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mcphailbschaefer: Hi. Have all of your Mir fixes from your private branch been included in SDL2.0.4?19:56
bschaefermcphail, nope, since its aimed at an LTS upstream :(21:01
bschaeferim waiting for things to trickle up from debian so i can patch it21:01
dandraderanpok_, around?21:08
mcphailbschaefer: that's a shame. I'm hoping we get a functional SDL2 in xenial21:22
bschaeferwell i have a patch for xenial, soo i could patch that21:38
bschaeferthe issue is the patch doesnt cleanly work with 2.0.4 for w/e reason21:38
bschaefer(its like 2 years behind)21:38
bschaefermcphail, but ... IIRC ubuntu should get the synced debian packages22:00
bschaeferannnd 2.0.4 should get into xenial22:00
bschaeferthen it should be patched...22:00
bschaeferbut i could be wrong :)22:00
mcphailYes, my worry is we get a version of SDL which doesn't work with the current Mir API.22:06
bschaefermcphail, right but if 2.0.4 gets sync'ed to ubuntu i have a patch22:09
bschaeferwaiting for propose for ubuntu only22:09
mcphailThat would be brilliant. I'm getting a bit uneasy about packaging hand-rolled binaries in .clicks and .snaps and it would be great to have a working version of SDL from a verified source such as the default repos22:11
bschaefermcphail, thats the goal!22:12
bschaefermcphail, i had this, but am waiting for 2.0.422:12
bschaefersoo its on hold atm22:12
bschaefermcphail, i've also updated the SDL2 mir branch i have to correctly find the pixel format22:13
bschaeferbased on EGL22:13
mcphailbschaefer: thanks for all your hard work. I really appreciate it22:13
bschaefermcphail, rev 7: https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/+junk/SDL2-new-mir-ABI22:13
bschaefernp :)22:13
* bschaefer would also *really really* want to get SDL2 working from repo in 16.0422:14
bschaeferwith mirs new ABI/API22:14
mcphailDoes the patch include the touch input fixes?22:15
bschaefermcphail, yup!22:15
bschaeferthat would be rev 6 in that branch :)22:15
* mcphail is ecstatic22:15
bschaeferwhich ill be using that branch to make the patch22:15
mcphailbschaefer: well, sir, I doff my cap to you and hope this all makes it into xenial22:16
bschaeferthanks :), lets hope things get sync correctly!22:16
bschaeferand quickly22:16
bschaeferthe sdl2 maintainer in debian was waiting for 2.0.4 release soo im hoping he is getting it ready quickly22:17
mcphailbschaefer: someone pointed this one out to me - http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-sdl-maintainers/2016-January/002272.html22:18
bschaefermcphail, IIRC its in experimental22:19
bschaeferbregma, would know more about the processes there :) (poke)22:19
bschaefermcphail, since theres22:20
bschaefer*which* sounds like experimental for me :)22:20
mcphailAll this upstream -> debian -> ubuntu pathway is new to me. Fascinating to see how something gets adopted22:20
bschaeferyup, i've been slowly learning all of that was well :)22:21

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