popeymariogrip, does bluetooth work on ubp-5.1.1 on OPO?00:12
mariogrippopey: Not yet, haven't looked at it.00:13
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extraymondHi! Does nexus 7(2013version) support gps? I can't use here map on it.04:55
extraymondI'm on rc-proposed/bq-aquaris-en channel04:56
lotuspsychjeanyone up to work @ canonical homebased worldwide?07:13
lotuspsychjeand another one07:17
lpotterI would, but I just got a job...07:22
lotuspsychjelpotter: nice one, congrats07:22
lpotter:D thanks07:34
dholbachgood morning07:49
yahnpopey, I just saw your post on g+ about running UT on the OnePlus One. Were you able to do that using the info from https://wiki.ubports.com/w/OnePlus_One ?08:45
yahnmariogrip, are you around?08:56
popeyyahn, yes and no, I also needed the boot.img and recovery.img out of one of the tarballs on that page, and manually installed those via fastboot09:03
popeyyahn, log from this irc channel a couple of days ago will have the conversation between me and mariogrip09:03
yahnpopey, thanks :)09:03
popeyyahn, http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/01/04/%23ubuntu-touch.html#t10:3409:04
yahnpopey, much appreciated09:04
yahnpopey, do you happen to have a link that works to that boot.img mariogrip asked you to use? The link in the irc log doesn't appear to work.09:20
yahnthe device_bacon.tar.xz file09:20
yahnpopey, nevermind, I've got it now.09:25
Sleep_WalkerI have problem connecting my Android tablet to WiFi hotspot provided by ubuntu touch phone (Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu), notebook connects to my phone without problem and tablet works perfectly for any other network09:34
Sleep_Walkeris that known problem?09:34
yahnIt lives! Ubuntu on my OnePlus One10:00
yahnand it looks gorgeous10:00
yahnOK I'm seeing how this whole scopes thing works now...it's a very cool idea10:15
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wligtenbergMy Sony BT keyboard keeps disconnecting, it connects for a while, but I have not yet been able to actually type anything with it. (Which is a bummer, since I wanted to test the convergence stuff)11:17
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ondramterry why do you want to build art?12:33
ondramterry otherwise art is supported for all12:33
ondramterry once you run $ .  build/core/envsetup.sh12:34
ondramterry call $ lunch12:34
ondramterry and select for what you want to build12:34
ondramterry then you can compile what you need12:34
mariogripyahn: I'm here now12:38
yahnmariogrip, it's OK I managed to get UT installed on my OnePlus One13:09
yahnthanks for the work you've put into it13:09
mterryondra, hello!  I didn't want to build art especially, but when I run make or make recoveryimage, that art makefile gets used somehow13:24
mcphailwligtenberg: out of interest, does your keyboard work properly on the rc-proposed channel?13:27
wligtenbergmcphail: I haven't tried. I will see if I can change channels later today (using a Nexus4 by the way)13:28
mcphailwligtenberg: I think rc-proposed has bluez5. I was wondering if that would magically fix it13:28
wligtenbergmcphail: I will look into switching channels13:29
wligtenbergnexus4 is mako, right?13:32
ondramterry it loads all makefiles for whole aosp project13:33
ondramterry but make sure you run lunch first13:33
mterryondra, I did13:34
mterryondra, and I'm running this all on my normal dev laptop right?13:34
ondramterry and this is AOSP or phablet?13:34
mterryondra, uh...  I did "repo init -u https://code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com/p/aosp/platform/manifest.git"13:35
ondramterry ok for what device is this?13:35
wligtenbergmcphail: switching channels as we speak :)13:35
mterryondra, armhf (krillin I guess is my testing device)13:35
ondramterry you need to choose right branch. this will probably sync something undefined13:36
ondramterry OK for krilin you need to sync different code13:36
ondramterry that tree is for AOSP devices like Nexus 4, 7,...13:36
mterryondra, well sure.  I have a nexus 4 I can use13:37
mterryondra, to keep it simple, I'll stay on this branch and use nexus 413:37
ondramterry OK then run $ repo init -b phablet-4.4.2_r113:38
ondramterry then repo sync13:38
wligtenbergjust curious, are you guys trying to get an Android Run Time working on Ubuntu, or what?13:38
mterryondra, what if I've already done a sync?  is that fine to switch or do I need to reset?13:39
mterrywligtenberg, me?  no, just the Android low level stuff that we use for Ubuntu Touch (drivers and such)13:41
wligtenbergmterry, ok, also cool, but I saw ART flashing by and was thinking what you guys would be doing. :)13:43
mterryondra, also... when I'm syncing, I get a lot of "git repository not found" messages.  Thus I have to use -f to get through it all.  Is that expected?13:44
mterryMaybe that's because I haven't been using the phablet branch13:44
wligtenbergmcphail: mmm, that is even worse... There BT just switches off...13:45
ondramterry yeah just run sync again13:46
ondra no harm13:46
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mcphailwligtenberg: :(14:02
wligtenbergmcphail: shall I switch to the devel channel, to see if that helps?14:07
mcphailwligtenberg: no - the devel channel isn't for real people like you and me ;)14:08
wligtenbergmcphail: I ran the devel channel previously as well14:08
wligtenbergmcphail: It is not my normal device, just for playing with ubuntu14:08
mcphailwligtenberg: I'm not sure the devel channel actually works, most of the time. The usable improvements come through in rc and rc-proposed14:10
wligtenbergmcphail: ok, previously it worked most of the time. Sometimes it had bugs like not being able to install apps :)14:11
mcphailwligtenberg: I think it has be re-purposed since the old "working" days ;)14:12
wligtenbergmcphail: ok, you convinced me, I will stay out of that channel :)14:13
mcphailwligtenberg: I can't rememebr who looks after bluetooth (? is it awe_ ?), but I'm sure they would be interested in bug reports for your keyboard14:14
awe_mcphail, I'm not really the maintainer, but do work on BT14:15
awe_we're about to land Bluez5 in OTA9 ( which is already in rc-proposed )14:15
awe_if things don't work, then yes, a bug report would be super helpful14:16
mcphailawe_: good guess then :) ! wligtenberg has a bt keyboard which drops connection in OTA8.5 but doesn't work at all in rc-proposed14:16
wligtenbergawe_ on my nexus4 rc-proposed, bt just switches off14:16
awe_although any fixes will probably be deferred to OTA1014:16
awe_wligtenberg, randomly?14:16
wligtenbergawe_ I don't mind, not my daily driver :)14:17
wligtenbergawe_ yes, just after some time, it disables bt again14:17
wligtenbergawe_ I am looking at the bt bugs, to see if this has already been reported14:18
awe_if you do report a bug, please read the above first, so you can provide us with the best info14:18
wligtenbergAccording to the link in the topic, I should be looking here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bugs14:18
awe_wligtenberg, does this appear to be a regression?14:19
awe_ie. does this appear to be new behavior that's shown up recently?14:19
wligtenbergawe_, yes, this was not happening before. Previously I was able to turn it on (and it would stay on) and I would be able to connect to my Sony BT keyboard, but then I was unable to use the keyboard.14:20
awe_we updated the kernels for all of our devices first, with the BT stack backported14:20
awe_then in after OTA8, we released the bluez5 userspace to rc-proposed14:20
awe_so that it would land for OTA914:20
wligtenbergawe_, I was using OTA 8.5, with the previous results, with ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu I have the issue that BT turns itself off14:20
awe_ok, just to be clear.  With OTA8.5, no problem, but with latest rc-proposed, the problem occurs?14:22
awe_we knew that there'd be some pain updating to bluez5, but it was something we had to do, as bluez4 was ancient, and unsupported14:23
wligtenbergawe_, to be precise, with OTA 8.5 (another problem), but the automatically switching off bt, is a problem introduced when switching from OTA 8.5 to rc-proposed.14:23
awe_got it14:23
awe_so please file a bug14:23
awe_and then ping me with the bug #14:24
wligtenbergyeah, I am looking if it is already reported, too many BT not working reports...14:24
awe_as I'd like to ensure that we tag it with "bluez5", so it gets a higer priority14:24
awe_wligtenberg, yea... the bug list is a bit out of control.  Don't spend too much time on looking for a dup14:25
awe_we'll tag your bug which will make it easier to track14:25
wligtenbergok, I will browse for a bit14:25
pmcgowanwligtenberg, that sounds specific to n4 perhaps14:26
pmcgowanalthough I think it works here, let me see14:26
awe_pmcgowan, bluez514:26
wligtenbergpmcgowan, that could be specific, I don't know :)14:26
awe_ie. it works with new kernel + bluez414:26
awe_but not with new kernel + bluez514:26
pmcgowanyeah but I have had proposed working for some time, let me check14:26
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awe_wligtenberg, so also to be clear... at some point, your keyboard stops working, and when you check the BT indicator, it's moved to "off"?14:27
awe_on it's own?14:27
awe_when this happens, has the screen gone off at all14:27
awe_just wondering if the device may have suspended14:28
wligtenbergawe_, Currently, it never discovers the keyboard14:28
awe_with rc-proposed?14:28
wligtenbergawe_, yep14:28
awe_ok, sounds like another bug14:28
awe_what device are using then, to notice that BT has been disabled?14:28
wligtenbergI am looking at the Bluetooth settings menu14:29
wligtenberghit the button, get green checkmark, after a while it switches to grey again14:29
awe_ah... so it sounds like BT is never being "enabled"14:30
awe_when you flip the toggle14:30
awe_how long is "after a while"14:30
wligtenbergawe_, that could indeed also be the case, but then it takes a while to realize that it is off14:30
awe_right, but can you pair any other BT device after you flip the toggle?14:30
wligtenbergawe_, 30s14:31
awe_got it, so yea.. it sounds like enabling BT is failing14:31
awe_which is why you can't pair your kybd14:31
wligtenbergawe_, I have not tried anything else, I could try to find my old jawbone...14:31
awe_well... if you flip the toggle, and it flips back after 30s14:32
awe_then I doubt that'll work14:32
awe_I'll flash my N4 and try from my end14:32
wligtenbergawe_, I agree :)14:32
wligtenbergawe_, If I run bluetoothctl on the device and enter show, it says no default controller available14:33
pmcgowanawe_, there is a similar report for flo, did we not update those kernels?14:33
awe_pmcgowan, no; asked morphis about this yesterday and the kernel for flo was updated when we updated the mako kernel14:34
awe_pmcgowan, and it's not the kernel14:35
awe_this broke when bluez5 userspace was released to the PPA14:35
awe_probablty related to rfkill14:35
morphiswligtenberg: can you share your syslog? that would help to get a better picture14:35
awe_morphis, I've asked him to file a bug and pointed him at the wiki page already14:36
awe_morphis, I'm flashing my N4 now too14:36
awe_pmcgowan, here's our current list of bluez5 related bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bugs?field.tag=bluez514:36
mcphailawe_: as an aside, are you interested in tagging historic bugs (such as #1435040) as bluez5 if they are still present in rc-proposed?14:36
awe_mcphail, 'bluez5' is for bugs related to bluez514:37
mcphailawe_: so only for regressions from bluez4, rather than things which bluez5 didn't fix?14:37
awe_anything else should just have a 'Canonical System Image' task, and it'll be prioritized by the product team14:38
awe_mcphail, ack14:38
wligtenbergmorphis, sure14:38
morphiswligtenberg: as when the ctrl isn't available there is really something wrong14:38
mterryondra, so far no "git repository can't be found" messages with the phablet branch!  :)  Hopefully it will build well too then14:38
wligtenbergawe_ morphis: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/153151514:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 1531515 in bluez (Ubuntu) "Bluetooth cannot be enabled on Ubuntu Touch rc-proposed Nexus 4" [Undecided,New]14:46
wligtenbergmorphis, syslog is attached there14:46
awe_wligtenberg, thanks!14:46
morphiswligtenberg: thanks14:46
wligtenbergawe_, morphis: You guys thanks, I would love to use an Ubuntu phone as a daily driver AND use it for "normal" computing, that would seriously kick but :)14:48
wligtenbergawe_, morphis: and if my bug report can be improved, let me know14:48
morphiswligtenberg: :-D14:48
wligtenbergseriously, I backed the Ubuntu Edge campaign...14:49
wligtenbergthat would have been such an awesome device...14:49
awe_indeed, but manufacturing a device is a super expensive proposition14:49
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wligtenbergawe_ I know, it is just such a pity that it didn't go through14:50
wligtenberghardware, is hard14:50
awe_we're still working like crazy on convergence.... but will have to wait for an OEM to step to the plate and spec the right hw14:50
awe_uh yea, you are correct sir14:50
wligtenbergawe_, yeah, you want some decent specs then, which would be rather ridiculous for a normal phone. But I can totally picture using a phone as a computer while plugged in, it would also ease all the syncing issues you have when using multiple devices.14:52
wligtenbergawe_, but to also be able to test the convergence stuff, I bought an hdmi cable for my nexus4, it works fine, but no keyboard (or mouse) to test it with, yet...14:53
awe_wligtenberg, fyi... I just did a fresh flash of my nexus4 and BT works fine for me14:53
wligtenbergawe_ mmm14:53
awe_have you done any other modifications to your nexus4?14:53
wligtenbergnope, just flashed ubuntu14:54
awe_ie. is it still read-only filesystem?14:54
wligtenbergI have put it in devel mode, that is all14:54
awe_can you add your system-image details to the bug?14:54
awe_eg. system-image-cli -i14:54
wligtenbergrebooting it now, just to be sure14:54
wligtenbergyou never know when a reboot helps ;)14:55
wligtenberg(although it isn't windows)14:55
wligtenbergok, that seems to have helped...14:56
awe_wligtenberg, there may be a race condition; I'll try a couple of reboots on my end to see if I can reproduce14:56
wligtenbergit was now turned on after boot, and I turned it off and on again now for testing14:56
wligtenbergbluetoothctl, now show info14:58
wligtenbergso it seems on this boot, bt works14:58
awe_wligtenberg, do you have a valid SIM in the phone?14:59
wligtenbergawe, nope14:59
awe_just wanted to be sure we have a similar setup14:59
wligtenbergawe_, I have now paired my keyboard15:02
wligtenbergawe_, and it works! (so that is progress from OTA 8.5!)15:03
awe_wligtenberg, I haven't been able to reproduce yet15:05
awe_I'll reboot a few more times, then will probably mark the bug as Incomplete15:05
wligtenbergawe_, sure, it might have been a fluke15:06
awe_can you update the bug and indicate that a reboot seems to have fixed the problem?15:06
wligtenbergawe_, already done that :D15:06
awe_cool, much thanks for the help!15:06
wligtenbergJust tested the hdmi as well, but that is now not changing the screen as well as before. (It now stays phone shaped)15:06
wligtenbergawe_ you are most welcome. The more people testing it, the better it will become.15:07
wligtenbergNo I just need a BT mouse :)15:08
wligtenbergand then show off at some local OSS/Linux gig15:08
* mcphail loves this channel15:09
wligtenbergawe_, just curious, are you working for Canonical?15:09
ondramterry when you synced master, that manifest is something old form 4.0 days, so god knows what you were building :)15:10
ondramterry you need to run full build first ($ make) then you can iterate through only portions of the build e.g. $ make recoveryimage15:10
mterryondra, I've added the -b argument needed to the Touch/Gerrit wiki, so hopefully future poor souls don't make the same mistake15:10
mterryondra, oh yeah?  OK, I had started with just recoveryimage and hit a build failure was about to look15:11
mterryWill go back and do full make15:11
ondramterry yeah, I thought it was always there since 4.4.2 port15:11
mterryAlso seems I need g++-4.815:11
ondramterry I'd expect make recoveryimage to fail in clean build env15:11
ondramterry yeah, we need same dependencies as aosp15:12
ondramterry I have android 5.1.1 tree running well15:12
ondramterry but recovery is only missing part in that tree15:12
awe_wligtenberg, yex15:20
wligtenbergawe_, lucky you :)15:20
awe_wligtenberg, thanks15:22
wligtenbergawe_, yeah I think Canonical is a nice place to work. Pretty cool, if you can work on Ubuntu for work.15:22
wligtenbergawe_, I always have to squeeze in my OSS work15:23
RTE89hi there. Is there a way to use Mega on an Ubuntu phone? The site insists that I download the Android app, and there's no alternative in the store.15:30
dobeywhat is Mega?15:30
mterrytedg, any progress on that ubuntu-app-launch protocol redesign?15:33
ogra_dobey, the successor of Super and predecessor of Hyper :P15:33
tedgmterry: Yes, still need a final review by tvoss, he's promised today though :-)15:34
mterrytedg, cool15:34
mterrytedg, I'll stop bugging you about it and let you ping me when you're ready  ;)15:34
dobeyogra_: i think Megalodon was the last one. Never was a Hyperladon15:35
ogra_just wait ...15:35
ogra_dobey, it is a file sharing service from a german guy who was in jail multiple times in germany for data theft and credit card data abuse ...15:37
dobeyoh that mega15:37
ogra_(i never got how people could ever trust his services with his data ...)15:37
dobeyor why people treat him like a savior15:38
dobeywell, it's his data now ;)15:38
ogra_haha, yeah15:38
ogra_anyway, i'd expect them to offer some html based access even without app ... but RTE89 is gone ...15:39
dobeyogra_: they probably have a crappy web site that just says to install the android app, because our browser has "Android" in the user-agent15:40
dobeyso might need a custom webapp to tweak the user-agent, to be able to use that15:40
dobeyon the other hand, file sync services don't really fit well with the security and filesystem model of the ubuntu phone, either15:41
dobeyi'm glad i don't have to deal with making ubuntu one file sync work on the phone :)15:44
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peat-psuwitmariogrip: Does your system-image server contain this patch? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-system-image/ubuntu-system-image/server/revision/28316:35
mariogrippeat-psuwit: no, not at the moment16:37
mariogrippeat-psuwit: I can update it now16:40
peat-psuwitmariogrip: Thank you. Incremental update won't happen if the patch isn't there.16:42
mariogripoh wait, i added that change myself some time ago16:44
peat-psuwitmariogrip: Ok.16:45
mariogripbut this patch has more fixes so ill add it anyway16:45
peat-psuwitsil2100: According to your latest change in system-image server, how can one force regeneration of keyring file without actually changing the keyring tarball itself?16:49
mariogrippeat-psuwit: Now it's up to date16:51
peat-psuwitmariogrip: I'm afraid that's not enough. After studying the code, the keyring file won't be re-generated without changing the actual keyring tarball.16:53
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mariogrippeat-psuwit: I can fore it to do it, i can remove the "if it exist"16:58
peat-psuwitmariogrip: In code? I think it won't work. The file will always be regenerated.16:59
peat-psuwitmariogrip: Maybe just delete the file instead?17:00
popeymariogrip, does that mean I'll get an OTA update on my OPO at some point soon? :)17:13
mariogrippeat-psuwit: Fixed now, now the keyring is correct17:15
mariogrippopey: Jup :)17:15
mariogrippopey: what channel are u on?17:15
popeygood question17:15
peat-psuwitmariogrip: Thank you very much.17:16
mariogrippeat-psuwit: np :)17:17
mariogrippopey: the command I told u the other day was for stable17:18
popeymariogrip, channel: ubuntu-touch/stable17:18
peat-psuwitpopey: I think you'll need to flash your OPO with ubuntu-device-flash to flash your device with new keyring file, then OTA should works immediately.17:18
mariogripthere haven't been any new stable release yet btw17:19
mariogripthe stable channel follows the stable channel on system-image.ubuntu.com17:20
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mterryondra, just a follow-up, after installing some packages and fixing a compile error, everything built fine.  And I seem to be able to build / install the recovery image just fine.  Thanks for your help!18:12
mterryI left notes on the steps needed to go from zero to build on the Touch/Gerrit wiki18:13
CraigCan someone direct me to where I can post ideas and suggestions for Ubuntu Touch developers?18:26
* ogra_ guesses the mailing list would be a good start18:27
dobeyfile bugs too i guess18:29
ogra_right, wishlist bugs are a good way too18:29
CraigA mailing list? That's to receive newsletters from them, right? But where can I post ideas and suggestions to the developers?18:30
ogra_a mailing list is to discuss matters by email18:30
CraigThank you. I'll check that out.18:32
ogra_you can join it here https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-phone18:33
ahayzenHi, has auto brightness become really unstable recently for anyone else?18:42
ahayzenand how can i find out why it isn't currently working?18:43
Lamprophonyhello, I wanna know how to do a webapp for ubuntu touch18:45
ondramterry cool :)18:48
dobeyLamprophony: #ubuntu-app-devel is probably the better channel :)18:49
Craigahayzen, I'm using Nexus 7 and it took me a while to notice my thumb was at times covering the light sensor and changing the screen brightness.19:03
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n1ckymy scrollback buffer isn't big enough to read if anyone had anything to say about building on 5.x sources19:33
n1ckyI'm still interested in building touch for a nexus 6, shamu19:33
n1ckyis there a ml thread or anywhere else where i can read about building on newer sources?19:34
dobeythere's been some work on building on 5.x source, but not sure how far along it is19:34
dobeyondra: ^^ any idea on that?19:34
n1ckydobey: are you @ canonical?19:35
pmcgowanits quite far along but not done or ready to release19:35
dobeyin so much as one whom telecommutes is "at" a place of employ :P19:36
n1ckypmcgowan: I don't mind if i hit some bugs, but does not ready to release necessarily mean internal?19:37
n1ckypoor phrasing; what i mean to ask is if that prerelease work is public or not19:37
n1ckydobey: thats a nice gig.19:37
pmcgowann1cky, good question I will find out if its available, I don't now myself off hand19:38
dobeyafaik it's all public, just not widely announced since it's not working fully yet19:42
dobeyi think there's maybe still some issues with libhybris and such?19:42
pmcgowanthere is work for 64 bit support at the same time19:42
pmcgowanwhich definitely has hybris implications19:42
dobeyand that, yeah19:45
dobeyn1cky: really though, for a 32-bit phone, if you can get the necessary requirements for ubuntu to work properly, enabled in the kernel, then i think building it should be pretty much fine19:46
dobeyn1cky: that is, making sure the stuff the 4.x build enables, is also built in the 5.x source19:46
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