sakrecoer_nice work on the wiki cfhowlett ! :)15:23
sakrecoer_very good! thank you!15:23
cfhowlettsakrecoer_, thanks.  we need to narrow the window on the contest to beat the feature freeze so only 5 weeks15:24
cfhowlettalso: need to work with PR? to get the word out on the contest.  or is that on us as well?15:24
sakrecoer_cfhowlett: "or is that on us as well?" what do you mean by that?15:28
cfhowlettare we expected to get the word ou t to all the media/blogs/etc or should / shouldn't the PR team do that?15:28
sakrecoer_well... it seems like we ARE the PR team :)15:29
sakrecoer_at least i am in it :)15:29
cfhowlettsakrecoer_, OK then.  Can I delegate to you: get the first paragraph of the wiki out to all the likely media outlets and include the URL of the wiki15:30
sakrecoer_ok :)15:30
sakrecoer_zequence: is it thru https://rt.ubuntu.com/ that we post content to the website?15:31
cfhowlettalso: it is worth mentioning that we need to prepare the wallpaper package and I have NEVER packaged anything!  15:34
sakrecoer_zequence is writing this for us: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/UbuntuStudioPackageMaintenance cfhowlett 15:35
cfhowlettI don't even have a firm grasp on bzr, so I truly hope someone can help with this.15:36
sakrecoer_i think zequence will assist us for a while, and i intend on learning this thoroughly as fast as possible :)15:53
cfhowlettyeah ...15:53
cfhowlettWell, we can certainly launch the contest immediately and see to packaging later15:58
cfhowlettsakrecoer_, that for me?  16:07
sakrecoer_its the post on the google plus page..16:08
sakrecoer_i don't have facebook tho..16:08
cfhowlettif so ... china + google = NO GO ...16:08
sakrecoer_haha! right...16:08
sakrecoer_is it blocked, or accessible but with police knocking on door 20 seconds lateR?16:09
cfhowlettblocked.  16:09
sakrecoer_i'm not too fund of google, so i have mitigated feeling about that particular block :D16:10
zequencecfhowlett: Zak is the art lead, who has been very much abscent.16:51
cfhowlettyeah, real life will do that :)16:52
zequenceThink I gave you a link to the correct text logo. If I didn't, I'm sorry for that16:52
cfhowlettplease do!  I must have missed it.16:52
zequencecfhowlett: It's the one called ubuntu-studio_1304_OK_brandmark-wordmark_04_a_alternate-wordmark_by_madeinkobaia.svg16:53
zequenceIt's actually not the alternate anymore :)16:53
zequencemadeinkobaia, that's Zak's nick16:53
cfhowlettso that'll be in the bzr right16:54
zequenceIn the root folder16:54
zequenceThe non alternate should probably be called the alternate, and is ok to use too, I suppose16:54
zequenceBoth have less space between the letters than the original text done with the UBuntu fonts16:55
cfhowlettand this is the official version?16:55
zequenceYes. It's what we use on all our merchandise, social channels16:56
zequenceThe website has yet not been updated with the new text16:56
zequencecfhowlett: I changed the sidebar to the artwork sidebar on your page. Also, added the link to that page to the side bar. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Artwork/UserShowcase16:59
cfhowlettSo which of these brandmarks and logos are approved for use?  the "current standard" text only lists ONE ...17:01
zequencecfhowlett: The one named alternate is the first choice. And, that should really be enough17:02
zequenceIt is the current standard, just as the text file says17:04
cfhowlettno circle logo?17:04
zequenceLet me see if I can find that17:05
cfhowlettIt would be helpful to have the list of approved assets centrally located somewhere.  I attempted to provide this on the Showcase page, but my information is clearly outdated.17:07
zequencecfhowlett: This is why I created the textfile17:10
zequenceThe whole area of artwork is a mess. No one even knows who created the original artwork17:10
zequenceOk, so I found the website version of the text logo17:10
zequenceIt has the CoF, but it's the non alternate version17:11
zequenceZak is really the one who should provide all the variants though, so you should talk to him17:11
zequenceTo get the text logo with the CoF, get the website theme, with the command: bzr branch lp:ubuntustudio-website17:11
cfhowlettHmmm.  Thought he said he'd be unavailable for the foreseeable future.17:11
zequenceA couple of weeks, yes. Not sure how long that is though17:12
cfhowlettI've got the bzr file, just not sure which assets are approved for use17:12
zequenceThe file in questions is found by path ubuntustudio-website/ubuntustudio-wp/img/us-logo.png17:13
zequencecfhowlett: The bzr file lists the two files by path, relative to that file17:14
zequenceThose two are approved17:14
zequenceI won't have time today, but I can make an attempt at cleaning up that branch17:14
zequenceMost of the stuff in there is outdated17:14
cfhowlettI'm sure we would all be grateful!  If nothing else, updating the current standards file would clarify many matters17:15
zequenceOk, well, I won't have time today. Maybe not until Friday. I'll do it before the weekend though17:16
cfhowlettmuch appreciated!!17:16
sakrecoer_zequence: cfhowlett: it's is in the 16.04 folder in the root folder :)17:22
cfhowlett"it" ???17:22
sakrecoer_sorry, the text logo17:22
cfhowlettI'll pull the assets I misplaced on the wiki17:23
sakrecoer_it's the same as the one zequence told you, but renamed to 16.04 and with "alternate" removed...17:24
sakrecoer_zequence: i cleaned the artwork pack 3-4 weeks ago...17:24
sakrecoer_oh wait... no.... it's the wrong one...17:25
sakrecoer_the alternate one is white...17:25
sakrecoer_and the one i put in the 16.04 folder is black and not as classy...17:26
sakrecoer_let me fix that...17:26
sakrecoer_arf... missed cfhowlett, hopefully he will pull after i fixed that...17:33
sakrecoer_let it keep the name you posted here zequence to avoid further confusino17:34

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