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lynxmanmorning o/09:57
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Jeeves_Mossha anyone had an issue with VMWare not keeping the sameorder of NIC cards?  Mine randomly swapps the NICs around in the OS, and I can't figure out how to lock a MAC address in the OS to a specific ETH#.  Ideas?16:24
rharperrbasak: o/16:33
geniiJeeves_Moss: That's usually done in regular *buntu wy editing the /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules file, but I'm not sure if it applies inside a VM16:36
Jeeves_Mossgenii, that's the route I was thinking of taking.  it's just getting REALLY annoying that every time I reboot, things "move around" on me16:38
rharpernacc: kickinz1 tells me that rbasak is out for now, I think we'll reschedule16:38
naccrharper: ah ok, thanks16:38
norcHi. We are operating many dozen virtual Ubuntu servers on some large ESX hosts. Currently we are hitting our limit with manual setup, configuration and maintenance. Things we want to avoid: People making local unauthorized and undocumented changes. Manual provisioning.16:58
norcThings we want: A central interface from which to maintain and provision our servers.16:58
norcAutomated and orchestrated changes (for things like when Heartbleed was fixed) across the infrastructure.16:59
norcWhat real options do we have here?\16:59
norc(The servers run things like databases, apache web servers, mail related things, radius, ldap)17:00
naccnorc: http://www.devopsbookmarks.com/config-management may be helpful17:18
szer#ubuntu just told me about this place. Yay!17:23
szerUbuntu Server with Samba in a windows environment. Using windows groups in smb.conf like: valid users = @"domain\users group" And as part of that group, I get a popup for credentials when trying to connect to the share.17:23
szer(i am logged in as a user who is part of that group, though too)17:23
szerThis is in a domain. If I try typing in my creds, i get cred prompt again17:23
szerI see in the samba howto for ubuntu server a thing about apparmor and I do not have a apparmor.d/usr.sbin.smbd file17:24
szerBut I do have other shares already on this machine (but they are all guest ok = yes)17:25
szerAny ideas?17:25
naccrharper: so i've been looking at the logwatch merge ... and searched briefly on lp and see there are 12 open bugs, many of which are not yet resolved ... does it make sense to fix some of those at the same time as merging? Or is it generally that a merge doesn't add new fixes and the a follow-on update might?17:30
OerHeksszer, maybe the domain needs capital letters >> valid users = @"DOMAIN\users group"17:34
szerdarn, I did put it in as DOMAIN\17:34
szerThanks OerHeks17:35
szerWhich is correct >.<17:35
szerMy bad on the description17:35
OerHeksnp, we keep looking, maybe you can pastebin the smb.conf ?17:35
szerSurely can17:36
szerI just inhereited this server from another guy that was a little sketchy17:36
szerI have replaced all instances of domain (which is upper caps) with DOMAIN17:38
szerNear the bottom, there is the compliance share listed. This is the one I am trying to create17:39
szermy user is part of compliance domain group17:39
szermy admin user is part of Samba Admins domain group17:39
szerin my head, either one should be able to connect to this share17:40
szerI did restart smbd17:40
szerand restart nmbd according to the samba wiki17:40
OerHekshmm i see nothing odd here17:41
szerI guess I could try making another share and copying the format of all of the guest ok ones17:42
szerjust to make sure that it is something with the permissions17:42
szerand not my process17:42
stratus_ssgood day all. I am looking for some help with adding a Fedora 23 image to my PXE server (ubuntu 14.04). Can anyone help diagnose my problem? I believe its an issue with the menu but I cannot quite pinpoint it17:43
szerOerHeks: Yup, copied one of the others, created the folder, restarted smbd17:44
szerable to browse fine and create files fine17:44
szerstratus_ss:What PXE server are you using?17:44
OerHekscheck the permissions on the folders themselves with ls -la. You can set valid users = any to make check if there are errors or not. The testparm command is also very helpful for the samba config file part. .. these steps helped me a lot17:45
OerHeksoh, it should work ..17:45
stratus_ssszer: I am using what I believe is the standard... with tftpd-hpa, dhcpd, pxelinux17:46
szerOerHeks: i started out with group "DOMAIN\compliance" on the folder17:47
szerand nobody for owner17:47
szeralso tried DOMAIN\Samba Admin17:47
szerno joy when testing both17:47
stratus_ssthe issue is that every other distro is working (Ubuntu, Mint, CentOS 6 and 7, Clonezilla etc) but when I tried to add Fedora 23, I get dropped to a dracut shell17:47
stratus_ssso I suspect its something wrong with my menu entry17:47
szerswapped to DOMAIN\Domain Users (the built in group), still no joy.17:48
stratus_sssome text was cut off from the original paste: http://pastebin.com/kAMsa9j617:48
szerstratus_ss:Hmmm, sorry, I don't know the fedora stuff :(17:49
szermaybe fedora channel would be able to spot something?17:50
szerAnother place you could try is FOG imaging17:51
szercan't recall what IRC server they are on17:51
szerbut they might have experience with it. I know they have forums as well. Just another option for getting some help17:51
szerhmmm, even if I put in my user name in the smb.conf17:57
szerand I chown the folder to my user name "DOMAIN\myuser"17:57
szerI still can't browse to it17:57
szer(of course running restart smbd between and testing)17:58
stratus_ssszer: The Fedora guys actually sent me over here insisting that because its an Ubuntu PXE server its the server's fault17:59
stratus_ssI know... *rolls eyes*18:02
szerso the fedora peeps don't know what switches to use for their distro to install18:02
stratus_ssthat was the implication...18:02
stratus_sswell thanks for the reply anyways18:07
szeryup. sry couldn't help ya18:07
szerI was serious about FOG though18:07
szerthey are all using pxe booting18:07
szermight take longer with the forums, but help is good :)18:07
stratus_ssalright I will look into it... is FOG the Free Opensource Ghost project?18:08
stratus_ssI thought they only did windows stuff18:09
stratus_ssthough its been years since I looked at them18:09
szerI think they even have a how to on live booting other distros from NFS18:12
szerI know that I've seen forum posts about it18:12
stratus_ssalright thanks for the pointers18:14
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pmatulisstgraber: is LXD container migrations supposed to work OOB? i got a "CRIU" binary does not exist error21:45
stgraberpmatulis: no, it currently needs you to install CRIU (not in main) and be lucky enough to have a container that will migrate, this currently needs a rather bleeding edge version of both criu and the kernel21:51
stgraberpmatulis: tych0 could tell you more21:51
tych0yep, what stgraber said :). i just talked to the kernel folks, and they said 2-3 weeks for a 4.4 version, which will have all the seccomp support21:52
tych0(a 4.4 version in xenial, that is)21:53
pmatulisstgraber, tych0: thanks guys22:12
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[Mew2]Guys how do admins monitor ubuntu server?  Isn't to know everything that could compromise me, all ip trying to connect, all processes running and there usage etc..23:33
[Mew2]Isn't = I want*23:35
[Mew2]What if some apps don't log properly, can I have Ubuntu monitor?23:36
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