knomepleia2, can you try logging in to staging.xubuntu.org?13:42
knomeactually, looks like this shouldn't work right nwo13:46
knomeoh meh!13:47
knomei need to write a plugin myself13:47
* knome sighs13:47
knomepleia2, should work now13:54
pleia2does not16:14
pleia2oh, had to click my membership in the xubuntu website team, then it works16:14
Unit193internet-networks.xml:167: element menuchoice: validity error : Element menuchoice content does not follow the DTD, expecting (shortcut? , (gui$17:35
Unit193Document ru/index.xml does not validate17:35
ochosievening all19:32
krytarikknome, slickymaster: Reg. that ↑ , a dropped '</menuchoice>' here: https://translations.launchpad.net/xubuntu-docs/xenial/+pots/user-docs/ru/325/+translate19:40
krytarikAnd evening, ochosi.19:41
slickymasterfixed krytarik 21:38
slickymasterthanks for spotting it21:38
slickymasterand Unit193, thanks to you, also21:39
krytarikslickymaster: Thanks to you as well. :P21:58
flocculantknome pleia2 - whoever see's first :) what's the status on the virtual thingy and the cont docs landing? 21:59
flocculanthi krytarik :)21:59
krytarikHi flocculant.21:59
pleia2flocculant: the server?21:59
flocculantyea - the one you were setting up at some point 22:00
pleia2flocculant: it's running and static.o.o and docs.o.o were moved to it yesterday22:00
pleia2lol .o.o22:00
pleia2I meant x.o22:00
pleia2too much openstack :(22:00
flocculantha ha 22:00
pleia2do we need new contributor docs up?22:00
pleia2http://docs.xubuntu.org/contributors/ has been up for a while now22:00
flocculantoh right - didn't know that22:01
pleia2there, all your problems solved \o/22:01
* pleia2 collects her gold star22:01
flocculantnice - I really need to clean up the x.org/contribute/qa stuff 22:01
flocculantI can be pointing people at that new stuff now :)22:02
* flocculant sends pleia2 a much more useful chocolate cookie :)22:02
flocculantbumped the irc package testing mail(s) 22:05
flocculantsee if we get some more takers, not going to run anything for 1 or 2 people22:06
flocculantand I immediately see someone respond on the poll after I bumped it :D22:06
flocculantbluesabre: do you think we should let users know that demise of vervet is imminent? 22:08
flocculantand indeed anyone else :)22:08
flocculantwb knome :)22:08
knometa flocculant 22:09
flocculantbluesabre: one last thing (for the moment) we'd said we would possibly do a2 this cycle, that's a couple of weeks away - still think it's worth it? 22:10
flocculantochosi: ^^22:10
flocculantand indeed anyone else :)22:10
ochosihumm, i don't have a strong opinion on this22:11
flocculantk - not all that sure I do to be honest :) 22:11
knomei don't think there has been much changes since 15.10, so i'm wondering how useful it would be22:11
flocculantwell - not as much as if I was asking about a beta :)22:11
ochosido you see any reason to go for a2?22:11
ochosiknome: yeah, that was my thought22:12
flocculantnot specifically - other than it tests our bits with all the other newer stuff 22:12
flocculantbut as is normal - not getting anything horrid here with it all 22:12
knomeparticipating in a2 also means we will be pushing out an ISO which is more or less official, and then more or less people will go install it because it's the newest new and hottest hot22:13
flocculantbut then again if we take "i don't think there has been much changes since 15.10, so i'm wondering how useful it would be" as a starting point - are we expecting anything to change much after that ? 22:13
knomewhether that is good or bad is left for us to decide22:14
flocculantyea 22:14
knomeflocculant, i don't think so22:14
knomeb1's are generally slightly more stable than alphas22:14
flocculantI've been thinking about that point lately too 22:14
flocculantmight have been the case 4 or so cycles ago22:15
knomeb1 vs. alpha?22:15
knomehaven't you noticed much difference lately?22:15
flocculantnowadays it seems that for the most part - what you can install a week into the cycle is more stable than it was way back 22:15
knomeheh :)22:15
knomewell that's a good thing22:15
knomei hope most of the critical bugs are fixed for betas though22:15
flocculantknome: I don't notice much difference between week 1 and week 26 now :)22:15
flocculantand yes - a good thing for sure22:16
knomenot necessarily affecting everybody22:16
knomebut things like data loss22:16
knomeand other nastiness22:16
flocculantyea - not noticed anything - and I would shout ;)22:16
flocculantI thiink the only thing causing issues of any sort is thunar - but not data loss issues, just funky behaviour 22:17
flocculantand that's the same as wily cycle 22:17
knomethe crashes in 15.10 are annoying22:17
knomebluesabre, ^^ PPPPPP-PING!22:17
flocculantI don't see those here 22:17
knomei do, unfortunately :(22:18
pleia2me neither22:18
knomeon the desktop at least22:18
flocculantwell yea - I mean in xx 22:18
knomewell i'm on wily22:18
knomepleia2, you on wily too?22:18
flocculantI was seeing things in wily from time to time22:18
knomeflocculant, ok...22:18
pleia2all my systems on wily now22:18
pleia2I turned off apport though22:19
pleia2so maybe things I don't care about crash and I don't know :)22:19
flocculantshouldn't be turned on in wily 22:19
knomepleia2, the thunar crashes are like22:19
knomepleia2, rename a file22:19
pleia2oh, I don't use thunar22:19
knomepleia2, all thunar windows disappear22:19
flocculantknome: I'll try and get time tomorrow to clean up the x.org/cont/qa page a bit now that the other is live22:30
knomeflocculant, it's not exactly linked to from anywhere, but works for me22:31
knomei mean, feel free to link - that is likely the final url anyway22:31
flocculantyea realise that, but the newer one changed a bit so I don't really want there to be 2 conflicting versions of things22:31
flocculantnot massively conflicting I add :)22:32
ochosiknome: yeah, that's a sorta known issue by now22:37
ochosisomething in gvfs changed, i don't remember what exactly22:37
ochosiand i'm not sure anymore whether there was a fix in the pipe for that22:39
knomewhich is why i pinged bluesabre ;)22:39
ochosior whether things fix themselves with a gvfs update22:39

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