dholbachgood morning07:49
davidcalleGood morning all o/08:39
dholbachsalut davidcalle08:51
davidcalleHey dholbach, how are things?08:57
dholbachgood good - how about yourself? :)08:57
davidcalleSame :)08:58
* popey relocates to chez czajkowski - back later09:06
czajkowskibest get the croissants on09:48
dpmczajkowski,  see, you mention croissants and popey comes online10:16
popey\o/ croissants10:16
dpmdholbach, in other news http://mixxxblog.blogspot.de/2015/12/announcing-mixxx-20.html10:16
dholbachI haven't tried it yet :)10:28
dpmme neither, but looking forward to put it to the test :)10:41
dpmit's really awesome to see such a strong open source project10:41
dpmand multiplatform!10:41
dholbachyeah :)10:49
* dholbach relocates to the office, bbiab11:09
popeymarcoceppi, jcastro http://meta.askubuntu.com/questions/1674/is-there-a-public-api-for-stackexchange - api.askubuntu.com doesn't resolve, any idea why?12:47
jcastrohuh, no idea on that one13:34
popeynvm, i win13:39
marcoceppipopey: I think it's just api.stackexchange.com, yeah?14:02
popeyyeah, figured it out, thanks14:02
marcoceppioh bother, I answered that question14:02
popeyyou have to use api.stackexchange.com and pass site=askubuntu14:03
popeyand it works14:03
jcastrooh, I guess it makes sense that they did that14:11
davidcalleEek, the wiki is again under a spam attack: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecentChanges14:35
* davidcalle blames jcastro14:36
czajkowskidavidcalle: maybe someone in IS to ping them ?14:37
jcastroI know how to get rid of the spam!14:37
davidcalleczajkowski: yes, just pinged them14:40
davidcallejcastro: :)14:40
pleia2typo in the page name of "Sposors" (missing an 'n'!) http://ubucon.org/en/events/ubucon-summit-us/sponsors/16:25
dholbachmhall119: dpm: ^16:27
dholbachall right my friends - have a great rest of your day - see you tomorrow! :)17:03
mhall119pleia2: fixed already, after seeing someone comment about it :)17:05
pleia2mhall119: thanks :)17:05
pleia2love how I get the snarky comments instead of actual helpful ones17:05
mhall119or, well, I fixed it but forgot to publish it, it's done now17:05
pleia2"What's a sposor" ...makes me figure out what they're referring to instead of actually telling me the obvious problem17:06
mhall119the internet is a harsh mistress17:06
pleia2shut it down!17:06
mhall119popey: ^^ unplug the internets17:07
pleia2btw, ubuntu-doc mailing list may be of interest, massive spam attack has the team considering shutting down the help.ubuntu.com/community doc wiki17:07
pleia2IS helped us stop the spam by locking the whole thing down to a tiny group of editors for now17:07
mhall119spam on the wiki or on the ML?17:07
mhall119it's that SSO-protected?17:07
pleia2it is17:07
pleia2spammers created launchpad accounts17:07
pleia2it was pretty epic17:07
pleia2thousands of spam pages created over the holiday break17:08
mhall119really? does that mean we have their email addresses?17:08
pleia2would have to follow up with IS17:08
pleia2didn't have public things us mortals could see17:08
mhall119from now on, if anybody complains about signing up for SSO being too much to ask, I'll just tell them that if spambots can do it so can they17:08
pleia2honestly that's the super frustrating part17:08
pleia2normal users struggle with it all the time, but someone scripted a bot that figured it out17:09
pleia2(I don't blame the users, it sucks)17:09
mhall119we should just buy that code from them17:09
jcastrowow I can't believe someone would sign up for a spam SSO account18:22
jcastroand it's not like moin has an API right?18:22
jcastroso like they're doing all that crap by hand?18:22
pleia2dozens of spam accounts18:26
pleia2it was clearly a script of some kind, launchpad accounts being created and new pages coming in every 2-5 minutes from dec 23 - jan 418:26
pleia2can't see any evidence anymore since it's all be deleted and purged, but it was a massive mess :)18:28
mhall119pleia2: http://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/10/16/origami-wily-werewolf-competition/ has the werewolf19:02
pleia2coool, thanks19:03
mhall119I can't find the unicorn ones19:05
mhall119ah, wait, here it is: http://insights.ubuntu.com/wp-content/uploads/226b/042_CAN_dConstruct_instructions-1.pdf19:06
pleia2did Abi have a xerus? it seemed to have a long tail19:07
mhall119no, tht was the werewolf I think19:07
pleia2ah ok19:08
dpmpleia2, mhall119, I know I should be excited about the convergence demo, orange box and all that at the ubuntu booth, but I'm rather quite looking forward to the origami animals there :)20:24
pleia2I didn't pay attention to anything in the call after the oragami animals20:25

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