DiagonTwo bugs for which I don't know how to ID the relevant package: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1531478, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/153140412:45
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1531478 in Ubuntu "Browsers apparently not finding certs in Wiley new install" [Undecided,New]12:45
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1531404 in Ubuntu "nonexistent partition in /dev, & lsblk/disk util misbehaving with randomized disks" [Undecided,New]12:46
DiagonAnyone have a suggestion?12:46
Diagonc'm on, yr all computer geeks.  yr supposed 2b up@all hrs of the night ...12:49
rbasakDiagon: ca-certificates perhaps. But it might be better to start with firefox given that the cause is not certain and the issue starts with one of those, even if the root cause is suspected to be deeper.13:18
DiagonThere's also the same problem with chromium13:18
DiagonAnd it does kind of look like all the certs are there...13:19
rbasakThat's fine so the problem may be deeper, but like I say, until the root cause is found we don't know. Remember that the task can always be changed as more information comes to light.13:19
DiagonOk.  Thoughts on the second bug?13:20
rbasakFOr the second bug, I don't think that's valid. If you fill a disk with random data, you will get a random partition table.13:20
rbasakIf you don't want a random partition table, fill the partition table areas with zeroes.13:20
DiagonI'm getting exactly the same thing, with different random data.13:20
DiagonParted doesn't get confused13:20
DiagonIt's not random13:20
rbasakIt's undefined, and I think that's fine.13:21
rbasakYou could have filled it with random data and it happen to be the same as some valid partition table, too.13:21
DiagonHm.  Ok, well ...13:21
rbasakThere's nothing reasonable that a partitioning tool could present in this case (other than perhaps report a corrupt table in some cases).13:22
rbasakAnd it's also reasonable that different tools will behave differently.13:22
DiagonYes, but I've filled it twice, with different random data, and gotten the same confusion by lsblk or Disks util.13:22
DiagonNo, that's not right.  One disk reports as "Unknown" in Disk util.13:22
rbasakSo it tends towards one particular form of confusion in common cases.13:22
DiagonThat's not right either.  First it was /dev/sda and sdb ws fine13:23
Diagonthen it was /dev/sdb and sda was fine13:23
rbasakIf you deliberately corrupt your partition table, you can expect confusing results.13:23
DiagonWell, ok.13:23
DiagonAnother quesiton on bug reports...13:23
DiagonBecause of that first one, I can't get to launchpad via apport13:24
rbasakPartitioning tools should never crash, and it would be nice if they warned you about corruption, but they cannot do so in all cases of writing random data since some of those random forms will be valid.13:24
DiagonSo I used: apport-cli -f -p <pkg.nm> --save <fn>13:24
DiagonProblem is that on my machine with a working browser, I can't figureout how to upload the .apport file.13:24
Diagonubuntu-bug -c <fn.apport> -u bug# doesn't work.13:25
DiagonJust checked ... MBR has a "bootstrap signature".  Two bytes right at the end.  If they aren't correct then clearly there's no partition table.13:26
Diagon*"boot signature", excuse me.13:27
DiagonOk, added ca-certificates13:31
rbasakDiagon: if the cause is that the tools can detect a corrupt table and are not doing so then I relent and that's a valid bug.13:46
rbasak(unless upstreams say otherwise)13:46
DiagonHow do i get these apport files up to launchapd??  Iv'e found 3 bugs on this install, the browser one being the most crippling for the moment.13:47
rbasakI'm sorry, I don't know much about apport. I only know that one can use apport-collect really.13:48
DiagonOk. Thanks man...13:48
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