zippo^hello, does a lot of people use use ubuntu here?16:47
KartagisI'd say yes16:48
zippo^I love Ubuntu MATE (-:16:50
zippo^I mean "like", Kartagis16:50
zippo^which environment do you use, Kartagis ?16:51
zippo^never heard about this16:51
KartagisI used to use cairo-dock with gnome, but that didn't work out too well16:51
Kartagiscinnamon is officially mint's (I think)16:52
Kartagisbut there is a PPA for that16:52
zippo^Did you try MATE too?16:52
zippo^this environment is really great16:53
KartagisI presume you are a MATE dev?16:53
zippo^nope, I am a MATE user16:54
zippo^I fill some bugs16:54
Kartagiscairo-dock had (maybe still has) bugs16:55
turgaykde deneyin :)16:55
zippo^Maybe, you can fill a bugsreport in launchpad?16:55
KartagisI did so16:56
zippo^I have tried KDE, but I don't like the lay-out of the KDE, turgay16:56
Kartagisoh, I filed a bug on their own forum I think16:58
Kartagishad filed*16:58
f0undTitle: Glx-Dock / Cairo-Dock - Launcher icon (at glx-dock.org)17:04
Nikola_Teslahevc video modu hangisi acar17:04
Kartagiszippo^: ^17:04
Nikola_Teslavlc açmadıda17:04
Kartagis&g hevc ubuntu17:05
f0undKartagis: video player - How to install H.265 / HEVC codec on Ubuntu Linux ...: <http://askubuntu.com/questions/362745/how-to-install-h-265-hevc-codec-on-ubuntu-linux>; vlc - unable to play HEVC files on ubuntu 14.04 LTE - Ask Ubuntu: <http://askubuntu.com/questions/631200/unable-to-play-hevc-files-on-ubuntu-14-04-lte>; Ubuntu Quick Tip: How To Enable HEVC (H.265) On Ubuntu And ...: (2 more messages)17:05
KartagisNikola_Tesla: ^17:05
zippo^I see17:06
zippo^I'm sorry that I am no developer want say that I don't know how works it17:06
zippo^maybe #ubuntu?17:06
Nikola_Teslasaol hacı buldum :D17:06
turgaycodec yüklesen olacak sanki17:07
zippo^How can I change DNS/17:11
zippo^because I am in Antalya now17:11
zippo^some webpages are blocked by the goverment17:12
KartagisI edit /etc/hosts for that17:12
Kartagisyou can edit /etc/resolv.conf17:12
zippo^ok thak you17:13
Kartagisno problm17:17
zippo^it is solved now (-:17:17
zippo^I have changed now17:18
zippo^I use and , this DNS is by Google Inc.17:18
turgaybunlar işe yarıyormu hepsinde17:19
thiraszippo^, google's dns' will help you lot17:43
thirasbut some sites banned at the ip level. you need a vpn for them17:43
zippo^imgur is blocked, but I have changed than I can open this now, thiras (-:18:57
zippo^I don't understand it. Maybe Erdogan is afraid for gay and lesbo, thiras ?18:57
thirassure but laws made by idiots18:57
thirasso they can ban all web service because of one photo18:58
thirasit could be anything18:58
thirasjudges are complaining about the law too but law is law even if written by idiots18:59
zippo^or Erdogan, AKP and MHP hate an information on webpages about gay and lesbo, thiras ?18:59
thirasanything +18 is forbidden in turkey19:00
thirasonly softcore porn allowed19:00
zippo^CHP and HDP have no problem with gays and lesbos19:00
thirasit's complicated19:00
thirasthere are huge LGBT communities which support erdogan (with religous motivations)19:01
thirasif there is a election soon everybody supports LGBT19:01
thirasafter elections nobody cares actually until next elections19:02
zippo^how do you think that?19:03
zippo^If I have a suffrage, than I will never vote on MHP and AKP19:04
damasceneI think kipping these discussions outside a public logged channel is better19:04
thirastell that to them no me :)19:04
thirasnot to*19:04
damascenethese subjects bring too much controversy that might effect the harmony in the open source community19:05
damasceneEven in USA and Europe there is groups that condemns inter-sex relationship19:07
damascene*there are19:07
zippo^what is "inter-sex"?19:07
damascenesorry same sex19:08
thirasneresi tartismali onu anlamadim19:09
thirasve burada neden tartisilmasin19:09
thirasve bu ne sekilde camiaya zarar vericek19:09
thirasall open source history based on conflicts (think those all the forks) so how can it "effect" to "harmony"19:12
zippo^nope, in Europe, South-Africa, USA, Canada, are legal for same-sex, damascene19:16
thirasand others have at least civil partnership19:17

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