Dylan____Hey guys09:29
Dylan____Im new to xubuntu09:29
Dylan____Im using a macbook pro 201009:29
Dylan____And the wifi doesnt work:/09:29
Dylan____When i plugged in my usb i did everything09:30
Dylan____Can u help?09:36
bazhangDylan____, you are crossposting and getting help already09:37
bazhangDylan____, stick to the One channel09:37
someone235Hi, I'm installing xubuntu, and I wanted to know if the default installation add swap partition, or do I need to add it myself in custom installation?09:48
bazhangit does09:51
bazhangif you mean the auto instller09:51
someone235yes, this is what I mean09:52
someone235bazhang, thx09:52
jarnos_It is strange that Xfce manages to start xchat on session startup in ubuntu studio 14.04, but not in Xubuntu 15.10. In both systems xchat is not visible in Startup and Session dialog.09:56
ducassejarnos_: check if there is a .desktop file for it in ~/.config/autostart?09:58
jarnos_ducasse, no it is not there.10:04
ducassejarnos_: it should be easy to modify one that is there to start xchat, just make a copy and edit.10:05
ducassejarnos_: I *think*, but I'm not sure, that if you set Hidden=false, then it will show up in the Session and Startup dialog10:05
jarnos_ducasse, maybe, but there is no such a desktop file.10:06
ducassejarnos_: there are no desktop files there at all?10:06
jarnos_Same for liferea and transmission.10:06
jarnos_ducasse, there are several10:07
ducassejarnos_: just make a copy of one, name it xchat-startup.desktop or something, and edit it to start xchat.10:08
bazhang!info hexchat10:08
ubottuhexchat (source: hexchat): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.10.2-1ubuntu2 (wily), package size 330 kB, installed size 932 kB10:08
bazhangmight as well get the maintained version ^10:08
jarnos_bazhang, yes, thanks10:13
bazhangit might make those tasks a bit easier, not to mention connecting to freenode via sasl10:13
jarnos_bazhang, oh ,you mean ssl?10:14
jarnos_bazhang, but it is just not xchat, it is several applications that apparently do not implement the X-session-standard10:15
bazhangfile a bug against xfce then ?10:16
jarnos_How does Studio 14.04 (Xfce) and probably Xubuntu 14.04 manage to start them?10:16
bazhangall I know is xchat to hexcaht sorry10:16
bazhangthats cli10:17
xubuntu96whave a canon printer that seems connected but when printing order has left computer no action in printer.10:52
xubuntu96wCanon has no Linux driver10:52
xubuntu96wHave found a link on the net. Will try that one first.10:55
jarnosbazhang, i can not log in freenode by that sasl10:57
jarnosbalkamos, and use ssl10:58
jarnosbalkamos, sorry10:58
jarnosbazhang, and use ssl10:58
jarnosbazhang, oh, I could by sasl, I don't know what is its advantage, though. The problem is SSL connection.11:00
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xubuntu04wHey there?16:52
Luyin!ask > xubuntu04w16:53
ubottuxubuntu04w, please see my private message16:53
* Luyin loves this function...16:53
xubuntu04wI've got a simple question: Where is the folder "backdrops" (which contains the default backgrounds) located? I've lost it from sight when I selected a background from my images folder. XD16:53
krytarikxubuntu04w: "/usr/share/xfce4/backdrops"16:55
xubuntu04wAlright, got it. Thank you!16:56
adrian_1908hey guys, how do I change my keyring password? I wasn't able to find an application/menu to do so.20:22
krytarik!info seahorse | adrian_190820:33
ubottuadrian_1908: seahorse (source: seahorse): GNOME front end for GnuPG. In component main, is optional. Version 3.16.0-1ubuntu1 (wily), package size 418 kB, installed size 2424 kB20:33
adrian_1908krytarik: Do you know if I can also do it via command line without an extra package?20:34
krytarikWell, it's GNOME Keyring, right? :P20:34
adrian_1908Beats me, the damn thing decided to pop up as I was trying to connect via FTP in Tunar.20:35
adrian_1908I see `polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1` in my taskmanager20:36

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