EULAreaderBasically I'm trying to find what command to type to capture video off my hardware capture card.17:06
gedakcEULAreader:  To capture video, tune the card to a channel and then use something like "cat /dev/video0 > file.mpg" to capture the stream.  Press CTRL+C to stop.  Be sure to use the path name of your video device (mine was /dev/video0).17:29
EULAreaderAh sweeeet17:30
EULAreaderYa I'm trying to capture an old camera.17:30
EULAreaderNot exactly tv. Thanks gedakc17:30
gedakcThe same concept should work with the camera too.17:30
EULAreaderHow do I specific the input on dev.video017:31
gedakcI haven't done it with a camera.  I suggest you check on a forum for cameras.17:34
EULAreaderWhat's the forums link again? Thanks17:47
gedakcI don't have a link in mind.  I suggest an Internet search.17:48
EULAreaderAh right I will do that. ^.^17:52
EULAreaderHappy 2016 people.17:52
EULAreadergedakc: how much space does the .mpg file take up?19:20
EULAreaderDoes it save at a set data rate?19:20
gedakcThe size depends on the data rate of the video stream and how long you capture the stream.19:22
EULAreaderSo it's no set 500MB/min ?20:06
EULAreaderNeat. Then I play file in vlc.20:06
EULAreaderThat's a high data rate20:07

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