teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else13:09
iceymorning all13:42
lazyPowero/ icey13:48
lazyPowerwelcome to the pack13:48
iceythanks lazyPower13:48
lazyPowerTo anybody paying attention, help me welcome Icey to the group :) He's a philly local13:48
iceylazyPower here told me about this channel yesterday :)13:49
lazyPowerwe're one of freenode's best kept secrets :D13:49
jedijfhello icey14:31
iceyhi jedijf14:32
lazyPowerjedijf - as i'm going to be moving out of the area close to mid year, i did well to replace myself :)14:34
lazyPowericey - you dont know what you just stepped in, muahaha :D14:34
iceyhahaha lazyPower14:35
jedijflazyPower: are you saying that you did an 'eat and run' on ssweeny15:16
jedijfif so, and going waaay out of area, shouldn't yinz have done primantis?15:17
jedijfon my way to Dayton, for Hamvention, I'm gonna try to plan a Primanti stop15:17
lazyPowersure, but Meat and Potatoes blows a primanti's sammich out of the water15:18
lazyPowertbh, thats too much stuff on my bread mate. it was a fun food challenge :)15:18
pleia2lazyPower: coming to scale? :)21:10
lazyPowerI wont be, but my co-worker mbruzek is21:10
lazyPoweri think marco and jorge will be attending as well21:11
pleia2I mean, cool, then21:11
lazyPowerthey're cool too!21:11
pleia2yeah :)21:11
pleia2I don't think I've met mbruzek yet21:11
lazyPowerYou cant miss him. bald and built like a bruzer21:11
waltmanscale's in southern california?21:15
waltmanor south carolina?21:15
lazyPower*southern california21:16

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