nicolshello :) ... vlc update: it runs ok when i use custom skin. when i use native mode, video is croped, only top left corner is shown00:05
nicolsplasma continues to crash. it is not the uopdate crash, it has something to do with libQt5Qml.so.5 --- BUT!!!! when i try to report bug, drkonqi crashes :(00:07
valoriehmmm, all good here so far00:08
valorienicols: 00:14
valorie<ovidiu-florin> if nicols comes back, this bug needs to be reported and investigated00:14
valorie[Tuesday, January 12, 2016] [3:17:41 PM PST] <ovidiu-florin> if it's still happening in 5.5.300:14
valorieyou can just post to bugs.kde.org without dr.K, but of course it's better to have the crash info00:14
valorieoh, that was about vlc, maybe?00:15
nicolsvalorie: which bug? vlc or libQt5Qml.so.5 ? :D00:15
valorieovidiu-florin also asked you about whether or not it happened in dragonplayer00:15
valorievlc bug00:15
valoriewhich seems to be a plasma bug00:15
sgclarknicols: plasma crashes should have a pop up window to report the crash?00:16
valoriefor both bugs though, it would be good to talk to the plasma devels in #plasma00:16
nicolscannot report vlc ... i don't have anything, no errors, no crashes just cropped video00:16
sgclarkwell probably not the vlc bug, but yeah the plasma one they would be of more help00:17
valoriethat's a bug, whether or not it crashes00:17
nicolsplasma crashes due to libQt5Qml ... ok, i will report this manually00:17
valoriethanks for reporting, nicols00:18
_Groo_hi/2 all00:26
_Groo_so im working on zanshin 0.3.000:27
_Groo_should i open a bug or something?00:27
_Groo_or add it to trello (dont even know if i have write privileges)00:27
sgclarksure, make a new package one? dunno if yofel is still awake00:28
_Groo_sgclark: ill make it and add it to oneof my ppas00:29
_Groo_sgclark: doing wily, should i do xenial too?00:29
sgclarkyes we are in in a xenial -> wily state. xenial first then backport please _Groo_00:30
valorie_Groo_: if you need more on trello, speak up and I'll add you00:30
valorie!info zanshin00:31
ubottuzanshin (source: zanshin): to-do list manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.1-1build1 (wily), package size 293 kB, installed size 1102 kB00:31
valorie!info zanshin xenial00:31
ubottuzanshin (source: zanshin): to-do list manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.1-1build1 (xenial), package size 293 kB, installed size 1102 kB00:31
_Groo_sgclark: k, i cant create an item in the doing board in trello00:31
valoriewhat is your login?00:31
_Groo_so, ill just inform it here00:31
_Groo_valorie: Paulo Dias00:31
valorieplease, I'll add you00:31
valorielooks like you have more than one login there00:33
valorieI'll add another if that doesn't work00:33
valorie_Groo_: ^^^00:33
ahoneybunthere are a lot of users with that name00:34
ahoneybunwould be easier with a email or the username00:34
valoriethey are probably all him00:35
_Groo_i created a login with google00:35
valoriehi ahoneybun00:35
_Groo_but if im not mistaken i add an old login00:35
_Groo_but its all the same mail00:35
valorie_Groo_: you can merge all the old ones in I think00:36
valoriemakes it easier00:36
ahoneybunheyo valorie, sgclark and _Groo_ 00:36
_Groo_i only see the paulo5 one00:36
_Groo_how do i see the old ones?00:36
sgclarkhi ahoneybun00:36
_Groo_how do i add a card to the doing board?00:37
valoriethis shows to me as Paulo Diaas00:37
_Groo_right now i see: Paulo Dias (paulodias5)00:37
_Groo_when i click my account00:37
valorieshouldn't it be added to https://trello.com/c/Spsqflv0/63-packaging ?00:38
_Groo_i dont know,no one bothers in teaching me the proper flux!00:38
valorie_Groo_: what is your email?00:38
valorieI'll add that way00:39
ubottuKDE bug 357908 in Desktop Containment "plasmashell random crashes after upgrading to 5.5.3" [Crash,Unconfirmed]00:39
_Groo_oh nice they just released zanshin 0.3.100:39
_Groo_nicols: they arent that random00:40
_Groo_nicols: i tracked them down to the updates and weather widgets00:40
nicolshow to report this wierd stuff with vlc? in which category?00:40
_Groo_every time the update kicks in, plasma crashes00:40
valorienicols: I would ask in #plasma00:41
_Groo_2016 and kde still didnt implemented containments in widgets :(00:41
valoriethey might know underlaying cause00:41
nicols_Groo_: 357908 have nothing to do with update00:41
_Groo_nicols: disable updated in systray00:41
_Groo_nicols: see if that stops the crashes00:42
_Groo_nicols: deleting .cache and recreating the plasma and systray rc files helps too00:42
valoriewoah, shouting now needed00:44
_Groo_nicols: i was just trying to help, nvm me then00:44
nicolsi said three times that it is diferent thing00:44
nicolsyou are not listening00:45
* _Groo_ goes eat dinner...00:45
nicolssorry for shouting, didn't mean to be rude00:45
valorie_Groo_: can you explain what you mean by containments in widgets?00:45
valorieoops, eat well00:45
nicolsit just happened again: http://pastebin.com/yFxa8pgB00:46
valorienicols: and still no dr konqui?00:46
valorieagain, I would talk to the devels in #plasma00:47
valoriealthough it's getting sorta late00:47
ahoneybunor early lol00:49
valorie*very* early00:51
_Groo_valorie: right now, the widgets run in a thread inside plasmashell01:06
_Groo_valorie: and if one does bad things it brings plasmashell down with it01:07
_Groo_valorie: the idea would be to run the widgets inside their little "contained" vm , if it crashed it would only crash the widget 01:07
sgclark_Groo_: ahh yes that would be better for sure, have you brought it up with plasma devs?01:08
_Groo_sgclark: who am i to influence how plasma gets developed01:09
_Groo_sgclark: im sure they thought about it over all these years01:10
_Groo_sgclark: plasmashell works internally the same way aseigo envisioned it01:10
sgclarkcrash tastic?01:10
_Groo_sgclark: maybe vms werent feasible back then, or the performance penalty was too high01:10
sgclarkyeah alot has changed..01:11
_Groo_plasmashell makes me go back to os/2 times.. when the WPS could be killed because of a serialized thread manager01:11
_Groo_ah those were the days01:12
sgclarkwell most of the plasma devs don't bite, seems like it could be suggested.01:13
_Groo_sgclark: im sure it could ^ 01:14
nicolsmust go to sleep ......01:20
sgclarksleep well nicols thanks for the help01:21
nicols_Groo_: one more time: sorry for shounting :)01:21
nicolsgood night everyone!01:22
_Groo_nicols: someone shouted at me on the internet, my life is ruined01:22
nicolsLOL :)01:22
_Groo_nicols: you are responsible for the well being of my wife and kids now01:22
_Groo_nicols: i quit01:22
_Groo_nicols: life reage quit01:23
nicolszZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ .... 01:23
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* sgclark out02:01
_Groo_sgclark: zanshin for xenial done in https://launchpad.net/~paulo-miguel-dias/+archive/ubuntu/peppa/+packages02:04
_Groo_zanshin 0.3.102:04
sgclarkI am done for the day, hopefully yofel can look at it tommorrow02:06
_Groo_i added you both to the trello card02:06
_Groo_dont know if its the proper way to go but...02:06
_Groo_tomorrow ill backport it to wily, maybe tonight if i dont fall asleep over the laptop02:07
_Groo_sgclark: can you check when you have some time if sddm kcm is working fine for you? for me the themes tab isnt working, it never refreshes correctly, might need to take a look at that03:42
soeeApps 15.12.1 have been released :)05:16
valorieheh, I just ran sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get autoremove and plasma crashed instantly06:03
valorierespawned instantly as well06:03
valorieit crashed again while installed a debug package06:05
valoriesort of hilarious, really -- not enough info to file a bug automatically though06:05
soeeyofel: why on status page (http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/applications/build_status_15.12.0_xenial.html) some packages are 15.12.1 and some 15.12.0 ? :)07:38
valoriesoee: as I recall, .1 was released today, so yofel was trying to do the merge and update at the same time for some of them07:41
valoriethat's my guess, anyway07:41
soeevalorie: ok, thank you07:44
yofelsoee_: valorie guessed right08:57
valoriegood, brain still works!08:58
soee_yofel: are we ready to put 5.5.3 in Wily backports ?08:59
bshahhello can some merge master of plasma-discover in kubuntu_unstable?08:59
bshah(I've no idea how to do it properly)09:00
yofelbshah: sometime today yes. I guess ximion is done with his rework then?09:02
bshahLooking at state of master, I think so09:02
bshahbut better confirm with ximion09:03
yofelsoee_: still not quite. I also want to review the merges first09:07
lordievaderGood morning.09:16
mikklelatest daily image (just downloaded it): installer crashes: any workaround?09:59
mikkleI don't really want to download another 1GB+ file09:59
lordievaderCrashes how?10:03
mikklejust like this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/153052210:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1530522 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Kubuntu 16.04 Installer crashed on fresh installation" [Critical,Confirmed]10:13
mikkleAlso, I thought 16.04 was on plasma 5.5.3, but the daily image shows 5.4.310:14
lordievaderOeh, that is nasty.10:14
lordievaderAs a workaround you could go with the netinstaller disc.10:14
mikklewell that means I need to redownload another gb of data10:14
mikklebut if that's the only option...10:15
mikkleoh i see in the title of this channel why xenial daily doesn't have plasma 5.510:16
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michelsedghhey i just came back from a suspend and all of the apps were fully transparent and hardly readable, is it a known bug?10:23
clivejohi soee11:08
BluesKajHi folks11:50
clivejodoes the muon-updater crash only happen on debian/apt based systems?12:20
yofelmore specifically, only us. As we're pretty much left using the qapt backend. It doesn't happen with the PK one, but our packagekit is too old12:34
BluesKajsetting up fonts or anything else in system settings as root is hopeless, none of the chosen settings are actually applied> I need these settings to work in apps in order to read the toolbars etc on a large monitor13:03
mparillo"our packagekit"? Do we share that with Ubuntu-Core?13:04
BluesKajhere's an example http://imagebin.ca/v/2TJn9a4ctb3e13:08
magicmythHello are you still looking for testers of Plasma 5.5.3 for Kubuntu 15.10?13:31
soee_magicmyth: hiho, yes we do :)13:34
soee_yofel: backports-landing are ready for tests, nothing changed ?13:34
magicmythsoee_ Any repo/PPA I should add?13:40
soee_magicmyth: yes ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports-landing13:42
soee_it contains Plasma 5.5.3 and Frameworks 5.1813:42
magicmythShould I have the standard backports PPA repo enabled as well?13:43
soee_yes you can13:44
soee_magicmyth: please report back if you had any problems when upgrading or it was smooth13:45
magicmythWill do. Going to logout now to run the upgrade which btw, I'm doing via the terminal (apt-get dist-upgrade)13:47
magicmythBack again after the uprade. Went smoothly except for one minor niggle. The package manager claimed /usr/share/sddm/scripts/Xession had been altered but I definitley never changed that file. Anyway I just had it overwrite with the one from the package.14:07
magicmythActually there was one slightly more worrying issue. After rebooting the system said it was running in "Low graphic mode". It gave me some choices so I choose to use the default settings and Xorg loaded as normal with full Intel accelleration14:10
magicmythPlasma has crashed once so far but it cannot find debug symbols for: libQt5Widgets.so.5 and libQt5Core.so.5. Any suggestions on what debug packages I should install to cover those?14:13
soee_yofel: ^14:28
michelsedghthis was the third time this happend to me. after i came back from sleep, all my apps were fully transparent, hardly you could read them. i have screenshots. i have never reported any bug so i just said it here. i have found out that when i disable my animations the bug will go :)14:37
soee_michelsedgh: so it might be relted to you driver15:04
soee_what gpu you have ?15:04
michelsedghsoee_: intel hd graphics 550015:22
michelsedghits not graphics driver because i can play dota 2 smoothly with low graphics ( thats the max of hd graphics can handle)15:23
mamarleyJust because the graphics driver performs well doesn't necessarily mean it won't have bugs.15:27
BluesKajakregator still doen't launch 15:35
clivejoBluesKaj: not if you are using apps staging PPA15:36
clivejosgclark and yofel are working to try sort out the issues with PIM15:36
BluesKaj staging is commented in my sources.list, not using it atm15:37
clivejobut did you remove the broken packages15:38
clivejoI believe akregator is part of Kontact the PIM suite15:38
BluesKajnot yet, I'll run ppa-purge 15:38
clivejoand is part of apps 15.12.015:39
sgclarkit is. I am on older version and it works15:39
sgclarknew pim is still quite a mess15:40
clivejosgclark: any progress on kdepim?15:40
clivejoI cant make head nor tail of it :/15:40
sgclarknope, still rebuilding. yofel and I am doing the merge + version bump as well while we are at it.15:40
clivejoits like a plate of spagetti15:40
sgclarkjoin the club15:40
sgclarkthe pim devs decided ABI is nt important15:41
clivejofor who?15:41
clivejoits imprtant for us :P15:41
yofelwell, we *could* work around it15:41
yofelthe problem is the question whether we support "partial upgrades", e.g. while we work or while stuff is in proposed15:42
sgclarkwell tbh lets finish the merges + bump and if it is still a mess resort to other measures15:42
sgclarkahh so release everything but pim?15:42
yofelno, I meant use DebianABIManager and add custom ABI suffixes. 15:43
yofelstill means that we have to rebuild everything, but stuff would at least not break while we do15:44
yofelhas the disadvantage of having to redo all affected symbolfiles15:44
sgclarktry to finish our currrent efforts before doing that ?15:44
bshahyofel: did yu get around with merge of discover?15:44
yofelwon't happen while I'm still at work, maybe sgclark has time15:45
bshah(I know anonscm is down, but just wondering)15:45
yofelagain? *sigh*15:45
sgclarkmerge what where?15:45
BluesKajodd that ppa-purge keeps missing the staging-plasma/ubuntu, can't be found 15:46
clivejodid you use ppa-add to add it?15:46
soee_staging-plasma/ubuntu ?15:47
clivejosoee_: nooooo, dont do it!15:47
yofelsgclark: merge master into kubuntu_xenial_archive (while keeping backwards compatibility with what's currently there), then merge that into kubuntu_unstable15:47
soee_clivejo: what ?15:47
clivejodont go adding the staging PPA's!15:48
acher88ppa-purge ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-plasma15:48
soee_i'm not talking about adding it, just : ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-plasma15:48
soee_this is valid ppa name 15:48
acher88worked here15:48
clivejosoee_: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-plasma/15:48
clivejosoee_: its where we work on it15:49
soee_clivejo: yes i now all those ppas :)15:49
sgclarkyofel bshah sure I can when debian git is back up15:50
cmakeshifthello all. I am installing plasma 5.5.3 from backports-landing for testing. I also have kubuntu-backports installed. When plasma lands on backports, will anything break? Will I need to do anything special? 15:52
soee_no, you should get updated packages from backports ppa than15:53
bshahsgclark: thanks15:53
soee_just be sure to remove backportslanding fter tetst15:53
cmakeshiftsoee_: remove with ppa-purge, right?15:54
soee_depends if you want to keep those packages from testing ppa or not15:54
soee_if you want to remove them - go back to Plasma 5.4.3 - than use ppa-purge15:55
soee_otherwise: sudo apt-add-repository --remove ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports-landing15:55
BluesKajacher88, ok worked here too...wondered why my command wasn't working ..no need for the "ubuntu' etc15:55
acher88Nope. The shorthand ppa title is fine15:56
BluesKajright thanks15:56
yofelcmakeshift, soee_: if we move stuff to backports and you were using -landing, then you should get no updates actually. After all it'll be the same packages15:56
acher88Packages copied over as is then?15:57
yofelright, otherwise we would have to test them again ^^15:59
cmakeshift_soee_, yofel: understood, thanks15:59
soee_cmakeshift_: thanks for helping. tell us how the upgrade was16:00
cmakeshift_surprising, I am running plasma 5.4 right now, and the update just finished. I was asked if I wanted to keep the new ersion of Xsession, and said yes. The desktop theme refreshed on its own, apparently.16:02
BluesKajok folks what about the CI-stable ppa, is it active or needed for anything now?16:02
cmakeshift_Now the tasks in the task manager have square borders. And I didn't even restar the session. Impressive.16:02
acher88Either that or plasma crashed and restarted ;)16:03
mamarleycmakeshift_: You should go ahead and restart anyway.  Otherwise, stuff is likely to start crashing.16:03
cmakeshift_acher88: I don't think so, I'd have noticed. It is not at all unusual for me to see that happening, unfortunately. Restarting now.16:04
yofelBluesKaj: should be active and building e.g. 5.5.3+git16:04
BluesKajyofel, ok good , thanks16:05
acher88Just about to do an upgrade on wily, so shall see....16:05
cmakeshiftrestart completed. things of note:16:09
cmakeshift - right after the update, plasma degraded horribly, things started disappearing, I couldn't reboot, nor launch any program, and so I couldn't restart plasma from krunner. I had to reboot from the vt16:10
cmakeshift - For some reason Fluxbox became my new default session. If I had only KDE installed this shouldn't happen though16:12
sgclarkwere there errors in the install? that sounds like something went terribly wrong, and not normal16:13
yofelfor the first thing, maybe we should start mass filing bugs about that. But that's normal sadly16:13
sgclarksudo apt-get -f install come up with anything?16:14
sgclarkoh raheboot? ye16:14
sgclarkerr reboot16:14
yofelthe session switch was probably something in the sddm update. But that really shouldn't happen16:14
yofelshould be fairly easy to reproduce at least16:14
cmakeshiftafter restarting, everything seems normal16:14
cmakeshift - krunner's "x" icon is invisible for me. I have cleaned the plasma* caches and restarted krunner, to no avail16:15
yofelok, that's weird, but you're not the first one with icon issues -.-16:16
cmakeshiftit's not just in krunner, in plasma too. Everywhere an 'x' icon is expected, like in the panel editor or a notification bubble, it's blank16:18
yofelWFM, so it's at least not a general issue16:19
cmakeshiftother than that, all the rest seems ok. I could nitpick about some upstream design choices like the new shade of blue for the folders, or the harsher plasma shadows, but I don't think this is the place for that. Or is it? :)16:25
acher88This is the xsession config change I'm getting asked to OK on sddm upgrade16:32
sgclarkcmakeshift: we do not have any control there :( that is kde-vdg16:32
cmakeshiftsgclark: yeah, I thought so. Then again, I agree with most of it. Breeze is looking pretty sharp :D16:33
* yofel wonders why Xsession is marked as edited at all16:33
cmakeshiftshouldn't gtk3-engines-breeze be installed by default?16:33
yofelthat seems to be 100% reproducable, but dunno what would've edited it16:33
yofelcmakeshift: should yes, but nothing takes care of that16:34
yofelthanks for reminding me of thta16:34
cmakeshiftyofel: no problem. I saw the diff for the session file, it seemed to be nothing special, but I don't understand most of it anyway16:35
acher88I accepted the change, but now sddm won't start.16:38
acher88That is only in a VM though, so wasn't bothered if it broke16:38
yofelmeh, why is that thing so delicate. You're at least the 2nd persion that managed to bust sddm16:41
acher88That's why I still use lightdm on a real machine16:44
yofelyeah, but 16.04 is LTS, so this should work better than it actually does :/16:45
clivejono pressure yofel :)16:45
yofelI don't work well without pressure, so you don't want that :P16:46
acher88It should work better, yes16:47
acher88I'll quite happily install another DM when something like this breaks, and trundle on without worry16:47
yofellightdm is supposed to work anyway, as LTS upgraders might keep that16:48
clivejofix it16:49
tsdgeosyofel: any idea when we'll get a new KF5 on xenial?16:49
yofelwe also need to do some actual LTS upgrade testing. I wonder what you actually get when you go from KDE 4.12 -> plasma 5.516:49
sheytanEvening! How to help test 5.5?16:50
yofeltsdgeos: ... soon? We have it done in the PPA, but we have to land FW and plasma at the same time or stuff breaks16:50
tsdgeosyofel: really? that's weird16:50
tsdgeosshouldn't be like that 16:50
yofeltsdgeos: mostly too tight package relationships in plasma packages (e.g. breeze icons breaks breeze)16:51
cmakeshiftsheytan: are you on 15.10?16:51
sheytancmakeshift: yep16:52
sheytanfully upgraded16:52
cmakeshiftas per instructions on the channel topic, add the ppa kubuntu-ppa/backports-landing16:52
michelsedghcmakeshift: is the apt-get update crash fixed? in 16.04? if yes i will update right now :)16:52
yofelmichelsedgh: no16:53
cmakeshiftsheytan: and then apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade16:53
sheytancmakeshift: how many % chance i break my kubuntu? :D16:53
cmakeshiftmichelsedgh: like yofel said, no. I had to reboot manually from the vt (ctrl+alt+f1 and then ctrl+alt+del)16:54
yofelsheytan: 0.5% that you get a black screen on reboot. 90% for plasma crashes on checking for updates. 10% for random breakage16:54
sheytanok, ill try16:55
michelsedghyofel: can i update from vt? ( SORRY im a bit noob )16:55
cmakeshiftsheytan: I'd say very unlikely. Expect some minor glitches though16:55
yofelmichelsedgh: as long as you get a network connection, yes16:55
cmakeshiftmichelsedgh: absolutely16:56
michelsedghok then going for update, i will tell the result for crashes/bugs :)16:57
* sheytan switches to textmode for upgrade16:58
benjamin_Hi everybody! I also had the sddm crash after the upgrade to 5.5.3 on 16.04, but I could fix it.17:00
clivejohow did you fix it?17:00
benjamin_I was using autologin and in /etc/sddm.conf I had an entry Session=PLACEHOLDER17:00
benjamin_i changed it to Session=plasma.desktop and it worked again17:01
yofelokay, interesting. That should indeed never, ever, say PLACEHOLDER17:02
benjamin_i don't know how/when the wrong entry appeared17:02
benjamin_this segfault has been fixed in sddm master17:04
michelsedghguys the dist upgrade needs 40mb of data?!?!17:04
yofelthat doesn't sound right..17:05
yofelbenjamin_: thanks, I'll probably cherry pick that 17:05
benjamin_welcome. thanks for your packaging work!17:06
yofelthanks for testing :)17:06
michelsedghhey the installation was SMOOTH and no problem at all :)17:09
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soee_yofel: ^17:11
sheytanNot fan of that new bigger fotn17:11
sheytanwhy is that?17:11
yofelyou mean Noto?17:12
yofelI think they switched to it for better character coverage17:12
michelsedghyofel: thanks for the hard work :) 17:14
sheytanthat big shadow under panel and tooltips is kubuntu fault or plasma made that stupid change?17:14
yofelmichelsedgh: thanks for testing17:14
michelsedghyoure welcome :) 17:15
yofelI'm fairly certain that's plasma. As are the new panel colors and borders17:15
sheytanbut that shadow should be more transparent :(17:16
sheytanit looks shitty now ;/17:16
Sho_take a screenshot17:18
sheytanSho_: http://imgur.com/EdQ9yPa17:19
sheytani really am thankful for what you do17:19
Sho_yeah, looks normal17:19
sheytanbut the shadow was fine17:19
sheytanlooks less transparet to 5.417:20
sheytanand is a bit to 'short' i would say17:20
sheytanbtw, why is the kmail icon not upgraded to breeze? I mean it's in the set of icons but my system displays the old one17:34
sheytanyofel http://i.imgur.com/NkSXcyt.png18:14
sheytanright click on the standard menu plasmoid, settings18:14
ahoneybunwas there a meeting today?19:36
ahoneybunovidiu-florin, ^19:37
clivejoahoneybun: I got an email for one, but cant attend19:47
clivejoIm in another meetting in 10 mintes19:48
ahoneybunit starts when I'm just getting off from work19:48
_Groo_hi/2 all20:13
_Groo_valorie: are you still getting plasma crashes with the update widget turned on?20:14
sgclarkovidiu-florin:  ahoneybun: I tried to attend the meeting but no one was there. I am heading out now so if times change you guys need to give us notice..20:45
sgclarkyofel: I noticed all the teesters are for wily, is xenial not ready?20:46
acher88Have one laptop running xenial with the landing ppa so far20:47
acher88It survived an upgrade from vivid > wiley > xenial > xenial+plasma 5.5 without horrific drama20:50
acher88Few glitchs, but nothing unfixable this end20:50
sgclarkgreat to hear20:56
sgclarktrusty to xenial will be a challenge...20:56
vipI feel a little fear upgrading to 5.5 from landing (wily)21:10
vipcan somebody tell, if kwallet problems are resolved? is there somekind of list of what does not work?21:11
sgclarkvip: I believe soee_ has a running list21:13
vipsoee_: can you point that list somewhere? (topic maybe?)21:17
valorieI see that plasma crashed a couple of times while I was afk, in 5.5.321:43
valorienow trying the updater widget - plasma crashed again21:45
valorieupdate seems to have finished successfully though21:46
valorieat least update && full-upgrade now say zero to upgrade21:47
valorie....which crashed plasma twice more21:48
valorieat least the updater widget now disappears instead of sitting there continuing to look menacing21:48
ovidiu-florinhello people21:49
ovidiu-florinjust got home from the doctor..21:49
ovidiu-florinsorry I missed the meeting...21:49
ovidiu-florinit was a last minute appointmant21:50
ovidiu-florinto tired to fix the spelling21:50
ovidiu-florinthank you valorie21:50
ovidiu-florinsorry for wasting your time sgclark :-(21:51
sgclarkno worries, just glad I did not miss it by incorrect link or something. Hope all is well ovidiu-florin21:52
sgclarkyofel: seems I cannot find discover repo21:56
ovidiu-florinsgclark: yeah.. it's ok... now that we know what it is21:57
sgclarkovidiu-florin: good to hear22:00
valoriethe travel lappy is upgrading xenial -- landing/ppa is the one i should test on that?22:03
ahoneybunsgclark, sorry about the meeting thing, I was not aware if things did change22:18
nicolsi have cleared my cache today, and noticed that default folder breeze icons are bit lighter blue ... is this expected behaviour?22:20
clivejoyofel: ping22:29
michelsedghhello again i founded another bug. so i came out of sleep and my network manager didnt work, i restarted it manually and it worked.23:24
valoriemichelsedgh: please file a bug report23:41
* valorie is upgrading the xenial box as we speak23:41
clivejovalorie: would you try out kdeconnect0.9g when you are done?23:42
valoriesure, clivejo23:42
valorieon wily, or xenial, or both?23:43
clivejoIve packaged both23:43
valoriewhat about the android app end? will it work23:43
clivejowily should be in wily and xenial should be in xenial23:43
clivejoyeah, you need andriod app to properly test it23:44
valorieI have it, but I thought the versions needed to match?23:45
clivejothe phone version gets updates a lot faster23:45
clivejo0.9g is 11 days old23:46
michelsedghvalorie: i couldnt make an account in bugs.kde.org23:46
valoriemichelsedgh: why is that?23:46
michelsedghi could make it but no login -.-23:46
michelsedghit displays an error, i tried changing my password too23:46
valoriehmmm, well just use `ubuntu-bug network-manager` in the commandline23:46
valoriethat will file in launchpad -- more likely the bug is in the ubuntu package anyway23:47
michelsedghgreat thanks :)23:47
valorienm isn't really a KDE application23:47
valorieclivejo: I think my phone reported an update recently, yeah23:47
michelsedghvalorie: and installing .deb packages crashed plasma like an apt-get update. i couldnt report that as well23:48
valoriethat's know, and that again is our problem23:48
valorienot a KDE problem23:48
valorienot sure what we're doing about it23:49
michelsedghok i know, and i wanted to report it here :)23:50
valoriethanks, michelsedgh23:50
michelsedghsomeone before told me to report it on bugs.kde23:50
valorieit happened for me as well23:50
michelsedghyw, i will test more.23:50
valorieright, we didn't know the source of the problem yet23:50
michelsedghand btw GJ i really like the new one :)23:50
valorieit appears to be the qapt backend, and we're the only ones still using it23:50
valoriedunno why it crashes plasma all the time though23:51
michelsedghvalorie: hm, im noob in kde and plasma and im not a developer, so nothing i can do more than testing :c sorry23:52
valoriemichelsedgh: being a beginner is your superpower23:59
* valorie is not a coder either23:59

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