nhainespleia2: thanks for being in the call this morning.  :)19:09
pleia2likely can't make it next week, am doing a scale twitter chat thing with the opensource.com folks at 1119:11
pleia2so I'll need to be prepping for whatever that means ;)19:11
nhainesIt means that no one will be able to find the questions or answers afterward.19:11
nhainesIf you have any concerns for next week then just pass them along and I'll bring them up at the next call.19:12
pleia2will do, thanks19:12
nhainesThe problem with everything being so well organized and so much help from everyone is that I'm terrified I'm overlooking something super simple, ha.19:13
nhainespleia2: just picked up a third talk at SCALE.  I think I'm beating you!19:40
pleia2nhaines: you are :) I only have 219:43
nhainesTime to step up your game!19:45
nhainesAlthough the third talk is a panel session.  :)19:45
pleia2I did 3 the last time I went to scale, it's 2 too many19:45
pleia2though this time I won't have my grandmother dying the day before19:46
pleia2raise your hand if you don't know how to handle death o/19:46
nhainesLuckily my talks are refreshes of other things I've done.  And my grandparents are all already dead so, uh, good for me for planning ahead?19:46
nhainesI handle death rather laconically.  But it still wouldn't be any fun happening the day before!19:47
pleia2yeah, my talks are too19:47
pleia2ubucon one needs to be  rehashed a bit so my examples point at ubuntu19:47
pleia2(it currently points to various open source projects)19:47
pleia2devops days one is similar to one I did in november19:47
nhainesMy talk following Mark Shuttleworth needs to have any work done on it at all.19:48
nhaines(Although in principle it's an update of Appendix B of my book.)19:48
pleia2I think I messed up my footnotes in the emails I set out, woooo20:05
pleia2oh well20:05
pleia2anyway, all done and I added the links to the announcements to the google doc20:10
pleia2nhaines: as far as I can tell, these were the only announcements about scale that was sent to ubuntu-us-ca: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2015-October/002681.html https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2015-December/002696.html20:12
pleia2might be worth doing a shiny refresher :)20:12
pleia2the one in october announced it, in december I forwarded along sponsorship info20:12
pleia2a nice "it's happening and it will be AMAZING" post would be nice20:12
pleia2nice nice20:13
nhainesIt is time for a reminder.  :)  I'll see about getting to it later tonight.  :)20:15
pleia2maybe after you do that I'll also share the same post on social media20:17
nhainesSynergy! \o/20:22
pleia2nhaines: http://smile.amazon.com/Aitoh-Origami-Sheet-5-875-Feet-5-875-Inch-50-Pack/dp/B0025U134020:30
pleia2I think they are mistake about the Feet there in the description ;)20:30
pleia2but I'm going to get at least one pack now for the SF Ubuntu hours20:30
nhainesOoh, perfect!20:33
pleia2ok, seriously now, back to work20:36
nhainesakk: If you're a speaker at SCALE, you're automatically registered for a speaker badge which is all-access, by SCALE.  :)21:44
akkGreat, thanks, nhaines!21:44
akkAnd I see in today's mailing that UpSCALE is still open ... now if I only had a clever topic to propose.21:45
akkLong shot ... at O'Reilly conferences, sometimes the evening Ignite sessions are open to everyone and don't require a badge.21:46
akkI don't suppose that's true for UpSCALE?21:46
nhainesDo an UpSCALE talk about the challenge of coming up with an UpScale talk!21:46
nhainesHmm, I don't know.  That'd be a good question for SCALE.21:47
akk(I'm visiting friends who won't be at the conference, so scheduling something at dinnertime is problematic if they can't come.)21:47
=== cyphase_ is now known as Guest14655
ianorlinqtugh slept in too late and missed the call22:11
pleia2it's 2PM22:11
ianorlinqtyeah I had trouble getting up because of my father needing help and stuff has me way off schedule and has really messed with my sleep schedule22:12
ianorlinqtI wish I could set an alarm clock to get up on time but no he just has to wake me up to help him after midnight which gets me way off schedule22:14
ianorlinqtI think scale will have a way to motivate me to get up22:14
akkThere's lots of good stuff in the mornings on the SCALE schedule. I'm wondering how much time I'll need to allow to drive from Duarte at rush hour.22:20
akk(Staying with a friend.)22:20

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