thatgraemeguymorning peoples05:53
nuvolario/ morning05:59
Kilosmorning all07:36
nuvolariHallo oom Kilos :)07:54
Kiloslo nuvolari  :D07:54
superflygood evening07:55
thatgraemeguyanyone here from bloem?08:16
mazalMornings all. Happy new year08:17
thatgraemeguythanks mazal and you too :)08:18
thatgraemeguyoh and happy happy to everybody, I didn't really do that yet o_O08:18
mazalthatgraemeguy: Did you have some holiday at least ? Last time we spoke you were working when others were resting :P08:19
* thatgraemeguy mumbles something about working hard08:19
thatgraemeguyno I get my rest during the year mostly08:19
thatgraemeguywe spent a couple of nights at a lodge, childless08:19
thatgraemeguylodge run by friends.... that was great08:19
mazalNice :)08:19
thatgraemeguyand going camping in 2.5 weeks08:20
thatgraemeguymaybe throw in a nearby 4x4 trail08:20
mazalSo have everyone set up their goals yet ? hehehehe08:20
mazalMine is setup and started08:21
mazalWell 1 of it anyway lol08:21
thatgraemeguyI'm not much one for looong holidays, I tend to take/make long weekends during the year, I recharge plenty from that08:21
thatgraemeguymy goal is to not run out of money because I just bought the house we've been renting08:21
mazalI never take more than 2 weeks at a time. Unable to take longer due to lack of manpower at work08:21
thatgraemeguyI've never taken a break that long, I get bored :D08:22
mazalIn the good old days I took a whole month every year08:22
mazalIt takes me 2 weeks just to get all the work crap out of my system and then start to relax08:22
thatgraemeguyand expensive08:22
thatgraemeguyalthough with the kids now being a bit older I could see myself going camping for a week08:22
thatgraemeguyrelatively inexpensive and the kids love the crap out of it08:22
mazalCrazy what holidays cost these days08:23
mazalMostly the tracel and accomodation08:23
thatgraemeguyyeah :-o08:23
thatgraemeguyat least diesel is down 78c now, so our drive will be slightly less tearful in 2 weeks :-D08:23
mazalI never go away , can't even remember the last time I was away08:23
* mazal throws Kilos with a paper ball08:25
mazalHappy new year oom :)08:25
Kilosevening superfly thatmaz08:26
mazalFinally the year for a new Ubu for me , looking foward to April08:26
superflymazal: you're strong... or Kilos is small and light.08:26
mazalhehehe , hi superfly08:27
superflymazal: you threw Kilos, that's pretty amazing.08:27
mazalWill finally see how it runs on a SSD08:28
Kilosive lost some weight08:28
Kilossounds good mazal 08:28
Kiloshope you have a great year this year08:28
thatgraemeguyKilos: I think I found it :P08:28
thatgraemeguydamn holidays08:28
mazalDankie vir oom ook08:28
Kiloswhat that?08:28
thatgraemeguyI found the weight you lost08:29
Kilosive been hunting for it for many years08:29
Kilosoh hhaha08:29
thatgraemeguydecember is beer season :-/08:29
mazalWent to a birthday braai last week , found out that my belt suddenlt don't fit anymore :P08:29
Kilosi can still wear the suit i married ians mother in08:30
zipperHello people of ZA08:30
Kiloswell the one i wore back then08:30
mazalThey don't make stuff the same anymore , they shrink :(08:30
Kiloshi zipper 08:30
zipperWhy do you call SA ZA?08:30
thatgraemeguyhello person that helps keep my pants up08:30
mazalHi zipper08:30
Kiloszuid afrika08:31
zipperthatgraemeguy: zippers are not belts.08:31
Kilosold dutch name for sa08:31
zipperor buttons08:31
zipperKilos: I see08:31
zipperzuid is south?08:31
thatgraemeguymy pants can stay up without a belt08:31
superflyMaaz: tld for South Africa08:31
Maazsuperfly: The tubes are clogged!08:31
thatgraemeguybut if the zipper fails, not so much :P08:31
superflyMaaz: well unclog them!08:31
Maazsuperfly: Huh?08:31
zipperthatgraemeguy: Buttons?08:32
thatgraemeguynever mind the joke isn't funny if it gets dissected this far :'(08:32
zipperthatgraemeguy: You gotta get a belt for sagging your pants08:32
zipperthatgraemeguy: I am bad at jokes lol08:32
zipperI guess I'm too old for low pants anyway.08:33
Kilosoh my08:33
Kiloshipsters still the most confortable pant to wear08:33
mazalAll my pants are low , below the belly lol08:33
Kilosim just old enough08:33
thatgraemeguyno boxers are the most comfortable pants to wear08:33
thatgraemeguythey are typically frowned upon as office attire though for some reason08:34
mazalNO PANTS08:34
superflyPants on the ground! Pants on the ground! Looking like a fool with yo pants on the ground!08:34
zippermazal: True, followed by sweatpants08:34
thatgraemeguyen daar ruk hy die dam onder die eend se gat08:34
mazalhahahaha 08:34
zippersuperfly: The cool kids sag their pants08:34
Kiloshaha  you sound chipper superfly wb08:34
thatgraemeguyoh my word superfly ..... that video08:34
zipperKilos: He sounds like a rapper08:35
Kiloszipper where are you again?08:35
superflyKilos: it's called "lack of sleep"08:35
Kilosoh my08:35
Kilossomewhere in africa08:35
mazalI live in shorts though. Hate any kind of long pants of which uniform is the worst08:35
thatgraemeguy7ish years ago that video had the whole office in tears08:35
superfly... the only one that got my reference was thatgraemeguy08:35
zipperLOL 7 years ago I might've been too young08:36
thatgraemeguyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMwhl4IrPNc for the uninitiated08:36
zipperKilos: KENYA08:36
Kilosoh yes08:36
Kilosstickyboys replacement08:36
zipperKilos: LOL how dare you :D08:36
zippersticky's replacement but with terrible punctuation.08:37
zipperI have a terrible keyboard.08:37
zipperThe comment "Probably the best thing that has ever come off of American Idol. Prove me wrong."08:42
zipperthatgraemeguy: ^08:42
thatgraemeguyeasy to prove wrong...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szJ6OxvS_mM08:43
zipperthatgraemeguy: LOL who are you? and why do you know so many american idol funny videos?08:48
thatgraemeguythat's pretty much the only 2, sorry..... they kinda went viral at the office at the time08:49
zipperthatgraemeguy: What do you think about "hoverboards"?08:51
thatgraemeguyI think its a shame they don't exist yet as BTTF promised us08:51
zipperhaha true those things don't hover why are they called hoverboards?08:59
MaNIbecause the world has been taken over by shameless marketers and our legal system doesn't care09:10
magespawngood morning09:18
superflyhi magespawn09:18
magespawnhi superfly, on holiday?09:19
superflymagespawn: nope, at work09:24
magespawngood afternoon11:05
magespawnsuperfly sorry to hear that.11:05
grembleGood afternoon11:29
Kiloshi gremble magespawn 11:29
Kiloshot tody11:29
Kilos32°c in house11:29
grembleKilos, you don't perhaps know where to go to query traffic fines? They're blocking me from taking out a vehicle license for a bogus fine that I didn't even know about :/11:30
Kiloslemme ask grem11:30
Kilosble too11:30
thatgraemeguyif you are with fnb you can search fines from internet banking11:31
Kilosup paul kruger, right in visagie and opposite the town hall is the trafic department11:32
Kilosi hope i have the town hall right11:32
grembleIt is for R1450. I can't really pay. I was at the traffic dept, but they don't want to help me. The fine isn't even in my name. -.-11:32
Kiloswhose name is it in11:33
Kilosoh you were at tha traffic dept. speak to management if they dont want to hlp you at the counters11:34
thatgraemeguylol management11:34
Kilosya the higher ups like fighting their underlings11:34
Kilosits a power thing11:34
grembleIt is for driving without a licensed issued in 2013. I got my license in 2010. So I don't know what is going on11:35
grembleTheo Martins or someone11:35
Kilosor fone the pta 11:35
thatgraemeguyand that is logged against your ID number?11:35
Kiloshead of the town11:36
grembleand my driver license11:36
thatgraemeguyow, man I don't know what to do in that case :-/11:36
Kiloseverything crooked11:36
thatgraemeguyhttp://mybroadband.co.za/vb/forumdisplay.php/164-Motoring-and-Transportation-Cars-Bikes-and-Planes, post here and ask advice11:36
grembleBleh. Guess I am going to have to go back11:37
grembleAlright. Thanks thatgraemeguy 11:37
Kilosmy car was stolen and 2 years after cops brought a guy here with same kinda car but he had it registered to him 2 years before mine was stolen already11:37
Kiloscorruption everywhere11:38
grembleI'M finishing my degree then moving to a country with proper public transport to do my postgrad at11:39
grembleI hate cars and driving so much11:39
grembleIt justs costs me money11:39
Kilossame as false id documents11:41
Kilosinfo gets sold11:41
thatgraemeguyI love driving but it is pretty expensive11:42
thatgraemeguyunless you want to drive a waching machine11:42
thatgraemeguyChery QQ, Chevy Spark, that whole family of appliances :-p11:42
Kilosinetpro ping16:10
superflyKilos: leave magespawn's connection man! :-P17:02
Kilosi wonder if its just irc or his whole internet connection17:29
inetprogood morning everyone 17:46
Maazinetpro: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell inetpro QA cant do the announce thing" 23 hours, 2 minutes and 16 seconds ago17:46
inetprooh and pong to oomKilos 17:46
Kiloshi inetpro 17:46
Kiloscan you do some work for me please sir17:47
Kilosadd an agenda link with the basics there 17:47
Kilosoh and17:47
Kilosyou and fly ignored my suggestion about our first meeting here on the 26th17:48
Kilosweather liar says tomorrow 2 degrees hotter than they predicted for today17:49
Kilosi mailed pieter about a meeting17:49
Kiloshope he is ok17:50
Kiloswow i forgot about the QA message even17:51
inetproremind me tomorrow again Kilos 17:53
Kilosduring the day?17:54
=== zipper is now known as Guest42800
Kilosoh my superfly now you doing it18:04
Kilosyou bored jellie18:10
jellieKilos: Bored? No I have to cook.18:40
jellieWhy do you ask?18:40
Kilosthe nick changes18:40
grembleThey're just a jelly luvpanda zipper18:41
grembleI caught a scorpion in my room18:43
grembleI like Living in South Africa18:43
Kilosfree food18:43
Kilosjust cut off the stinger first18:44
grembleNo Kilos 18:44
grembleThat is really weird18:44
grembleI can get food from the fridge18:44
Kilosput it in the fridge then you know where to get it when hungry18:45
grembleI put it on my desk18:45
grembleIt is called Charles18:45
Kilosyou name scorpoins?18:45
grembleAnything interesting that wanders into my room will get named18:46
Kilosand say im weird18:46
grembleI'm not the one eating things that arent made of food18:46
Kiloswhe hungry one can eat nearly anything18:50
Kilosim sure monkeys eat scorpion18:50
Kiloshey gremble did you get licence stuff sorted18:51
grembleNo. Not yet.18:51
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:01
=== cyrilb_ is now known as cyrilb

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