dholbachgood morning07:49
mitya57barry, isn't pypi argparse compatible with standard library argparse?13:41
barrymitya57: yes, i believe it is14:42
pindongamitya57, it's essentially a stdalone version for python < 2.7 and < 3.2 (those don't include argparse in the stdlib)15:19
pindongabut the stdlib version is the preferred one15:20
pindongaso for python 2.7 and 3.2+ argparse should not really be packaged separately15:20
pindongamitya57, barry I've submitted patches for both stevedore and cliff to upstream to remove argparse from requirements.txt15:21
pindonganow we need to wait for that to be accepted15:21
barrypindonga: and/or patch the debian versions of those packages15:22
pindongaright, I was going to ask about that15:22
pindongawould that be sensible? (to write a patch that sed's argparse away before packaging)15:22
barrypindonga: probably just a simple quilt patch would do in both cases, but i haven't looked at them in detail.  stevedore is owned by the debian openstack team and cliff is owned by the dpmt15:24
barrypindonga: at the very least, you should probably file debian bugs against both packages15:25
pindongabarry, looks like the latest one in sid is already patched?15:27
pindongapython-stevedore has a py3dist-overrides file that contains a single line: argparse15:28
pindongaI guess that's essentially telling to exclude argparse?15:28
barrypindonga: only at stevedore's build time iirc15:36
* barry wonders if that would work for click-toolbelt15:37
pindongabarry, to add a similar file to click-toolbelt itself?15:37
pindongaI can try that15:37
pindongabarry, mitya57 I wasn't successful, but I'm not sure if it's bc it's not possible or bc of my lack of packaging skills17:14
pindongaI believe the problem is that py3dist-overrides only works for the package that has the dependency (in this case, python3-stevedore and python3-cliff)17:14
mitya57pindonga, right, I think py3dist-overrides has no effect on generated requirements.txt files17:32
mitya57So please file bugs.17:33
pindongamitya57, on debian?17:34
pindongaor for ubuntu?17:35
pindongamitya57, the python3-stevedore source pkg has a py3dist-overrides for argparse (both in debian and ubuntu)17:36
pindongashouldn't that work?17:36
mitya57bugs → on debian bts17:37
mitya57pindonga, the py3dist-overrides is needed for dh_python3 to generate correct ${python3:Depends} on build time17:37
mitya57It has *no* effect on any files, one needs a patch to fix requirements.txt17:38
pindongamitya57, ack18:11
pindongaah! looks like stevedore already has a bug filed for this18:16
pindongaless work for me :)18:16
mitya57Oh, it's even release-critical18:19
pindongamitya57, ok, created a bug for python3-cliff as well18:37
mitya57pindonga, will you mind if I update the found version in your bug so that BTS can understand it?18:38
pindongaplease dop18:39
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