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dandradergreyback, dednick, any takers? https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/qtmir/appRestart-lp1527737/+merge/28170111:17
greybackdandrader: I will, but will leave nick with the removeUselessClass review11:21
dandradergreyback, testing lp:~dandrader/qtmir/appRestart-lp1527737 on desktop now, it looks like it needs a bit more work. putting it to WIP13:19
greybackdandrader: ack13:19
greybackwas just testing on phone, will postpone13:20
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kgunnSaviq: i see a few unity8 landings, what's the thinking on order of those? like silo8...next or after others13:59
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dandradergreyback, https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/qtmir/appRestart-lp1527737/+merge/281701 is back to "Needs Review"15:59
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alexarnaudhi all!18:04
alexarnaudAre there Unity 8 developper here ?18:04
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davmor2alexarnaud: ask your question anyone that can help will answer18:11
alexarnauddavmor2: OK18:17
alexarnaudis it possible to change WM in Unity 8 ?18:17
alexarnaudWhere can I find detailled technical information about Unity 8 ?18:17
alexarnaudI've read that this morning : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UnityNextSpec18:18
greybackalexarnaud: no, unity8/mir is not designed like X, where the xserver runs, and a WM process is a 'special' client which manages windows.18:18
greybackinstead unity8/mir is a single process, and the window management policy will mostly live in mir18:18
alexarnaudgreyback: OK, I understand18:19
greybackalexarnaud: there isn't a huge amount of documentation aside from code doc, what would you like to know?18:19
alexarnaudgreyback: How events work ?18:20
alexarnaudDo Unity plan to integrate accessibibility layer ?18:20
alexarnaudAre there any API documentation of the WM/MIR to create or test POC of Magnifier maybe ?18:21
greybackalexarnaud: events are read from the kernel via mir (which uses libinput), and passed to unity8 (which is written in Qt/QML)18:21
greybackalexarnaud: we do intend to add a11y, hopefully soon18:21
alexarnaudgreyback: accessibility for desktop ?18:22
greybackalexarnaud: for touch & desktop ultimately18:22
greybackit's on the roadmap anyway18:22
alexarnaudgood news :)18:22
alexarnaudgreyback: so the issue I see is all the work do in Compiz for zoom feature are lost in Unity because no intorroperability18:23
greybackalexarnaud: a magnifier app will not be possible currently, as mir prevents apps from accessing visuals of shell or other apps. So for magnifier, we'll have to do something custom18:23
alexarnaudgreyback: OK, it's was I've understood18:24
alexarnaudgreyback: if you need test you can contact me18:25
greybackalexarnaud: noted, thank you18:25
alexarnaudgreyback: thanks for providing me information18:27
greybackalexarnaud: no prob. I hope we get to work on this soon18:27
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b1rdd0gHi! I just read that the Unity Launcher is supposed to hide until the cursor moves to the left of screen. Mine shows all the time. Where is this behavior controlled?21:50
b1rdd0gNevermind--I found it: Dash-->System Settings-->Appearance:Behavior22:05
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