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didrocksgood morning06:53
seb128hey didrocks & desktopers06:53
didrockshey seb12806:53
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dholbachgood morning07:49
didrockshey dholbach07:51
dholbachsalut didrocks07:51
flocculantmorning didrocks :)07:57
didrockshey flocculant!07:57
larsugood morning!08:05
didrocksgood morning larsu08:05
larsuhow are you didrocks?08:06
didrocksI'm good, thanks! how about you?08:07
larsugood, but about to go to the dentist (already in a cafe next to it) - might not be so good in an hour ;)08:07
didrocksargh, good luck!08:07
larsuthanks :)08:09
seb128hey dholbach larsu08:43
dholbachsalut seb12808:43
seb128I was out getting some food, empty fridge after holidays08:44
MNTSHello, how can I update android-studio installed using ubuntu-make?08:45
didrocksMNTS: you should have android studio itself proposing updates08:46
didrocksthen, you just accept it, you don't need ubuntu make for it, we let the upstream tool doing the update (as it knows better than us)08:47
alexarnaudGoodmorning all!08:47
didrocksgood morning alexarnaud08:47
MNTSdidrocks: OK I'l check08:47
willcookemorning all08:59
didrockshey willcooke09:00
willcookehi didrocks09:01
Laneyyo yo yo09:01
didrocksmorning Laney09:01
Laneyhi didrocks!09:01
Laneyhow's it going?09:01
didrocksI'm good, thanks! How about you?09:02
Laneyooooooooh pretty good09:06
Laneygot to destroy the christmas tree today09:06
* Laney bought a saw just for the purpose09:07
willcookeah yes, I need to chop the tree up so the bin men will take it away09:09
willcookewhich means going in to the shed09:10
willcookewith the spiders09:10
didrockssad treeā€¦09:10
willcookemeh, I'll take it to the tip myself on August bank holiday09:10
Laneyit'll be turned into lovely chips09:10
seb128hey willcooke Laney09:11
willcookemorning seb12809:11
Laneyhey seb12809:15
* Laney meows09:15
seb128cat enabled Laney!09:15
LaneyI forgot what time they are coming and even if it is really today09:16
* Laney should learn to write things down09:16
seb128larsu, so, did you manage to get the nautilus menubar thing done before the holidays?10:17
willcookewhen you ctrl-W your browser window instead of shift-W10:43
Laneyand you use lastpass with yubikey 2fa and your keys are missing and you need to sign into ubuntu sso10:46
seb128unfortunate effect of having a name starting with a W :p10:50
willcookepopping out for early lunch to get a hair cut, bbl11:21
xnoxgoogle chrome makes unity crash on wily from time to time, making me loose my work =(11:53
xnoxany thoughts? http://paste.ubuntu.com/14419413/11:54
* xnox ponders if i should change to some other desktop environment.11:55
* willcooke - back11:55
willcookexnox, qengho might have an idea11:56
willcookemorning desrt11:56
xnoxqengho, any idea about http://paste.ubuntu.com/14419413/ ? e.g. eventually, from time to time, actions in google chrome crash unity7 which takes all of desktop session with it =(11:56
desrtwillcooke: hi11:58
chrisccoulsonxnox, I don't think it's making unity crash - it's making X crash, isn't it?12:22
chrisccoulsonDon't you get a crash report (or a trace at the end of /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old)?12:22
xnoxchrisccoulson, i do =)12:31
xnox... but it's not very useful =(12:32
xnoxchrisccoulson, qengho http://paste.ubuntu.com/14419632/12:32
Laneyseb128: want to promote gnome-calendar?12:40
seb128Laney, hey, can do?13:13
seb128hey desrt13:17
attentehi all13:57
didrocksgood morning attente13:57
attentehi didrocks!13:58
willcookemorning attente14:00
attentemorning willcooke14:00
seb128hey attente14:02
seb128no larsu today?14:02
attentehi seb128 :)14:03
Laneyseb128: woot!14:04
seb128Laney, larsu, if you add a custom location to the tz list from u-c-c, the entry is bigger than it should be, do you have any idea if that's a theme or gtk issue?14:06
Laneyseb128: hmm, wasn't always like that14:11
Laneybut not sure straight away14:11
LaneyI hope someone reworks that UI when it's ported to geonames ;-)14:13
seb128Laney, the geonames port of u-c-c landed before holidays14:17
seb128but unsure if that include that subdialog?14:17
Laneyoh didn't know14:17
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Laneycan't think where there is another completion entry14:42
Laneyeditable entry even14:42
Laneyseb128: did you do that promotion?14:43
seb128Laney, not yet, did you seed it yet? I wanted to check the issues pointed in the Mir first, but I'm just updating my system from before holidays state14:45
seb128getting there ;-)14:46
seb128oh, we are in sync with Debian now, nice14:46
Laneydidn't realise there was an extra layer of checking required, I can unseed if you want14:47
seb128though I guess that's not going to stay this way14:47
seb128no, don't worry14:47
seb128there is no extra layer, I just wanted to give a try before running the command14:47
seb128just being a bit slow still ;-)14:47
Laneymight be able to if we can get some solution on the configuration stuff upstream14:48
Laneysync that is14:48
Laneywill look soon14:48
seb128did we end up having anyone looking at the theme in the context of google code in?14:48
* Laney checks out what pcre3 done did to break itself14:48
seb128I didn't follow up at all what was going on with those contributions14:48
seb128since they are not so much on our standard irc/lists14:49
seb128still curious to see the outcome :-)14:49
didrocksseb128: unfortunately, nothing on the theme15:02
seb128didrocks, nobody interested? or just not outcome yet?15:03
willcookeI chased the guy who was going to work on it yesterday15:10
willcooke oh15:10
willcookeI have a reply...15:10
willcookehe's going to start on it real soon now15:11
willcookegood timing15:13
seb128mdeslaur, thanks for merging samba!16:01
seb128I was going to look at that today or tomorrow but didn't find the motivation to start on it yet16:01
mdeslaurseb128: np!16:06
alexarnauddidrocks: do you knows how compiz manage settings ? I explain me above.16:20
didrocksalexarnaud: what do you mean? It's storing them per profile in dconf16:21
alexarnaud0) I've modified the file /usr/share/glib*/schemas/10_compiz-gnome.gschema.override and recompile the gsettings with the apprioriate command16:21
alexarnaud1) I restart lightdm to restart gsettings service16:22
alexarnaud2) I've launch CCSM first time and move from ini to gsettings but my settings doesn't affect Compiz16:22
alexarnauddidrocks: yes I can see profile but maybe something I don't know16:23
didrocksalexarnaud: weird, you should look if the changes are stored in gsettings/dconf with dconf-editor16:23
didrocksshould be in org.compiz.profiles16:24
alexarnauddidrocks: if I understand, at first time, CCSM/compiz defines default profile with value of override file ?16:25
alexarnaud(override file situated in /usr/share/glib2_*)16:25
didrocks(so, it's only once it's launched first that the Default profile is created)16:25
alexarnaudOK, maybe I should check better16:26
alexarnaudthanks didrocks16:26
didrocksalexarnaud: introspect with dconf-editor, it's the best way :)16:26
alexarnaudksamak_: I think I'm in the right way for Compiz configuration. I've discussed with didrocks and I understand the way Compiz et GSettings interact but for some reason my test configuration fails16:29
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alexarnauddidrocks: do you know any tool to generation override from existing profile ? I've searched on net but I didn't find it16:57
didrocksalexarnaud: I don't think that exist, you have to do it by hand I guess16:57
alexarnauddidrocks: OK16:58
larsuseb128: sorry was off because I didn't feel well today. Nautilus is still in progress :(17:16
seb128larsu, no worries, get better!17:24
seb128time for some tennis here17:24
larsuseb128: enjoy17:25
didrocksenjoy seb12817:35
* didrocks waves good evening and good bye!17:53
didrockssee you tomorrow Laney :)17:54
Laneybe good!17:54
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willcookegnight all.  Off tomorrow, back Friday.18:19
Laneyso G_PARAM_CONSTRUCT confuses me a little bit21:53
Laneydoes it mean something like "this object is not valid until this property has been set?"21:53
Laneylike without it the object is constructed and then g_object_set is called for the passed parameters21:57
Laneyif the initial value is not user supplied is it okay to just initialise in _init?21:59
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