ahoneybunMeetup this Saturday at 2pm in Fort Lauderdale20:10
ahoneybunmhall119, can you add the meetup page on the topic in here too?20:16
ahoneybunGarheade, ping20:43
Garheadesup ahoneybun?20:45
GarheadeNo, I haven't had a chance to look around.20:45
GarheadeI'm a horible person, I know.20:45
ahoneybunit's ok I was just going to see if you can scope out a few places 20:46
ahoneybunI'm looking at Google for some cool looking places20:46
GarheadeI can if you have ideas?20:46
ahoneybunhttps://www.zomato.com/miami/great-wraps-west-palm-beach/menu?utm_campaign=GoogleMenus&utm_medium=Local&utm_source=Google ; http://www.allmenus.com/fl/west-palm-beach/228703-jersey-mikes/menu/20:47
ahoneybunI don't really know what area your around20:47
GarheadeI'm on the border of wpb and lake worth.20:49
GarheadeI've hear Jersey mikes is really good though20:49
GarheadeBoth of those places are fairly close to me. I'll try and check them out asap20:50
ahoneybunthanks big time!20:50
GarheadeThank you for looking around futher north.20:51
mhall119ahoneybun: it doesn't look like I can, I'm not a channel op21:50
Garheadedantalizing itnet7 are the registered founders, they'll have to give access to you to update the channel21:55
GarheadeIf they can't be found, you'll have to hit up #helpfromstaff to get set as a founder21:56
mhall119I'll wait for itnet7 to be around22:10

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