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kalon33Hello everybody, I just recovered my expired freenode account, is this possible to set a cloak back on it? I'm https//launchpad.net/~kalon3322:58
Unit193Pici, Tm_T, hggdh: Looks good, ↑22:59
* nhandler is free to help set it23:01
Unit193Nice!  Just need some IRCCer.23:01
hggdhif any staff here: please set a cloak ubuntu/member/kalon33 for kalon3323:38
Unit193If nhandler isn't still here, uptime seems active.23:39
hggdhnhandler: ^23:39
hggdhnhandler: can you please set the cloak for kalon33 (ubuntu/member/kalon33)23:39
nhandlerhggdh: kalon33 is now cloaked23:40
Unit193Seems he expired from the cloaked group, or was removed.23:41
hggdhwill deal with it now23:41
hggdhUnit193: thank you23:42
hggdhnhandler: thank you as well :-)23:42
hggdhUnit193: for remembering me to check the cloaked team on LP :-)23:42
nhandlerhggdh: Out of curiosity, has a sync of that group with the actual list of cloaked users been done in the past couple of years?23:44
hggdhnhandler: not really. I think we need it23:44
nhandlerhggdh: If you ever want to do one, I would be happy to help from the freenode side.23:45

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