digitalboy01genii Sorry I was refeering to Bashing-om post00:00
Bashing-omdigitalboy01: The ubuntu way to install grub ' sudo grub-install /dev/sdX ' where the 'X' is drive a,b,c ect ....00:00
digitalboy01Bashing-om ok!00:00
EriC^^are you creating your own distro?00:01
mcphailgenii: "dpkg-deb -X package.deb ." might be an easier way to get at the contents ;)00:02
digitalboy01EriC^^ Not exactly but I would like to understand the most from my mistakes..00:02
geniimcphail: There's more than one way, I'm just giving the method I'm most familiar with00:02
EriC^^digitalboy01: what mistake?00:02
digitalboy01Now I must go! Thank you for all the support guys! Maybe I'll come back tomorrow00:04
b00i cant load megaraid_sas kernel driver, anyone have any ides?00:08
bekksb00: Why cant you load it?00:08
b00i dont know, i dont get a error msg00:09
geniiThen how do you know it didn't load?00:09
bekksb00: how are you trying to load it?00:09
b00modprobe megaraid_sas00:10
Algebr`I get this ubuntu error as well when many usb devices are plugged in, also cryptic: [Tue Jan  5 15:06:54 2016] usb 3-9.7.6: ep 0x2 - rounding interval to 8 microframes, ep desc says 10 microframes00:11
bekksAlgebr`: and what is affected by that message?00:11
bekksb00: So look at dmesg.00:12
Algebr`I am unable to use those devices.00:13
Algebr`And how can I tell if I'm using xhci or ehci?00:13
b00bekks, just says the firmware loaded correctly00:13
bekksb00: And how do you know it didnt load then?00:16
b00the card doesnt show up in megaraid storage manager00:16
geniiAlgebr`: Whatever driver is being used for a device is usually in the results of sudo lshw. So if it's a USB thing, examine the results of: sudo lshw -C bus      ...drivername is in the line for each that starts with "configuration"00:18
Algebr`genii: thank you. I'm seeing that my machine loaded both the xhci and ehci drivers. I was hoping there was a way to disable the xhci module and only use ehci without having to mess with BIOS00:19
geniiAlgebr`: The lshw will list all the usb ports and devices, and what drivers if any each is using. If you just want to see if a specific driver is loaded, you can just view the results of lsmod instead00:20
danmulveycan someone hilight my name please? trying to make sure this script is running properly, thanks!00:21
geniiAlgebr`: If you have mixed USB2 and USB3 ports, you will still need both the xhci and the ehci00:21
* genii slides danmulvey a coffee00:21
danmulveythanks genii! working just as I was hoping for haha00:22
notabot_hi how can i share my ubuntu screen to an amazon fire tv?00:43
AnnaOnLinuxI am trying to decide on a tiling window manager. I am currently looking between i3 and awesomewm.00:44
OerHeksVLC can stream your desktop, notabot_ , not sure if that fire tv can handle that00:44
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notabot_OerHeks: does it use miracast? or is there a miracast client/sender for ubuntu?00:45
notabot_OerHeks: firetv apparently uses miracast00:45
OerHeksnotabot_, i find only negative posts.00:47
notabot_OerHeks: do i understand it right, when i get a vlc player to work on the firetv i can likely stream my desktop?00:48
notabot_OerHeks: this is sad, miracast is an open protocol :(00:48
OerHeksi find no support for linux-vlc and miracast either00:48
OerHeksno, intel wireless protocol00:49
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notabot_OerHeks: oh i see, not open?00:49
m1dnight_Is it normal that `make install` just outputs commands instaed of executing them?00:59
ryclikAnnaOnLinux: I would recommend AwesomeWM. On my other (less powerful) laptop I solely use tiling wm's. It is a tie for me between dwm and awesome.00:59
ryclikm1dnight_: It's normal for it to output and execute them01:00
m1dnight_oh you are right. they are executed. i must have missed it before.01:01
ygorMy ubuntu ta presenting tearing screen whenever I open firefox. Does anyone know why?01:07
notabot_wow this sucks so hard01:08
notabot_i want miracast for ubuntu01:08
Seveasnotabot_: https://github.com/albfan/miraclecast01:10
notabot_Seveas: just found that too, looking into it01:10
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miyzuHi After installing ubuntu server on the logging screen, the screen is flooded with error like "link training error" "failed to check link status " "pciehp" I can still log into my account do everything but the screen is still flooded I have to use ctrl +l all the time01:14
Mo0Ohi there01:16
notabot_wow this sucks, i'm on 14.04 lts because lts is the only reasonable choice i was told01:16
daftykinsmiyzu: what's the version? what's the system type?01:16
notabot_now this apparently doesnt support miracleCast01:16
daftykinsnotabot_: don't use that language here.01:16
Mo0Owhat about https://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/39166/01:16
daftykinsdefine doesn't support?01:16
notabot_because it has all kinds of dependencies like systemd and whatever01:16
Mo0Onotabot_: works on lts too ;)01:16
daftykinsyou're getting it from a funny source if it needs systemd o001:16
notabot_Mo0O: oh you sure? cool let me try01:17
notabot_Mo0O: would i have to apt-get it or something?01:17
Mo0Olook at the title01:17
notabot_which title01:17
Mo0OUbuntu 14.04 LTS, 15.10 overlayfs - Local Root Exploit01:17
* Mo0O was gessing the title was explicit01:17
daftykinsMo0O: take that elsewhere thanks01:17
Mo0Odaftykins: ok01:18
notabot_daftykins: i'm trying https://github.com/albfan/miraclecast01:18
Mo0Ois there a place to talk about?01:18
notabot_Mo0O: oh i get it we were talking different oranges01:18
daftykins#ubuntu-offtopic ? :)01:18
miyzudaftykins, ubuntu  14.04 my system is a simple notebook dual core 3Go ram01:18
notabot_local root in all LTS versions wow01:18
Mo0Odaftykins: ok01:19
daftykinsno that's stupid01:19
Mo0Ook :D01:19
notabot_why isn't Mo0O allowed to talk abuot it?01:19
Mo0Oso, there's no place to talk about ubuntu security issues?01:19
Mo0Onotabot_: maybe because it's a fresh exploit, uduno01:20
daftykinsthis is a support channel not a "i found this it's exciting"01:20
notabot_daftykins: but it is01:20
daftykinsno it's not support01:20
notabot_exciting i mean01:20
daftykinsand as the link says it's been fixed in newer kernels01:20
notabot_i see01:21
notabot_daftykins: so would you say https://github.com/albfan/miraclecast is a funny source?01:21
notabot_i will just try building it01:21
daftykinswe don't support PPAs so it's your responsibility to find a source for what you want to run01:21
notabot_hope it works on 14.0401:22
notabot_daftykins: i'm not sure i understood correctly or got confused by Mo0O, does 14.04 support systemd?01:22
notabot_it is listed as a dependency01:22
daftykinssystemd is in 15.04 and 15.1001:22
daftykinsstop that.01:23
notabot_i never thought i would ever say that, but in windows it just works out of the box01:23
notabot_miracast i mean, which you have to admit is pretty fly01:24
notabot_for a wifi01:24
notabot_it lets you get rid of annoying cables01:25
notabot_and just stream your desktop to the tv for example01:25
Mo0Otv are so 90's01:25
notabot_what do you use01:25
Mo0Owell, forget01:25
notabot_alright, by tv i mean large screen01:26
notabot_huge screen01:26
notabot_desirably huge screen01:26
daftykinsremember, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic - support only in here.01:26
daftykinsbe nice and comply with that simple request01:26
Mo0Oyep, sorry daftykins01:26
notabot_is there a painless and smooth way to upgrade 14.04 to 15?01:28
Mo0Onotabot_: did you look for a wiki page before asking?01:28
daftykinsmay need to disable LTS only upgrade prior to that mind01:28
notabot_daftykins: will this mess up my system possibly? what's the probability?01:28
daftykinsi don't believe in upgrades01:29
notabot_Mo0O: wiki pages dont actually tell the truth about painlessness01:29
daftykinshow could they? an upgrade today is different from an upgrade tomorrow, the from and to changes.01:29
miyzuNobody had the same issue ?01:30
notabot_so basically i am stuck to cables01:30
daftykinsmiyzu: you didn't respond.01:30
daftykinsi have a lovely HTPC that lives on the TV, don't know what you're up to :)01:31
Mo0Omiyzu: which one?01:31
notabot_daftykins: i just want my desktop on the huge screen :(01:31
miyzuUbuntu 14.0401:32
notabot_daftykins: when you dont believe in upgrades, do you just purge and reinstall your system every 6 months?01:32
daftykinsi don't use ubuntu.01:32
Mo0Omiyzu: Ubuntu 14.04 is not an issue :D01:32
notabot_daftykins: oh, why not?01:32
daftykinsthat's not on topic here.01:32
notabot_daftykins: what do you use?01:32
Mo0Ome too01:33
daftykinsthat's not on topic here.01:33
notabot_please tell me01:33
daftykinsgo away01:33
* Mo0O <3 this chan01:33
miyzuMo0O, what is the question ?01:34
notabot_i guess guessing isnt gonna help01:34
notabot_which ironically helps01:34
notabot_anyway, this sucks. i will go to #windows01:34
Mo0Omiyzu: what's you issue01:35
Mo0Onotabot_: good luck ;)01:35
daftykinsi think it's ##windows01:35
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Mo0O#<chan_name> -with on #- are "reserved" for official channels01:36
notabot_daftykins: if i wasn't using the lts but still wanted to keep up to date, whats the recommended way to upgrade to the every 6 months releases? purge and clean install?01:37
miyzuMo0O, My screen is flooded with error like "[57192.331327] pciehp 0000:00:1c.4:pcie04: Link Training Error occurs " "[57192.331331] pciehp 0000:00:1c.4:pcie04: Failed to check link status"01:37
daftykinsmiyzu: what is the machine? second time asking now01:37
miyzudaftykins, maybe i didn't understand the question.01:37
miyzudaftykins, a notebook01:38
Mo0Omiyzu: vendor and model of you computer01:38
daftykinsi'd think you'd be grown up enough to ask for clarification01:38
daftykinsnotabot_: the GUI update manager would offer new versions once they become available.01:38
Mo0Obtw, a full log and/or dmesg could be useful to help you miyzu01:39
metroinsI bought a new backup 3gb hdd.  I installed it and added to fstab but it doesn't have a valid partition table.  Can anybody tell me how to properly partition this?01:40
notabot_daftykins: i see, this sounds dangerous, does it work smoothly withuot breaking stuff afa you know?01:40
miyzudaftykins,  Packard bell Easynote BG48-M-055FR01:40
daftykinsnotabot_: what sounds dangerous?01:41
miyzuMo0O,  Packard bell Easynote BG48-M-055FR01:41
Mo0Ometroins: you need to use GPT patition table schema01:41
Bashing-ommetroins: Terminal way : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive .01:41
triacuse GPT not MBR01:41
notabot_daftykins: upgrading major version of a running system, i heard that this regularly breaks stuff for some users01:41
Mo0Odaftykins: cc 02:41:32      miyzu │ Mo0O,  Packard bell Easynote BG48-M-055FR01:42
notabot_is GPT required because the hdd is too large?01:42
daftykinsyour mileage may vary.01:42
Mo0Onotabot_: yes01:42
triacGPT when larger than 2GB01:42
notabot_whats the MBR limit?01:42
notabot_i see01:42
Toba_Anyone have an actual fix for all the issues around mouse pointers disappearing on ubuntu01:43
Toba_it's been like01:43
metroinsMo0O: Bashing-om and triac thank you01:43
Toba_and this still happens to me01:43
Toba_every so often, goodbye mouse pointer01:43
daftykinscan't say i've heard of disappearing pointers01:43
Toba_no other distro has ever done this to me01:43
Mo0Ome you're welcome01:43
notabot_Toba_: i learned to accept that ubuntu is still in a stop gap measure state of being really conveniently usable01:44
hack_Hey, I have an issue with non-gui terminals and the login screen being rendered at a resolution that is waaaay too small to see.  I got grub fixed to be readable by modifying /etc/default/grub like so: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14416476/01:45
notabot_Toba_: it can't even do miracast01:45
hack_but ... once it passes grub it goes right back to 1920x108001:45
somsip!fud | notabot_ (stop with the petty nonsense)01:46
ubottunotabot_ (stop with the petty nonsense): Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt01:46
hack_which my tv claims to support ... but for all intents and purposes usable doesn't01:46
Mo0Onotabot_: it can do everythings, you just need to know how to fix issues ;)01:47
notabot_yeah but then i am doing it, not it01:47
hack_So I need to know, how on earth am I supposed to force the driver to use the correct max res of 1360x768 (which grub cannot do for some reason)01:47
notabot_but yeah, i do respect all the work that went into it by altruistic contributors01:47
Toba_i'm just so pissed that basic features like "having a mouse" are breaking01:47
Toba_that's absurd01:47
notabot_same here Toba_01:48
Toba_what year is this?? 1994?01:48
Mo0Ohack_: you're talking about tty, right?01:48
hack_yes I am, as well as the lightdm login screen01:48
Mo0OToba_: it's an xorg issue, or gnome issue, not directly an ubuntu issue01:49
hack_after that it goes to the correct res I set in the display settings01:49
Mo0OToba_: 1rst) check you mouse -using another one-, 2) try another wm, 3) try to fix xorg01:50
Mo0Omost of the time it's a mouse -hardware- issue01:50
notabot_daftykins: are you guys paid official ubuntu support staff?01:51
daftykinsno, volunteers.01:51
daftykinswhich is why your antics are so annoying01:51
notabot_ok sorry01:51
miyzudaftykins,  Packard bell Easynote BG48-M-055FR or what do you mean by what's the machine ?01:53
daftykinsyeah grabbed that, some device on the PCI bus has issues - which kernel is in use? pastebin the "dmesg" ?01:53
notabot_daftykins: you know it really stirs up curiosity what somebody who voluntarily supports a product but doesn't use it uses and why01:53
somsip!ot | notabot_01:54
ubottunotabot_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:54
daftykinsnotabot_: that's nice, dear.01:54
notabot_will you answer me in #ubuntu-offtopic?01:54
nolsenWhat program is the "Disks" utility feature called on apt-get?01:54
somsipnotabot_: ask in #ubuntu-offtopic01:54
daftykinsnolsen: well just use gparted instead ;)01:54
nolsendaftykins: Then I can't encrypt my flashdrive.01:55
daftykinsoh ok01:55
daftykinsthat's a funky use-case01:55
daftykinsis it gnome-disks ?01:55
daftykins!info gnome-disks01:55
ubottuPackage gnome-disks does not exist in wily01:55
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miyzudaftykins, How do I do that I don't use a DE01:56
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daftykinsmiyzu: sudo apt update && sudo apt install pastebinit && dmesg | pastebinit01:57
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hack_I had tried to solve the lightdm part of the issue by following the procedure here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/73804/wrong-login-screen-resolution#74917  but all it did then was hang on booting graphically02:02
hack_I had to almost blindly revert the configuration from tty1, which was barely readable ... so that's the last time I'm trying that approach02:03
daftykinshack_: there's always SSH...02:05
hack_daftykins: I do not have my system set up to receive SSH, nor do I have a legitimate reason to ... is it possible to adjust the default config for my TV so when linux sees it it goes to the correct res instead?02:07
daftykinsgrab the EDID and use that if you're having issues there02:08
daftykinsi haven't really been following along02:08
daftykinsmy *point* was that you could've SSH'd in from another host to combat config changes whilst a display is unreadable02:08
CissssaHi again. I want to test Ubuntu (in a VM) before actually installing it. Does anyone know where I can find the optimal/best/whatever VM settings to make it run as good as it can? Thanks! :)02:10
hack_um, config file location(s) relevant to the EDID overriding?02:11
notabot_hack_: in /etc/grub.d/00_header put a "set gfxpayload=keep" below the line that says "set gfxmode=${GRUB_GFXMODE}" or something02:11
notabot_Cissssa: just give it 4GB RAM02:12
Cissssanotabot_: All the other settings are not important? :o02:12
notabot_Cissssa: yesp02:12
Cissssanotabot_: Sounds to good to be true!02:12
hack_notabot_: um ... that's the best grub supports but not the best the monitor supports, so I would rather somehow force the *actual* ideal resolution02:13
notabot_that's just how ubuntu does it02:13
Cissssanotabot_: I'll keep you responsible for everything that happens to that VM from now on! :D02:13
notabot_hack_: you set it by the "GRUB_GFXMODE=1024x768x32" in /etc/default/grub02:14
notabot_it just isnt preserved without the set gfxpayload=keep02:14
notabot_then you have to run update-grub again02:15
hack_notabot_: what the heck, might as well try it, until I can figure out how on earth to manually override the EDID02:15
notabot_i dont even know what an edid is02:15
Cissssanotabot_: Thanks.02:16
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EriC^^hack_: you can use GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=keep in /etc/default/grub02:16
hack_I believe it describes the capabilities of a display device02:16
hack_well, that didn't work02:20
notabot_hack_: did you also try GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=keep in /etc/default/grub02:20
notabot_sorry then i'm out of advices02:21
daftykinsnotabot_: please stop trying to help in here if it's only going to be false information and repetition.02:21
notabot_i just googled because i couldnt believe grub sucks so hard and found this stuff02:21
notabot_but it wasnt english so i forwarded to the channel02:21
metroinsIn Ubuntu 15, they got rid of the hidden scrollbar correct?02:22
notabot_daftykins: let me remind you that you allegedly ignored me02:22
daftykinsnotabot_: don't be a troll, we don't need to deal with your childish games02:22
notabot_daftykins: wtf dude, i was trying to help, as was EriC^^02:22
daftykinsEriC^^ is a known fellow volunteer :) you're trolling.02:23
notabot_the point is we were both saying the same thing02:23
daftykinsand stop using that language in here, for the 4th time02:23
hack_I'm going to keep looking to see if I can find the EDID config location02:23
daftykinsbecause you were parroting yes.02:23
notabot_not really but meh02:23
notabot_if it makes you happy02:23
EriC^^to be fair i didn't know the issue, just that adding that variable is better than modifying 00_header02:24
miyzudaftykins, I got an error "Bad API request, invalid api_dev_key02:24
daftykinsmiyzu: sounds like your install is out of date, sometimes see that quirk - anyway nevermind i'm not staying02:24
notabot_hack_: look into GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT also in  /etc/default/grub02:25
noraatepernosAnyone using ubuntu on aws ec2 here?  Is there a reason my ebs drive name is /dev/sdf according to amazon but /dev/xvdf according to ubuntu?02:26
somsipnoraatepernos: it's just how they're named02:26
miyzuMo0O,  I got an error "Bad API request, invalid api_dev_key  using dmesg | pastebinit02:26
noraatepernossomsip: Thanks.  Is there any significance of the amazon drive name?02:26
somsipnoraatepernos: it's on a FAQ somewhere IIRC. Probably the EBS page for AWS02:27
noraatepernossomsip: thanks02:27
somsipnoraatepernos: or when you add an EBS it shows in a hint box. Something like that02:27
miyzudaftykins, OK thanks anyway02:29
joan_when sharing files via nfsv3, what has to be done in order to avoid the client hanging (which is using automounter) when the server is shutdown? Is there any approach that involves anything like the server sending a message/command to the client in order to get the shares unmounted before shutting down?02:30
hack_think I found the answer here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution trying it now02:31
joan_P.S.: I've already read this: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/29196/automount-nfs-autofs-timeout-settings-for-unreliable-servers-how-to-avoid-han  which is not conclusive, as some comments on that page imply.02:31
hack_well that didn't work either ...02:33
daftykinsyou are running 'sudo update-grub' right?02:34
hack_it must be an issue with xorg, since it gave me an "ACPI: PCC" failed message at the correct res but once the GUI came up everything got resized02:37
hack_so again, what must I edit in xorg to fix it?02:37
daftykinsno that error isn't relevant02:38
hack_the resolution it displayed at was tho02:38
hack_in short the grub change "worked" until x screwed it up02:39
hack_so now I'm 100% sure I just need to edit the right xorg config file correctly ... but the trouble is I have no idea where it it02:41
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regeditwaifu's laptop is dying. we all know what that means - I'm getting myself a new laptop! and she gets to have my old one, muhuhahahaha02:42
regeditso what's a good Ubuntu laptop to get?02:43
daftykins#ubuntu-offtopic for that one02:43
daftykinsit's not really direct support y'see02:43
regeditoh OK so that's how this is gonna be huh02:44
eclectichedgehogi thought regedit's question was a perfectly valid one02:45
regediteclectichedgehog: but you are an eclectic hedgehog02:45
regeditso your argument is invalid02:46
eclectichedgehogonly in an eclectical sense02:46
eclectichedgehogregedit but to answer your question, the default would be look at system 76's website02:48
andornautI installed and then uninstalled a newer kernel (4.2.0), and now when install nvidia-352 binary driver, I get errors such as "depmod: ERROR: could not open directory /lib/modules/4.2.0-22-generic" Anyway to get indicate that 4.2.0 isn't installed anymore?02:48
daftykinsandornaut: dpkg -l | grep linux-02:49
daftykinslikely you have packages from 4.2.0 left installed (ii beside)02:49
regediteclectichedgehog: OK thanks02:49
eclectichedgehogandornaut: did you install the kernal headers for 4.2.002:49
Bashing-omhack_: One way to set the resolution . https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution .02:50
andornautdaftykins: http://pastebin.com/hhCxNRje02:50
andornauteclectichedgehog: I might have, though I believe that i've removed the headers package w/  apt-get remove --purge linux-headers-4.2.0*02:51
daftykinsdebian jazz o002:51
daftykinsah well no ideas there.02:51
andornautHere's the output from update-initramfs: http://pastebin.com/Qryrzmwa02:54
SilurianI have a weird issue connecting to wifi, and I was hoping I could get some insight here. Ubuntu 15.10 on Asus laptop with BCM43142 wireless02:54
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:55
eclectichedgehogandornaut: what does uname -a return?02:55
SilurianIt's not a driver issue @ubottu02:56
somsip!details | Silurian ("weird issue" gives us nothing to go on)02:56
ubottuSilurian ("weird issue" gives us nothing to go on): Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)02:56
andornauteclectichedgehog: 3.13.0-7402:56
Silurianyes, I'm getting there02:56
SilurianBasically , it refuses to connect with the office wifi, when it could connect the previous day02:56
Cardude419Hi, quick question about raid 1: if one drive fails and i replace it, does the replacement drive have to be the exact same model hard drive or does it just have to have the same or more space?02:57
Silurianthis is recurring, happens each day02:57
SilurianI've found that if I reset the system time to the previous day, then it will connect without issue02:57
Silurianafter which time I can reset the system time correctly, and connect and reconnect at leisure02:58
OerHeksCardude419, minimal same space02:58
eclectichedgehogandornaut: is it using the generic or low latency version of that kernel as you seem to have both installed02:58
Cardude419OerHeks: thanks02:58
andornauteclectichedgehog: lowlatency03:00
eclectichedgehogandornaut: then it seems like you only have the generic headers03:00
andornauteclectichedgehog: ah, i'll try installing the lowlatency headers. one sec.03:01
andornauteclectichedgehog: that got me up and running, thanks. I still do get those errors re: 4.2.0 though. Not really a big deal, but it'd be nice to know what's going on.03:05
sam_yanIn ubuntu15.04,and the init is systemd but why upstart also running ?03:05
eclectichedgehogandornaut: cool, yeah not sure why you still get that message, maybe a reboot might clear it or, reinstalling the nvidia drivers03:07
andornauteclectichedgehog: this worked update-initramfs -d -k 4.2.0-22-generic03:08
andornaut-d removes an initrmfs and -k specifies the kernel vers03:09
andornautnow `update-initramfs` -u just updates the 3.13 kernels03:09
andornauteclectichedgehog: thanks for your help!03:10
eclectichedgehogandornaut: no problem03:10
FelixFire619can ubuntu livecd boot into OS from usb with NO HDD in the machine?03:10
eclectichedgehogFelixFire619: if you mean can you run a live ubuntu image off a usb then yes03:11
FelixFire619kubuntu, slax nore a few other LiveCD's will boot in my wifes laptop while the hard drive is unplugged,03:11
FelixFire619Does a physical hard drive have to be present in ubuntu livecd in order for it to boot properly?03:12
OerHeksFelixFire619, no, eclectichedgehog is right, no need to, maybe something else is going wrong.03:12
OerHeksso what error do you get or what happens when you try?03:13
FelixFire619I've managed to find that the other os's, dont boot because of hdd, found out by putting in a working hdd and they booted.03:13
eclectichedgehogFelixFire619: is the laptop detecting the usb drive before non existent hdd03:13
FelixFire619It is imparitive that i dont need a physical hdd03:13
OerHeksmaybe the bios contains a hdd image still, reset that.03:13
krillionhello room03:13
FelixFire619eclectichedgehog: it will boot and then stop at x start03:13
FelixFire619OerHeks: thanks for the tip will try03:14
en0xhi, what is the easy way to upgrade from 12.04.4 lts to 12.04.5 lts?03:14
eclectichedgehogen0x: just run regular updates03:14
OerHeksen0x, just run upgrades03:14
FelixFire619OerHeks: i dont get an error, it goes threw the entire process and when i should see login i see blackness even with a vga second monitor attached03:14
en0xoh ok thanks guys03:15
OerHeksFelixFire619, and with HDD it boots straight into the installermenu/livemode?03:15
FelixFire619but when i dont get a hdd put in it it wont load X on screen03:16
OerHeksthen i guess it needs a bios reset/setup03:16
eclectichedgehogFelixFire619: sounds like its either not detecting your graphics or its assigning the wrong graphics display03:16
FelixFire619also it takes me 12hrs to dl a iso03:16
FelixFire619so i need to know for sure if the ubuntu livecd will work with no hdd physically present03:16
FelixFire619eclect when the hdd's there it works flawlessly03:16
OerHeksIt should.03:16
FelixFire619ok thank you, i'll give it a try and return with more Official ubuntu os questions if needed03:17
eclectichedgehogFelixFire619: a usb image should would as another drive03:17
schooler123I am trying to install Ubuntu via USB to my computer, but am getting many errors like Source ID XXXX was not found.03:17
FelixFire619eclectichedgehog: i can get usb working i can get it to go all the way to X login, but if it does not have a hdd it wont load display, i've tested same images with hdd plugged in and it works perfectly03:18
schooler123It has been removing conflicting operating system files for a long time now03:19
jeffreylevesquedoes systemd scripts have to have a specific extension (i.e. conf)?03:19
eclectichedgehogFelixFire619: simple answer, never buy a laptop from that manufacturer again if thats the case03:19
FelixFire619eclectichedgehog: if you saw the laptop (mind you it was free) you'd understand why The hdd issue is the cheapest fix but i cant afford it yet03:20
jeffreylevesqueor .service?03:20
FelixFire619True lesson here is, teach wife not to phsyically abuse her electronics03:20
SonikkuAmericaFelixFire619: ?!03:20
eclectichedgehogFelixFire619: yeah well that too03:20
krillionwould anyone know why my intial wordpress page is just text ? it looks like my wp-config.php03:21
SonikkuAmericakrillion: Did you upload the text of your wp-config.php file to it by accident?03:21
schooler123Anyone help?03:22
SonikkuAmericaschooler123: If you're reinstalling or installing over another Ubuntu version, that's going to take a while.03:23
krillionfresh install ... php mysql apache2 all locked and loaded... copied the sample config renamed it and configured it03:23
schooler123SonikkuAmerica: How long would you estimate "a while"03:23
eclectichedgehogFelixFire619: i would fire off a question to the manufacturers support page/forum as this seems weird, never came across a laptop that needs a hdd to boot a useb03:23
FelixFire619eclectichedgehog: it will boot the usb once again03:24
FelixFire619I dont know how many times i've made clear IT BOOTS FINE<<<< untill the os tries to load X03:24
OerHeks.. did you check the bios thing yet, FelixFire619 ?03:25
FelixFire619once X loads the 'login screen' the screens go blank03:25
FelixFire619I'm checking now03:25
SonikkuAmericaschooler123: For as long as it needs to get rid of the old stuff... I just tend to rm -rf everything but the /home folder on the target before I even continue installing, then I select "Something Else," select the partition and file system (the same exact type as the one before it), and then make sure the partition isn't going to be formatted.03:25
eclectichedgehogFelixFire619: does the laptop have an nvidia graphic chip in it?03:27
schooler123SonikkuAmerica: The existing installation was a new installation. I had to restart because my internet was cut in the middle.03:27
schooler123in the middle of the first new installation03:29
nolsenWhat program is the "Disks" utility feature called on apt-get?03:29
SonikkuAmericanolsen: If you mean in the !terminal , it's "gnome-disks"03:30
nolsenSonikkuAmerica: No such package.03:30
FelixFire619IT WORKED thanks OerHeks, reseting the bios did the tric on the current usb image i had03:31
SonikkuAmericanolsen: Oh, that's the program name. You'll need to install "gnome-disk-utility" to use ti03:31
OerHeksFelixFire619, nice, have fun03:31
eclectichedgehoganother satisfied customer03:31
FelixFire619Thank you OerHeks  & eclectichedgehog03:32
SonikkuAmericaeclectichedgehog: customer? :P lol03:32
sam_yanHI .Is someone is familiar to the ways to obtain upstart and systemd in ubuntu15.04?03:40
eclectichedgehogsam_yan: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers03:43
sam_yanwhat do i get confused is when I choose systemd as the init.But the upstart is also running ?03:44
sam_yanI have see that page03:44
Ben64sam_yan: upstart has been replaced03:47
sam_yanBut in system,"ps -aux | grep upstart" there is /sbin/upstart --user03:48
sam_yanwhy  there is also upstart running although the init is systemd03:51
sam_yanI want to know  in boot-up who started the /sbin/upstart04:01
denza242i got a problem with xinput. pushing up spams a tilde character, my left mouse button acts like the middle mouse button, if i press g it also presses f604:14
denza242lots of weird stuff04:14
denza242is there any way to reset all the xinput config to factory settings04:14
denza242because my computer is barely usable right now04:15
denza242alright maybe not barely but there's the lingering fear of pushing a button and then spamming the channel04:16
denza242or anything with a text field04:16
denza242alright, it seems to be some problem with psmouse04:52
denza242the psmouse module04:52
=== Darkfox is now known as bruh
joe_dmhey guys, my boot hangs after "Starting ACPI daemon" any idea how i would troubleshoot? e.g. what logs to look for... there should be no Xserver running or anything.05:29
enixMy job today05:33
enixBind our linux servers to our active directory05:33
enixBecause I'm sick of shit breaking and seeing that "root" did it.05:33
joe_dmany ideas why networking service wont stop?05:38
joe_dm"Job failed while stopping"05:38
QuantosBecause it's Irish and doesn't know how to be lazy?05:38
enixnothing in dmesg or anything?05:39
joe_dmnetworking post-stop process terminated with status 10005:40
sam_yanIn ubuntu15.04,there is also upstart running when systemd is the init.why?05:42
ajnrHi folks , I am new user of ubuntu, how to install g++ offline in ubuntu?05:47
iAmerikanget online05:47
somsip!offline | ajnr05:47
ubottuajnr: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD05:47
ajnrsomsip, installation of g++ in the system where there is no internet. ubottu , Dint get your point.05:58
somsipajnr: you download it from another machine05:58
ajnrhow somsip05:58
somsipajnr: check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package05:59
LibertyWeNeedHere is a screen shot. I cant seem to get netbeans to work. what do I do? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6a6GidWUZ4PRlBYRW5RZWFsd3M06:01
iAmerikanwouldn't that assume the other computer is an ubuntu box06:01
somsipiAmerikan: given an ubuntu package is the only official way of installing g++, yes06:01
somsipLibertyWeNeed: use a publicly available pastebin06:02
LibertyWeNeedsomsip, for screen shots?06:02
iAmerikanLibertyWeNeed: yes06:02
LibertyWeNeedwhat is an example?06:02
somsipLibertyWeNeed: yes - that's asking me to do something to get access. I can't help if I can't see it06:02
somsip!paste | LibertyWeNeed06:03
ubottuLibertyWeNeed: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:03
iAmerikanbut for pictures you'd use an image sharing site.06:03
iAmerikanimgur etc06:03
somsipiAmerikan: reread the factoid: " To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/"06:03
LibertyWeNeedthat is a screen shot06:04
somsipLibertyWeNeed: so you installed from the zip from Oracle?06:04
LibertyWeNeedthe sh file06:05
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline06:05
somsipLibertyWeNeed: yeah - archive in whatever sense. I forget. Are your permissions on the unarchived files ok?06:05
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD06:05
LibertyWeNeedsomsip, not sure.06:06
LibertyWeNeedhow do I check?06:06
ajnrsomsip, so after that what is the next step06:06
somsipajnr: install the package on the target machine - sudo dpkg -i *.deb (if it's a deb - not sure actually)06:07
ajnrsomsip, I did File > Generate package download script, I named it g++package, in that file #!/bin/sh content is there06:07
ajnrsomsip, two machines are not connected.06:07
somsipLibertyWeNeed: some posts on forums that suggest various fixes. Seems to be either a permissions thing, or a JRE/JDK thing, eg: https://forums.netbeans.org/topic64759.html http://askubuntu.com/questions/698501/netbeans-not-working-after-update06:07
somsipajnr: copy the file using another method06:08
LibertyWeNeedsomsip, thanks06:08
somsipLibertyWeNeed: np06:08
iAmerikanaptoncd is cool. i wonder if it runs on win06:08
ajnrsomsip, dint understand06:08
somsipajnr: I dont know how to phrase it any simpler06:09
ajnrsomsip, is the file which Generate package download script06:09
somsipajnr: yes06:09
ajnrso after copying the file in another machine , what is the next step somsip06:09
somsipajnr: what is the name of the file?06:09
ajnrsomsip, the content of the file is #!/bin/sh06:10
LibertyWeNeedDoes anyone know what the repository is for netbeans?06:11
somsipajnr: bottom of this under "Installation" https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Synaptic/PackageDownloadScript06:11
somsipLibertyWeNeed: it's in official, but usually lags behind the archives from Oracel06:11
somsip!info netbeans06:12
ubottunetbeans (source: netbeans): Extensible Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 8.0.2+dfsg1-4 (wily), package size 571 kB, installed size 1362 kB06:12
ajnrsomsip, okey I am trying06:13
ajnrsomsip, unfortunately the offline machines dint have synaptic.06:17
somsipajnr: how did you install ubuntu on the offline machine?06:18
ajnrin the offline machine I used bootable ubuntu in USB06:19
ajnrsomsip in the offline machine I used bootable ubuntu in USB06:19
somsipajnr: so use the alternative given at the very bottom of the page I linked for you06:19
ajnrsomsip, after installation I have checked that gcc is installed by default but not g++06:19
ajnrsomsip, so in that step , synaptic is require !06:20
somsipajnr: read it again. Very last line06:20
ajnrsomsip, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Offline06:21
ajnrthis one ?06:21
somsipajnr: no https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Synaptic/PackageDownloadScript06:21
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ajnrsomsip, very last line is sudo dpkg -i *.deb06:22
somsipajnr: it is06:22
ajnrsomsip, I think I am misunderstood, what I understand is that, in the offline machine I need to generate a .sh file from the synaptic package manager and that .sh file need to copy to the online machine where I can download the packages and those packages need to copy to the offline machine to install using dpkg command. Right ? if it is right , for this offline machine need to have synaptic which I dint have.06:26
somsipajnr: from what I read on that page, you generate a deb which is then copied to the target machine and installed with dpkg. But I've never done this so I could be wrong. I'll leave it to someone else to clarify06:27
iAmerikanajnr: you would generate the package on the online machine.06:28
iAmerikanthen the offline machine needs to have dpkg06:28
iAmerikanthen you'd transfer the file from the online machine to the offline via usb or cd06:29
somsipiAmerikan: I'm gald I wasn't wrong then. Thanks for clarifying06:29
karstensragedo you guys do any freelance work?06:30
somsip!ot | karstensrage06:31
ubottukarstensrage: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:31
karstensragewell ok, it is for ubuntu06:31
somsipkarstensrage: this is for support. Not for recruitment. If you have a support question, ask and get free advice. If you want someone to work for you, please ask elsewhere06:33
karstensragealright sorry06:34
Souravhello friends06:50
lotuspsychjeSourav: welcome, what can we do for you?06:50
Souravi am a newbie here06:51
Souravtell me what can i do here???06:51
lotuspsychjeSourav: you have joined an ubuntu support channel06:51
iAmerikanget support.06:51
Souravoh, cool06:51
lotuspsychjeSourav: regular chichat belong in #ubuntu-offtopic, so only support questions here06:52
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lotuspsychjeEriC^^: join discuss plz?07:00
=== Grace is now known as Guest51205
goddardanyone brave and using firefox want to test a link out to see if it crashes firefox?07:00
lotuspsychjegoddard: no crash here, its your side07:01
goddardi can play other videos just not that one07:02
lotuspsychjegoddard: got the right graphics driver active?07:02
goddardyeah everything is working fine07:02
lotuspsychjegoddard: wich driver active and chipset please?07:02
goddard970m -> nvidia 35207:03
lotuspsychjegoddard: try with a lower driver version please like 340 or 34607:03
lotuspsychjegoddard: we having alot of users stuck on 352 atm07:03
goddardlotuspsychje: is the video like 4K or something?07:04
goddardsome strange codec?07:04
lotuspsychjegoddard: doesnt seem like it, maybe its a flash/htlm5 thing?07:04
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
lotuspsychjegoddard: got ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?07:04
goddardlotuspsychje: no07:05
somsipgoddard: maybe it's something else on the page and not specific to video at all...07:05
lotuspsychjegoddard: try install the extras07:05
goddardworks in chrome for me07:05
goddardjust crashes firefox07:05
lotuspsychjegoddard: keep in mind that adobe flash on firefox is dead07:06
goddardlotuspsychje: yeah but i dont use flash07:07
goddardjust HTML507:07
goddardflash is dead period07:07
lotuspsychjegoddard: so if you sure that video is html5, try another driver07:08
lotuspsychjegoddard: or start firefox from terminal to see what errors you getting07:08
jeffrey_fI have my laptop connected to wifi @ work.  I have my Raspberry Pi with me and would like to connect that via a peer to peer network cable and essentially have my network traffic out to the internet through my laptop.  Is this possible??07:11
lotuspsychjejeffrey_f: something for the ##networking guys?07:11
jeffrey_flotuspsychje: Could be, but thought there could be a tables config to route a certain wired connection over to the wifi so it looks like it came from my laptop07:13
lotuspsychjejeffrey_f: explain how its ubuntu related to us please07:14
jeffrey_flotuspsychje: I have ubuntu on both my laptop and raspberry pi.07:15
lotuspsychjejeffrey_f: yes, but what you need is a network related issue right?07:16
iAmerikanssh tunnel or vpn to route traffic. both have to be connected to the same network. glhf07:16
iAmerikanor a network + routing.07:16
jeffrey_flotuspsychje: fair enough......I did ask on ##networking too07:16
iAmerikananyway this is linux stuff. not really an ubuntu issue07:17
Lightswordanyone know how to diagnose headphone issues with ubuntu 15.10? output doesn't seem to switch when headphones are plugged in and I can't figure out how to switch from speakers to headphones07:17
lotuspsychje!sound | Lightsword07:17
ubottuLightsword: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.07:17
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azizLIGHTdoes anyone use google hangouts on ubuntu? how come my launcher icon shows chrome instead of hangouts icon. it thinks all my chat windows are a browser window07:31
jeffrey_flotuspsychje: now I have an ubuntu question.  How do I keep wifi AND wired on and connected07:33
lotuspsychjejeffrey_f: depends on your wifi chipset and ubuntu version how well your wifi performs07:34
jeffrey_fNot worried about performance at the moment.  Just need connectivity.  I might just wait until I go home to play07:35
jeffrey_fUbuntu 15.10 and broadcom I believe07:36
lotuspsychjejeffrey_f: have you tested LTS on your broadcom?07:37
lotuspsychjejeffrey_f: some broadcom chips might need firmware/driver tuning before stable connectivity07:38
lotuspsychje!b43 | jeffrey_f07:38
ubottujeffrey_f: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx07:38
jeffrey_fI believe this worked without much fussing.07:38
jeffrey_fIn fact, I know it worked.  Came with Win10 but got frustrated in 15 minutes that I put Linux on it.07:39
lotuspsychjejeffrey_f: i would advise to also test an LTS version, to see how it goes there07:39
Lightswordso HP/Speaker Auto Detect was off in alsamixer for some reason which was causing headphones to not work, should I report that as a bug? also that only fixed one of the headphone jacks07:39
lotuspsychje!yay | Lightsword07:41
ubottuLightsword: Glad you made it! :-)07:41
jeffrey_fJust playing at the moment.  If I can "bridge" the network, great.......otherwise, I'll wait.07:42
lotuspsychjeLightsword: maybe lookup similar bugs first before you submit one07:42
lotuspsychje!bug | Lightsword if not existing07:42
Lightswordany idea why it is called "HP/Speaker Auto Detect" when my computer is an Alienware(OEM'd by Dell)?07:42
ubottuLightsword if not existing: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.07:42
lotuspsychjeLightsword: checkout lspci -nn for your hardware inside pc07:43
lotuspsychjeLightsword: or sudo lshw -C sound07:43
nackpaddywacktesting out irssi :P07:45
nackpaddywackmircfanboy here07:45
Lightswordlotuspsychje, http://0bin.net/paste/GhWQ3RmF+A9aqA7q#Z12QSkE-9xak0myFBfrPU+t0FEo6shZCZJucZfOxf0R07:45
sam_yan_HI ! In ubuntu 15.04 ,the pulseaudio is started by systemd? or no started in boot?07:47
Lightswordhmm, would headphone plug state be a GPO or something?07:47
jeffrey_flotuspsychje: Thanks!!!  gotta get back to work07:49
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic07:52
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auronandacesam_yan_: you may want to upgrade to 15.10, 15.04 runs out of support this month07:53
Dylan____Hey guys is google chrome browser stable at all?08:00
ajnrsomsip, Thanks it works !08:00
Dylan____My laptops frozen sigh08:00
Dylan____Silly ubuntu:/08:00
dotpixisDylan____: if you mean chromium-browser08:03
dotpixisthen yes08:03
Dylan____I mean the actual real one08:03
Dylan____It says its stable on the site08:03
dotpixistry chromium-browser08:04
lotuspsychjeDylan____: use chromium-browser instead08:04
Dylan____And can someone help me troubleshoot why my laptop always freezes08:04
Dylan____Like just then it crashed and i had to use the power off button08:04
Dylan____And its been happening for a week now08:04
dotpixisi'm having some trouble with my time on my computer, i've tried the gui install for NTP but it errored out... what's the terminal command to install NTP support?08:05
dotpixisDylan____: what distro are you using, and how much ram do you have?08:05
Dylan____Im using ubuntu 14.04lts08:05
Dylan____And i have 4 gig of ram i think08:05
Dylan____Thats what the laptop holds currently08:06
dotpixisDylan____: i'd suggest xubuntu or lubuntu08:06
dotpixisubuntu is too grapics intensive for your setup08:06
Dylan____How do u know?08:06
dotpixisDylan____: i have the same kind of setup08:06
lotuspsychje!ntp | dotpixis08:07
ubottudotpixis: Information about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)08:07
Dylan____Well dude im using a macbook pro 2010 that is six years old08:07
dotpixisty lotuspsychje08:07
Dylan____I dont think i need to be running xubuntu or lubuntu on it08:07
Dylan____Cause there more for the Xp type of machines08:07
dotpixisDylan____: i'm running an acer that's 8 years old and it works great with lubuntu on it...08:08
lotuspsychjedotpixis: ubuntu desktop can run perfectly fine on 4 gig ram, please be carefull what you suggest08:08
HoerzoektvrouwIs there any place where I can see all the member packages of the "gnome-destop-environment" meta package?08:08
lotuspsychjeHoerzoektvrouw: please change your nick on freenode08:08
dotpixislotuspsychje: it can run well but out of the box the graphics settings quickly clog up the ram cash08:08
=== Hoerzoektvrouw is now known as vraagteken
lotuspsychjedotpixis: im running netbook with only 2 gig ram ubuntu desktop, unity, and compiz eyecandy smooth here08:09
Dylan____I dont run compiz etc08:09
Dylan____Im never had a problem with ubuntu on this mac before08:10
Dylan____Until now08:10
lotuspsychjeDylan____: wich ubuntu version do you have08:10
Dylan____Ubuntu 14.04.3 lts08:10
lotuspsychjeDylan____: check your syslog and dmesg to see whats going on exactly08:10
Dylan____How can i do that?08:11
lotuspsychje!mac | Dylan____ see also the renewed mac tutorial08:11
ubottuDylan____ see also the renewed mac tutorial: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages08:11
lotuspsychjeDylan____: use the logviewer icon, or browse manual to /var/log/...08:11
Dylan____Im on systemlog08:11
Dylan____graphics are all stuffed up and pixlated:/08:12
Dylan____Yeah my graphics are now playing up08:12
Dylan____There all like out of place08:12
lotuspsychjeDylan____: graphics card chipset and driver active please?08:12
Dylan____Nvidia 320m and i think the xorg ill tell you give me a sec08:13
Dylan____Yeah xorg and nvidia 320"08:13
lotuspsychjeDylan____: can you check your additional drivers section, what other driver versions showup?08:14
Dylan____Nvidia binary driver version 340.96 a nvidia legacy binary driver vesion 304.131 another binary driver from 340.96 and another legacy with 304.13108:15
Dylan____And the xorg08:15
lotuspsychjeDylan____: ok, testout the 340 perhaps and reboot08:16
lotuspsychjeDylan____: you should testout what driver performs the best08:16
Dylan____Well if i do that08:16
Dylan____I get black screen08:16
Dylan____So not the best08:16
Dylan____Cause i have to purge everytime08:16
Dylan____To get a working desktop08:16
dotpixisoh you have nvidia08:17
dotpixisthat explanes everything08:17
_klamath_Hi all, just installed bodhi an ubuntu (trusty) based distribution. Have network problems, it connects once every 10 reboot. The problem could be net interface 'qualcom Atheros Killer network E2200'. Read in internet various posts but with newer kernel the problem should have been solved; my kernel version is 3.16.0-45-generic. Anyone with this net interface have solved the problem ?08:18
newUserI have a question about the command 'apt-get install mysql'. I know that this command will install the mysql db and it'll also create the ncessary start and stop scripts. I also know that the command will create a mysql user, but I don't know when apt-get install will create a user... for example 'apt-get install vim'  woldn't create a user. So my08:18
newUserquestion is when will apt-get install create a user?08:18
dotpixisnewUser: it creats new users?08:19
newUserdotpixis: yes I think it does... but I'm getting insecure cause you asked :)08:20
dotpixisnewUser: my best guess is that because it's a server thing08:20
dotpixismysql is a server database thing, so it needs a new user for security purposes <end of guess>.08:21
dotpixisit's probabily done in the configuration of mysql not specifically in the apt-get command08:22
dotpixisso the answer to your question is that it will create a new user if the program's config create's a new user.08:22
newUserdotpixis: thanks for the information, now I know that it depends on the installation script of the package08:23
dotpixisnewUser: glad to help08:23
somsipdotpixis: right on the first point (it's a service and running under a unpriviledged user is more secure) but the creation will be done by one of the script bundled in the package, not necessarily by the core package (eg - the pre-install script rather than the install-mysql script)08:23
newUsersomsip: thanks for the detailed information08:26
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Dylan____Guys my laptop ughh08:36
Dylan____Keeps freezing08:36
Dylan____Just cant get one thing done08:36
vltHello. I got a new Firefox version recently on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. How can I download PDF files now?08:37
vltThe version now is 43.008:37
MNTSright click on link and click "Save link as"08:40
vltMNTS: That doesn’t work anymore :-/08:46
Dylan____Having trouble refromating my bootable usb in ubuntu08:48
yahnDylan____, how are you attempting to format it?08:49
Dylan____Through gparted08:50
MNTSvlt: There is download icon in top right corner near fullscreen and print icons08:50
Dylan____Trying to reformst as a new fat32 but i cant08:51
Dylan____Doesnt allow me08:51
Dylan____And if i plug it into windows it only allows me to reformst 64.0 megabytes08:51
yahnDylan____, use Mintstick. It's Linux Mint's usb formatting tool. Works great under Ubuntu, is super simple to use & has been bulletproof for me. Here's a link to the latest version (.deb) that's hosted on my ISP's Linux Mint mirror: http://mirror.internode.on.net/pub/linuxmint-packages/pool/main/m/mintstick/mintstick_1.2.6_all.deb08:52
vltMNTS: Have you actually tried this?08:53
yahnDylan____, I find it the most hassle free way of formatting media in Ubuntu08:53
MNTSvlt: yes, works for me on Ubuntu 14.0408:53
vltMNTS: This is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and latest Firefox 43.0.08:54
yahnDylan____, once installed you can search for 'usb' in the dash and it will show 'USB Image Writer' and08:54
yahn'USB Stick Formatter'08:54
yahnplease tell me how you go :)08:55
Dylan____Omg thanks!08:57
yahnglad to hear it worked :)08:57
Dylan____Your the best08:57
Dylan____It was having trouble through gparted08:57
Dylan____Omg thanks!08:57
yahnyeah I've also had trouble with gparted.08:57
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ExtremeGHzHey, anyone out there?09:12
roryWhy not ask your next question (your real question) and find out? :)09:13
azizLIGHTwhats a simple ms paint type application09:13
azizLIGHTi just wanna black out personal info on a screenshot09:13
roryazizLIGHT: I like Pinta09:14
yahnazizLIGHT, Pinta is your best option IMO09:14
yahnazizLIGHT, also, nice reference to the fifth element ;)09:15
ExtremeGHzazizLIGHT: gimp should be standard on ubuntu if im not wrong09:16
roryazizLIGHT: FYI you can enable "single window mode" in GIMP which makes the interface less obnoxious09:16
yahnExtreme, GIMP was removed from the default Ubuntu install a long long time ago09:16
somsiprory: thanks for the single window mode suggestion :)09:17
azizLIGHT:) thanks for the suggestions09:18
aruncikashi, why not workig this repository ppa:gurqn/systray-trusty ? i dont seen my viber icon in systray09:30
bazhangaruncikas, contact the ppa maintainer, we dont support those09:31
ExtremeGHzyahn: I didn't knew that, thanks09:32
Dylan____I dont get any wifi on new instalation of xubuntu09:32
Dylan____And im done everything through the usb09:33
Dylan____And still now wifi shows ip09:33
bazhangwhats the chipset Dylan____ and please not enter for punctuation09:33
Dylan____I dont have ethernet sadly but im known if i install the dkms then the bcmwl it suppose to work09:34
bazhang!broadcom | Dylan____ have a read09:34
ubottuDylan____ have a read: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx09:34
Dylan____But it this case it didnt09:34
ctlaltdelDylan____: explain lag laptop09:35
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Dylan____Nvm ctaltde09:35
Dylan____I installed xubuntu on it09:35
Dylan____Just having trouble with the wireless now:/09:35
ctlaltdelhaven't tried xu, is good?09:35
yahnDylan____, you can connect your phone and use the USB hotspot functionality to connect to the internet09:35
Dylan____Not allowed to have 3g on my phone09:36
Dylan____Its disabled09:36
yahnDylan____, just make sure your phone is connected to your wifi first09:36
Dylan____It is09:36
yahnDylan____, it will share the wifi connection09:36
Dylan____How if theres no wifi showing up09:36
yahnDylan____, your phone that is connected to wifi will share it's wifi data connection through USB if you enable the USB tethering option09:37
Dylan____Its a iphone >.>09:37
Dylan____What do i do ?09:37
yahnDylan____, I'm pretty sure the iphone has the same option09:37
Dylan____Im known that the usb method works with ubuntu etc09:38
yahnDylan____, actually, looks like you can't without jailbreaking09:38
Dylan____Yeah well i cant jailbreak on ios 9.209:38
Dylan____Kinda stuffed up09:38
yahnDylan____, are you able to plug in your Xubuntu machine via ethernet?09:39
Dylan____I dont have ethernet09:39
Dylan____and its a mac09:39
Dylan____I remember using this os before and i had the wifi going by plugging in my usb running main/d/dkms then /mains/restricted/b/bcmwl09:40
yahnDylan____, you can install the drivers from the installation media. All the info is here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx09:41
Dylan____It says its using the driver09:42
Dylan____Though i cant see the actual wifi networks09:42
ikoniaDylan____: are you using the wifi built into the mac or an external dongle09:43
Dylan____Built in09:44
Dylan____And it says the drivers activated09:44
Dylan____And i cant see the wifi networks09:44
ikoniaDylan____: where does it say drivers activated09:44
Dylan____Additonal drivers09:44
ikoniastop repeatig - we get you can't see the networks09:44
ikoniaDylan____: what drivers are active in that list09:44
Dylan____Broadcom corporation airport extreme using broadcom 802.11 linxu sta wireless driver source from bcmwl-kernel-source09:45
ikoniait actually gives you that exact line in software center ?09:45
Dylan____No it gave me that line from addtional drivers09:46
ikoniasorry, additional drivers, typo09:46
Dylan____Thats ok09:46
ikoniaso that suggests the broadcom external modules are installed and loaded,09:46
Dylan____Im not sure09:46
ikoniaDylan____: if you open a terminal and pastebin look at the output of "sudo ifconfig -a" how many devices do you see09:47
ikoniaDylan____: or verify with "iwlist"09:47
ikoniaor iwconfig09:47
ikoniaiwconfig should show you any devices with wireless extensions09:47
ikoniado you have any ?09:47
Dylan____No wireless extensions09:47
ikoniaDylan____: ok - so thats why you can't see any networks09:48
ikoniayou don't have the correct modules loaded for your network card09:48
someone235Hi, I'm installing xubuntu, and I wanted to know if the default installation add swap partition, or do I need to add it myself in custom installation?09:48
Dylan____I dont know okay all i know is that if i was installing this on lets say ubuntu it would work straight out of the box with dkms and bcmwl09:49
ikoniaDylan____: right, and I'm explaining why you can't see the card09:50
nrdbI think there is a mistake in the ubuntu wiki ... in https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba-dc.html ... the first sentence says "Although it cannot act as an Active Directory Primary Domain Controller (PDC)" then the first set of instructions heading is "Primary Domain Controller" ... to me this is confusing and should be fixed.09:50
Dylan____How can i load these modules you are explaining to me?09:50
ikoniaDylan____: I'd suggest the first thing is finding out what module the mac wifi card actually needs09:51
Dylan____And how can i do that?09:51
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages09:51
ikoniaDylan____: is there any info on there ?09:51
Dylan____Im running trusty tahr09:52
Dylan____The last version is oneric ocelot09:52
Dylan____Apprently the best lts09:52
Dylan____But thst doesnt recieve updates09:52
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) was the fifteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on May 9th 2013, see http://ubottu.com/y/oneiric for more details.09:52
Dylan____And stuff09:52
Dylan____I swear i remember using xubuntu and getting the wifi to work09:53
Dylan____And now it doesnt want to:/09:53
yahnDylan____, what model/years is your macbook09:54
yahnDylan____, white macbook?09:54
Dylan____The 201009:54
Dylan____Come up with anything ?09:59
ctlaltdellspci, dmesg pastebin09:59
yahnDylan____, nothing that doesn't require an existing internet connection10:00
ubottuprottt4000: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:04
Dylan____Look like i cant do anything i guess10:05
Dylan____Could i reinstall xubuntu??10:06
photonLet's say I mount HDD 1 at /blah and HDD 2 at /blah/some/sub/dir/ and now make /blah available on the network via NFS. Can a remote host that accesses /blah via NFS also transparently read/write to HDD2 via /blah/some/sub/dir/ ? That is, does NFS span mount points/file systems?10:18
Seppozif i issue iptables -F will a reboot recover the original iptables?10:18
Seppozor is iptables -f presistent10:18
photonSeppoz: no10:21
photonSeppoz: If you want them to be persistent, you may employ scripts to do so, or use this: https://www.thomas-krenn.com/en/wiki/Saving_Iptables_Firewall_Rules_Permanently#iptables-persistent_for_Debian.2FUbuntu10:22
Seppozwell i issued iptables -F and now even after reste i cant access my server10:22
paanyone using a Skystar S2?10:25
dfg810does ubuntu save our previous Copy to clipboards ?10:27
solvarrwhy can't i send to channel?10:27
solvarrlol i just did10:27
BluesKajHI folks10:31
sda_hi all, I have a problem with ubuntu, if I suspend with sudo pm-suspend everything works fine, when I suspend from the suspend menu or closing the lid the pr doesn't recover. What could it be?10:34
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Myrttisda_: which laptop, out of curiosity10:36
sda_Myrtti, samsung np7003a10:39
Myrttisda_: that behaviour isn't unique, but I've no advice to give10:40
chindywhere do i have to save a xorg.conf file so that it loads after a restart automatically... and i dont always have to go to the nvidia settings ?10:41
sda_Myrtti, Do you know what program is called when I close the lid to suspend? How can I discover?10:45
bazhang!cn | haseeliyue10:51
ubottuhaseeliyue: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw10:51
fra_\msg fra10:53
mcphailsda_: I think systemd has taken over suspend duties from the pm-utils. I haven't looked into this enough to be sure, though10:55
DJones!cn | haseeliyue10:57
ubottuhaseeliyue: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw10:57
LostSoulhaseeliyue: Stop spamming here in language we don't understand10:58
cfhowlettactually - he said "thank you"10:59
cfhowlettyangpei, stop tht11:00
haseeliyueonly english?11:00
yangpeionly english11:00
yangpeianybody else?11:01
cfhowlettyangpei, other languages in other channels11:01
yangpeigot it11:02
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw11:02
haseeliyueWho is Chinese?11:04
cfhowletthaseeliyue, this is ubuntu support.  ask UBUNTU questions11:05
haseeliyuemy english is poor11:07
cfhowletthaseeliyue, go to #ubuntu-cn11:07
deepspeakerI did some chmodding of my homedir on the server (yes, probably not recommended). Following this, when I try connecting to my server, it always prompts for a password. Is there a specific chmod-setting that my .ssh folder should have?11:07
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Guest49183hello, im in search for a way to disable networking on application basis. the group method did not work for me. any idea? cant be that complicated?11:10
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wonderworldGuest49183: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/68956/block-network-access-of-a-process11:47
VaivarsMight i ask a question?11:47
cfhowlettVaivars, no Ms. Cleo here so ... ask11:48
VaivarsCan anyone suggest a heavy-ish java application that could be served from Glassfish11:48
VaivarsNeed to set up a proof of concept ansible setup, but i cant find anything that could be put up for the glassfish server to make pmonitoring any small changes easier11:49
VaivarsThat.. might actually work11:50
Vaivarshow would i stress test it though? I imagine it would be harder than just using siege11:51
wonderworldnot sure but i guess the server has got some settings you can adjust to create a bigger load11:52
wonderworldthere might be bots as well that you could use to hammer the server11:53
Vaivarsonly issue is that AFAIK the minecraft server doesn´t run on the java hosts (tomcat/glassfish) but i would have to test that11:57
RedRat_Hi guys12:11
RedRat_I have one vps that is attacking another by upd flood on port 5312:11
RedRat_I isolated machine from internet, but is continue to attack12:12
RedRat_is possible to I identify what script or how to attack starts to remove this?12:12
RedRat_I tested here and dont have rootkit running here12:13
wahyuhow to hack wifi WPA2  guys12:16
bazhangwahyu, you dont12:17
bazhangwahyu, this is ubuntu support only12:17
bumbar_i'm trying to install docker on 16.04, but it seems it's not available yet. if i try to install from 15.10, will Bad Things happen?12:17
bazhangbumbar_, #ubuntu+1 for 16.0412:18
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LiHow to make ubuntu laptop hibernate instead of crashing due to lack of battery charge?12:23
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neredsenvyIs there a way to reload limits without restarting ubuntu ?12:31
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roryneredsenvy: what sort of limits?12:43
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noodleking_Is there an official software centre version of virtualbox 5 for ubuntu 15.10? The one I download from Oracle, won't install via software centre.12:49
baizonnoodleking_: unlock the wily-updates repository and then you will get virtualbox 512:49
huehueMorning guys12:50
SCHAAP137good afternoon, huehue12:50
baizonnoodleking_: also 15.10 has virtualbox 5.0.1012:50
noodleking_baizon, ah, ok I'll have a look at doing that.12:50
huehuegod bless everybody here!12:50
noodleking_I upgraded to 15.10 from 15.04 and I still have vbox 4.3 on it.12:51
huehuelog see me this mensseger FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/3.13.0-32-generic/modules.dep: No such file or directory12:51
SCHAAP137huehue: i prefer to not be blessed by any "god", thanks12:51
necrophcodrhey everyone. so i've got an issue with either Apache2.4.7 or PHP (all versions), and i'm not sure which it is. basically, with a standard ubuntu php.ini, file uploading does not work. not in joomla, not a simple test, not anything, except if it is less than 100Kb.12:51
baizonnoodleking_: are you sure?12:52
huehueSCHAAP137: Okay, sorry!12:52
huehueSCHAAP137: just tried to be kind!12:52
huehueSCHAAP137: sorry12:52
SCHAAP137i understand, it's no problem huehue12:52
necrophcodrchanging the max upload and post values in php to 512M does not change anything, even after a server reboot.12:52
noodleking_baizon, pretty much certain. double checked the vbox about window .12:52
huehueSCHAAP137: u can help me here?12:53
SCHAAP137depends on the issue12:53
huehueappers this FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/3.13.0-32-generic/modules.dep: No such file or directory12:53
huehueSCHAAP137: my log12:53
SCHAAP137okay, what is it you're trying to do/run/achieve?12:53
noodleking_baizon, I can't find where to "unlock" the wily-updates repo, in software centre. I looked in software updater too12:53
SCHAAP137what are the actions/goals leading up to this log entry?12:53
baizonnoodleking_: check then if youre using the 15.10 repository12:53
noodleking_I am.12:54
huehueSCHAAP137: booting...12:54
baizonnoodleking_: "software & updates"12:54
noodleking_baizon, I already have them enabled12:54
baizonnoodleking_: sudo apt-show-versions virtualbox <- what result do you get with it?12:55
SCHAAP137huehue: okay, what was the last time it booted correctly? What has been changed after that?12:55
huehueSCHAAP137: everything it'sokay12:56
noodleking_baizon, "command not found"12:56
huehueSCHAAP137: i don't like mensseger12:56
NoCodeIf nautilus isn't installed in MATE, what's the name of the program?12:56
huehueSCHAAP137: i never see before12:56
NoCodeAlso, is there something similar to nautilus-actions for MATE?12:57
huehueSCHAAP137: run this: aptitude dist-upgrade -y12:58
baizonnoodleking_: sudo apt-get install apt-show-versions12:58
noodleking_baizon, "virtualbox:amd64 not installed, virtualbox:i386 not installed"12:59
baizonnoodleking_: then you dont have the official virtualbox13:00
noodleking_I got it from virtualbox.org, originally13:00
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noodleking_then upgraded as the years went by13:00
baizonnoodleking_: this isnt windows, you dont donwload things13:00
=== Guest7969 is now known as fra_
baizonnoodleking_: sudo apt-get remove virtualbox13:01
baizonnoodleking_: then sudo apt-get install virtualbox13:01
noodleking_baizon, I'm just puzzled why this particular upgrade isn't working. I've upgraded before, as and when required. I think it's the change over from virtualbox.org to oracle's version of virtualbox (there were (are?) two versions, in parallel development).13:02
noodleking_baizon, I'll have to save all my settings and then do that.13:02
baizonnoodleking_: no settings will be lost13:03
baizonif you dont purge it13:03
noodleking_baizon, ok, I'll do that then.13:03
noodleking_baizon, thanks, btw.13:03
baizonnoodleking_: np, report back if it worked or there were some problems13:04
noodleking_baizon, getting dependency related errors, can't install virtualbox, at all now.13:10
contextok so. i tried making a RAID1 w/ 3 partitions (3 disks) for /boot, and grub fails to install now13:13
PHroGmanLooking for a comprehensive list of commands for Ubuntu.13:18
contextls /usr/sbin /usr/bin13:18
bazhang!manual | PHroGman13:19
ubottuPHroGman: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:19
bazhang!rute | and here PHroGman13:19
ubottuand here PHroGman: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com13:19
DJones!terminal | PHroGman There's some basic info here, along with links to command line commands at the bottom,13:19
ubottuPHroGman There's some basic info here, along with links to command line commands at the bottom,: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal13:19
bazhangread all those PHroGman13:19
PHroGmanBTW loving this OS13:20
=== stevenroose_ is now known as stevenroose
contextok so. i tried making a RAID1 w/ 3 partitions (3 disks) for /boot, and grub fails to install now, anyone have any ideas why?13:21
Jumbahey anyone here use any cool themes for Unity?13:24
noodleking_baizon, managed to install virtualbox through the software centre ... but now I can only launch the application via terminal, can't find it using the unity menu13:25
mcphailcontext: is GRUB cognisant of your method of forming a RAID? You may not be able to have your /boot partition RAIDed. It has been many years since I last used RAID, but I think I had to have /boot on a normal partition at that time13:25
Jumbanoodleking_: Probably because it's a script your launching13:27
noodleking_Jumba, hmm, I assumed it would install the icons and all the trimmings as any other piece of software installed via software centre does.13:28
Jumbanoodleking_: That's not true, the software center is full of packages without them. Most of it really.13:29
baizonnoodleking_: restart and it should be fixed13:29
noodleking_baizon, will give that a shot in a mo.13:29
noodleking_Jumba, well I guess I haven't used any of them yet.13:29
Jumbanoodleking_: See I rarely use the Software center13:30
Jumbanoodleking_: I always just download everything from the terminal13:30
noodleking_Jumba, I usually go with apt, unless the version I'm after is not in the repositories, in which case git/download from the site/whatever.13:30
Jumbanoodleking_: Yeah, so why did you use the Software center this time?13:31
noodleking_Jumba, just that virtualbox 4.3.. wouldn't upgrade to 5...13:31
noodleking_Jumba, possibly because it was an open source version and everything's moved over to the Oracle version, I really don't know. There was some conflict.13:32
JumbaWeird Software center only has the 32bit version13:32
noodleking_removed virtualbox, then used the Oracle download (which virtualbox had recommended installing, initially).13:32
noodleking_Jumba, well the download I took from Oracle's page was 64bit.13:33
contextmcphail: yeah, i was hoping not :-/ the internets shows its possible (i think?)13:33
noodleking_Jumba, and all my vms are 64bit (well, the opensuse and ubuntu desktop vms).13:33
Jumbanoodleking_: Yeah then use that, oddly enough though I got the icon and everything from the software center13:33
Jumbanoodleking_: Yeah I never use 32 bit13:33
noodleking_Jumba, exactly what I was expecting.13:33
noodleking_Jumba, I suspect baizon is right, a reboot will clear it all up13:34
noodleking_Jumba, IT support 101 :D13:34
=== richard_ is now known as snow_richard
Jumbanoodleking_: You should also go to the newest version13:34
noodleking_Jumba, I've got the latest version from Oracle's website.13:35
JumbaAnybody else having issues creating a MATE edition bootable usb?13:35
Jumbanoodleking_: Now you do?13:35
noodleking_Jumba, yep, it's all working, but only via terminal (will reboot to see if that fixes it)13:35
Jumbanoodleking_: weird it gave you a .deb?13:36
noodleking_Jumba, yep. that's the only version available for ubuntu13:36
Jumbanoodleking_: Well it 101 time13:36
Jumbanoodleking_: Reboot13:36
noodleking_Jumba,  virtualbox-5.0_5.0.12-104815~Ubuntu~wily_amd64.deb <-- the version I just installed13:37
Jumbanoodleking_: Ok, try rebooting,if it doesn't work13:37
noodleking_Jumba, will do, just doing some cleaning up on my system, haven't been in Ubuntu for a week and a half. Feels wrong to have neglected it for so long (got distracted by games)13:37
Jumbanoodleking_: We can help you make an app13:37
noodleking_Jumba, thanks :)13:37
Jumbanoodleking_: I have fresh installs a lot13:38
noodleking_Jumba, of virtualbox or ubuntu?13:38
jumbalingOk does this channel keep your username fixed to your ISP so no one else can use it?13:39
jumbalingBecause I just switched IPS and now I cant go to my username Jumba13:40
DJones!register | jumbaling If you register you nickname, then it will do13:40
ubottujumbaling If you register you nickname, then it will do: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode13:40
DJonesjumbaling: Its not fixed to the isp though, just username and password13:40
jumbalingYeah but my previous nickname is stuck online13:40
jumbalingI logged off13:41
jumbalingas Jumba, and came back as jumbaling, it says Jumba is online13:41
DJonesIt could be that somebody else is using the nick13:41
jumbalingI literally just switched IP's13:42
jumbalingThere we go13:42
=== jumbaling is now known as Jumba
Jumbaweird it never registered that I quit13:42
DJonesMight be worth you registering the nick anyway13:42
Jumba!register | Jumba13:43
Joe_SubnotebookBot: http://forum.pclos.eu/ visit today!13:43
ubottuJumba, please see my private message13:43
lotuspsychjeJoe_Subnotebook: no advertising here13:44
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DJonesJoe_Subnotebook: No spam thanks13:45
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baizonthank you13:47
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lotuspsychjeDJones: more work :p13:49
snow_richardhello.  trying ubuntu-mate on raspberry pi 2 works great13:52
Braybautsnow_richard, excelent13:53
snow_richardeven got a web cam working easily13:54
lotuspsychje!discuss | snow_richard13:55
ubottusnow_richard: Want to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.13:55
lotuspsychjehi MonkeyDust13:56
netcrashHello, I'm installing a multifunction printer, how can I make linux use it's scanner?14:05
MonkeyDustnetcrash  it works here with easy scan, i have a hp14:06
MonkeyDustnetcrash  what scanner-printer is it?14:06
netcrashMonkeyDust: but are you connecting over the network?14:07
netcrashMonkeyDust: scanner-printer?14:08
MonkeyDustnetcrash  start from the beginning, what is the technical situation, the type of scanner etc14:08
netcrashIt's a HP Color LaserJet PRO MFP M176n14:08
netcrashconnected via ethernet14:09
lotuspsychjenetcrash: did you install hplip tools?14:09
netcrashbut I haven't seen any scanner tools from hp installed14:10
lotuspsychjenetcrash: you should be able to scan from the hplip tools14:10
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lotuspsychjenetcrash: something like this14:11
DJonesnetcrash: Which version of Ubuntu? hplip should support that printer from 14.04 onwards looking at the version numbers14:12
MonkeyDust!cups | netcrash also read this14:12
ubottunetcrash also read this: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu14:12
netcrashit's linux mint version 17.2 :x , ubottu printer is working well14:13
lotuspsychje!mint | netcrash14:13
ubottunetcrash: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org14:13
MonkeyDustnetcrash  mint is a different distro, we can't help with that... ask in the mint channel14:13
lotuspsychjenetcrash: we recommend you to install an official ubuntu from our topic and come back14:13
pragomer_1is there a little app/program/widget for ubuntu that shows me all devices that are connected to my router? (what nmap -sT shows me in terminal e.g.)14:18
lotuspsychje!info etherape | pragomer_1 can this help?14:19
ubottupragomer_1 can this help?: etherape (source: etherape): graphical network monitor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.13-1ubuntu1 (wily), package size 668 kB, installed size 3078 kB14:19
pafor X11_Xscreensaver_LIB what -dev do i need?14:20
testpil0tHow does it usually take until some package uploaded to a ppa on launchpad gets published? The build has been successful ~45mins ago.14:21
cfhowletttestpil0t, ask the #launchpad team14:21
lotuspsychjepa: tell us the full story mate, what are you trying to do?14:21
testpil0toh. i didnt think they had their own channel :). Thanks cfhowlett14:22
pragomer_1thank you... etherape is cool. show do what I want.. thank you very much14:22
palotuspsychje, i'm trying to build kaffeine from the source14:22
lotuspsychje!yay | pragomer_114:22
ubottupragomer_1: Glad you made it! :-)14:22
pabut cmake cant find stuff like X11_Xscreensaver_LIB and X11_Xscreensaver_INCLUDE_PATH14:23
lotuspsychjepa: why not use kafeine from the repos?14:23
MyStuffhi, i would like to configure a different mouse for each monitor, how to do? (my config: 1 gtx760, 2 monitors, 2 mice, gnome and nvidia driver) thx14:23
palotuspsychje, because it's old14:23
paand doesnt allow me to add channels manually14:23
lotuspsychje!latest | pa14:23
ubottupa: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.14:23
palotuspsychje, well you asked me why, i asnwered :)14:23
panow, what i asked is where are those dev stuff :)14:23
paapt-cache doesn't tell me anything relevant14:24
paok found.. (in german tho :-p)14:25
palotuspsychje, for the records (also mine), to fix the problem for X11_Xscreensaver_INCLUDE_PATH and X11_Xscreensaver_LIB one needs  libxss-dev14:27
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lotuspsychjem4rz: what can we do for you?14:51
MrGeneral_Hello folks. I have an internal drive, ext4, and I am trying to copying files from Windows. Folders are ok, no errors displayed if I copy a folder with .txt inside. But when I copy a .rar, .iso, .exe or any other, I get a message in windows saying that the file permissions won't be kept. I've tried hundreds of different configs to see if it'll work. Any idea?14:58
MrGeneral_this is in samba btw14:59
mgolischthats to be expected14:59
MyrttiWindows filesystems can't keep the same kind of file permissions that *nixes have, so in some level this is not really unexpected14:59
mgolischlinux does not support ntfs acls14:59
cfhowlettyep. normal behavior for windows MrGeneral15:00
Myrttiand especially if you're mounting over samba15:00
MrGeneral_Got it, Myrtti , what's the solution though?15:02
MrGeneral_I need to hide this in some sort of way :P15:02
MrGeneral_yeah cfhowlett mgolisch15:02
MrGeneral_just want to hide that notice, somehow..15:02
mgolischand your realy copying?15:04
mgolischi have never seen that windows tries to retain the permissions on copy15:04
pahttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor#How_can_I_enable_AppArmor_for_Firefox.3F  <-- in 14.04 it seems that aa-enforce is not present15:06
pais the firefox profile now enabled by default?15:06
MrGeneral_yes mgolisch15:06
MrGeneral_I can get you a ascreenshot15:06
MrGeneral_mgolisch, https://gyazo.com/a057e7399566502861b2ec8835bfbfc0 it means: are you sure you want to copy the file without its respective proprerties?15:07
lotuspsychjehey ioria15:08
iorialotuspsychje, hi Lotus :þ15:08
paok found15:09
mgolischMrGeneral_: its probably because the files use alternate datastreams that will get lost if its transfered to the samba server15:12
mgolischMrGeneral_: samba has an option to store alaternate datastreams in extended attributes but no idea how well that works15:13
mustmodifyWeird problem started yesterday. I have two machines right next to each other. I SSH from a windows machine to an Ubuntu machine. Sometimes the SSH session seems to pause for a while... 30 seconds? A minute? But I can move the mouse on the actual machine, and I haven't lost my connection because I maintained a video conference from the windows machine throughout this issue yesterday. Any ideas?15:15
mustmodifyWhen it comes off of the pause, it shows all the characters I typed in the interim. I have several sessions open, and all of them go dark.15:15
mustmodifythe two machines are connected by ethernet.15:15
=== zenlot2 is now known as zenlot
MrGeneral_mgolisch, thanks, I appreciate! I'll google that15:20
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=== Guest60591 is now known as fra_
glambertvery strange issue, hopefully someone can help... I've got a bash script I'm using to provision a new VM through vagrant/virtualbox and part of it does a lengthy rsync of 20GB+ of data from a server and then about 10/20seconds later does another SSH connection to check some information before potentially SCP-ing another file over.  However, the connection is failing on the latter two after the rsync.  If I run them manually it works f15:21
glamberttransfer a smaller amount of data it all works fine15:21
MrGeneral_It fixed it, thanks mgolisch !!! :D15:21
glambertso it must be an issue with the amount of time or the amount of data I guess?15:22
tdruskI am trying to use hubic to backup my entire disk. It will not run as root. Is there any way I can give my user read access to all files?15:22
somsiptdrusk: create a tar of the entire drive then just back that up. Though there are flaws in this approach15:25
c31r2g!books | c31r2g15:25
link0802anybody know some notification center for Unity DE like in gnome shell?15:26
tdrusksomsip: that is a possiblity, except it requires disk space :/15:26
somsiptdrusk: and there's a flaw15:26
somsipc31r2g: what are you wanting to find out about?15:26
bazhang!manual | c31r2g15:28
ubottuc31r2g: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/15:28
mgolischMrGeneral_: great15:28
ubuntubuntuI am trying to delete a user: sudo userdel blah --remove-home but I get the error: usr blah is currently userd by process 22522 which I looked up is /lib/systemd/systemd --user15:42
ubuntubuntuAny idea how I can remove that user? I already logged in that user and out again15:43
mgolischkill that process?15:46
ubuntubuntumgolisch: but isn't systemd an important process?15:47
mgolischsystemd --user would be a user session systemd process, does it run as that user?15:48
mgolischif yes iam sure its save to kill15:48
ubuntubuntuI tried to kill it and immedialtely a new process is opened for it with a different PID15:50
ubuntubuntuNow it is /usr/bin/kuiserver515:51
ubuntubuntuthat won't let me remove the user15:51
ubuntubunturunning under that user15:51
mgolischis there still a desktop session running as that user?15:51
ioriaubuntubuntu, i remember the -f (force) flag for userdel, but never tried15:51
ubuntubuntuI am using deluser not userdel15:52
ioria"I am trying to delete a user: sudo userdel blah "15:53
ubuntubuntuoh my bad15:54
ubuntubuntuI was actually using deluser. But which one should I use anyway?15:54
ubuntubuntuwhich one is more better?15:54
mgolischpgrep -U username|pkill ?15:55
mgolischoh thats wrong, but yeah i guess you get the idea15:58
mgolischkill all processes of that user first15:58
ubuntubuntuThere used to be a graphical user manager to create and delete accounts. I can not find it in Kubuntu 15.1015:59
ubuntubuntuI don't get it. I found the graphical user manager. However there the user does not even exit anymore. But in the login screen it does. And I can still log in.16:06
Giles1How can I reposition max,min,close in Ubuntu 15.10?16:06
enedilAny help with troubleshotting?16:07
=== devanagari is now known as avenew
avenewhello there!16:07
Giles1enedil: troubleshooting <-- there you go16:08
enedilI've got MacBook pro. I had a previously installed copy of Ubuntu. I backed it up with dd.16:08
enedilNow I restored it, the same with ESP partition16:08
enedilMy bootloader - rEFInd works, however it can't detect system on /dev/sda216:09
Giles1you backed up the partition, or the device?16:09
Giles1so you need to create an effi partition on sda2, and put the effi boot files there?16:10
=== khisanth_ is now known as Khisanth
enedilLet me show you the situation:16:10
Giles1enedil: oh, so you don't have an effi partition at all?16:12
enedilOh, I have one16:12
enedil/dev/sda1 is efi partition16:12
Giles1oh yeah.16:12
enedilAnd it even runs the bootloader16:13
enedilI just don't know how to put an entry of my working system (I can chroot into it).16:13
Giles1enedil: yeah I don't know how to do that either.16:14
enedilrEFInd didn't need to create a fancy config file, it just scanned all filesystems16:14
Giles1any idea how to change the position of the min/max/close buttons?16:14
enediland now it doesn't16:14
MonkeyDustGiles1  with unity tweak tool > theme > windows controls16:16
MonkeyDustGiles1  with unity tweak tool > theme > window controls16:16
BluesKajubuntubuntu:  system settings>account details>user manager16:18
avenewfriends, how install wine in xubuntu 14.04 x64? fails with dependences every time (wine1.6-i386 (= 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu4).16:18
ubuntubuntuBluesKaj: thx, had already found it16:18
avenewsystem stable. official repositories. all updatings. and it is impossible to establish (16:20
denza242can anyone help me with a xinput issue?16:20
Abe_are there intros in openshot? :/16:27
MonkeyDustAbe_  you mean tutorials?16:28
=== TheRedQueen is now known as Drone`
denza242Abe_: intros like stock intros in Windows Movie Maker or such16:28
denza242or intros like Tutorials, like MonkeyDust said16:28
denza242Abe_: yes to which one?16:28
MonkeyDustyoutube to the rescue, moment16:28
Rumbleshmmm, I'm installing 14.04 on a dell server, I've created 2 RAID disks using the PERC controller, when it comes to setting up my partitions the installer shows me the SCSI disks not the RAID disks16:28
Abe_No not tutorials but just like hi on the beginning16:28
Rumblescan anyone advise why that might be?16:29
MonkeyDustAbe_  what's difficult? openshot is very basic16:29
MonkeyDustAbe_  simply click here and there, make errors, see what does what16:30
Abe_so basically no16:30
denza242MonkeyDust: pretty sure that Abe_ means like default intros like you get with Windows Movie Maker and the like16:30
Abe_i look for a different program16:30
denza242Abe_: doesn't seem to be anything16:31
MonkeyDustdenza242  i'm unfamiliar with windows16:31
ubuntubuntuWhen I tag images in KDE and reinstall the system or move my home folder or images that were tagged somewhere else, will the tags still be there. Rephrased: Where/how are the tags stored. Anybody knows?16:31
Rumblesnmind, stupid fakeraid16:32
denza242Abe_: can't access youtube at the moment but would something like this work http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSceEtC9wSk16:35
anabainwhen sharing files via nfsv3, what can be done to avoid client hanging when the server is shut down? Is there any chance for the server to tell the client to unmount the share before it gets shut down, which would avoid the hanging?16:38
kenanjust installed xubuntu... new to this16:48
cfhowlettkena, ask your question16:48
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effgeeewell, I've lived with this long enough, why the hell is X using a constant 25 - 30% of my cpu..16:50
cfhowlettubuntubuntu, definitely in your /home folder somewhere16:50
effgeeecan somone help me use GDB and figure this thing out16:50
jeffreylevesqueis there a nice way to implement https://bpaste.net/show/325a300f6948, within systemd `[Service]` section?  Or, should I implement them as a series of execs?16:51
ubuntubuntucfhowlett: thx16:52
c_smitheffgeee I don't think gdb will help in finding why X11 is using that much CPU when it hasn't crashed. Gdb as I understand I'd for crash dumps16:52
c_smith*is for16:53
effgeeehrm, perhaps I was thinking of another program16:53
c_smitheffgeee could be, but you're talking about a program originally written in the early to mid '80s and still has a lot of the problems from back then16:54
effgeeec_smith, yeah but its not supposed to be doing that. supposed to be 5-10 max and im on a beasty machine16:55
effgeeesomething is wrong16:55
c_smitheffgeee my guess is you've run into a memory leak.16:56
norcHi. We are operating many dozens of servers and are starting to hit the limit with manual setup, configuration and maintenance, so we have been looking into ways of reducing our workload. The major bulk of our servers runs on Ubuntu (with only a few SLES machines).16:56
effgeeeno, its not that16:56
effgeeeits using 512 megs / 64 gigs.16:56
norcWe wanted to take a look at whether Puppet can help us with this problem, but I wanted to gather some input here first.16:57
Picinorc: You'll probably get a better answer in #ubuntu-server16:57
norcPici: Perfect thank you.16:57
c_smitheffgeee ah okay. I dunno what else to suggest. This really isn't an area I excel at16:58
effgeeec_smith, i have a sneaking suspicion it has to do with multiseat16:58
effgeeec_smith, spanx anyways16:59
mknawabiis a memory leak when the RAM chip isn't seated all the way?16:59
* mknawabi snickers 17:01
denza242can somebody help me with xinput problems?17:01
norcmknawabi: No. It usually happens when the isolation is broken.17:01
norcmknawabi: That tends to be bad, as memory can then escape from the chips.17:01
denza242See, since yesterday, the buttons on my synaptics touchpad have been acting weird17:02
norcYou notice this when your computers starts making whistling noises.17:02
mknawabiand all this time, i thought it was whistling at my girlfriend17:02
mekhamiwhat's the point of the ubuntu convergence stuff?17:03
denza242mekhami: you could ask MS and Apple the same thing :)17:03
mekhamii would, if i were in front of a group of people that were deeply involved in those companies =P17:04
chindythe man page says, that i should exec nvidia-settings --load-config-only , to load ~/.nvidia-settings-rc, however it does not load (for example digital vibrance which is set in nvidida-settings-rc wont load.17:05
chindyanybody an idea why?17:05
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Lolsoshey I have a btrfs rootfs and cant boot properly I get into initramfs rescue shell und when manually tryning to mount root I get an error "file exists" from the mount command17:08
lovezrsit's midnight in China17:11
Lolsosits not midnight in not china17:11
Lolsoswhats going on?17:11
daftykinsLolsos: try booting an older kernel17:12
Mati1Hi all, I have some question about my GLXGEARS and FGL_GLXGEARS output17:18
Mati1So I have a Asus K53SK with Radeon 7610 and my score from both fgl/glxgears are around 300/40017:20
szerOh the pains. Ubuntu Server with Samba in a windows environment. Using windows groups in smb.conf like: valid users = @"domain\users group" And as part of that group, I get a popup for credentials when trying to connect to the share.17:20
szerAnyone have any ideas?17:20
daftykinsyes ask in #ubuntu-server or look for a samba channel with the bot 'alis'17:20
szer(of course, I put in my creds even though I am logged in with that user and still no joy)17:20
=== kernel is now known as Guest64055
szerOoooo, tyty.17:20
daftykinsso it's a domain, szer ?17:20
daftykinsor not17:20
=== Guest64055 is now known as kk_c
spyker_hi guys17:21
daftykinsso are you authing as domain\username + pass?17:21
spyker_anyone knows any channel to get info on sails?17:21
spyker_sails js..17:21
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http17:21
szerAnd I am already logged in the computer as that user17:21
szerwhich is poart of the grop17:21
daftykinsdon't use this channel as a telephone directory in future, spyker_17:21
evidexAny networking gurus that are seeing issues with e1000e on trusty?17:37
evidexGetting MPCP, Opcode Pause, length 46 packets by the shedload17:37
daftykinsevidex: with which kernel?17:41
stratus_ssgood day all. I am looking for some help with adding a Fedora 23 image to my PXE server (ubuntu 14.04). Can anyone help diagnose my problem? I believe its an issue with the menu but I cannot quite pinpoint it17:41
daftykinsPXE sounds more #ubuntu-server related.17:42
stratus_ssok thanks I will ask over there17:43
PauloHNeveslubuntu has the same security of ubuntu, or not17:46
daftykinsPauloHNeves: it's just a different desktop atop the same kernel and packages...17:48
raptusPauloHNeves, source list will tell you :)17:48
PauloHNevesis I got a taste for it, even with a PC that runs ubuntu want him, I got used17:50
daftykinsPauloHNeves: that is terrible unreadable english17:51
PauloHNevesto using the google translator, sorry17:53
murray2kHey guys, I'm adding a relatively new disk to my raid and mdstat marks it faulty immediately. But it passes smart and was working fine a few days ago, as an external drive. Can it really be broken already?17:54
PauloHNevesIt is to change the login screen in lubuntu17:54
daftykinsPauloHNeves: it's not working.17:54
daftykinsmurray2k: perhaps pastebin a "smartctl -a /dev/sdX" from it17:54
murray2khere you go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14422430/17:56
daftykinserr, you're RAIDing 250GB disks in 2016?17:57
PauloHNevesHere the staff uses most, the Brazil of the channel is stopped17:57
daftykinsPauloHNeves: volunteers not staff.17:57
murray2ksure, its an relatively old office pc. :D17:58
daftykinswell it might be saying there are tonnes of errors, tough call on ID 195 there17:59
murray2kOkay, so I trust mdadm marking and get a new drive then.18:01
daftykinsmurray2k: or change the cable18:02
daftykinsand port18:02
axsuulI have a process /usr/bin/redis that's running and taking up 100% CPU resources + network. I suspect its a rogue one. I've tried killing and removing the actual bin file, but it just ends up reappearing by itself. How can I track down the culprit?18:02
ubuntubuntuI don't know what I did but when I right click on an archive in Kubuntu 15.10 I don't have the menu item "extract" anymore. How can I fix that?18:03
murray2kdaftykins: I give it a try.18:03
PauloHNevesthe staff here is more helpful 😊18:06
ioriaubuntubuntu, kubuntu should use ark as default18:11
DodoramaHigh :b18:12
DodoramaHo, Hi*18:12
Dodoramahow did i just done that shit18:13
ubuntubuntuioria: When I double click on a file ark opens I simply don't have the context menu option any more.18:13
ioriaubuntubuntu, dolphin , konqueror  ?  i d r18:14
ikoniadreamon: could you tone down the language please18:14
ubuntubuntuioria: dolphin18:14
ikoniasorry dreamon big of lag there, misstype18:14
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neredsenvyIs it possible to install Plasma Desktop on Ubuntu ?? I found few guides but they are all for Kubuntu18:16
OerHeksneredsenvy, plasma is part of KDE/Kubuntu, so yes18:17
ioriaubuntubuntu, try to follow the last 4 posts of this thread https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=66&t=12108618:17
ubuntubuntuioria: thx18:18
neredsenvyOerHeks: Thank I just need to find a way how to do it now xD18:18
marusi have ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop since log time ago, i want to install new version, is there a way or procedure, so that i have all my packages and config backup18:18
ioriaubuntubuntu, you can also try a new user or Guest Account (if exists in Kubuntu), or purge and reinstalling ark18:19
ubuntubuntuioria: Great idea. Thank you. I will try that.18:19
ioriaubuntubuntu, good luck18:19
neredsenvyOerHeks: Turns out you can't install it anymore xD18:22
axsuulis there any way to prevent a process from running by name?18:22
neredsenvySeems none of the repos are alive anymore18:22
OerHeksneredsenvy, you might want to check in #kubuntu too, i think plasma is now standard, that test repo is old18:27
OerHeks"July 15, 2014. KDE proudly announces the immediate availability of Plasma 5.0"... https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma5.0/18:28
neredsenvyOerHeks: I fear I might have to install kubuntu not saying it's bad just don't have the time to redo my workspace18:29
ioriaubuntubuntu, take a look at this , post #4 :   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dolphin/+bug/149953018:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1499530 in dolphin (Ubuntu) "Dolphin context menu is missing "Compress"/"Extract" entries" [Medium,Confirmed]18:29
neredsenvyOerHeks: No instructions there tho on how to install it18:29
ubuntubuntuioria: purging ark did not fix it. I only get the option "open with" which is a nuisance. I will try the other.18:30
ioriaubuntubuntu, take a look at this , post #4 :   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dolphin/+bug/149953018:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1499530 in dolphin (Ubuntu) "Dolphin context menu is missing "Compress"/"Extract" entries" [Medium,Confirmed]18:30
ubuntubuntuioria: will do. Thx18:31
blebInstances of .xsession are piling up as I log in and out. To prevent this, I tried setting KillUserProcesses=1 in /etc/systemd/logind.conf but the problem persists. Anything else I might try?18:34
ioriaubuntubuntu, this is the same as above,  http://www.linuxgnut.com/dolphin-extract-menus-missing-in-kubuntu-151018:34
bleb(I also tried KillUserProcesses=yes)18:34
DrtroIs it safe to uninstall applications that come with your distro? I've read online that you shouldn't but that sounds like misinformation.18:35
ubuntubuntuioria: Thx18:36
OerHeksDrtro, you can, if it is not a dependencie of the desktop, like libreoffice18:36
ioriaubuntubuntu, no problem18:37
tgm4883You could even uninstall libreofice18:40
tgm4883it would just uninstall the desktop metapackage18:40
OerHeksuh oh, does it, tgm4883 ?18:43
ubuntubuntuioria: Working now. Thx18:43
tgm4883OerHeks: probably. That isn't an issue though18:43
evidexdaftykins:  3.13.0-65-generic for the e1000e issue. Checking for updates atm18:44
tgm4883OerHeks: ubuntu-desktop is  just a metapackage that pulls in other stuff. Removing it doesn't remove the other stuff18:44
daftykinsevidex: we're already on -74 at least18:44
jdwwattsNickServ sendpass jdwwatts18:45
Secret-Fireis there a program like Act! for Ubuntu?18:45
PiciSecret-Fire: what does Act! do?18:48
Secret-FirePici : its a database program18:48
[Mew2]is there a log somewhere of ip addresses that have accessed the server?18:48
OerHeks /var/log/auth likely18:50
[Mew2]how do admins normally monitor access?18:50
[Mew2]for all ports18:50
Pici[Mew2]: things should log to /var/log/auth.log, there tools out there that audit those and/or prevent access based on recurring bad logins. fail2ban and logwatch come to mind.18:52
jero-[Mew2]: each open port is opened by a service, and each service is responsible for producing its logging information. you may have dedicated files for some services, global logs for some others18:52
[Mew2]how about web traffic?18:52
Pici[Mew2]: There are log analyzers available for looking through httpd logs, awstats is popular one.18:53
[Mew2]thank you folks L( <3318:53
cordycepsis it possible to restore my desktop after a reboot ie, with all my terminals and edit windows etc just like they were before shutdown?18:57
FelixFire619OerHeks: are you available by chance18:58
OerHekshi FelixFire61918:58
FelixFire619Hey OerHeks resetting the bio s resurrected my wifes laptop! but now my wifes laptop is doing what it wwas again, so i reset the bios again, could the usb slot have something to do with it?18:59
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
axsuulI have an issue where /usr/bin/redis is always running AND i'm not sure what's causing it to run. I keep killing it everytime manually and I remove the actual bin file but it comes back. How do I kill it and prevent it from running for good?19:01
OerHeksFelixFire619, unlikely, your system config had the hdd still in it, that old data prevented further booting i guess. no usb device should be capable of doing that.19:02
llldinoaxsuul, You can do "lsof /usr/bin/redis" to see what's calling it to run19:02
axsuul@llldino it says redis   26666 root txt    REG  202,0  1223123 42556 /usr/bin/redis19:03
FelixFire619OerHeks: hmmm this is weird..19:04
_klamath_hi all, have a problem with my network card, it seems it connects once every ten reboot, any clue ?19:04
ioriaubuntubuntu, good19:05
bujjiihi all, i have one iso image file on my linux machine and i downloaded.19:06
axsuulnot sure what to make of that19:06
bujjiiif i do this "mount -o loop -t iso9660 image-linux.iso   <location> "19:07
bujjiiaxsuul: can you assist please?19:07
axsuulsorry I have no idea19:08
nicomachusbujjii: if you do that... what?19:08
jdwwattswho put it there19:08
geniibujjii: What are you attempting to do with the iso file?19:08
bujjiinicomachus: i downloaded 100+gb file19:09
bujjiiand i make it as a single iso file..that is a software19:09
_klamath_the ethernet card is a qualcom atheros killer e2200 and when I can't connect, dmesg shows it regularly, alx module is loaded and with ifconfig it seems it obtains just ipv6 address19:09
llldinoaxsuul, Maybe try "ps -feww | grep redis"19:09
bujjiigenii: attempt to install19:10
=== kpease is now known as kpease_
_klamath_the kernel version is 3.16.0-45-generic19:10
_klamath_ubuntu trusty19:10
bujjiigenii: as i asked ""mount -o loop -t iso9660 image-linux.iso   <location> " if i do that what will happen?19:11
geniibujjii: So you should make a Cd/DVD/BluRay/USB out of the iso file and install from that19:11
DrtroRAVEfinity has some nice themes, but only a few icon sets. Where do you guys find your icons?19:11
bujjiigenii: so i shoud have to copy that iso file into a usb?19:11
llldinobujjii, Doing that command will mount the ISO file as read-only at the location you specify19:12
nicomachusbujjii: it's 100+ GB? what is the .iso?19:12
geniibujjii: If you substitute for instance /mnt for <location> and preface the command with sudo, the iso contents should be available to be viewed unther the directory /mnt19:12
nicomachusno linux image should be 100+gb.19:12
geniibujjii: It is usually problemmatic to install things from a mounted iso file rather than the device or media it was meant to be put on19:12
axsuulllldino: i see kind of the same thing19:13
bujjiinicomachus: i told before i downloaded 100_gb files and make a single iso19:14
axsuulis there any way to disable a process from being run for a specific user19:14
bujjiigenii:so i should make it as a usb?19:15
llldinoaxsuul, The entry in the 6th colum will tell you what called the process, also the 2nd colum is the PID. If you poke around /proc/<PID>/ you might get some information on what the process is doing19:16
jdwwattsyou need to download a free piece of software that makes usbs mountable19:17
geniibujjii: If this is an Ubuntu iso file, it can be made directly onto a USB with the dd command, like: sudo dd if=name-of-isofile.iso of=/dev/sdX  where sdX is the name of the USB stick19:19
bujjiijdwwatts: i have a iso file in /opt i want to install that iso,how can i proceed...can you please assst.19:19
=== kpease_ is now known as kpease
bujjiigenii: that is another s/w needed to be install on linux machine19:20
daftykinsno it's not, dd comes as standard19:21
bujjiihello daftykins19:21
daftykinsas does 'cp' which is also a valid method19:21
llldinobujjii, If you need to install an ISO to a USB drive check out this resource: http://superuser.com/questions/351814/how-to-copy-an-iso-image-onto-usb-with-dd19:21
geniibujjii: If the iso file is not an Ubuntu install but from some other place, consult the person or company you obtained the iso file from to find out what is needed to install it19:22
jdwwattsi used ubiltin software to make an os19:22
milhouse_hi all :)19:22
geniidaftykins: I took their comment to mean it's not an Ubuntu iso but some other software which can be installed onto linux :)19:23
bujjiigenii: so thats why i told this one "mount -o loop -t iso9660 image-linux.iso   <location> "19:23
bujjiidaftykins: yes19:23
milhouse_i'm trying to define a var in a rewriterule, to use it in proxypassreverse.19:23
milhouse_i have this:19:23
milhouse_RewriteRule . - [E=HTTP_FW:%{HTTP:X-Forward-To}]19:23
milhouse_ProxyPassReverse %{ENV:HTTP_FW} interpolate19:23
milhouse_(with ProxyPassInterpolateEnv on )19:23
milhouse_ 19:23
milhouse_the server seg faults.19:23
daftykinsbujjii: you claim this ISO is 100GB?19:23
daftykinsmilhouse_: don't paste here again, please. http://paste.ubuntu.com19:23
bujjiidaftykins: those iso files i downloaded and i did make a dingle iso file19:24
bujjiidaftykins: the next step is mount..19:24
geniibujjii: As I earlier said, if you do for instance: sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 image-linux.iso /mnt    ...then you should be able to view the contents inside the /mnt directory after that. Whether you will be able to install anything from there, is another matter19:24
daftykinsbujjii: tell us what it is or i will not assist19:24
milhouse_i'm trying to define a var in a rewriterule, to use it in proxypassreverse.19:24
milhouse_i have this:19:25
milhouse_RewriteRule . - [E=HTTP_FW:%{HTTP:X-Forward-To}]19:25
* genii ponders "dingle iso files"19:25
jdwwattsbujjii does it need to be that spaciffic one or can it be a certian flavor of linux19:25
milhouse_ProxyPassReverse %{ENV:HTTP_FW} interpolate19:25
milhouse_(with ProxyPassInterpolateEnv on )19:25
daftykinsmilhouse_: i said DO NOT PASTE19:25
daftykins!alis | milhouse_ find a more relevant channel19:25
ubottumilhouse_ find a more relevant channel: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http19:25
geniimilhouse_: You might want to try #httpd ( or it may be ##httpd ) instead19:25
bujjiidaftykins: its a black duck s/w that needed to be installed on linux..19:25
daftykinsbujjii: so it's not an OS, what the hell is a black duck? :P19:26
milhouse_but nobody is there :/19:26
bujjiigenii: from ther i can get install.sh file19:26
milhouse_it's only two rules19:26
jdwwattsgoogle it19:26
daftykinsmilhouse_: doesn't make it an ubuntu problem.19:26
geniidaftykins: Seems to be https://www.blackducksoftware.com/19:27
bujjiigenii: yes19:27
daftykinsbujjii: so trying to mount this ISO isn't actually the correct approach at all.19:27
geniibujjii: This is not really an Ubuntu support question, but rather a support question for Black Duck support staff19:28
milhouse_well sorry then. I thought 1 out of 2k people could know the answer and help a human being that cannot find help in any other place...19:28
bujjiigenii: yes,but the mount part i am asking...how it wll be.19:28
geniibujjii: It will be as I already twice described19:28
daftykinsbujjii: but like i just said mounting is wrong.19:29
bujjiiso i should be do it from usb?19:29
daftykinswhere are you trying to install it, the physical PC or a virtual machine?19:29
bujjiion the linux server..its having 1.2T (4*300)for the installation19:30
daftykinsbujjii: then yes you are trying to ask for support for an OS in another OS's support channel, also the idea you glued together a stack of ISOs into one sounds like a huge mistake. go and find their support, you can't ask here.19:31
FelixFire619OerHeks: as this is not exactly ubuntu based, can i pm you for a min or two? if you use crypto i'll tip you19:33
bujjiidaftykins: yes right,initially i was asked this one ""mount -o loop -t iso9660 image-linux.iso   <location> " what will happen if i do this (i should mount usb and then do it?)19:35
daftykinsbujjii: so now i have to tell you for the third time that trying to mount an ISO makes no sense for installing an OS19:35
daftykinsbujjii: so unless you can explain that, we're done here...19:35
geniidaftykins: It is not really an OS but they have a set of server auditing and reporting tools19:35
bujjiigenii: yes genii19:36
daftykinsstill, consult their support - i'd bet you ruined the images when you glued them all together19:36
geniibujjii: Your best course of action is to consult their support staff, as already recommended several times to you now19:37
ioriabujjii, to mount an iso ( like to see its content) you just do    sudo mount -o loop file.iso   mountepoint_dir , there is also a gui, gmountiso19:37
bujjiias per their instruction i made a single iso..19:37
daftykinsbujjii: ignoring you now, go to the right place.19:37
ioria!info gmountiso | bujjii19:37
ubottubujjii: gmountiso (source: gmountiso): This is Gmountiso, a PyGTK GUI to mount your cd images. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4-0ubuntu4 (wily), package size 14 kB, installed size 137 kB19:37
bujjiithanks for your support daftykins genii ioria ubottu19:39
ioriabujjii, ok19:39
bujjiidaftykins: happy new year..19:43
daftykinsget lost, bujjii19:43
sderricoIs this a channel for ubuntu help?19:44
HackerIIyour such a dick19:44
sderricoMay I ask what is MokManager when I boot?19:45
daftykins!language | HackerII19:45
ubottuHackerII: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList19:45
daftykins!who | HackerII19:45
ubottuHackerII: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)19:45
HackerIIget a job19:45
jlucplease HackerII dont be so rude i'm schoked19:45
daftykinsi don't think claiming someone is with or without employment is on topic for this channel, HackerII19:46
jluci have issues with using an external USB Hard Drive : i can read root folder and create a folder, but i can't move a folder into there19:47
jlucnautilus freezes and get light grey19:47
jluci got to killall nautilus19:47
ekinhello guys :D19:47
daftykinsekin: ask an ubuntu support question if you have one19:48
ekini have one19:48
sderricoHello, I crash my laptop by doing great things like uninstalling gdm and press yes on the confirm box. Is there somewhere where I can pay to get online support?19:48
vroomvroomis nautilus the equivalent of osx's open command?19:48
ekinim using backbox linux and i want to19:48
daftykinsnautilus is the equivalent of a Finder window19:48
jlucnautilus is the file manager19:48
ekinknow how can i chrash a website with mitm attack19:48
daftykins!backbox | ekin19:48
ubottuekin: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.19:48
ekinor dos attack19:48
vroomvroomwhat is the equivalent of the open command?19:48
daftykinsno don't type the command again ekin, read the above19:49
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o19:49
llldinosderrico, You can look into this: http://www.ubuntu.com/management But you should also be able to find support freely in various other ways19:49
jlucthat chan has gone crazy :-/19:49
ekini checked lots of websites i cant find19:49
ekinit says19:49
geniiekin: The above also applies to illegal activities such as DDOSing sites and so on as well19:49
=== step21_ is now known as step21
ekinworld is not good in turkey they are helping isis19:50
ekinbecause of free oil19:50
vroomvroomactually the us is helping isis19:50
jlucit looks like it's ddossed by a class of retards19:50
jlucgood luck with your acnee19:51
ekinso im learning how to ddos19:51
vroomvroomwhat is the equivalent command of open in ubuntu?19:51
PiciI fail to see how any of this has anything to do with Ubuntu.19:51
ekini now but i need people19:51
ekinhelp me19:51
vroomvroom!fuck you | ekin19:51
daftykinsekin: no, you're in the wrong place.19:51
geniiekin: This channel is not for such activities, whatever your cause19:51
Picivroomvroom: knock it off.19:51
ekinill leave19:51
ekindont kick19:51
ekingood bye guys19:51
vroomvroom /mode +b ekin*@*!*19:52
=== 77CAAHGAP is now known as invalid
=== tanuki_ is now known as tanuki
vroomvroominvalid: are you an invalid?19:52
Cihanekin! you're such a liar person! shame on you!19:52
Cihanvroomvroom: thanks19:53
geniivroomvroom: If you persist, it will be a ban19:53
vroomvroomfor what?19:53
Cihanfor you saying "fuck you ekin!"19:53
vroomvroomgenii: can you answer my fucking question or not?19:53
vroomvroomi'm getting irritated here with all these trolls19:54
geniiCihan: Please watch your language. We have a family friendly policy in this channel19:54
Cihangenii: i didn't say anything!19:54
* genii makes another pot of coffee19:55
vroomvrooomffs i just want to know what the equivalent to open is in ubuntu19:55
daftykinsvroomvrooom: be nice and stop acting entitled to free support.19:55
vroomvrooomis that a really hard question to answer?19:55
vroomvrooomi'm not entitled to anything19:55
naccvroomvrooom: what do you mean? do you mean open()?19:55
vroomvrooomit's just that this channel is filled with trolls19:55
daftykinswell, i don't use a mac to know what it does - and now you've been rude you can think again about me helping you.19:55
vroomvrooomdaftykins g_ f_ck y__rs_lf19:57
vroomvrooom would you like to buy a vowel?19:57
nicomachus!ops | vroomvrooom19:57
ubottuvroomvrooom: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang19:57
craigbass76Has anyone noticed file size differences between ext4 and ntfs?  I've got a 4.1 gig file on ext4, that when copied over to ntfs gets smaller.  It's only a few megs, but this is a zipped database, so any missing data is bad19:57
nicomachussorry genii19:57
vrooomvroomhello again19:58
vrooomvroomdid you miss me?19:58
vrooomvroomi know you did19:58
Cihanvrooomvroom: ekin was troll and your reaction was good! but please no more bad words okey?19:58
llldinocraigbass76, You can use an md5 vchecksum to verify no data is missing19:59
vroomvroomvroomi'll behave as long as you're not an asshole20:00
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=== Guest61903 is now known as Grouch
k_dog345Hey guys... I was hoping someone could help me get my sound working again. Here is my use case. I got a new computer, with new hardware (except for the hard drives). I put the hard drives in my new computer (old is AMD64 CPU, new is Intel i7), and had to do some grub repair / installs to get it working. But now I have no sound. Help?20:08
llldinok_dog345, Check if pulse is loaded: ps-e | grep pulse20:09
mcphailk_dog345: don't know if it is up-to-date, but you can follow the steps in the !sound factoid20:09
mcphail!sound | k_dog34520:09
ubottuk_dog345: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.20:09
k_dog345llldino: pulse is loaded20:10
llldinok_dog345, Yeah actually I was just about to link that, it's a great resource20:10
k_dog345mcphail: I will check this out20:10
llldinok_dog345, This one is good too: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure20:11
ioriak_dog345, have you already update/upgrade/dist-upgrade   ?20:12
k_dog345ioria: yes I have20:16
ioriak_dog345,  already gone to systemsettings -> sound ?20:17
k_dog345ioria: I have, and I see the sound cards are recognized. Volume is all the way up, 'test' function does nothing. Any suggestions on what to do here?20:20
ioriak_dog345,  alsamixer20:20
ovidiugHey guys, I'm trying to dual-boot Ubuntu with Win7. But, in the setup process Ubuntu doesn't seem to recognize Windows and I'm trying to manually install it, but it sees as free space all of my HDD capacity. Here is a Pastebin of ' sudo fdisk -lu ': http://pastebin.com/Xr3pKJBT20:20
k_dog345ioria: yes, all volumes are up20:21
Droanyone using eclipse on ubuntu 14.04 ?20:21
Droits always freezing, i don't know why20:21
k_dog345Dro: I had some issues with intelliJ (which is java-based like eclipse). I had freezing issues, and they were resolved by killing the ibus-daemon. 'sudo killall ibus-daemon'. Give that a try (shot in the wild I know).20:23
daftykinsDro: try a java dev channel20:23
Drok_dog345, but this will not cause any problem ?20:24
k_dog345Dro: It should not, if it does just reboot and it will be automatically loaded any way. I completly disable ibus-daemon because it also interferes with pgadmin320:25
Drok_dog345, and whats the ibus-daemon ?20:25
ioriak_dog345,  don't want to be rude, but the audio jack is plugged in the correct place ?20:25
EspositoMartinhow dare you20:26
k_dog345ioria: no worries! It is where it should theoritically be, but I've also tried all other jacks just to be sure I'm not crazy lol20:26
ioriak_dog345,  ok20:27
jeffreylevesquei used to run `/sbin/initctl emit --no-wait ...` when i used to have upstart.  if i'm running systemd, how can i adjust this respectively?20:27
k_dog345ioria: I suspect the sound being different screwed up configs (since its a different sound card than what was on my old pc)20:27
ioriak_dog345,  yeah, but the modules should load , anyway20:28
k_dog345Dro , its just an intelligent input bus for linux, there are other input methods that would still work without ibus http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/man1/ibus-daemon.1.html20:28
ioriak_dog345,  try pavucontrol20:29
k_dog345ioria: I know :( the hard drives should have switched over no problem from what I read, but now im behind a couple of days because of having to recover my raid and do grub installs20:29
ioriak_dog345,  i see20:30
ioriak_dog345,  you can paste sudo lshw -C sound , for instance20:32
k_dog345ioria: http://pastebin.com/0R2gv2CD20:33
zippo^hello, has ubuntu an application for Exchagne (suport : EAW)?20:33
zippo^*EAS i believe20:33
Es0tericquick question -- i want to login as www-data user and get an ssh key from it20:33
Es0terichow do i do that?20:33
k_dog345ioria: I need to reboot, BRB20:34
MonkeyDustEs0teric  what do you ùmean, get an ssh key?20:35
Es0terici want to login to www-data and generate a ssh key to give to bitbucket20:35
Es0tericbecause thats what php scripts are executing as20:35
MonkeyDust!find bitbucket20:36
ubottuFound: python-bitbucket, ruby-omniauth-bitbucket20:36
creyci need to run a couple commands as root at startup, to setup a GPIO controller like this: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/gpio/sysfs.txt20:37
creycwhat is a good way to run these commands on every startup?20:37
MonkeyDustEs0teric  bitbucket is related to git, is what i read here ... is this useful   https://confluence.atlassian.com/bitbucket/set-up-ssh-for-git-728138079.html20:38
=== Olaf is now known as Guest43887
Es0tericMonkeyDust that is not what i am looking for20:38
ikoniaEs0teric: www-data is a non-interactive user20:39
ikoniait doesn't have a shell20:39
=== Guest43887 is now known as OlafReujojo
Es0tericikonia so then...20:40
ikoniawhat's the problem you're trying to fix20:40
Es0tericoh i can put a user in the www-data group20:40
cadenHey, I need to know what command in the Terminal installs Arch Linux.20:41
ikoniacaden: you don't20:42
ikoniait's a seperate distro20:42
ikoniait's documented on the arch website20:42
cadenoh thanks20:42
Es0terici want a user to be part of the www-data and sudo groups20:43
Es0terichow do i do that?20:43
ikoniauser the user admin tool to put him in the groups20:43
Es0tericikonia command-line20:43
Es0tericnot user-admin20:44
Es0tericusermod and which params?20:44
ikoniaman usermod20:44
Es0tericikonia you are not being helpful20:45
ikoniaI am20:45
ikoniaman usermod shows you the synatx20:45
=== phantom is now known as Guest65160
Chicken_WrapOr try "info usermod". :^)20:45
geniiEs0teric: sudo usermod -a -G groupnametoadd username20:45
Es0tericgenii ok and if i add multiple groups, how do i assign a primary group to the user?20:47
ikoniadon't change the primary group20:47
geniiEs0teric: Their primary group will be the same name as their username by default20:47
ikoniait's normally set for a reason20:47
ikoniamake sure you really want to change the primary group20:48
Es0tericikonia i did it20:48
* genii defers to ikonia20:48
Es0tericmade it www-data20:48
lettuce45do you know how can I embed the equalizer in gmusicbrowser?20:48
lettuce45so I dont need 2 windows?20:48
=== aron_kexp_ is now known as aron_kexp
OneM_IndustriesHey, how do I find out the reason behind the last powerdown on my machine?20:52
ikonialast or look at the syslog20:52
OneM_IndustriesThe syslog, how would I do that?20:53
OneM_IndustriesMy machine just turned off for no apparent reason, and I am trying to figure out if it is hardware of software.20:54
Chicken_WrapThis is just a guesst: less /var/log/syslog20:54
geniiOneM_Industries: /var/log/syslog  is a text file you can examine20:54
Jordan_UOneM_Industries: What version of Ubuntu are you using?20:55
bekksSince it powered off, there will be no traces in the syslog.20:56
geniibekks: If it powered off by software for some reason, there might be20:57
OneM_IndustriesOk, hardware fault it is.20:57
OneM_Industries(No log of anything)20:57
bekksOneM_Industries: How do you know?20:57
ovidiugHey guys, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 14.04 alongside Win7 but it doesn't recognize my Win7 partitinos. When I run Gparted in Ubuntu it says that /dev/sda contains GPT signatures, but I only have Win installed on my machine. Anyone knows how can I fix this issue so I can install Ubuntu properly?20:58
bekksNothing being logged doesnt mean hardware fault necessarily.20:58
OneM_IndustriesWell, what else?20:58
ikoniapower failure20:58
bekksOneM_Industries: Overheating, short circuit in the powerline, etc.20:59
OneM_IndustriesNo, the box and the lights are on the same breaker.20:59
creycyou could have high carbon monoxide in your house and you're forgetting you're pulling the power cord yourself20:59
bekksOneM_Industries: Which doesnt mean that you will notice a breakage < 20ms, which is enough to power off your computer.20:59
OneM_IndustriesAnd there is another box on the same power drop that didn't go off.20:59
bekksWhich might have better capacitors.20:59
Chicken_WrapThis may help, ovidiug: http://superuser.com/questions/744916/ubuntu-14-04-installer-doesnt-show-existing-partitions20:59
OneM_IndustriesTrust me, it really doesn't.21:00
bekksOneM_Industries: I guess you dont have logs proving that, do you? ;)21:01
OneM_IndustriesLogs proving what?? That the other box was up through this one going off?21:01
ovidiugChicken_Wrap: I ran that, and this is what I get: GPT signatures detected on the disk, but no 0xEE protective partition!21:01
ovidiugThe GPT signatures are probably left over from a previous partition table.21:01
bekksOneM_Industries: That it wasnt one of the reasons stated, which you declined.21:02
OneM_IndustriesOverheating: I ran a temp check right after reboot.21:02
Shiroeovidiug, meaby sth in win7 is wrong . Try fix boot sector in win7 1) run win7 installation from CD/USB . Run fix, open terminal and type "bootrec.exe /FixBoot " enter, and "bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd" enter.21:03
OneM_IndustriesWell, if it happens again I will look into it further.21:03
bekksOneM_Industries: How do you run a temp check - and how long was the computer running again before that temp check?21:03
OneM_Industriessensors, and about 2 minutes.21:04
bekksOneM_Industries: Two minutes are sufficient to cool down your computer again.21:04
OneM_IndustriesAlso, "last" in the command line produces this: http://pastebin.com/F37yvqY821:05
creycOneM_Industries, i would probably run some hardware tests. memtest specifically21:05
OneM_IndustriesMemtest, ok.21:05
MonkeyDustOneM_Industries  tip : install thermald and indicator-cpufreq to help your machine cool down. thermald is a daemon and the indicator is an interactive applet21:07
ovidiugShiroe: Hmm, isn't it another solution? Because I don't have a copy of Win7 right now unfortunately. I must say that I clean installed Win7 less than 2 weeks, so I don't think it has anything to do with that. Also, when I first tried to install Ubuntu and I saw that it said I had all of my HDD's capacity as free space I clicked on the new partition button and maybe that's where the GPT left-overs come from.21:08
OneM_IndustriesOh, cool.21:08
Shiroew8, i can have .iso in cloud21:09
lefti_ubuntu virgin here after using windows for 15 years21:09
lefti_i am so glad i have come to this side21:09
lefti_may you all have good luck in your lives, linux for life21:10
OneM_IndustriesEr...indicator-cpufreq is erroring out..21:11
bekksAnd we have to guess the error? :)21:11
OneM_IndustriesNo, I am uploading it.21:12
blebInstances of .xsession are piling up as I log in and out. To prevent this, I tried setting KillUserProcesses=1 in /etc/systemd/logind.conf but the problem persists. Anything else I might try?21:12
Jordan_Uovidiug: fixparts can remove the GPT signatures, assuming that you really do have a valid msdos partition table and the GPT signatures are just stale junk.21:12
OneM_Industries^The error.21:12
ShiroeI from Poland and i have only pl version (i think... but meaby there is english too)   -  https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZ4ATHZyLxbzc4fjduQz1PS0OmMUJP0t3pV21:12
=== pkennedy_ is now known as pkennedy
bekksOneM_Industries: Is that the full output?21:13
amazingalex224im trying to format a hard drive i have, but when i delete and make a new nfts partion via gparted(its a external hdd) it says 1 of 2 operations completed, and a error message thgat says "libparted messages !"21:13
OneM_IndustriesYes, it is.21:13
ShiroeW8, this is 32bit version xD21:13
Chicken_Wrapovidiug: Stupid question, but worth a shot; some of the forum posts indicate that it should exit cleanly if it is indeed left-overs from GPT. You ran it as root and used /dev/sda?21:13
Jordan_UShiroe: ovidiug: bootrec.exe won't fix this particular problem anyway.21:13
Shiroe64x -   https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZQATHZO4Kx1jgmmrYW9a6vtRNNRbcbJQek21:13
amazingalex224can anyone help me or nah?21:13
OneM_IndustriesI ran it as both root and not root, just in case.21:13
ovidiugJordan_U: Well, my Windows is working fine, and the partitions are OK from what I can tell, and I've never had any OS on it, as I said, I've installed Win 2 weeks ago..21:14
iAmerikanamazingalex224: what are the libparted messages21:14
iAmerikanare you running gparted as root21:14
amazingalex224idk, it just says libparted messages and blue exclamation mark to the right of it21:14
amazingalex224i put in my password when i launched gpartefd21:14
amazingalex224i put in my password when i launched gpartefdgparted21:14
amazingalex224accidently hit up and tried correcting my self xD21:15
ovidiugChicken_Wrap: I ran ' sudo fixparts /dev/sda21:15
amazingalex224but how do i see the messages21:15
Chicken_Wrapamazingalex224: Have you tried using fdisk?21:15
ovidiugChicken_Wrap: And then I get that notice saying I probably have GPT left over.21:15
Chicken_Wrapamazingalex224: mkfs.ntfs /dev/sda?21:15
ovidiugChicken_Wrap: And it prompts me to delete them or not.21:16
Jordan_UChicken_Wrap: amazingalex224: Do not use that command, it will create a filesystem on the drive as a whole rather than a partition, which is not what you want.21:16
iAmerikanJordan_U: he said format the drive then make a partition21:16
Chicken_WrapThen my bad. But wouldn't that format it completely?21:16
amazingalex224i just wanna completly wipe them, i have 2 500gb of toshiba hard drives, and my usb type B cable that i ordered just came in, it reads the data, so ik the hard drives work21:17
Chicken_WrapHe could format, new partition, mkfs.ntfs.21:17
stefffHi all :)21:17
Chicken_WrapHello, stefff.21:17
iAmerikanamazingalex224: do you plan on splitting one or both drives into multiple partitions?21:17
stefffHi Chicken_Wrap21:17
amazingalex224its 2 seperate hard drives21:18
amazingalex224both external21:18
amazingalex224and as of right now i dont plan on splitting them21:18
Jordan_UiAmerikan: "format" is an ambiguous term, and even if they thought that they wanted to create a filesystem on the drive as a whole without any partition table, they were wrong. That's almost never a good idea.21:18
stefffI'm looking for a newsgroup software to post text ; thunderbird does not work, encoding pb :-/21:18
stefff"A News (NNTP) error occurred: 441 437 UTF-8 charset is not allowed in group "21:18
bekksstefff: UTF8 isnt pb.21:19
stefffbekks: NNTP server restriction ?21:19
bekksstefff: NNTP server channel restriction. UTF8 not allowed.21:19
JohKhi, got a little problem, I tried to dist-upgrade a box on saucy to the newest version; first time it went one dist to trusty; then I used do-release-upgrade -d and it tried to jump right to xeial21:19
iAmerikanJordan_U: in what way is it not a good idea? you're saying you need a table for the filesystem?21:19
stefffbekks: but I set TB to ISO :(21:19
amazingalex224do i do that command, well to be honest idk what it was, what was the command21:20
bekksstefff: Apparently not ;)21:20
JohKnow I’m stuck with many apt dependency errors21:20
iAmerikanamazingalex224: are you sure you're trying to format the correct drive with gparted21:20
ovidiugJordan_U: Chicken_Wrap: Should I just delete the GPT signatures, what do you think?21:20
amazingalex224oh ik the libparted message21:21
Jordan_Uovidiug: Yes, that is exactly what you should do and will solve this problem.21:21
stefffbekks: Right. The option has been removed when sending the post :-/ TB does not keeps my encoding preference :(21:21
amazingalex224it says Too Many Partitions21:21
amazingalex224but i only have 1???21:21
JohKwhat I tried was introducing all missing dists to sources.list21:21
ovidiugJordan_U: Ok, I hope it'll work, brb.21:21
Chicken_WrapJordan_U probably knows. I'm not incredibly experienced with partitioning.21:21
amazingalex224i just tried to delete 1 and recreate 1 using gparted21:21
JohKbut apt still can’t resolv the dependencies (I don’t have aptitude and can’t install it)21:21
amazingalex224and it says that21:21
bekksJohK: like trusty, raring, etc.?21:22
bekksJohK: Safe way to break things entirely.21:22
Jordan_UiAmerikan: Having a filesystem without a partition table makes it more likely that (poorly written) software will overwrite data on the drive and corrupt things, leaves you with a less flexible configuration (you can't easily create another partition even if you want to later on), confuses *people* who expect to be mounting partitions, and gains you approximately nothing.21:22
JohKbekks: also pinned trusty21:22
stefffWho can tell me another newsgroup software (except pan or TB) ?21:22
ovidiugJordan_U: I pressed Y and I got this: Erasing GPT data!21:23
ovidiugWarning: 0xEE partition doesn't start on sector 1. This can cause problems21:23
ovidiugin some OSes.21:23
ovidiugMBR command (? for help):21:23
bekksJohK: fix your sources.list instead.21:23
JohKbekks: sure how21:23
bekksJohK: BY reverting your edits.21:23
Dylan____Still having trouble getting wireless working on xubuntu21:24
steff_back :)21:24
JohKbekks: then I’m still stuck with the xenial sources.list21:24
Chicken_WrapWelcome back, steff_.21:24
Chicken_WrapYou're rocking an underscore now. :^)21:24
JohKbekks: and broken dependencies that can’t be resolved21:24
Dylan____Im installed the sta driver from the usb and it still doesnt want to see or find any networks21:24
amazingalex224tell me when some1 fixes my problem21:25
llldinoDylan____: Can you connect to a wired network temporarily?21:25
Chicken_Wrapamazingalex224: Keep on the lookout instead.21:25
Dylan____No cause the ethernet i have is adsl and the cord doesnt fit into my mac21:25
jonny5000hello all.  I have 14.04 installed on a lenovo yoga 13.  the track pad had been working fine until all of a sudden it dissappeared after waking from sleep.  weird.  Evenutally I came up with the genius idea to put it back to sleep and wake it back up and the track pad was back, but with a PROBLEM:  single finger tap, which is supposed to enact primary (Left)  click enacts "right click", and two finger tap which is supposed t21:25
jonny5000o enact "right click" enacts left.  They are reversed.  How do I get it back to normal.  Scrolling works fine, as does mechanical actual click (not tap)21:25
amazingalex224wait i fixed it :)21:26
Chicken_WrapWhat happened, amazingalex224?21:26
amazingalex224i clicked create new partition table, then made a new partition21:26
amazingalex224it kept saying i had 2 many partions, when i only had 121:26
llldinoDylan____: You grabbed the .deb package you need and ran it right?21:26
amazingalex224on an external hard drive21:26
nicomachusjonny5000: that Yoga trackpad has been nothing but trouble in my experience. tons of bugs.21:26
Dylan____Yes im ran dkms and the bcmwl from my usb21:26
Dylan____Normally that would work if i ran those in ubuntu21:27
JohKbekks: problem is that I already have some of xenials packages installed and many marked for the upgrade21:27
jonny5000nicomachus, agreed.  had a bitch of a time getting it to work the first attempt at installation.  then just reinstalled the os, and it worked.  inexplicably.  any ideas on how to reverse those settings?21:27
llldinoDylan____: Have you tried restarting the computer since that?21:27
bekksJohK: You manually have to fix that mess now.21:27
Dylan____And nothing has happened21:27
Dylan____I even did a fresh install21:27
JohKbekks: is do-release-upgrade not supposed to only jump to  a compatible releaseß21:28
nicomachusjonny5000: no, sorry. I haven't had any luck with that model. you can try some things from this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad21:28
MiningMarshjonny5000: maybe try disabling and then enabling it in X? type `xinput` into a terminal, look for the line that is the Yoga touchpad, and see what the id number is. then type `xinput disable <id>` and then `xinput enable <id>`21:28
Jordan_Uovidiug: I'm a little confused by that error message because you don't (and shouldn't) have any 0xEE partition at all.21:28
bekksJohK: Depends on what it finds in your sources.list21:28
bekksJohK: Which is quite messed up.21:28
JohKbekks: it wasn’t21:28
llldinoDylan____: Hmm. Can I see the output of lspci?21:28
amazingalex224i tried the same on my second hdd and it said this: mknfts -Q -v -L "" /dev/sdc121:29
nicomachusjonny5000: and also this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingTouchpadDetection21:29
amazingalex224and it has a red exclamation mark21:29
JohKbekks: it properly upgraded from saucy to trusty21:29
JohKbekks: and then tried to jump straight to xenial, only after that happened I manually edited the source.list21:29
ovidiugJordan_U: Now when I try to run fixparts again it just says that warning message and it doesn't prompt me to delete the GPT left overs. What is the 0xEE partiton and why shouldn't I have it?21:29
bekksJohK: And you added all distros, and messed up that file doing so.21:29
JohKbekks: nothing has happened in between as apt-get was/is stuck in the unresolveable dependency state21:31
JohKbekks: and I roled back to either trusty / xenial sources.list, still stuck in the unresolveable dependency state21:31
Jordan_Uovidiug: A 0xEE partition is a "protective" partition for GPT. Essentially, all disks with a GPT partition table are supposed to *also* have an msdos partition table with a single partition spanning the entire drive, so that partitioning software that doesn't understand GPT doesn't just think the drive is blank and they can write anywhere they want. You don't have GPT, and thus shouldn't have a protective21:32
nicomachusJohK: you shouldn't have xenial sources...21:32
Jordan_U partition. You should be fine, GParted should now see your partitions correctly.21:32
JohKI know21:32
JohKand I didn’t want to21:32
Jordan_Uovidiug: And Ubuntu's installer should also see your partitions and thus your Windows installation now.21:32
JohKI wondered why apt-get threw so many errors and discovered it then21:32
nicomachusJohK: paste your sources.list at paste.ubuntu.com and link it here21:33
bekksJohK: Because you installed packages from other distros already.21:33
JohKbekks: yeah because I didn’t know that xenial was introduced into my sources21:33
ovidiugJordan_U: I see...that's pretty weird. Well, earlier it said that I had those left overs and maybe with the 0xEE partition was linked with them and those couldn't be deleted. Should I try to install it again to check if it works properly or what more can I do before that?21:34
wahbenMy user's keyboard configuration is broken: I'm using xubuntu, Was using Ubuntu 14.04 then installed Xubuntu 15.10, kept home partition. When typing French accents, it doesn't wait for accented letter, it justs inputs the accents). Typing ê should be done by typing ^ followed by e, but in my case it just inputs ^. This only happens for existing users on this computer. It works as expected for a new user. Any idea how to fix this?21:34
JohKnicomachus: I can but it is either a sources.list with trusty sources or xenial sources.list created from do-release-upgrade21:34
Jordan_Uovidiug: That error message is spurious, I'm seeing it on a drive here as well that I know is fine. Try installing again and you will not longer have the problem of Windows and your existing partitions not being detected.21:35
ovidiugJordan_U: Ok, I'm very grateful for your help, I really appreciate it. I'm going to try it now. Be right back.21:36
steff_Ok solved ! need to go to Preferences > Display > Formatting > Advanced > Character Encodings > Outgoing Mail ; otherwise Thundebird ignore encoding :(21:38
JohKhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14424367/ here is the backuped xenial sources.list that created the mess21:38
daftykinsJohK: xenial is not out yet and so discussion is in #ubuntu+121:38
JohKdaftykins: thanks, I did not _want_ to upgrade to xenial21:39
bekksJohK: then why did you?21:39
daftykinsJohK: yeah if that wasn't the goal, how did you come to edit your sources.list manually?21:39
JohKdaftykins: I only did after the fact21:40
daftykinswow you've got some intrepid stuff at the end there21:40
daftykinsthat's mighty historic21:40
JohKdaftykins: I tried to jump from saucy to wily21:40
JohKdaftykins: dist by dist21:41
JohKdaftykins: afaik that is what do-release-upgrade is supposed to do?21:41
daftykinswere you running it with -d?21:41
JohKdaftykins: I did not catch that it showed xenial as the next release and proceeded with the process21:41
JohKdaftykins: possible21:41
daftykinsno once you got to 14.04 you likely had it locked to LTS upgrades only so it ignored both 15.xx versions21:41
JohKoh ok21:42
daftykinsso how far did it get and what are you hoping to achieve now?21:42
JohKI’d like to get back to a usable apt-get21:42
daftykinsi've no idea where to go from there, it might be too far gone21:43
JohKaptitude usually helps a lot with solving dependencies when they are available21:43
JohKbut I don’t have it on this box, and I can’t install it21:43
daftykinsyou certainly can't downgrade, so most likely you'll need to clean install, preserving your /home21:43
daftykinsor if it's not on a separate partition, backup21:43
ovidiugJordan_U: It works now! It sees all the Win partitions properly. Thanks again for all your help!21:44
Jordan_Uovidiug: You're welcome :)21:44
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JohKdaftykins: is there a tool like debotstrap, so I can reinstall from the running machine?21:45
MyStuffhi, with nvidia-settings I separate my 2 monitors Screen 0 and Screen 1, after restart server x my Screen 1 on second monitor is black and my mouse icon change. Help please21:45
JohKsigh the package exists… and I can’t install it21:45
=== me is now known as Guest9828
daftykinsJohK: i'd boot a flash drive with the chosen edition on it... i'd not try to fix broken from inside ;)21:45
nicomachusPici: undefined, error in value "mc"21:45
llldinoMyStuff: Try running nvidia-xconfig after you set up the monitors how you want them21:46
luckyy_How can I remount a flash drive so that it is read writable so I can write an iso to it?21:46
luckyy_Using ubuntu 14.0421:46
Jordan_Uluckyy_: What is your end goal? Are you planning to boot from this iso?21:47
daftykinsluckyy_: cheap ones tend to die write only, so it might be dead - but you don't mount a drive you're writing an ISO to, just put it directly on /dev/sdX with cp or dd21:47
luckyy_I am planning to take my iso and write it to the flash drive and boot from that flash drive21:48
MyStuffllldino: nvidia-xconfig it's ok but after I don't know how to configure my second monitor to use. I can't to move any windows on second monitor21:48
daftykinsluckyy_: so you're saying that fails right now?21:48
llldinoMyStuff: If you poke around nvidia-settings you should be able to set up your monitors how you like them21:49
daftykinsyou'd need to run nvidia-settings with "gksu" in order to have the permissions to write changes to xorg.conf so they're set permanently21:50
daftykinsotherwise, you would have to run nvidia-settings at every login to set the choices21:51
Jordan_Uluckyy_: Then you're misunderstanding more than one concept. I recommend using Ubuntu's "Startup Disk Creator". It's fairly easy to use, and doesn't risk you losing the data that's currently on your flash drive.21:51
MyStuffmonitors are set up, problem is I can't to use second monitor mouse move inbut I can't to move a windows in21:52
JohKdaftykins: I don’t think that box can boot from usb stick… grml21:52
daftykinsJohK: DVD then?21:53
llldinoMyStuff: You might have set them up backwards, try moving the mouse over to the side of the monitor that doesn't have the monitor beside it21:53
daftykinsmost things in the last 12+ years can USB boot21:53
JohKdaftykins: right21:53
JohKdaftykins: that might be about its age...21:54
MyStuffllldino: my mouse move in my second monitor21:55
nicomachusJohK: this is also helpful for machines that can't be from USB: https://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/download.html21:55
llldinoMyStuff: Right so you set them up abckwards. Go back to nvidia-settings and go to the tab that has a picture of two monitors with the numbers 1 and 2 in them You should be able to drag them around, and what you want to do is switch the one labeled 1 and 2 around21:56
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MyStuffllldino: soory my english is very bad. you don't understand. My 2 monitors are correctly placed First left and second to right, it works. I can to move my mouse on both monitors but I can do nothing else22:00
daftykinsi think you've picked the wrong nvidia mode22:00
MyStuffmove a window or right clic does't work22:01
zerooneoneI'm having a problem with postfix on ubuntu, which seems to be looking for a non-existing lib file  libcidn-2.19b.0.so22:03
zerooneonefrom syslog: Jan  6 11:35:02 server04 kernel: [14424521.440842] pickup[97098]: segfault at 2 ip 00007f79193fe3ed sp 00007fffe3679bb0 error 4 in libcidn-2.19b.0.so[7f79193fc000+4000]22:03
=== ForSpareParts_ is now known as ForSpareParts
zerooneonelibcidn-2.19b.0.so should be in /lib but it's not, and when I try to make a symlink it says file already exists22:05
zerooneoneln -s /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcidn-2.19.so /lib/libcidn-2.19b.0.so   ... ln: failed to create symbolic link '/lib/libcidn-2.19b.0.so': File exists22:05
zerooneonebut the file doesn't exist22:05
Jordan_Uzerooneone: Please post the output of "ls -l /lib/libcidn-2.19b.0.so".22:06
zerooneoneJordan_U: ls: cannot access /lib/libcidn-2.19b.0.so: No such file or directory22:07
dotpixiszerooneone: do you have read permission in that dir?22:07
ikoniamissing symlink ?22:08
zerooneonei should have as root22:08
dotpixiszerooneone: that's not absolutly true22:08
MyStuffAnother thing in extended monitor mode , if I have 2 mice is what I can assign a mouse to a monitor only ?22:08
daftykinsmore mouses isn't the answer :>22:08
Chicken_WrapSure it is. The world needs more mcie.22:09
zerooneonedotpixis: true enough, but i do have read/write22:09
dotpixisthen does the dir exsist?22:09
MyStuffdaftykins: I know, I try to find a another way to do that I want22:09
daftykinsi think you just need to configure the nvidia settings properly22:09
zerooneonedpkg -S libcidn does not show that file22:10
Jordan_Uzerooneone: Please pastebin the output of "ls -l /lib/"22:10
zerooneoneand I haven't source installed libc6 anything22:10
=== ilbelkyr_ is now known as ilbelkyr
zerooneonehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/14424621/ Jordan_U22:12
asseaterNoob here. I just installed ubuntu on a partition of my secondary hard drive. The main hdd has windows installed on it. I can't seem to get my computer to boot into grub. Does this mean I have to install it to the primary hard drive? And is that a different process due to the windows install present on it?22:12
MyStuffdaftykins: with 2 monitors, first X Screen 0 and second monitor X Screen 1. If it works, after I could to assign 1 mouse to 1 monitor22:13
daftykinsi don't understand you at all.22:14
daftykinsasseater: change your nick to something appropriate first :)22:14
Chicken_Wrap":T Considering it."22:14
MyStuffdaftykins: 2 monitors, 2 mice22:15
daftykinsMyStuff: no i think that idea is crazy22:15
geniiasseater: You can change your name to something more suitable for out family-friendly channel with: /nick newname   where newname is something not about rumps and consuming them22:16
nicomachusMyStuff: what... 2 mice? why....? i don't even think that could work22:16
llldinoMyStuff: Why not look around google for an answer for that? I think that's a little beyond the scope of this channel22:16
=== lauren is now known as Guest26983
llldinoIm sure you can have like, 2 Xorg instances and then a mouse for each of them but I wouldn't even know where to start22:17
daftykinsit's more that it's the result of not getting something working properly22:17
MyStufflike multiseat22:18
OerHeksMyStuff, that would only work in like multiseat22:18
llldinodaftykins: Maybe, but I can see why that might be useful, for instance, playing a multiplayer game locally22:18
llldinoMaybe look into virtualization, that would be the easiest way to impliment something like that, but if you're only doing that to fix your current isusue, yeah, I'd agree it's crazy22:19
segap_hey guys is there something I'm missing here ? if I use ##   ssh -T apache@$host<<EOSSH                     environment variables pass in but loops and general flow inside screws up .   but if i use  ## ssh -T apache@host<<EOSSH       I don't have access to my variables but the flow control works22:19
daftykinsheh no that's equally insane :)22:19
segap_<<'EOSSH'  has the flow control .... <<EOSSH has the variable access . Sorry typo on the original22:20
MyStuffOerHeks: thx I will try it22:21
Jordan_Usegap_: What do you mean by flow control not working? Please pastebin an example of a script you're using, with its here document, and the output you recieve.22:24
segap_of course 1 minute22:25
Chicken_WrapHulu, hulu?22:26
psusisegap_, huh?  the two commands you listed were exactly the same22:27
huluhuluhuluyou like hulu!22:27
OerHeksYou want chrome for hulu22:28
=== huluhuluhulu is now known as huluhuluhuluhulu
=== Dive is now known as Guest45789
segap_psusi, yep sorry made a typo in it ... so here's an example Jordan_U   https://gist.github.com/anonymous/7bcdac7fa384723b1e9122:30
segap_in the first block of code Environment is passed through fine, in the second one the echo will be blank22:31
segap_but if i try without the ' ' on EOSSH then , it's weird like the if statments or loops don't function correctly ... can't explain it22:32
psusisegap_, I think you have that backwards... in the first, you set $Environment locally, then ssh to the other machine, which knows nothing about it... in the second, you ssh to the remote first, and then set $Environment there22:32
zerooneoneJordan_U: also now apt is looking for the file: update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-29-generic .. cp: cannot stat '/lib/libcidn-2.19b.0.so': No such file or directory22:32
=== CrazyH__ is now known as CrazyH
segap_psusi, yeah in the second one I need to get the value but using $(hostname)22:33
zerooneoneoddly google has never heard of libcidn-2.19b.0.so22:33
segap_psusi,  cause it won't recognise the local one ? any idea ?22:33
psusisegap_, yea... the remote server has no idea what variables you have set locally22:34
segap_psusi, yeah but it does in the first example , like the command ls /home/shared/scpuser/jenkinsBackup/$Environment/ | xargs rm works22:34
geniizerooneone: Seems to be a file provided by libc6-i38622:35
segap_psusi,  like it will echo $Environment22:35
psusisegap_, ohh, right... your local shell replaces $Environment and then the result of that is what is sent to the remote shell22:35
klinebottlewhat is the ubuntu equivalent to the open command?22:35
lost_partHi. xubuntu 12.04. I have a primary(SSD) and a secondary(SATA) HDD. The SATA upon a reboot disappeared from the OS. BIOS sees it, fdisk sees it, blkid does NOT see it. Here is a screenshot of fdisk -l --> http://imgur.com/oGuF1Cg  -- What can I do to re-establish the EXT4 partition that was once there? Thanks.22:36
lost_partklinebottle, in what context?22:36
Chicken_Wrapklinebottle: xdg-open.22:36
arjessigercomo instalar programas en obuntu mate22:36
klinebottleos x22:36
Chicken_WrapNo problem.22:36
klinebottlecan you set it to just open without xdg?22:36
Chicken_WrapYes, klinebottle.22:36
Chicken_WrapMake an alias.22:36
Chicken_WrapPut it into your .bashrc file.22:36
segap_psusi,  so basically is there any way to replicate that using the 'EOSSH' context , since I need to use loops and I've no way of that server knowing the value22:37
arjessigerin ubuntu mate22:37
zerooneonegenii: ok it's in /lib32/libcidn-2.19.so not /lib/libcidn-2.19b.0.so which is what apt is looking for22:38
SiGeHey guys, is there anyway to find how many disks are attached to my ubuntu instance?  I have used fdisk -l and ls /dev/xvd* to see the list of disks in an AWS EC2 instance, but it seems like I can't see all the disks for some reason.22:39
bekksSiGe: sudo blkid22:40
bekksSiGe: How do you know you cant see all disks?22:40
Jordan_Usegap_: You haven't answered my question about the "problem with flow control". What you're describing with environment variables is exactly how here documents in bash work, if the sentinel is quoted then no variable expansion is performed. Neither version of a here document has any concept of flow control, so that is all handled in the remote shell.22:40
SiGe@bekks I don't, i2.8xlarge s are supposed to come with 8x800GB disks, but I can only see two 800GB disks with fdisk -l and ls /dev/xvd*22:40
SiGebekks: I also tried looking into dmesg to no-avail (only two disks were attached)22:41
psusisegap_, don't put the quotes around EOSSH and instead escape the $Environment with a leading \22:41
bekksSiGe: So pastebin sudo blkid22:41
segap_Jordan_U,  yeah sorry I don't even know how to explain it myself. It appears as though if i try it without the 'EOSSH' and use just EOSSH that there's almost a race condition and literally every command attempts to run at once without waiting on the previous ones22:41
psusisegap_, that's kind of neat though... I didn't know you could quote the HERE word... but it seems to make it treat the entire HERE document as if it were quoted and so the local shell does not do any substitutions22:42
Jordan_Usegap_: Stop trying to explain it and simply pastebin example output so that I can see what is happening myself.22:42
SiGebekks: one sec, booting up the instance -- doesn't blkid read off of /proc/disk*?22:42
segap_Jordan_U, good idea :)22:43
zerooneoneso can I use /etc/alternatives to point to the right file?22:43
SiGebekks: a single line, since the rest of the disks are not mounted or partitioned: /dev/xvda1: LABEL="*" UUID="*" TYPE="ext4"22:43
bekksSiGe: Pastebin the entire output.22:44
SiGehttp://pastie.org/private/ulfdxxeptypaopoguuieuw @bekks22:44
bekksSiGe: So you have just one disk.22:45
psusiSiGe, what makes you think there are any more disks?22:45
SiGepsusi: just the spec of the instance from Amazon.22:45
psusiSiGe, which says what?22:46
SiGe@bekks, I have 3 disks ... http://pastie.org/private/tzl6cdh91tn2ypq0ruo20w22:46
psusiSiGe, it would be unusual to give a virtual machine more than one disk22:46
SiGe@psusi that the instance (i2.4xlarge) comes with 4 dedicated SSD disks each of which have 800 GB22:46
Jordan_Usegap_: Also, you should never parse the output of ls, it's for humans only: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashPitfalls#for_i_in_.24.28ls_.2A.mp3.2922:47
psusiSiGe, ohh... odd... normally the host would raid them or something and present it as a single virtual drive, but ok... it looks like you don't have the other disks partitioned/formatted22:47
spartan2276How can I remove /home and only have /22:48
nicomachusspartan2276: why would you want to do that?22:48
geniispartan2276: The short answer for Ubuntu is: You can't22:48
SiGe@psusi Hmmm, that can make sense!  Let me check to see if the disks are RAIDed or not :-)22:48
spartan2276because someone needs it for a mariadb setup22:48
kalon33Hello everybody, is that expected that PPA building is down?22:49
psusispartan2276, either reinstall, or move all of the files out of /home to /, unmount /home, delete the partition and resize the / partition to use the extra space22:49
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Guest98585Hi. Ubuntu 14.04. I lost a partition(EXT4) and ran testdisk to re-establish it. Can I use fdisk to re-establish the partition type without data loss?22:49
Jordan_Uspartan2276: Who "needs" it and why?22:49
segap_Jordan_U,  so murphys law in full effect ... it's working as expected and i can't reproduce the issue :)22:49
spartan2276is there a guide to doing this somewhere22:49
psusiSiGe, doesn't look like they are... they are just unused currently and blkid only lists filesystems that it recognizes, not empty disks22:49
bekkspsusi: blkid lists blockdevices.22:50
psusiGuest98585, you can change the type without ill effect, yes... but you won't get any benefit out of it either: linux pays no attention to the type22:50
MalgorathIs there any reason to install 15.04 over 15.10? I'm setting up an i3 laptop22:50
Guest98585psusi, Across a reboot my partition disappeared. I ran testdisk to try and re-establish it but it still don't mount.22:51
psusibekks, no, it lists filesystems that are found on block devices22:51
Guest98585psusi, any ideas what to try? If it matters, I do have backups.22:51
psusiGuest98585, restore from backup ;)22:51
spartan2276psusi do you know if there is a guide online anywhere I could follow. The only thing I have found is using the LVM and that is not currently setup with LVM22:51
SiGe@psusi I see.  Mmmm, I guess I should look up online to see if anyone else is facing the same issue.  Thanks!22:51
Guest98585psusi, well yeah.. I just wanted to try this out to determine if it is salvageable.. thanks tho.22:52
spartan2276psusi, do you know if there is a guide online anywhere I could follow. The only thing I have found is using the LVM and that is not currently setup with LVM22:52
psusispartan2276, I don't... but it is as simple as I said:  boot a live cd, mount / and /home, move files from /home to /, remove the /home entry from /etc/fstab so it doesn't try to mount it, reboot and it should work...22:52
psusispartan2276, if you want to not waste the space previously allocated to /home, use gparted on the livecd to blow away that partition then resize/move the root to use the space22:53
spartan2276psusi, there are no files in /home not for any users that is22:53
Jordan_Usegap_: Did you see my message about not using "ls" in scripts? if [ "$(ls -A /var/www/htdocs/sales/JenkinsBackup)" ]; then is much more appropriately and clearly written if [ -d /var/www/htdocs/sales/JenkinsBackup/ ]; then and you should use globbing and a for loop, like: for file in /var/www/htdocs/sales/JenkinsBackup/*; do ...22:53
psusispartan2276, ummm... yes... each user on the system has a directory in /home... otherwise what would you be asking to move?22:54
segap_Jordan_U,  yep i usually the find command with xargs but was lazy . Never thought of using a for loop though22:54
spartan2276psusi, no is fresh install but they want to just have / and not /home22:55
psusispartan2276, then reinstall and don't create a /home?22:55
spartan2276psusi, something to do with mariadb having space allocation issues22:55
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spartan2276psusi, tried re-installing 3 times and everytime /home is there22:56
spartan2276psusi, ok I will try the gparted thing you suggested22:57
bekksspartan2276: so use the manual configuration during install and dont configure /home22:57
psusispartan2276, unless you choose manual partitioning and manually create a /home partition, you don't get one22:57
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anonymousgreetings room22:58
psusispartan2276, you always have a /home directory22:58
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ams_Recently upgraded to 15.04, trying to install deluge but hitting this:22:58
ams_Any ideas?22:58
spartan2276psusi, yup the weirdest thing22:58
Guest29178any developers in the house22:58
Guest29178ubuntu gnome mate is top!22:59
ams_ahah, looks like the key may not be trusted?23:00
mcphailspartan2276: are you confusing a /home directory under the / partition with a spearate /home partitiion?23:00
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anonymous_greetings room23:00
OerHeksams seems like a deluge ppa issue, deluge-gtk (= 1.3.12-0~vivid~ppa1)  https://launchpad.net/~deluge-team/+archive/ubuntu/ppa?field.series_filter=vivid23:00
OerHeksams contact the maintainer23:01
spartan2276mcphail, at this point I don't know what I'm seeing. I'm picking this backup tomorrow. Thanks guys23:01
anonymous_ubuntu gnome mate 15.10 is the best!23:01
ams_OerHeks: weird that i'm the only one given that Deluge is pretty popular23:02
OerHeksams vivid runs out of support this month, so upgrade to 15.10 might do double profit for you23:03
mknawabianyone with a quadro card: what's the most preferred way to install the nvidia drivers? through a specific ppa? their website? or apt-get install nvidia-352 nvidia-settings23:04
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mcphailmknawabi: preferred way is always through the default repos if possible23:06
OerHeksmknawabi, use the standard ones provided, but *if* you really need newer, use the 'official' ppa https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa23:06
mknawabiso the dialog with the 'additional drivers' panel?23:06
mknawabiyeah, i think it's graphics-drivers. one sec23:06
TJ-mknawabi: "ubuntu-drivers autoinstall"23:06
ams_OerHeks: july isn't it?23:07
ams_oh no, i'm wrong23:07
OerHeks9 months 15.04 - 16.0123:07
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cuddylierAnyone know what caused this crash? http://i.spartanhost.net/dURIuf1w.png23:20
TJ-cuddylier: did you see, above that stacktrace "alloc_urb: kmalloc failed"23:24
nomiccuddylier  go to ubuntu forums - post it htere23:24
cuddylierTJ: Yes but what does that mean if you know?23:24
nomiciptables, mac -- smething to do with his network23:24
nomicusb hub23:24
cuddylierAs in the network drivers crashing the server?23:24
nomicsome sort of a network / usb problem23:24
cuddylierHmm, leaves a lot open for the cause :(23:25
nomicwell thats all I can detect from that --- usb/nat address (network allocation)23:25
nomicunplug your usb until you know what23:25
Ben64what were you doing, how much crashed? what are the lines above that in the log?23:25
nomicif your usb is unplugged & not failing - has filtered issue23:25
cuddylierI'll ask the datacentre if anything USB wise is plugged in, I couldn't scroll up in the HP BMC console window.23:25
TJ-cuddylier: it means the kernel was out of memory blocks large enough for "kmalloc(sizeof(struct urb) +iso_packets * sizeof(struct usb_iso_packet_descriptor) "23:25
cuddylierAs in like running out of RAM?23:25
TJ-cuddylier: yes23:26
cuddylierThat might make some sense then hmmm23:26
TJ-cuddylier: that could be due to the allocation request being exceptionally large due to the value of iso_packets, but I cannot think of how that could become excessive23:26
zacwallsHey so my computer is now not producing sound. I tried to fix this by removing alsa and pulseaudio and then reinstalling. And I did the same with linux-sound-base, alsa-base and alsa-utils. Sound is still not working.23:27
zacwallsI am on 14.04.323:27
TJ-cuddylier: the function the allocation failed in was drivers/usb/core/urb.c::usb_alloc_urb()23:27
cuddylierSo definitely something USB related then?23:27
anonymous_halloo room23:28
TJ-cuddylier: yes23:28
nacczacwalls: does alsamixer show your sound card/controls?23:28
TJ-cuddylier: generally, it indicates a device being connected. URBs are generally allocated for the USB device's endpoints23:28
anonymous_i wanna say ty to developers if any is here23:28
zacwallsnacc, brings up alsa controls and yeah, I think...23:28
cuddylierTJ: Ah I see, I'll see if DC knows anything since I haven't intensionally had any USBs plugged in.23:28
anonymous_ubuntu gnome mate 15.10 is super23:28
nacczacwalls: you said "now" -- implying it did before?23:29
zacwallsnacc, I didn't say now...23:30
nacccuddylier: that's not a crash in and of itself ... it's just a memory allocation failure23:30
nacczacwalls: "Hey so my computer is now not producing sound."23:31
cuddylierThere is nothing that is able to tell you what caused the crash then from just that screenshot?23:31
nacccuddylier: you're sure it's crashed?23:31
TJ-cuddylier: no. You'd need to go back in time in the logs (kern.log and/or syslog) to look for devices being connected23:31
cuddylieryeah, all the processes on it died apart from apache23:31
zacwallsnacc, Yes, it is not producing sound now. It was before...23:31
jonny5000how do i find the archives of this chat room?  I am looking for something that was written two hours ago23:32
TJ-!logs | jonny500023:32
ubottujonny5000: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meeting logs from meetingology at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/23:32
jonny5000TJ-, thanks23:32
nacccuddylier: yeah, would need to see more of hte output from the console to see what happened ... my guess is it's actually an OOM, but really not sure given that little bit23:33
nacczacwalls: just confirming it was working at some point. what did you change?23:33
Ben64zacwalls: possible you broke audio more by uninstalling packages23:33
zacwallsBen64, thanks23:33
zacwallsnacc, not sure. Haven't touched this PC for a while now...23:34
nacczacwalls: do you possible have multiple sound cards?23:35
zacwallsnacc, Maybe. Sound does look odd. One says dummy test. And the other is build-in sound...23:35
zacwallsDummy output*23:36
nacczacwalls: I had that happen to me today when I was rapidly switching between my bluetooth headset and the built-in sound; the dummy seems to be a sink for pulseaudio to stay functional (but not sure on that)23:36
nacczacwalls: does it persist over reboot?23:36
TJ-zacwalls: what do "aplay -l " and "aplay -L" report ?23:37
zacwallsnacc, lets see lol23:37
zacwallsTJ-, lets see23:37
zippo^do you use back-up of this computer?23:37
zippo^example docs, photos, videos, etc. ?23:38
jonny5000TJ-, thanks!  that enabled me to find a quick solution to a problem that was bedeviling me.23:38
jonny5000MiningMarsh, I know you are not here anymore but for posterity I am saying "thank you" the disable and enable in X suggestion did the trick.  Much appreciated, wherever you are.23:39
zacwallsTJ-, aplay -l: http://pastebin.com/dkvGmje1 aplay -L: http://pastebin.com/fHfbZBfu23:39
TJ-jonny5000: you could do "/msg memoserv send help" and send that user a memo23:40
lordshangowhats up everyone?23:40
jonny5000TJ-,  how?23:41
TJ-zacwalls: are you trying to use the built-in audio speakers, or over HDMI ?23:41
jonny5000TJ-, what is the syntax for that?23:41
zacwallsTJ-, Built-in23:42
TJ-jonny5000: send that command; memoserv will return some help on how to use its 'send' feature23:42
zacwallsI havent rebooted yet23:42
TJ-zacwalls: try this: "speaker-test -Dfront -l 2 -c 2 -t wav "23:42
zacwallsTJ-, it works :)23:42
TJ-zacwalls: I thought it might. So, ALSA side is fine, I'd guess in Pulseaudio control panel /mixer in the GUI you need to ensure you'd selected the correct 'Profile'23:43
zacwallsTJ-, how do I access the GUI controls?23:44
TJ-zacwalls: depends on which desktop environment you're using, but the mixer properties are usually an advanced option in the DEs volume control applet23:44
zacwallsTJ-, Gnome23:45
TJ-zacwalls: it might be easier from the terminal. do "pactl list  cards | grep -A 10 Profiles " and identify the preferred profile name; e.g. for stereo output + mic input there might be "output:analog-stereo+input"23:48
zacwallsTJ-, pavucontrol seemed to work23:49
zacwallsTJ-, still doesnt work23:49
jonny5000MiningMarsh, hey, thanks for the help before.   The disable and enable in X suggestion did the trick.  Much appreciated, wherever you are.  I also went in and learned about X and setting properties for the Syanptics device and found one that makes it a lot less sensitive and jumpy.  this ubuntu machine is running close to perfect now.  and let me tell you, its a grat little laptop now!23:51
speaseDoes anyone know if it's been confirmed that python3 will be the default in Ubuntu 16.04?23:51
TJ-zacwalls: Amongst the profiles I see is "output:analog-stereo+input:analog-stereo: Analogue Stereo Duplex (sinks: 1, sources: 1, priority: 6060, available: yes)" ... I can then do "pactl set-card-profile 0 output:analog-stereo+input:analog-stereo" to set it23:52
zacwallsTJ-, OK :)23:52
TJ-zacwalls: the "0" is the sound card's index number23:52
zacwallsI know23:52
KatronixAnyone know of a GTK based app for working with mysql databases housed remotely?23:53
dabocksterKatronix: Not GTK, but there is SquirrelSQL. Looks terrible (Java Swing UX), but it works.23:54
zacwallsTJ-, which should I set?23:54
TJ-zacwalls: a profile that matches what is connected. No point selected a surround profile if you're on 2 stereo laptop speakers23:55
TJ-zacwalls: likewise for iec958 profiles23:55
zacwallsTJ-, can I just use alsa? It seems to works23:56
anabainwhen sharing files via nfsv3 and using automount at the client, what can be done to avoid client hanging when the server is shut down? Is there any chance for the server to tell the client to unmount the share before it gets shut down, which would avoid the hanging? Is there any workaround for this, like using some script before shutting down that tells the client to unmount?23:56
Katronixdabockster, will it work with OpenJDK? or would I need a version from Oracle?23:57

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