anabainwhich CLI command can be used in order to find out which directory is dolphin currently at?02:14
geniiwhich dolphin02:19
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ubernoobhello. just curious as to what kind of a theme i'm looking for splash screen, is it still ksplash?07:21
valorie!info ksplash07:25
ubottuPackage ksplash does not exist in wily07:25
valorieubernoob: I guess not07:25
ubernooboh, hm.... i wonder then07:26
valoriewhere exactly?07:26
valoriegrub theme, ubiquity, or what?07:26
ubernoobjust when its loading up where it scrolls across the screen showing load progress, after login07:27
valoriewhere it says Kubuntu, slowly pulsing?07:27
ubernoobno uhm.. on mine its the kde logo, multicolored with a progress bar07:28
valorieoh, that's plasma loading, yeah07:28
valoriewe don't style that at all07:28
valorieyou might find out more in #plasma07:29
ubernooboh just on or off huh. ok thank you07:29
valorieyw, good luck07:29
calcmandanfresh install of kubuntu 15.10 this evening. setup the amarok plugin ampache and connected it with my server. It's listing my music but not playing. It'll play anything but streaming via ampache. I launched amarok --debug and captured this: https://paste.kde.org/potqlbjer08:17
calcmandanat this point, i can't figure out what the issue is. before reinstalling kubuntu tonight, amarok worked just fine.08:17
soee_do you have backports ppa enabled ?08:18
calcmandanlet me check08:27
calcmandansoee_: can't tell08:30
calcmandanyes backports are enabled08:32
soee_well backports containe 2.9beta i think and that might be the problem here08:32
calcmandangot 2.8.0 installed.08:33
valoriehmm, I can't remember how to use ampache08:37
calcmandanit's a plugin in amarok.08:37
calcmandanonce it's enabled, you add the server and credential info.08:37
calcmandani'm able to select themusic and when i hit play nothing happens08:38
calcmandanampache is my media server.08:38
calcmandani had an issue with corruption on my previous install. it was all working a few hours ago.08:39
valorieright, I know what it is, and I found it08:42
valoriehowever, I'm not sure that the server I'm connecting to, still exists08:42
valoriewhat I see though is08:45
valorieBEGIN: void AmpacheAccountLogin::authenticate(const KUrl&, QByteArray, NetworkAccessManagerProxy::Error)08:45
valorieamarok:   server response code: 0 ""08:45
valorieamarok: END__: void AmpacheAccountLogin::authenticate(const KUrl&, QByteArray, NetworkAccessManagerProxy::Error) [Took: 0s]08:45
valorieyours connects and finds a song08:46
valoriemine doesn't08:46
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lordievaderGood morning.09:16
lordievaderHey Smurphy, how are you doing?09:18
Smurphylordievader: Work, as usual... What a mess...09:50
Plinyhey everyone09:51
SmurphyImagine working remote, WebEx, 12 people in the call, every consultant only knowing his own piece of Hardware and no real clue how it works.09:51
SmurphyAnd then you have to make the entire setup work.09:51
* lordievader slides Smurphy another coffee09:51
Smurphylordievader: Thx. You're a life saver ...09:51
SmurphyAnd - the only reason these guys are still alive is because it is against the law to shoot them...09:52
Plinyis someone familiar with the wifi problem on the yoga 3 pro? (15.10) since I cannot seem to solve it. although i installed all updates directly from the install disk09:52
lordievaderPliny: Is the wifi card detected?09:52
Plinyno, thats the strange thing09:53
SmurphyPliny: You have the possibility to connect ethernet on it ? Then update all packages from there first.09:53
Plinyon the install disk it works09:53
Plinyafter installing boradcom drivers etc09:53
Smurphybroadcom is a mess ... always was, always will be IMHO.09:53
lordievaderPliny: You can look at what driver the live-cd uses and install that.09:53
hateballSmurphy: Still it is glorious compared to Realtek (ime)09:54
Smurphyhateball: true.09:54
Plinyyes, this is the strange thing. i instrall all the packages needed for it to function, than with the install i directly update. but as soon as i start up the wifi is not working or detected09:54
Plinyeven when i reinstall the drivers09:55
Plinypretty fucked up :p09:55
Plinyand i'm very sick of unity..09:57
lordievaderPliny: Please watch your language.09:58
FritigernGive Kubuntu a whirl then. It's still 'buntu though, so I don;t expect different results on your wifi issues. But at least it's not Unity09:58
lordievaderPliny: What is the output of 'lspci -k'?09:58
Plinysorry, forgot i'm on an international (non-eu only) chat09:59
Plinydont know by heart lordie10:00
Plinywould need to start in kubuntu to figure that out ;)10:00
lordievaderYou don't have the machine available?10:00
Plinyits this machine...10:01
lordievaderConnecting it through ethernet is no option?10:01
Plinydont have an adapter for it. but i would be able to go and get one today. will need one anyway. :)10:02
Plinyso maybe i should just keep it with that and than update10:02
lordievaderFor example, it would also make troubleshooting easier.10:03
Plinytrue, and since I'm working with adruino and processing for some visual projects, I will need the adapter anyway soon.10:04
Plinyjust though it would be maybe an easy solution so I can start running my script that installs all my necessarry programs. :) (since i almost always clean install linux)10:05
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howlymowlyhi everyone..  short question:  I am using kubuntu 15.10 two problems:  first:  krunner is not realy usable as it crashes almos evertime I use it ..  is there an easy way to "reset" the configuration of it? which files do I have to delet?  second: the spinning "wait" icon (for example when telepathy is connecting) is "infinitly" fast on my computer which takes 100% processor power ...   any idea what to do about that ;)?   (all of these10:52
howlymowlythings appeared after an update from 15.04 to 15.10)10:52
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BluesKajHi folks11:49
jubo2Hiya BluesKaj12:23
jubo2Where can I switch the blue glowing Kubuntu text to the clasical white-on-black textual view of the startup process?12:24
lordievaderjubo2: The tool plymouth-select-theme (or however it is called) can do that for you. (Don't forget to update your initramfs).12:26
jubo2is that installed by default lordievader?12:27
lordievaderNo idea, think so.12:27
jubo2plymouth-upstart-bridge ?12:28
jubo2other options tab-completion gives are plymouth and plymouthd12:28
hateballjubo2: do you just want to do away with the splash screen?12:31
jubo2hateball: yes, please12:31
hateballjubo2: sudo nano /etc/default/grub, remove "quiet splash" from GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="", save, sudo update-grub12:32
lordievaderOh, I thought you wanted the text based version of the splash screen.12:32
jubo2Thanks hateball12:34
jubo2I gonna store this in my ~/Documents/commands/12:34
jubo2it is just bad manners to not preserve the commands and then come bumming again for the same thing12:34
BluesKajhey jubo2, lordievader, hateball12:36
joan_well, how can I get via CLI which dir(s) is currently dolphin at?12:47
Yossarianukjoan_: not sure if this is what you meanbut if you double click on the location it gives the full path (which you can then copy)12:49
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jubo2This seeems interesting - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Foundation#Automotive_Grade_Linux12:56
lordievaderjoan_: dolphin .12:56
lordievaderOh, wait the other way around...12:56
lordievaderPerhaps through dbus?12:56
jubo2I mean who'd want a M$FT car12:57
jubo2M$FT user? expecting to see white stuff on blue background. Ring any bell with other unfortunate to have used Windows12:58
enexhello. I have a question regarding the boot process. Scenario is as follows: Existing system with 120 GB SSD, three primary partitions, one is /boot, the other two are luks-encrypted / and luks-encrypted swap13:33
enexthe entire thing I copied via dd to a new 240 GB SSD for a new machine, then deleted the third (swap) partition so I could enlarge the second partition, all worked fine, then created a new third encrypted swap partition at the end13:35
enexand modified the fstab to the new UUID of the third partition13:35
Smurphythen you need to recreate the initial ramdisk so it knows what partition UUID to mount13:36
enexwhen I boot the new system I get an error message though, because it can't mount the third, falls back to initramfs, exit that and you get the reason for not booting, it is still trying for the old UUID13:36
enexcan't find where that might still be though13:37
enexgot a pointer as to how to do this?13:37
BluesKajenex, can you get to a vt/tty and run sudo blkid to find the newly assigned UUID, then change it in /etc/fstab13:48
enexor differently asked, can I just unzip the image, modify the contents and the re-zip it? or will that be a checksum problem or interfere with other things?13:49
enexis the ramdisk, once mounted, read only? or does it actually write back to the image? can't imagine it does, does it?13:50
enexprobably stupid questions to ask :-)13:50
BluesKajguess mine was an immaterial suggestion , since we're dealing luks and encrypted partitions etc13:52
lordievaderenex: Boot into a live cd, mount your install chroot it and fix stuff ;)13:53
Alex-ZionHi everyone, I'm running a kubuntu 14.04 and I would like to have even kde5 on it, is possible to install kde5 and select during login process which one to use ?13:55
BluesKajlordievader, don't think he's paying attention to any responses...there's alot of that going on today13:55
enexI am13:56
lordievaderAlex-Zion: No, for plasma5 you need to upgrade to 15.10.13:56
enexI am in parallel running up and down the stairs though to try what works though, trying to figure out just how to fix it ;-)13:56
enexmust admit, up until now I never paid much thought to just how the boot process works under these circumstances, so please bear with me, your help is appreciated13:58
hateballAlex-Zion: The least painful way is to wait for 16.04, you can upgrade straight to that from 14.0413:58
Alex-Zionthanks lordievader, but I would like to remain on LTS so I can't test it13:59
lordievaderenex: What version of Kubuntu are you running?13:59
Alex-Zionand in any case would be great to have both installed on the same system but I think isn't possible14:00
BluesKajenex, well, /boot partitions are really not required anymore, unless of course required by special circumstances14:00
enex14.04 lts14:01
joan_lordievader, and is there any way to get similar results when dolphin is called graphically?14:01
Alex-Zionyeah hateball the best solution is to waint until 16.04 but I dont feel completely ready to leave kde414:02
BluesKajAlex-Zion, i prefer my 14.04 as is with kde/plasma 4 and I have no desire to change to 5 after what I've seen so far, altho I am testing 16.0414:02
hateballAlex-Zion: You can always download 15.10 or 16.04 and run off a thumbdrive to test it out14:03
enexif I could I'd just change the UUID of the new partition containing swap to the old UUID14:04
enexbut so far that hasn't worked either14:04
lordievaderAlex-Zion: Sure you can have a dual-boot of Trusty and Wily.14:04
YossarianukBluesKaj: here is a good review of Plasma 5.5 http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=kde-2016-review&num=114:04
Alex-ZionBluesKaj: I test kde5 on a virtual machine and i tried with few different distro, that's why I would like to have both , because I don't completely trust kde5 for now14:04
lordievaderenex: Hmm, well still, in the best case an update of the initramfs is enough.14:05
YossarianukAnd plasma 5.6 sounds really good (not likely to make it to 16.04 though..)14:05
lordievaderjoan_: Err, through dbus a lot of actions are callable, but i haven't found anything that returns the pwd. (Didn't look very hard though)14:05
joan_lordievader, the idea is to inform a script at the server side what is the location the client dolphin is at, in order to decide from that script if the dir is under an nfs mount. In that case, the script will kill that dolphin instance. That, combined with previous identification on nfs files via lsof -N and proper handling, will avoid the client hanging when the server is shut down.14:06
BluesKajYossarianuk, phoronix has lost all credibility with me after their prediction about kubuntu14:07
enex@BluesKaj: special circumstances, none, really, it's just how the setup was suggested back then14:07
joan_lordievader, btw, I'm using autofs14:07
joan_at the client14:07
lordievaderenex: Luks is a special circumstance ;)14:08
clivejowhat prediction?14:08
enexah, ok, nevermind then :P14:08
lordievaderjoan_: lsoffing the dolphin pid doesn't yield results?14:08
BluesKajthat 15.10 is the last kubuntu OS, clivejo14:08
enexthought somehow someone had figured out some other way of putting the necessary information somewhere and start decryption14:09
enexI am still fuzzy on how to "fix things" though, though I have leads now, thank you14:10
lordievaderjoan_: Hmm, nevermind, it's cwd is of where theprocess started.14:10
joan_lordievader, it yields too many, indeed, and none if them tells where it is, at least I don't know how to find it out14:10
lordievaderenex: Supposedly grub can boot off of luks (or was that lvm), but having a /boot and an initramfs is easier.14:11
enexlvm it can AFAIK14:12
hateballlordievader, joan_ , havent follow conversation fully but have you tried using qdbusviewer to see what is possible to query dolphin?14:12
joan_hateball, no, but thanks, I'll investigate. Btw, my fourth post before this one tells the whole story14:14
joan_hateball, lordievader, just in case, I'm on 15.1014:16
joan_hateball, qdbusviewer: could not exec '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt4/bin/qdbusviewer': No such file or directory14:16
hateballjoan_: installed through apt?14:19
hateballI am on 14.04 on this machine, fwiw14:19
hateballiirc dolphin is still using qt4 in 15.10? so one would need to install qt4-dev-tools I guess?14:20
joan_hateball, I suppose I have to install it, right?14:20
hateballjoan_: yes, sudo apt install qt4-dev-tools14:21
hateballor possibly qttools5-dev-tools14:21
hateballbut as I said I am on 14.04 here so I am not 100% sure14:21
hateball"which qdbusviewer" should point to /usr/bin if it's installed proper14:22
hateballthere are many many actions available, trying to find a cwd14:22
joan_hateball, qttools5-dev-tools is installed, but it doesn't seem to work: which yields: /usr/bin/qdbusviewer14:23
joan_but even /usr/bin/qdbusviewer at the CLI outputs the former error14:24
hateballsomething is obviously broken with it then14:24
hateballhmmm, one can grab window title...14:24
hateballjoan_: I suppose you could read the source for dolphin and see how it determines "open a terminal here"14:32
joan_hateball, wow! Yes, but I don't know if I'll be able to understand enough to do that...14:37
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hateballjoan_: also I dont know why I wrote cwd instead of pwd14:47
hateballat any rate my brain is fried now, I cant find anything14:47
joan_ok, thanks, but as I need CLI tools, it seems that qdbus is what I need. qdbusviewer is GUI, right?14:48
hateballjoan_: it's a gui to query running apps what you can do with them14:50
hateballit's possible to grab all that using qdbus as well, just... more painful14:50
hateballanyhow, you then use qdbus to send the commands14:51
joan_ok, then I need qdbus, because I want the dolphin current path info within a script14:51
hateballyou have qdbus if you're running plasma :p14:51
hateballwell, anything kde14:51
foormeahey, i wanna get online gtalk/hangouts with the "instant messaging" module. in system settings/online accounts, i've connected my google account, a google authentication window popped up and i put my login/password in there, worked fine, and i see my google account in that config window. when i press "configure", it just bugs and quit system settings. in systray, if i press "go online" on the IM icon, nothing happens14:52
joan_yeah, the point is that I've no idea how to run it in order to get the dolphin info. Let's see if somebody helps, in the meantime I'll be reading and googling...14:52
hateballjoan_: it works like this. start a dolphin window. then in a terminal you type "qdbus org.kde.do<tab"14:55
hateballjoan_: then continue tabbing to show what's available14:56
hateballand under each / there are more options14:56
hateballjoan_: as an example, this is how to show clipboardcontent "qdbus org.kde.klipper /klipper org.kde.klipper.klipper.getClipboardContents"14:56
joan_ok, thank you very much, you've been most helpful14:58
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enexha, works. To the problem I had earlier, to whom it may concern: unzip /boot/initrd.img-KERNEL-VERSION-NUMBER-generic15:40
enexedit the resulting file in a regular text editor, careful, the top part of the file doesn't really look like text, but it gets better soon15:41
enexreplace the old UUIDs with the new ones15:41
enexcareful, for the luks construction you get two UUIDs per partition to replace, the one "inside" and the generic one15:42
enexre-zip, works like a charm15:42
enexthanks to those who helped and delivered the right keywords to work this out ;-)15:44
lordievaderenex: Does that 'fix' still work after an update of the initram-fs?15:45
enexexcellent question15:45
enexI'll have to have a look at how those updates are done15:46
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Guest25836可以在线编辑的 哦15:59
BluesKaj!cn | Guest2583616:00
ubottuGuest25836: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:00
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eluusI am having trouble setting my bluetooth speaker as A2DP (high quality)16:33
eluuskubuntu sets it as HSP/HEP and it sounds horrible like that16:33
eluusdoes anyone know how to fix this?16:33
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Guest48966Is Kubuntu different from Ubuntu17:28
Guest48966I mean the like partition tables required and stuff?17:28
geniiGuest48966: No, all the lower level stuff is the same17:28
Guest48966higher level, AKA X11, KDE, and etc. ?17:29
foormeahiya. i have a HID device that by default acts as a keyboard/mouse combo. what would be my best way to have a linux box execute scripts upon key triggers coming from that device? i know i can easily remap the 'keymap' on that speific device, but i'm not looking to simply remap, but execute scripts17:30
Guest48966does look good?17:30
BluesKajfoormea, best to ask in ##linux17:31
foormeaok thanks BluesKaj17:32
BluesKaj!uefi | Guest4896617:33
ubottuGuest48966: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:33
Guest48966bloomed, okay17:35
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michelsedghhey is there any way to enable kde connect on 5.5.3 plasma? :C17:37
clivejomichelsedgh: what you mean enable it?17:48
michelsedghclivejo: in 5.5 it doesnt work, i have no idea why17:49
clivejoyou on wily or xenial?17:50
clivejomind testing something?17:52
michelsedghno tell me :) (im a little noob btw)17:53
clivejo!info kdeconnect-plasma17:54
ubottukdeconnect-plasma (source: kdeconnect-plasma): connect smartphones to your KDE Plasma desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.0+git20150810-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 299 kB, installed size 1382 kB17:54
clivejocan you try installing n updated version in my PPA?17:55
michelsedghits installed17:56
michelsedghdo i have to reboot or something? or delete the old one?17:56
soee_kdeconnect works fine for me17:58
michelsedghnope doesnt work :c18:02
michelsedghyeah works18:02
michelsedghthanks :))18:02
BluesKajmichelsedgh, you may have to delete the old connection on your phone/device and retry18:02
BluesKajkde connect here on plasma 5.5.3 is working after did that18:03
BluesKajI did that18:03
michelsedghyeah i did that at the first try but it took some time to send the request so when i send the request from my phone it said an error but in the next try it worked :)18:03
michelsedghkdeconnect is a great and useful app, i like it :)18:04
clivejoI must grab a recent git, see if there is any nice new features18:04
michelsedghthat would be great! thank you :)18:05
michelsedghthanks as always :) see you guys :)18:06
clivejohttps://quickgit.kde.org/?p=kdeconnect-kde.git 0.9g18:07
michelsedghoh sorry but there is a problem with kde connect and browsing files in dolphin! http://imgur.com/W6OWkJm18:09
eluusdoes anyone know how to enable high fidelity sound output for bluetooth audio?18:42
eluusproblem effects both ubuntu and kubuntu 15.1018:42
BluesKajeluus, not familiar with bluetooth, but I do know that both analog and digital soundcard outputs are hi fidelity in lossless codec form if so sourced18:51
eluusThere are two options for bluetooth18:52
eluusone is the high fidelity A2DP Sink18:52
eluusother is Headset (HSP/HFP)18:52
eluusthe latter has awful sound quality18:53
eluusbarely good enough for speech18:53
michelsedghBluesKaj: sorry do you know any fix for kdeconnect opening dolphin problem ?!18:53
eluusthe A2DP option is there but it doesn't work18:54
BluesKajmichelsedgh, no , I just check in ~/Downloads after transferring files from my phone and they are usually there18:55
michelsedghBluesKaj: i cant transfer!18:55
BluesKajmichelsedgh, have you chosen a file manager on your phone to transfer from ?18:57
michelsedghBluesKaj: defult only18:58
BluesKajeluus, have you seen this , it could be relevant18:58
michelsedghBluesKaj: sorry i have to leave :c im late. see you18:58
BluesKajeluus, https://wiki.debian.org/BluetoothUser/a2dp18:58
michelsedghi will come later for kdeconnect18:58
eluusthanks BluesKaj I'll try that too after this: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=19400618:59
ubottufilippo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:12
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stecHi for everyone20:28
stecI need some help20:28
stecI have a problem when  unplug the external monitor20:29
stecThe laptop screen turns black20:30
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stecbut  in tty mode works20:30
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