mappsevil dead sucked00:39
mappsyou seen them daftykins?00:39
mappsil watch 2nd..maybe its better ..:P00:39
daftykinswussat? naw not familiar with that00:39
diddledanin soviet russia dead sucks your evil00:55
diddledanor maybe evil sucks your dead00:55
diddledanI can't decide which00:55
diddledanI am in full agreement with that tweet01:22
ali1234how can anyone not be familiar with evil dead... sam raimi? bruce campbell?02:45
zmoylan-pinever seen it i don't think02:46
diddledanI've not seen any of them either02:46
ali1234well you need to correct that asap02:46
ali1234maybe start with 2 or 3 though02:46
zmoylan-pimeh, i'm good02:46
ali1234because 1 is basically some kids with a camera02:46
daftykinssounds like something horror or zombie related which i'd likely ignore02:47
ali1234yes pretty much02:47
zmoylan-piit can be hard recommending some series when you have to tell them 'but start with'... :-)02:47
ali12342 is basically a remake of 1 but with a budget02:47
zmoylan-pia lot of trek series are like that as is discworld02:47
diddledanit's a serial version of night of the living dead :-p02:47
ali1234if you are in to low budget "amateur" films then you will be fine with 102:48
ali1234also, they have a lot of comedy, more so in the later films02:48
ali1234it's not serious at all... i mean it has bruce campbell02:48
diddledanI can't place who that is02:48
ali1234he's... ash from evil dead?02:49
zmoylan-piwhich... i haven't seen...02:49
diddledanyeah that ^02:49
ali1234even if you have not seen the films, you've heard people repeating the catchphrases... mostly from army of darkness02:50
diddledanI have?02:50
zmoylan-pii wanted to like the walking dead tv series but by season 2 they were making mistakes so dumb i was rooting for the zombies02:50
diddledanwait, evil dead isn't walking dead?02:51
ali1234pretty much the only relation is they both have zombies02:51
zmoylan-pii did like wwz the book, but saw from the trailer of the movie that they had ruined it02:51
popeyOnly zombie movie I really like is Dawn of the Dead02:56
popeyZombies roaming a shopping mall02:56
zmoylan-pifor doomsday movies/tv shows/books give me triffids :-)02:57
zmoylan-pisay it with flowers :-D02:57
m0nkey_Turns out Kodak are bringing back Super 8 .. http://www.kodak.com/ek/us/en/Consumer/Products/Super8/default.htm03:04
diddledanand here I thought I was the nutjob03:05
mappsgoing to watch the big short;]03:06
mappsevil dead films suck03:06
mappsi only watched them as that series ash s evil dead is kinda based on them03:06
mappsash vs03:06
zmoylan-pibringing back film... that'll be a success... not...03:07
* zmoylan-pi wonders what sort of dumb friday meeting came up with that idea...03:07
zmoylan-pihipsters would be happy with a super8 case that held your shiny new iphone to shoot movies03:10
diddledanzmoylan-pi, even better, they beat digital movies by recording on analogue and scanning it into a digital movie format03:10
diddledannothing beats digital more than digital!03:11
diddledantheir digital is more digital than everyone else's digital though03:11
diddledanI wonder how many people that buy that thing will go on holiday and let the airport put the film through the scanner03:13
daftykinsthat kills film? didn't even know03:13
daftykinsi skipped that whole thing :D03:13
diddledana whole new generation of people need to rediscover that film is sensitive to 1) light, 2) xrays, 3) stretching03:13
zmoylan-pitheir digital has 0's 1's and 2's!!03:14
diddledanali1234, or tearing?03:14
diddledanzmoylan-pi, startrek! trinary!03:14
daftykinsi'm gonna try something daring later this month... fly to Gatwick, leave the airport, train it one station north for 2 mins, visit a post office, train it back... then fly to Spain03:14
zmoylan-piif only the post office had a way to send you the thing without the travel...03:15
daftykinsit's me sending the thing!03:16
daftykinsthere is method in my madness, but alas it is hush hush rockdweller speak ;)03:16
zmoylan-piif only they made post offices in other countries...03:16
zmoylan-piyou could send the package to someone you know in uk to send it from there if it needs a uk post mark03:17
daftykinsright, shower and bed for me03:18
zmoylan-piweirdest package i sent was vikings to norway...03:18
diddledanwait, you sent vikings TO norway?03:19
diddledanisn't that backasswards?03:19
zmoylan-pii felt as an irish person it was the thing to do... :-)03:19
zmoylan-piin this case lego vikings to norwegian friends for their wedding present.  both huge geeks really into lego03:20
zmoylan-piplus star wars lego coz, well they're geeks03:20
diddledanapparently the PS4 runs a heavily modified freebsd03:20
zmoylan-pihad to use 2 hp pc boxes to make a box big enough to hold all the sets03:21
zmoylan-piwouldn't fit in post office hatch, had to open door to take it in03:21
zmoylan-pididn't someone get linux running on ps4 in last few days... till sony shuts them out with a patch i suppose03:22
ali1234they used an old firmware... lready patched03:22
diddledanI heard something along those lines, yeah03:22
ali1234it was a webkit exploit03:23
mappsi thought linux alredy ran on the ps4?03:46
zmoylan-pithat was the ps3, till sony removed the option03:47
zmoylan-pidumbest thing sony ever did03:48
mappsi thought one uses linux officially some custom one03:51
zmoylan-piit did, the ps3 had 'other os' option but sony removed it and annoyed a suprisingly large number of people03:52
mappsthis big short is ok03:54
mappsdid you see evil dead?03:54
mappssleep time soon04:48
mappsanyone here ue kodi/xbmc?04:49
diddledanergh: http://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2016/jan/06/north-korea-major-announcement-artificial-earthquake-nuclear-test-site-live?CMP=fb_gu04:57
mappsfinished the big short:D05:26
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GspHi, are you interested to to help me with a survey for my startup ?          http://goo.gl/forms/JizEdZWM5Y07:37
mappsin a bit07:42
Guest88069morning all08:11
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MooDoomorning even08:12
knightwisemorning peeps08:20
knightwiseJust setup a brand new Raspberry pi install at home. Using the dietpi distro, pretty sweet08:25
knightwiseyou can add and subtract whatever you want to run on the pi using simple scripts08:25
pwaringIs that at a higher level than apt-get?08:27
knightwisenah, dont think so , just some clever scripts08:28
knightwisehey cleder08:37
davmor2Morning all09:05
davmor2MooDoo: Morning dude how you feeling today other than hating virgin09:34
foobarrymakemkv not working for me :(09:35
foobarry"application failed to initialise"09:35
davmor2foobarry: did you you follow all the instructions in the right order09:41
foobarrythere's instructions?09:42
foobarrythere's a forum post09:42
foobarryhowever i discovered that makemkvcon might be all i need09:42
davmor2foobarry: and there are instructions on the post and a readme file iirc09:42
foobarrythe configure make make install did work for the gui though, and the bare forum post intrucctions09:42
* foobarry checks for readme09:42
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:48
MooDoodavmor2: yeah i'm ok thanks, just waiting for my new books09:58
GspCan you help me to share a survey for a new laptop concept ?     http://goo.gl/forms/JizEdZWM5Y10:20
Myrttitime of day10:53
davmor2JamesTait: Oh hey you're here now ;)11:08
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9lFqxGGCXQ11:09
JamesTaitdavmor2, I'm not, not really. It's a cunning illusion.11:09
JamesTaitdavmor2, I feel old now!11:11
davmor2JamesTait: good one for todays topic though right :)11:11
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)11:12
davmor2bigcalm: hey dude11:12
JamesTaitdavmor2, yep. Happy Technology Day. ☺11:13
JamesTait"There's the dance floor - get on it!"11:13
davmor2JamesTait: No I'm older than you I'll prop up the bar with moodoo and watch you young whippersnappers act like fools on the dancefloor11:15
foobarryjust discovered a tool called "name my tv series"12:25
foobarryreally handy12:25
foobarryfor setting correct names on files12:25
knightwisefoobarry: that sounds cool12:32
knightwiseto make the DL's plex compatible12:33
knightwiserips , of course12:35
* bigcalm grumbles at network stuff13:38
bigcalmMy work work station has decided not to connect to the office router. Either via ethernet cable or via wifi13:39
bigcalmBut I can connect to my mifi wifi13:39
bigcalmEthernet cable from wall is connected to desk phone, that works. Plugging the workstation into the wall still doesn't work13:39
bigcalmWhat's happened, any way I can debug this?13:40
bigcalmRebooting my workstation has not helped13:40
bigcalmRebooting the office router during office hours, when everybody else can use it okay, is not really an option I have13:40
bigcalmFrom /var/log/syslog: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14420092/13:43
SuperMatt"DHCPv4 request timed out" There's a problem with the DHCP service on your network13:51
SuperMattmeaning you can't be offered and IP address13:51
SuperMattyou may be able to create a static ip for now13:51
bigcalmI'll try that13:59
bigcalmYep, setting a static IP address worked14:03
bigcalmComputers suck14:05
SuperMattyeah, I hate them so much14:17
foobarryi hate printers and dvds14:20
SuperMattoh god, printers are the worst14:21
foobarryi am still fighting with a good CLI dvd ripping solution14:21
SuperMattI understand why they're so goddamn complex, but for 99% of offices, the only options that are needed are "colour [y/N]" and "two-sided [Y/n]"14:22
SuperMattYou could then have one other printer in the office which has different paper sizes, which only certified individuals can print to14:23
foobarryripping tv shows sucks14:24
SuperMattwell yeah, but that's because bbc will constantly change the way their site works in order to prevent dirty pirates, like you14:24
foobarryno, i have the DVDs14:25
foobarryi just want to watch them on my tablet14:25
SuperMattwell Ububtu used to come with a good ripper14:26
SuperMattbut I can't remember what it was called14:26
DJonesSuperMatt: Wasn't that handbrake or devede14:27
SuperMattI think it was devede14:27
SuperMatttbh, I just watch everything on netflix14:28
SuperMattbut if it's not there, I will exercise my right to use a competative service14:28
SuperMattwhether that is legal or not is neither here nor there14:29
foobarrythe tedium is when 7 titles are on a disc and only 4 are real programmes14:29
DJonesMight have been handbrake, that seems to be a dvd ripper, while devede was for creating dvd's14:29
SuperMattyou're probably right14:29
foobarryhandbrake is good but even the cli requires manual interaction14:30
foobarryi'm sure somebody has the correct bash script somwehere to make it all easy14:30
SuperMattyou could write it all yourself, of course ;)14:30
SuperMattbash is nice and easy realy14:30
foobarrybash is, although finding the correct options and undesrtanding dvd title format...14:31
foobarryoh, just found lsdvd14:31
SuperMattyou just want to be able to put a dvd in, execute a script, and walk away, right?14:31
SuperMatthuh, I've never noticed this before, but chrome now gives me arabic autocomplete in the omnibar14:32
foobarrySuperMatt: yeah, with movies its easy14:33
SuperMattit has probably been doing that for an age and I've never noticed though14:33
foobarryjust grab the longest track14:33
foobarrytrying a new way now14:33
DJonesI knew there was a reason I'd never used blinkbox...Its now been renamed "TalkTalk TV"14:36
foobarrytalktalk is a rubbish name14:52
foobarryi never use the phone14:52
diddledanyeah it's sucky - I used blinkbox because I got tesco points.. now I don't get those :-(14:57
foobarryfacebook is so needy when you stop using it15:06
foobarrygetting all sorts of notifications after only 2 days15:06
foobarryandroid notifications, not within app15:06
foobarryand emails "activity you've missed"15:07
DJonesTwitter does the same and then says "Do you like this"....No I don't, I didn't yesterday, or the day before, or the month before when I said I didn't like it then either15:08
pendulumI mostly stopped using Facebook a year and a half ago. The longer you're gone, the fewer notifications you get.15:16
pendulumThey don't go completely away15:18
pendulumOn the rare occasion I go on to check something, I'm pretty much guaranteed to get a notification on my phone within 12 hours. I might get a second in the first 2 days, but then it usually goes back to normal.15:21
pendulumI use Facebook messenger through the separate app more frequently, but that doesn't seem to effect how often I get notifications15:23
foobarryi'm doing my annual get off social media and total news blackout15:33
DJonesINteresting, my Itel display driver for Win 8 has stopped responding, thats pretty clever as I'm using Win 1015:34
popeytime for an irc nick change too foobarry :)15:40
diddledanDJones, impressive15:46
foobarrydiplo: davmor2 , know how to get makemkvcon to produce filenames that aren't title0.mkv?15:59
foobarrybah, ignore that. just realised handbrake allows for minimum track length option, so it performs everything makedvd can do16:01
daftykinsDJones: there's your problem! the wrong one's installed ;)16:24
diddledanmapps, sky1 are advertising a new series with james nesbitt by stan lee called "lucky man". coming soon they say16:53
diddledanlooks good16:53
davmor2diddledan: there is a new show on syfy in January called the Magicians that look like it could be good http://www.syfy.com/themagicians17:22
davmor2bigcalm: The Magicians not Magicians :P  Although that one is comedy gold :)17:41
bigcalm'tis a fun film17:42
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diddledandavmor2, thanks for the recommendation, another I just found on imdb is "second chance"21:05
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