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balloonspitti, just curious about adt and how you are running it. In the past I've gotten subunit output by doing something like  ADT_AUTOPILOT_MODULE='-f subunit' ; is this still the best way to do it?16:12
pittiballoons: from adt-run's POV it hasn't changed -- anything the test puts into the $ADT_ARTIFACTS dir will be kept and can be retrieved from the web ui (the "artifacts" link)16:13
balloonspitti, ok :-) I just remember the idea of using ADT_AUTOPILOT_MODULE= was more of a bit of a hack16:14
balloonsand I thought maybe something else had evovled in the meantime16:14
pittiballoons: the evolution since the it ran on jenkins is mainly that it's now actually possible to retrieve the artifacts :) (they weren't exported before)16:15
flocculantballoons: added what I think should me marked released, noted 2 that are marked correctly21:41
flocculantwhen I know that's all up and square I'll do a new one for the new things and comment on others as appropriate21:42
flocculanthttp://pad.ubuntu.com/trackerfixes ...21:42
flocculantballoons: on a completely different note - I assume that the 'auto testing flavour images' has faltered again - likely to move do you think?21:51
balloonsflocculant, it should be running, minus the bug. I assume indeed nothing has changed on that21:56
balloonsflocculant, do you want me to confirm tings are released or ?21:56
flocculantballoons: just check the 2 not definitely marked as released please21:57
flocculantthe first one is a bunch of stuff - might be better to close it and start afresh - just link the old in the new21:58
flocculanthappy to do all that tomorrow sometime21:58
tsimonq2ack? :P22:18
flocculantack ack22:18
balloonsflocculant, I think everything you marked is complete22:22
balloonsto the extent https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qa-website/+bug/1366581 is not, a new bug works22:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 1366581 in Ubuntu QA Website "Testcase Report page enhancements" [Undecided,In progress]22:22
tsimonq2lol :P22:22
flocculantballoons: yea - I thought so, clean slate22:22
flocculantballoons: I'll get that all tidied up tomorrow then22:23
flocculantand jolly pleased I will be to do so :)22:25
flocculantballoons: you might like to see http://docs.xubuntu.org/contributors/qa-team.html and forward 2 pages22:33

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