Kilosmorning all07:37
dholbachgood morning07:49
Kilosh dholbach svij nhaines and others07:54
dholbachhi Kilos07:54
Kilosoh my sorry. sticky i07:55
svijhi Kilos and dholbach 08:02
dholbachhi svij08:03
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dpmhey nhaines, do you happen to be around?17:37
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nhainesdpm: sorry I missed you in IRC!19:17
dpmnhaines, no worries, I did see you in person, which was better :)19:27
nhainesI was going to ask dholbach, but missed him.  I figured out I was saying 7. as "siebste" instead of "siebte".  Now I'm worried that I might have to really try to unlearn that, haha.19:31
svijnhaines: Should I talk to you more often in German on telegram? ;)19:33
nhainessvij: haha, only if we're talking about lists, apparently!  ;)19:35
svijnhaines: we can do that ;)19:36
nhainesI found "siebste" all over the Web, but never in any dictionaries.  ;)19:38
pbjartingInstalled teamviewer 11 would like to go back to version 9. How do I remover #1121:25
tsimonq2pbjarting: #ubuntu for support21:29
pbjartingpls help. how do I uninstall a previous verson 21:34
geniipbjarting: Please /join #ubuntu and ask support questions there. It is not the purpose of this channel to give support for Ubuntu21:36
pbjartingI have joined Ubuntu both in Sweden and Spain. I do not understand.21:40
pbjartingI will continue to ask questions on this channel21:44
nhainespbjarting: please restrict those questions to the subject of Ubuntu Local Community teams.21:45
pbjartingI do not understand. Pls advise21:45
ubot5The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com21:46
nhainesThis channel is only for discussion about Ubuntu advocacy.21:46
pbjartingWhat does it means ?21:46
nhainesIt means the work that is being done by the Ubuntu Local Community Teams.21:47
pbjartingI am really upset how I'm being treated . Please advise where I direct my questions.21:49
pleia2pbjarting: we can't help you here, please join #ubuntu and ask your question there21:51
pleia2#ubuntu is where you should direct your question21:52
pbjartingHow do I do that ?21:52
pleia2as genii explained, /join #ubuntu21:52
wxlpbjarting: if you need help with ubuntu, you can join the #ubuntu channel and they can help you out with your needs. just enter /join #ubuntu21:52
pbjartingSorry me stupid. What do we discuss here ?21:56
pleia2events and projects related to ubuntu in our home countries21:57
pleia2there are ubuntu teams all over the world: http://loco.ubuntu.com/21:57
pbjartingpls specify21:57
wxlpbjarting: what do you want specified?21:59
pbjartingI do not know what you are talking abt21:59
pbjartingIs this some kind of private club ?22:00
wxlno, you're welcome to join, pbjarting. where are you located?22:00
pbjartingI am in Sweden but I also reside in Spain. I'm an ex United Nations employee. I try to encourage my friends to use Linux. We are migrating from Windows and are looking for other options22:02
wxlpbjarting: then you can join and you can invite your friends to join the groups in Sweden and Spain: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-se/ http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-es/22:07
tsimonq2pbjarting: they are really a lot of fun :D22:07
wxlpbjarting: these are good places to find support, friends, learn new things, contribute to ubuntu, etc22:08
pbjarting_I'm back and I have contacted the links that you gave me. Maybe there has been a fuck up since I recently joined Spain also22:14
pbjarting_We will see. I have got support from you earlier on the chat22:15
wxlpbjarting: please consider using non-offensive language. doesn't bother me, but i can't speak for everyone else. it's not uncommon for us to have minors about..22:16
* tsimonq2 waves22:16
pbjarting_I am so sorry22:17
wxlno problem. i'm sure you did not mean offense.22:17
pbjarting_will leave the pc on and then maybe you will be able to explain how I earlier was able to receive support on this channel, but no now?22:22
geniipbjarting_: It's possible someone gave you assistance in this channel at a previous time. But this channel is not for that purpose, as we've been patiently attempting to explain. 22:24
wxlpbjarting: the purpose of this channel is what we said before. the purpose of the #ubuntu channel is to provide support. it's possible you can find support anywhere, but that doesn't mean you can depend on it.22:24
tsimonq2+1 wxl 22:24
wxlpbjarting: you can depend on getting support at #ubuntu because that's all they do.22:24
geniipbjarting_: You have not once yet entered the real support channel in the entire time we have been conversing here and instructing you in various ways how to enter there and receive the assistance you require22:26
pbjarting_OK sorry that I exist. I think that you just lost abt 3600 members that was considering Linux.22:26
pbjarting_I will have to infrom them that Mac is a better choice22:26
wxlpbjarting: i'm not entirely clear why you're taking offense to this. the solution to your problem is within your grasp.22:26
tsimonq2pbjarting: it's not that we don't want to help you. we do. just the people in #ubuntu are a lot quicker at getting you answers and a lot better as that is all they do22:27
tsimonq2pbjarting: so don't take offense, be glad that we are refering you to the professionals :)22:28
tsimonq2pbjarting: and you are welcome to stick around and hang out too22:28
wxlpbjarting: also, the chances of finding someone with experience with teamviewer is relatively small, so you need to find the place with the most amount of people in order to get taken care of. *I* have no experience with it.22:28
pbjartingHi,  an order of 3000 macs took just place. Linux could be installed, but you were arrogant.23:44
wxli'm sorry you misunderstood, pbjarting 23:46
pbjartingI will report this to Ubuntu. I do not think that you are in charge.23:46
wxlyou can contact the community council, who is in charge23:47
wxlin fact, if you join #ubuntu-community-teams, you can speak to them directly23:47
pbjartingtalking - good I will rest my case for a while. BiBi23:48
wxlpbjarting: you can supply them with the link to the irclogs23:48
wxlpbjarting: you can find that here http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/01/06/%23ubuntu-locoteams.html#t21:2523:48
wxlpbjarting: then they will be able to see and know everything you saw23:48
geniiwxl: I find it somehow amusing you are telling them to go a different channel to complain when they couldn't be bothered earlier to go to the proper channel for the help they were requesting.23:49
wxlgenii: irony is ironic, my friend23:50
pbjartingThank you. "I think we can do business in the future" 23:54
pbjartingThat is what Mrs Margaret Thatcher said to Mr Gorbatjov.23:55
pbjartingGood nite to all of you. Sorry for my disturbance23:57
wxltake care pbjarting 23:57
pbjartingsame 2 u23:58

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