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iceyis there a place to see my requested reviews(merge proposals where my review is requested?)13:39
iceyah, https://code.launchpad.net/{LP USERNAME}/+activereviews , nevermind :)13:45
dobeyright. ~/+activereviews14:07
iamzenitraMhi! we've begun having trouble connecting to Launchpad from EC2 (and only from EC2)14:07
iamzenitraMis there any maintenance going on?14:08
axinoiamzenitraM: hi ! which region ?14:35
iamzenitraMaxino: us-east-1b, seems to work now though!15:16
axinoiamzenitraM: we noticed transit issues between London and us-east-1 earlier today, via Telia. Now traffic seems to route via Cogent, and it's better.15:16
iamzenitraMoh well, thanks :D15:20
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