mamarleyricotz: So I tried packaging 361.16, but it has a critical bug that causes KDE to fail to start, so I am not uploading it.11:12
mamarleyI did, of course, complain about it on the forum.  The thread already has two me-toos, to I am pretty sure it is a real issue and I didn't just mispackage something: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/908506/linux/many-essential-kde-applications-sddm-krunner-plasmashell-segfault-on-startup-with-361-16/11:15
ricotzmamarley, hi, I see, is this only related to KDE or maybe QT5 apps too?11:42
mamarleyricotz: Not sure, KDE is the only DE I have installed.  The crash is definitely in the Nvidia driver though; the stacktraces end with "#6  XScreenCount (dpy=0x0) at ../../src/Macros.c:109\n#7  0x00007fe7623640da in glXGetClientString () from /usr/lib/nvidia-361/libGLX.so.0".11:44
ricotzmamarley, I wouldn't rule out the packaging problem though11:44
mamarleyricotz: I actually tried installing it using the .run file and had the same problem.11:44
ricotzwas this already confirmed while using the nvidia installer?11:44
ricotzah ok11:44
mamarleyI figured I had mispackaged it at first too, since they introduced the new glvnd thing.11:45
mamarleyGL actually works fine though if you do "startx /usr/bin/xterm" and then execute some GL application from there.11:45
ricotzon which ubuntu did you ran it?11:46
mamarleyricotz: Xenial11:46
ricotzmaybe even related to the Xserver version, maybe some compat regression11:46
mamarleyPerhaps.  Two other people confirmed it in the forum though.  One didn't say which distro he/she was using and the other was using Arch.11:47
ricotzI am a bit busy currently, did you uploaded the package somewhere else already?11:47
mamarleyNo, I didn't upload it because it was busted.  I can upload them to my staging PPA in a hour or so though.  Hopefully no-one is actually using that.11:47
ricotzit is a beta after all, and maybe even only related to KDE11:48
jcastroI can give it a shot14:25
jcastroI don't use KDE so it shouldn't affect me14:25
mamarleyjcastro: I don't know for sure that it doesn't affect non-KDE DEs; I haven't tried any others.14:25
jcastroI can give it a shot if you want, or we can wait to see what nvidia says14:28
mamarleyFeel free to try it, but be ready to deal with a busted system.14:29
jcastrosure, where's the staging ppa?14:30
jcastrolooks like they failed to build14:36
mamarleyjcastro: Yeah, on everything but Xenial.  I somehow managed to royally screw up the orig.tar.gz.  I am trying to extricate myself from that mess now.14:38
mamarleyricotz: Do you have any objection to me going ahead and copying nvidia-settings 361 to the main PPA?14:39
ricotzmamarley, looks safe, but there is actually no need to update it given its diff to the previous release14:41
mamarleyHahaha, I didn't look at that.  It is literally the same, except for version numbers.  I will copy it anyway though, because otherwise people will probably complain.14:43
ricotzmamarley, no, it is a beta14:43
ricotzso other people will complain they are forced to upgrade to a beta version ;)14:44
Sarvatti've only seen people complaining about kde, and a few reports it works fine and fixes the steam segfaults on sandybridge in gnome14:44
jcastroIt might be a good idea to have a "beta" ppa and shove the betas in there and be like "you break it you keep the pieces"14:44
Sarvattplasma 5 specifically14:44
mamarleyWe already don't force or even encourage users to upgrade between major releases.14:45
mamarley(If people have 358 installed, they won't be automatically updated to 361)14:45
ricotzjcastro, this just concerns the nvidia-settings currently which didnt change14:45
ricotzand for the driver itself what mamarley said14:45
mamarleyricotz: So are you saying I shouldn't copy it then?14:45
ricotzyes, no need to14:46
mamarleyricotz: Sorry, I seem to have majorly screwed up.  Somehow, the orig.tar.gz I uploaded for 361.16 had .bin files instead of .run file (I don't understand why though, since I definitely renamed the files before packing the archive).  For reasons beyond logic, Xenial still built.  However, none of the others will work because of complaints about the uploaded file having different contents.15:24
mamarleyI even tried to create a new staging PPA to get around that problem, but I still get the same error on all uploads after the first one.15:24
ricotzmamarley, you *renamed* the files?16:04
mamarleyricotz: Yes, they usually come as .run but this time they came as .bin.16:04
ricotzthe should be *.run as usual16:04
mamarleySo I renamed them to .run.16:04
ricotzthe ftp server contains them a .run as always16:05
mamarleyHmph, they must have gotten renamed after I downloaded them.  Sneaky.16:05
mamarleyAnyway, I figured out why they weren't uploading and got them to upload properly, but now everything but Xenial fails with some kind of dpkg-shlibdeps error.16:05
mamarleyI have been doing this for literally years, you would think that I might be a bit less useless at it than I am.16:06
ricotzcan give me a link to the proper xenial dsc?16:06
mamarleyricotz: https://launchpad.net/~mamarley/+archive/ubuntu/staging-2/+files/nvidia-graphics-drivers-361_361.16-0ubuntu0~gpu16.04.1.dsc16:06
ricotzok, will grab it16:07
mamarleyricotz: So I got wily and vivid fixed, working on Trusty now.18:52
mamarleyFor future reference, the packaging for 361 is exactly the same on Xenial, Wily, and Vivid.18:53
mamarleyI didn't know that, so I was doing a lot of work I didn't need to do, but I diffed the source and they are definitely the same.18:54
mamarleyTrusty is actually the same too except for the debian/substvars file.18:57
mamarleyTrusty is ready now too.  All the drivers are in https://launchpad.net/~mamarley/+archive/ubuntu/staging-2/+packages.19:27
mamarleyjcastro: If you want to test^19:27
jcastrowaiting on publication for some of them: https://launchpad.net/~mamarley/+archive/ubuntu/staging-2/+build/880986119:35
mamarleyjcastro: Only on Trusty.19:35
jcastroyeah I'm on trusty19:36
mamarleySorry :(19:36
jcastroI'll just wait, no biggie19:38
jcastromamarley: no issues so far in steam22:43

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