, I asked pitti for fun16:13
beunodholbach, they are stuck in the review queue16:15
beunoand any of us can unblock it16:15
beunoif it's ok for them to go through16:15
dholbachok, so you'd suggest we let them through?16:15
beunowe can wave them through until we figure out the automated tools16:15
dholbachpopey: ^16:17
beunoare the mo binaries truly arch independant?16:18
ahayzent1mp, that branch resolves the issue for both the test case and the music-app thanks :-)16:18
ahayzent1mp, i assume that'll be in the OTA10 landing of the uitk ?16:18
dholbachbeuno: yes - in the archive we build arch: all packages just once (let's say on i386) and use the packages on all architectures16:22
beunodholbach, cool, so lets wave them through16:23
beunoand I'll comment on the MP that I wouldn't even probe for .mo's to be mo's16:23
dholbachso fn.endswith('.mo') would be good enough for you?16:23
beunodholbach, it would, yes16:29
t1mpahayzen: yes, I assume the same :)16:32
ahayzencool thanks :-)16:32
DS-McGuirepmcgowan, Thanks for pushing that bug to OTA9 :D17:08
pmcgowanDS-McGuire, np, just reproduced it pretty reliably, not sure yet what it is17:08
pmcgowanthe audi elemnt is being paused properly17:09
pmcgowanaudio element17:09
pmcgowanodd I never noticed it myself17:09
DS-McGuireYeah it is super easy to repoduce.17:09
DS-McGuireI notice it all the time, I like to work in silence with my phone on my desk and that bug makes me have to clear all notifications as soon as I get them because it just pops and cracks all night long.17:10
pmcgowanDS-McGuire, so clearing the notifications makes it stop?17:16
ahayzenfaenil, using the analyse tool in QtC the listitemlayout, effectively removes the part that was in an async loader before... this then reduces the time by ~5ms to load (from ~10ms) for each delegate on mako, so will probably be more noticeable on lower powered devices :-)17:19
faenilwow, half the time just by moving to listitemlayout17:19
ahayzenyeah ish, it is really tricky to calculate17:19
faenil5ms is huge though17:20
faenil5ms for one delegate is a lot :/17:20
ahayzenthe loader was all over the place before between 3-8ms17:20
ahayzenfaenil, but its still way below 16ms :-) and this is when scrolling rapidly down the list17:20
faenilahayzen: mmm but you don't just create 1 delegate each frame17:21
faeniland even if, you don't have 16ms, the compositor has to work on it as well...17:21
ahayzenno, and you can see the fps stays easily ~60fps17:21
faenilok, so it probably takes way less than 5ms each delegate17:22
faenilotherwise I don't think quick scrolling would keep 60fps17:22
faenilbut even relatively slow scrolling wouldn't :D17:22
faenilahayzen: how are you computing the time?17:22
ahayzen:-) that's just what the QtC analyse thing says it takes to create it :-)17:22
faenilI see, ok...17:23
ahayzenit was terrible in the old days before Florian showed us some tricks :-) and now with listitemlayout its halved again \o/17:23
DS-McGuirepmcgowan, Yes, sorry I thought that was known information.17:23
faenilsome tricks like? (I'm curious :) )17:24
ahayzenfaenil, how do you usually measure the time ?17:24
faenilahayzen: during component development I use Q_BENCHMARK17:24
faenilon a View with 5k delegates17:24
ahayzen...there was a presentation that Gerry did as well17:24
ahayzenremember our one has an Image in it as well17:24
ahayzenthat it has to get from the thumbnailer17:25
faenilyeah, ofc :)17:25
faenilthat's the main bottleneck most likely...17:25
faenilbut hey, I don't have much info about what it takes to stay at 60fps on our devices17:25
faenilso it's very useful to get some numbers17:25
ahayzenfaenil, when you have some time what this if you haven't before :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpU6md2mMFs17:25
faenilit would be lovely to see the time the compositor needs as well17:26
ahayzenthat shows using the performance monitor thing, where it was bad if it went over 16ms he said :-)17:27
faenilahayzen: ah ok, I have already I think17:27
faenilyeah, I still believe we don't have 16ms though ;)17:27
faenilbecause of other stuff that needs doing to get that frame on screen17:28
ahayzenyeah idk, maybe that's all included in this somehow :-)17:28
faenilmaybe greyback can give shed some light on that17:28
faenilahayzen: sure, it could be that the analyzer takes that into account already, don't remember17:29
faenilgreyback: how much time can we spend actually doing the drawing?17:30
faenil(i.e. so that with compositor, nested servers and whatnot it is < 16ms)17:30
greybackfaenil: to get 60fps, you've got 16.6ms per frame17:30
ahayzenand what does the analyse tool in QtC show?17:30
ahayzenis that the final time?17:31
greybackmy follow-up to Florian's presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1wFu6gNaaFVdTjIQYvMokeHg5iLZ_GG5xgohWQ9hwwyA/edit#slide=id.p17:31
faenilgreyback: yes, but the compositor surely does some handling and wastes some of that time17:31
faenilit's surely not free :)17:31
ahayzengreyback, ah yeah was that the presentation you did at Washington ?17:31
greybackfaenil: yeah, there's only one GPU, so it's scheduler manages sharing the tasks17:31
faenilgreyback: yeah, but you can't work on a half finished frame17:32
faenilso you have less than 16 to draw, then send it to the compositor, and let it do its job17:32
greybackfaenil: phone GPUs make it hard to say yes or no to that. You generate gl calls, then calls swap buffers. the gpu driver only then gets to work17:33
greybackthe deferred rendering architecture means it's hard to know how long it actually takes to draw that frame17:34
greybackneed to use fences to accurately measure it17:34
faenilgreyback: well, if you can't keep 60fps, it means it took too long :) I was wondering whether you guys had some stats about that17:34
faenilon devices like krillin or arale17:34
greybackfaenil: nothing handy, sorry17:35
faenilgreyback: ok, thanks anyway :) but you do agree the app has (potentially way?)-less than 16ms, right?17:35
greybackfaenil: sure17:35
faenilgreyback: ok, cool :)17:35
greybackbut if you're anywhere near 16ms per frame, you're doing way too much17:36
faenilgreyback: yeah, exactly, that was my point17:36
greybackapps at 10ms a frame should look smooth17:36
faenilgreyback: if your app takes 16ms to produce a frame, that's never going to be rendered at 60fps17:36
faenilgreyback: there we go, that's what I was looking for :)17:36
greybackif your compositer was free, it just about could manage it :)17:37
faenilheh, exactly ;)17:37
faenilmy point :)17:37
greybackand there's situations where it is free, using hardware overlays17:37
greybackbut we're not using those (yet)17:37
faenilgreyback: but you still have window decorations, shadows around windows etc, don't you17:37
faenilwell, not on touch maybe17:37
faenilbut in the convergent world... :)17:37
faenil(not on mobile phone in mobile mode, I meant :D )17:38
greybackif the only thing on screen that changes is your surface, we can put that surface in an overlay. then the hardware will composte new frames of your surface, without redrawing everything else around it17:38
greybackit a good perf bonus17:38
faenillooking forward to hw overlays :D17:38
faenilahayzen: so yeah, that's what I meant ^^17:43
ahayzen:-) so 5ms is good then \o/17:43
faenilhaha, well 5ms is just the delegate creation, then you have to paint it, and paint the other things that changed in your app (assuming an ideal renderer where exactly only the things that changed are repainted)17:44
faeniland since you're scrolling a list, you basically have to paint all the delegates which are on screen :D17:45
ahayzenyup :-)17:45
faenilso, yeah...I still think 5ms for 1 delegate creation is still a bit tight ^_^17:45
ahayzenwhen it was ~10ms before it would still hit ~60fps on mako, but then everything was async17:46
faenilespecially because n4 is not exactly a dumb phone :D17:46
ahayzenfaenil, so on the Cards one, we have it so the first line can have a maximumLineCount: 2 but when it wraps the text goes over the subtitle ?17:48
ahayzenwould that be 'expected' ?17:48
faenilahayzen: nope :)17:49
faenilI remember investigating that as well...17:49
faenilahayzen: can you check if title.height changes when the text wraps?17:50
ahayzeni'll try :-)17:50
faenil(if it doesn't, then it's likely not my fault)17:50
ahayzenfaenil, it does change      qml: LineCount 1 height 40        qml: LineCount 2 height 8017:54
faenilahayzen: crap :D17:54
ahayzenfaenil, this is my ListItemLayout if it helps http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14422428/17:56
faenilahayzen: mmm you're constraining its height...17:57
ahayzenah yeah, as the GridView requires the height to be fixed17:57
ahayzenfaenil, shall i remove the bottom: anchor and see what happens?17:58
faenilah right, gridview constraints...mmm that's interesting17:59
faenilahayzen: yea please try, but it's probably not going to fix it17:59
ahayzenyeah thats why we had our ColumnFlow before :-)17:59
ahayzenthat allowed for differing height cards17:59
faenilhehe yeah17:59
faenilI remember that wrapping issue anyway...now the point is: did I forget about fixing, or did I forget what the solution is? :D17:59
ahayzenbut design finally understood we would never get the same performance so now we've been told to use GridView18:00
ahayzenfaenil, i don't think taking the bottom off has helped... the subtitle appears in the exact place where it does on ones where the title does not wrap as well18:00
faenilahayzen: meanwhile, I'm changing the default wrapping, as that's likely what the dev will want to use (WrapAnywhere), because what Qt does when ElideRight is used is not nice :/18:01
faenilahayzen: yeah, as expected18:01
ahayzenyeah WrapAnywhere or Text.WrapAtWordBoundaryOrAnywhere are good :-)18:01
faenilahayzen: timeout for me today :) be back tomorrow, and will have a closer look at that issue and fix it if needed :)18:04
ahayzenfaenil, thanks :-)18:04
faenilhave a nice day o/18:04
ahayzenyou too thanks for your help o/18:05
faenilahayzen: ps WrapAtWordBoundaryOrAnywhere is not enough18:06
faenilit has to be anywhere18:06
faenil(just tested)18:06
ahayzenhehe :-)18:06
ahayzenWrapAtWordBoundaryOrAnywhere is good when you actually want to wrap across two lines18:07
jdstrandbeuno: I committed dholbach's change with some changes in r564. It sounds like it would be a good time for a sync of the review tools18:11
jdstrandbeuno: and hi!18:11
beunojdstrand, o/18:11
ahayzenballoons, i see your having fun with jenkins for music :-), i think bug 1452492 maybe a good candidate for code-in (i don't think it has already been implemented)21:11
ubot5bug 1452492 in Ubuntu Weather App "[reboot] Autopilot Testcase Needed: Switch locations via swipe left/right" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145249221:11
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